1. Palegan

    First time raising chickens, need help identifying the gender

    Hello, It is the first time I'm raising chickens, I bought 3 chicks when they were 35 days old and another one which was a bit older. It would help me a lot identifying their gender (especially the older one) so I can plan to buy more females if it is necessary. I think the older one should be...
  2. BrahmaMom1797

    Reintegration of 16 week old chicks to flock questions

    Hello all! I have a couple questions that I think I can answer myself but need a little confirmation on. I recently evacuated due to the wildfires raging in California and not only had to separate some of my flock, but also mix a bunch of them together. The night I left home with my family, we...
  3. Celeeste

    Is this 5 week Light Brahma a roo or a hen?

    I did a 50/50 on the straight run and am hoping for a hen, I think the last photo makes the comb look larger than it is
  4. Anjelly


    Hello! I'm Angie. I live in North Pole, Alaska. At the beginning of July, my boyfriend and I moved into our new home and decided it was time to have our own chickens. We currently have 4 Silkies and 8 Brahmas. They arrived on the 17th of July and have been staying in our guest room (in a...
  5. uktech

    Sneezing/Coughing and yellow poop - Brahma

    Slightly confusing situation and one I can't find a similar case to hence why I'm finally posting this. Please bear with me and hopefully, I can do a good job explaining. The problem is with my Brahma roo (pictured) but there is a secondary issue of yellow poop which is the case for some of...
  6. K

    Blue Brahma Imposters! 🙂

    Hello! I recently decided to start raising birds! Together with my husband we have 60 cornish hens and 6 white turkeys for butcher this fall. I decided on whim that I wanted to have laying birds as well so I stumbled across these guys! I purchased 12 blue Brahmas from a breeder near the end...
  7. K

    Dark brahma cockerels in SW Virginia

    We have 12 week old show quality standard dark Brahma cockerels, 3 in total. They have been handled since hatching and are quite sweet. They’ll eat of your hand or even join you on your lawn chair (Photo attached). I think they’ll make an excellent addition to a larger flock. They are show...
  8. Catbutts

    Sexing Brahma by tail??

    Lots of people said that we can tale brahma chicken gender by a tail. How can I do that and what is my brahma gender? Thank you🐔🐔 (Those two are around 4 months old)
  9. K

    7 weeks old hen or roos?? Lavender and Brahma

    Think I have 2 roos but my lavendar one has pretty much no waddles but a red comb. My Brahma I’m pretty certain is a roo unfortunately. Let me know what you think!! :)
  10. EmilyEnns

    New Chicken Farmer

    hi! i’m new to the chicken farming community and decided to join backyard chickens as i have found most of my helpful chicken info here! i have a barnyard mix of 18 chickens that i am overly in love with! excited for the girls to start laying and finally officially figure out who’s a hen and how...
  11. Oldhallchicks

    Feather sexing light (Isabella) brahmas

    We have two Isabella Brahma chicks with distinctly different feathers on their wings. I think one might be a cockerel and one a pullet. Any thoughts on which is which?
  12. thekeetlady

    Why is my chicken sitting up???

    Hello! I attacked a photo of our Brahma rooster and I have absolutely no idea why he’s sitting upright like this! Please let me know if this is a health issue we need to address or some kind of strange behavior. Thanks in advance :))
  13. Catbutts

    Is it normal for pullet to chirp?

    So I got my brahma hen today and whenever I get near them, they will start chirping like a little chick but it's sound kinda crack a little bit. Is it normal? They are around 4 months old and today is their first day here.
  14. Catbutts

    How old are they and what is their gender?

    I got 2 brahma chicken. The shop owner said they are female but I'm not so sure about it. So can you guys help me determine the chicken gender? Thank you😄.
  15. P


    Hi. I have hatched chicks and they are brahma. They used to feed on starter feed however since they have aged above 5 weeks they have stopped eating feeds. They free range and eat grass but I have tried mixed starter feed with grower feed. Bought different grower feeds but still not eating...
  16. Avisius

    Sex these two mixed chicks

    Hi. Can you tell me if these two mixed chicks are cockerels or pullets? The bigger one, with spots on the chest is around six weeks old and kinda looks like a pullet to me, even though in its first three weeks of life it looked like a cockerel. I think it's a mix between light brahma X silver...
  17. K

    6 week old lavender Americana and buff/light Brahma, hen or roo?

    This is my 6 week old lavender Americana and a light/buff Brahma mix. I think roos but let me know and hopefully I’m wrong!!
  18. PandemicChickens

    Pandemic Chickens

    Hello from downstate Illinois. I am new to chickens. My nieces, daughter, and I picked up day old baby chicks from Farm and Fleet on March 13th, the same day the governor ordered the shut down of the state. The timing was a complete coincidence, I had wanted to get chickens for years. Earlier in...
  19. S

    Brahma Color? Any Info Please!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, although I’ve been reading many threads for some time! I have a question about this chick, who was sold to me as a Brahma. She is now about 12-13 weeks old and her name is Peaches. I am having trouble figuring out the name of her color and if she happens to...
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