1. Diveks

    Limping 3 month old? not bumblefoot.

    so ive just gotten this brahma about a month ago and i didnt notice her limping until the next day when she started laying down a lot. eveyday that passed her limp is getting worse, and now she is not using it at all and hopping on one leg. she had a bad case of mites but the vet has fixed that...
  2. Diveks

    Anyone have examples of brahma saddle feathers?

    I am now growing more and more worried of a lemon pyle brahma pullet i just got, i am suspicious of it’s tail feathers but im not sure if it si exactly the start of saddle feathers. Breeder told me 100% pullet. Its feathers is pretty broken from being in a wire brooder. It is around 3-4 months...
  3. Diveks

    Brahma genders?

    Hello so ive just got 2 brahma pullets for my brahma cock(i think?) so he has some girlfriends that are the same breed. Well i picked these two a few days ago, a lemon pyle brahma and a light brahma. They are 2-3 months old and the lemon is older than the light so is significantly bigger. The...
  4. Diveks

    giant but bald brahma chick?

    hello everyone, so my brahma chick is 6 weeks old now, but her (not sure but hoping its a pullet) feathering is slower than even my 4 week old chicks. the bantam she hatched with is almost 100% fully feathered but i do know they feather rather quickly. Although this seems exessive and i have...
  5. F

    What breed is it?

    I might buy this chicken and I’m wondering your guesses on what breed it is. It seems to have a pea comb so thinking ameraucana cross or brahma cross. I don’t see a beard but can an Ameraucana cross not have a beard? I’m really hoping it would lay a coloured egg but if it’s leaning more towards...
  6. BlueTheBrahma

    Can anyone tell me the names of these three brahma’s colours?

    I got my first flock of chickens in June, 5 adult hens and 5 young brahmas from a friend, but he got the brahmas from another farm as hatching eggs. I can’t find many examples of these three patterns in particular, and would like to know what their names are for future reference. They are about...
  7. wolfinator

    M? F? Brahmas

    Just need some more expert or layman opinions. I've got 3 5 1/2 month old light Brahmas, 2 are fairly larger than the other one. None are attempting to crow. I'm not the greatest at figuring out their sexes. They were straight run, got them because all had severe pasty butt and employees were...
  8. KahKaDoodleDo22

    Brahma, Isabell Pullet or cockerel?

    Hi everyone! I posted these babies a few weeks ago? They’re now 11 weeks and have had so pecking issues. They’re two and both are getting their back feathers picked by other chicks. I HATE that! They get plenty of good food and water with lots of space! 182 sq feet of outdoor run area for 10, 11...
  9. F

    Brahma - roo or pullet?

    A little over 7 weeks old. Please tell me what you think.
  10. Meghanbx

    6 week of dark Brahma pullet or cockerel?

    Hello there this is my 6 week old Brahma biggie! it’s my first time owning a Brahma chick and Im in love already! But struggling to work out if this little ones a pullet or a cockerel? And would appreciate any input and help!
  11. OrlandoMama

    Egg song before an egg?

    My girls are 20weeks and 4 days and just last week I had at least one of them start laying but I think at least two now(light brahma and one of my rhode island reds). Both of their hips/bone structures were of a laying hen and wide enough and their wattles are super bright red. I heard one of...
  12. Fallenone05

    To broody, or not to broody...

    I have a hen that's being broody, but not broody. She's a splash Brahma as far as I know. She tidbits the other adult chickens over to her and finds scraps of food. She does that higher-pitched momma cluck as she's walking around the yard. She squawls at me if I get too close and fluffs up...
  13. S

    Brahma Feet Injuries

    Hello, Our Brahma hen has what looks like a scab on the top of her foot (black/brown area in the photos) with some redness and bleeding surrounding. Today, we noticed a wound on the side of her leg, just above the same foot. It seems like she has lost feathers where the scab currently is. She...
  14. C

    Are these Brahmas hens or roosters?

    My wife thinks these are roosters. I think they are hens. Appreciate any feedback!
  15. Don M

    Brahma male wanted

    We are looking for a Brahma male in Canada east of Niagara in the town of Dunnville Ontario please get in touch thank you. Don
  16. InTheHenHouse_

    Dark brahmas cockerel?

    Is this a cockerel? We got 4 “Pullet” dark brahmas for my mom on Mother’s Day but recently have began to wonder if Krenna here is a boy. They’re about 6-7 weeks old
  17. P

    Chick with wing malformation ?

    Hello, I had a broody hen so decided to put some fertile eggs under her that I bought locally, 3 Sussex and 3 brahmas. Every one of them hatched except one brahma, and all is going well, the mummy takes very good care of them, even now after 6 weeks. They all developed nicely, and have all got...
  18. T

    1️⃣ 0️⃣ 0️⃣ #Day !! #Giant #Blue #Salmon #Brahma

    1️⃣ 0️⃣ 0️⃣ #Day !! #Giant #Blue #Salmon #Brahma
  19. T

    Brahma Chicks Gender Reveal?

    I think they are adorable. What do you think?
  20. Kaida

    Colours of Brahma chicks?

    Heya, I recently hatched 4 Brahma chicks and I was wondering if anyone knew their colourings as adults.
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