1. nine9d

    10 week old Polish and Serama, can you tell the sex?

    Hi all! Here are some of my babies that I hatched. I've started to hear the beginning of crowing, and I think I know which are males, but was hoping to get a second opinion without influencing anyone here. Thanks so much for all of your help! Click image to enlarge...
  2. F

    Our favorite game, cockerel or pullet

    Hi all, I have this white crested black polish chick, it is about 6 weeks old, and I am not sure of its’ sex. Any help is appreciated. Thanks In advance.
  3. F

    10week old GL polish - gender guess

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty sure both our gorgeous broody raised chicks are boys..last week the spiky feathers started popping out of their so far round headpoofs and the saddles are also rather long.. I might have someone lined up to take them but just wanted to be sure I'm not giving away a hen...
  4. Sophie 2020-05-21

    Sophie 2020-05-21

    "Sophie" Breed: unknown Hatched: May 18, 2020 Hatchery: Murray McMurray Received: May 19, 2020
  5. Sophie (Polish) b.05182020

    Sophie (Polish) b.05182020

    Sophie's First Pictures Taken May 19, 2020 on the day she arrived.
  6. Elie And Her Flock

    looking for bantam chicks in washington

    Hey guys! One of my chickens has recently gone broody, and we decided that now would be a perfect time to raise another baby chick. Our flock is half bantam, half standard, and currently, we're looking for a bantam to add to our flock. If anyone in washington has bantam chicks (any breed except...
  7. O

    Polish?? Sex please!

    This is a 9-10 week old. Can anyone tell the sex? Last pic is it’s mother... we were told at purchase she was a “polish”... someone here may better clarify that for us. She’s a good layer! Small white eggs.
  8. exoticedes


  9. Nan Lee

    New Member

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? My grandparents had chickens, so I grew up around chickens. I have not raised chickens myself until now. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I have 8 Buckeyes and 2 White Crested Black Polish. I also have 9 Jumbo Coturnix...
  10. T

    Hen or roo? 12-13 weeks old

    Curious about our little blondie Polish, and our Silver Laced Wyandotte.
  11. ChickenMama1980

    We introduced our 6-7 week old flock to their NEW coop today!

    This is our first flock... this is our custom, DIY garage coop! I will be working on the run this coming weekend. Here's a YouTube link for the full tour of the coop: I will attach some photos too... my boys enjoyed picking a bunch of dandelions and presenting the girls with a big salad!
  12. Graphichick

    1 Silkie+1 Mix+2 Polish+3 Wyandottes = 7xFUN!

    I posted a few times awhile back and then life got in the way... now I'm back. 🙂 One year old Silkie Rooster: Lemonade (THE Comic) and Silkie/Cochin: SweetTea I recently welcomed 3 mth old Polish twins: Coffee and Bailey and 3-five-ish week old "wine•dotte chicks:" Nay-Nay, Zin and Cab...
  13. S

    Are polish chicks prone to genetic disorders?

    I had 15 chicks of various breeds and different ages varying from 6 days old to 6 weeks. 2 of my polish chicks died at the 5 day mark. They were from 2 different places and they died a week apart. All the others chicks are very perky and lively and as soon as I noticed a change I gave them...
  14. bobertyork

    Anyone else create chicken art

    Just thought I’d share mine! And hopefully see yours!
  15. kaylafaith8

    Possible Polish Roo?

    Hey guys! I recently got this little bantam from a friend of ours and was wondering 1. If you could confirm the breed, and 2. If you could tell if it was a roo or hen just yet. I’ve never had good luck with bantam hens so I’m kinda leaning toward roo.
  16. FathertoFeathers

    Help! Baby chick is paralyzed!!

    I got some polish chicks from Cackle hatchery 3 days ago and all of them made it alive and well. But today when I went to change their food and water I noticed one wasn’t acting right. He was laying on the ground both of his legs sticking straight out behind him like he was dead! I quickly...
  17. K

    Hello from Hunterdon County, NJ

    Hi there! My name is Kim. My husbands name is James. We moved out to Hunterdon County, Nj about two years ago. It's fairly rural out here and we live in a very chicken friendly town. James is just finishing up the smaller details on our coop and run. Were expecting 6 chicks from...
  18. R

    Silkie and/or breeder

    I’m looking for a silkie and/or a polish breeder in the SW MO area. Or how do I find one?
  19. H

    Adding Silkies or Polish Crested to small existing flock

    Hello! I’m new here and pretty new to chickens. We got 5 baby chicks this past year in August and they are doing really well and we’re really enjoying them. We are considering adding a few chicks to our flock this spring and adding them in with the others once they’re old enough/big enough. I...
  20. P

    Question about how chickens are judged in a show?

    We are showing a polish pullet at our local stock show. It’s the end of the first day, and we went to check on our beloved pullet, and there was a green, circled “1” on her tag. We’re completely new to showing chickens, so we have no idea what this means. Is this a good thing? Attached should be...
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