1. Lolame777

    Will a Brahma cross hen go broody?

    Hi everyone :) I've hatched and raised Brahmas and absolutely love them but noticed they go broody too often especially in Spring. As much as I love watching them raise their own young it's frustrating because they stop laying especially in Spring when most chooks lay the best eggs. If I...
  2. J

    9 week buff Brahma sexing

    Can anyone sex these 3 birds? Bought as buff Brahma eggs and hatched 9 weeks ago. Any clues very welcome!! Thanks Johnny
  3. M

    Outcome of frizzle Easter egger X buff Brahma

    What happens when you mix a buff Brahma with a frizzle Easter egg?
  4. MamaPoult

    What color Brahma do you like best?

    Hi! So this year I decided to get into Brahmas!! I am going to get 18 pure Brahma chicks and I am so excited!! Hopefully I will get them tommorow if my Dad has time to pick them up🤞. So the gal has 5 different colored chicks and I was wondering which color you like the best? I am hoping to keep...
  5. T

    Injured Brahma, severe limp

    Hey all, I’ve had an injured Brahma for a week now, at first there was no sign of injury, not even swelling, but she had a severe limp so I brought her inside and put her in a crate, and have been giving her 81mg of aspirin twice a day with scrambled eggs. She continues to eat, drink, and...
  6. Mofreak

    Sexing Blue Brahmas 9 Weeks old

    Hi all, I am trying to sex my 9 week old blue brahmas! I am fairly sure the grey ones are the males as they are much larger but i’ve seen a lot of conflicting information online…. going both ways which doesn’t help. Photos attached
  7. Australorpfamily

    Buff Brahma as they grow

    We finally found Buff Brahmas at our local TSC(Hoover's) and got four "premium pullets" (yes yes there's a reason it's in quotes lol) We brought them home March 2nd (with an Easter Egger) They are housed with four rowdy olive eggers who are a week older lol I swear they think they are song...
  8. L

    Sick Brahma

    Our boy whom we only recently got has been “sick” for the past 5 days…only three short days after bringing him home. I’m scared he’s not going to make it and I need him to 🥺 He started sounding like a snoring man on the third day with our girls (he is a 9 months-1year old Roo). My husband and I...
  9. CluckkyKrista

    What cross is this?

    Hello there all you lovely chicken-experts, we got a first egg from Ella our Easter Egger today and it was a biggie (70g) 🙌. It’s got us wondering what she might be crossed with and if we might have a blue egg layer crossed with a Brahma or Cochin maybe 🤞🏼? I ask because I noticed a few rogue...
  10. Papaye

    BRAHMA : How many hens per rooster

    Hello. So... I know this person who is going to cull some beautiful roosters on the weekend... and he did ask me if I wanted to buy one of them. And after thinking about it : if weather allows me to get out of my area in the next days, I plan to buy 1, maybe 2 one-year-old Brahma roosters - so...
  11. Jajanelle

    Dark brahma chick

    I am trying to figure out if my 4-5 weeks old chick is a cockerel or pullet.
  12. Exploring the World of Chickens: A Guide to Different Breeds and Their Pros and Cons

    Exploring the World of Chickens: A Guide to Different Breeds and Their Pros and Cons

    Chickens are some of the most versatile and beloved domesticated animals, serving as sources of food, companionship, and even pest control in many parts of the world. With a wide variety of breeds available, each possessing unique characteristics and traits, choosing the right type of chicken...
  13. Sal


    1 1/2-year-old Light Brahma hen
  14. Seana


    1 1/2-year-old Light Brahma hen
  15. A

    9 mos old Purebred Brahma roosters for sale in Lebanon county, Pa.

    I have a couple Buff, Light, and 1 Dark Brahma Roosters for sale. $25 ea They are all hatched from eggs I bought locally. I do not need these extra roos. I would condsider trading for Australorp, BJG or Black Copper Marans hens of similar age. Located in Grantville, Lebanon county, Pa
  16. Papaye

    Dying rooster - How to care for him in his last moments...?

    Hello. One of my Brahma rooster - my favorite, named Apache le Colosse - is dying. (He is only around one-year-old.) For some weeks now, he has been getting more and more paralyzed... By elimination, and after all the care he had, there are only 3 causes possible : 1 - an injury in his back...
  17. Costal Chickens

    Isabella brahmas

    I was thinking about hatching from this isabella pair, what are your thoughts on their quality? Any constructive advice is greatly appreciated.
  18. Costal Chickens

    New member intro

    I started with chickens around three years ago, and fell in love. What started as four chickens to produce a few eggs, has grown into large flocks of birds. Today I focus my attention to perfecting project brahma colors, and am expanding into langshans. I want to learn as much as I can about...
  19. Papaye

    Blackening skin on Brahma rooster's head

    Hi. I have a problem with Apache le Colosse - my light Brahma rooster : his skin is quickly blackening on his head (crest and wattles). Look at the picture, and you can notice how his skin is dark compared with my dark Brahma : If I am not mistaken, this is caused by a lack of oxygen in his...
  20. mukasorehari

    Greetings from Indonesia!

    Hello! New member here :) my name is Gemala, I'm from Indonesia the origin country of Ayam Cemani! I'm a new chicken keeper, my first chickens are Brahma. I got them mid September 2023, so it has been 2 months of wonderful experience for me. Now I own 6 Brahmas, and 2 Rhode Island White chicks...
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