1. Sky_Chickens

    Dead Silkie Hen

    Hi everyone! I want to start by saying this is probably the wrong place to put this ask but I really don’t know where else to put it I don’t use this very much but I couldn’t find any categories related to chicken death. I’m really sorry if this is in the completely wrong discussion zone...
  2. Haru

    Are chicken saddles safe?

    Hello! I recently bought two chicken saddles for my hens. They dont seem bothered by wearing them. Are the saddles safe to be kept on for a longer period of time? how long is it recommended to keep them on? also are the straps safe to be worn around the chickens wings? they seemed quite soft to me
  3. C

    PLEASE HELP! Sick Silkie Hen

    Hello everyone, this morning when I went to let out my flock I found my black almost two year old silkie hen Onyx not moving. She is laying down and panting. Her butt is dirty and has a lot of diarrhea. She will occasionally stand up but she keeps panting and closing her eyes. She will not walk...
  4. CassieTheChickenTender


    This is mostly just for fun. 😉 They are only 5 1/2 weeks and 3 1/2 weeks The first two pics are of the 5 week olds. One is a crossbeak and is probly why she is smaller. The 3rd pic is the 3 week old which I'm sure will be super hard to guess what it will be. I'm gonna be doing gender testing so...
  5. Batman Silky rooster

    Batman Silky rooster

    When we got Batman he was just a little chick. We brought him with his sister which unfortunately passes way and Batman was devastated for a few days and then became a boss. He watches out for the hens and chicks, he crows in the mornings and flaps his wing to "assert dominance".
  6. B

    Silkies gender game!

    4 week old silkies. 1 partridge, 1 buff, 2 white. Saw an article on U shaped combs vs V shaped combs to tell the gender (boy-U, girl-V) and it makes me wonder if you can tell earlier bc my chicks have very clear U and Vs at this age 🤷🏼‍♀️ might as well guess as we wait 😝
  7. The Ranch Girl

    What color is this silkie?

    I’m just stumped on this one, I was thinking a splash silkie but the more feathers it gets the more I think otherwise. Do y’all have any Ideas? I’m super curious
  8. KloekieKapokkie

    Introducing new chickens to lonely rooster,

    Hello! I have a single bantam rooster. I've had him for 5 years. He was originally with 2 other hens who passed away unfortunately. The last hen passed away about 3 weeks ago. I was scared that my rooster would become lonely, he had started roaming a lot less and eating less. To hopefully solve...
  9. D

    Help with silkie color please

    After 2 years I finally got my silkie...two actually lol. I couldn't see their coloring very well when getting them and now that I am home I am trying to figure it out. Any Ideas or opinions? Thank yall!
  10. CosmosEclipse

    Twelve chicken eggs - Hatch-along!

    I'll be doing a hatch-along with twelve eggs! I might as well tell you guys about the eggs! x3 Easter eggers with a grassy green colouration and a cyan hue. x6 Silkie bantams. (Most likely white in colouration, as the mother was a white silkie.) x3 unknown eggs, that are possibly...
  11. B

    Silkie colors

    What color are these? They’re supposedly 2 week old silkies and I thought they’d be white and buff but I’m new to chickens and their feathers are coming in different than I expected I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️ tsc bantam straight runs with feathered feet and extra toes. I think the black on the first one is...
  12. ChickenTenderKesha

    Silkie feather colour/pattern ?

    Hey all! I got some Silkies at an auction this weekend and not much is know about besides I’m pretty sure I have a hen and a roo for the darker colouring I got. I’m just not too sure what that colouring is? :oops: Hoping some others could help me decide if they are Silver Partridge or maybe...
  13. Galaxy_rules

    March Hatch-A-Long!

    Silkies, Australorps, and maybe some mixes! Come along with me on the journey of Marshmallow and her eggs. I candled them yesterday and five out of seven were developing! There “ due date “ is approximately March 29, so it’s coming up soon! They will all be named my me and my family, and I think...
  14. anzodroid

    Is my silkie a pure breed?

    Hey all, new to silkie chickens here. We recently purchased a new silkie and upon doing some research, noticed that the crest is not the standard silkie type. Is this just a regressive silkie gene? or could this be a mixed breed? Everything else seems to be regular silkie, although she does have...
  15. Just Rosie

    Blue Paint Silkie?

    Hello all, I have a silkie pullet that I bred that does not look like a normal paint. Her spots are very dilute, she looks like a blue paint. I'm wondering if anyone knows the genetics behind blue paint? My understanding with typical paints is that a bird with a dominant white gene breeds with...
  16. Just Rosie

    Is this split wing?

    Does this silkie pullet have split wing?
  17. C

    What's up with my silkie's head?

    Hi! I'm new to chicken keeping. I have three (for now) sex-linked silkie hens. They are about three months old. I noticed that one of them has a couple of red spots underneath her chin and on the side of her head. The other two don't have this so I was wondering what's up with that? Is she okay?
  18. Just Rosie

    North GA Silkie pullets

    I have 4 silkie pullets available. 3 blue and 1 black. All very sweet. I believe the 2 older blues (under 1 year) are laying but the younger 2 should be by this year. 1 - breeder quality blue hen. 5 toes, blue ears, good comb. Asking $100 obo 2 - pet quality blue hen. Has a comb defect, but...
  19. Chickenwithnobrim

    Would a dyed silkie attract predators?

    Hi all, i have a pet white silkie and my girlfriend wants to dye her wingtips and tail for easter fun. My concern is that will make her much more visible to predators as she and my other chicken have free range of the back yard during the day. The only predators we have to worry about in our...
  20. vempst

    wondering about breed silkie hybrid x silver laced cochin

    hey everyone, i recently had my first hatch with my buff silkie whom of which is a hybrid. i only know it was from a silkie, not about the other part of it's hybrid. and the mother is a silver laced cochin to my knowledge. out of my first hatch, i came across both light feathered and dark...
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