1. R

    pullet laying early or adult chicken laying twice a day?

    hi, i have 3 adult girls who lay brown eggs, and one pullet who will lay light brown eggs (golden comet and polish cross that i hatched). my pullet hit the 3 month mark on june 20th. my three adult girls lay every day, and about a week ago we got 4 brown eggs, and one was pretty wonky (i dont...
  2. L

    Roo or Hen? Polish chicks same age

  3. N

    Polish and silkie, rooster or hen

    My daughter got to pick some special breeds to raise as her own. We have some white crested polish, a silver laced polish, and some white silkies. I think the white polish are all hens (they all look like the attached photo), I think the silver laced polish is a rooster, and two of the three...
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    Polish at 6 wks
  5. 20210618_115541.jpg


    Polish at 6 wks
  6. 20210618_115526.jpg


    Polish at 6wks
  7. BlackHoundHobbyFarm

    Suggestions to aid against Cocci??

    Hi. I woke up to a dead chick and two sick ones. I’ve moved the sick ones to a different space, put Corid in everyone’s water, and pens were cleaned. Any other tips to help?
  8. M


    Hi! I have an affection (addiction) to hatching. It’s become my hobby and, in sorts, part time job as a stay-at-home mother. I specifically breed Ayam Cemani, silkies and polish - but also have dabbled in others. I just recently acquired khaki campbells and started hatching them as well. I’m...
  9. L

    Hen or roo guesses? Wattles started coming in.. i

  10. laneaj

    Ultra Proud Chick momma moment here!!!

    Just had to share with yall! After much sweat over the past 2 weeks and quite a few awful things happening...I am so ultra proud of my lil babies!!! We got their coop/run moved yesterday and they were so dadgum confused! They kept going back to the naked grass area where their coop/run had bee...
  11. laneaj


    New to raising chicks...my kids got them for me for mother's day (at my encouragement I might add). You see our Rottweiler had just passed away the day after we returned from our vacation. She was 8 yrs old...she was our 5th rottie in our 30 years together. So I decided with my health problems...
  12. Avogel1991

    Chicken in need of a home Kansas City Missouri

    I have a 2 almost 3 month old Black polish that we are not allowed to have in KC due to legal restrictions. We hand raised him as a chick from birth so we had no idea what sex he’d be. He’s very friendly and loves to perch on your hand. He’s be great for any breeder or anyone who wants a rooster...
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  14. KittyRuari

    Pullet or Rooster?

    On April 11 of 2021, 3 baby chicks finally hatched from their incubator. Unfortunately 1 ended up disappearing outside, however I have 2 left that I would like to know the sex of. I will attach photos for reference. Any help would be appreciated!:wee This is chick 1. It is a Golden Laced...
  15. A

    Oklahoma: rehome our rooster outside city limits "Lucy" has turned out to be "Lou"

    Free Rooster (technically cockerel) Norman Oklahoma does not allow roosters within city limits so our guy needs a new home. His dad was a White Polish Crested and his mom was a Black Star hybrid. He hatched on March 18, 2021 and has been very healthy and happy so far. We christened him Lucy...
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    First Day...less than wk old
  17. IMG_20210523_103400_392.jpg


    Bout 3 wks
  18. IMG_20210524_184123_717.jpg


    First lil coop!
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