1. Japsgalore

    What's a chicken breed that you WOULD you own again?

    I've seen a thread going around on chicken breeds that you would not own again, but what about the ones you would? I'll start this off, personally for me polish. I have one now and she is the friendliest, cutest, and funniest chicken I have EVER had. She has a funny thing about crocs and when...
  2. Japsgalore

    What genders are these chicks?

    Hi there, I recently got 4 chicks from a breeder, 1 silkie, 1 Buff Orpington, 1 Polish and a Unknown breed. Anyway I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell the gender of these chicks? Thanks to anyone that can! Photos are mainly of there faces, since I’ve heard most people can tell it...
  3. M

    What sex are my chickens

    Hi, My chicks are about 16 weeks old and we’re having trouble figuring out what sex these are. We have no experience with polish and silkie birds so any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. G

    Is my 8 week old polish a roo?

    Hey! I have a small flock of “sexed” polish chicks but I’m pretty sure this one is a roo. Please let me know what you think! I want to be sure before I find a new home. He/she still has not crowed yet but has had waddles since 5-6 weeks.
  5. missmaqs

    What Breed? Unusual chick

    I had an awful bobcat massacre that wiped out half of my flock, so we were so excited that one of our remaining eggs hatched. I have no idea what breed she is as we have a few unique guys if you could lend a hand! My roosters were a silver laced polish and a white silkie. My hens were either...
  6. A

    Polish Hen not sure what's she's doing

    Hi all, I wondered if anyone with experience of Polish Hens could share some insight for me please. I've had chickens a few years, mainly Buff Orpington but I recently got 2 Polish Hens. Thing is, one of them has slightly strange behaviour and I can't figure out what's causing it. I know that...
  7. EllieHasTooManyHobbies

    Male or female? They're confusing me

    So I have a polish and a black Sumatra that I'm not entirely confident on the "hen-ness" of anymore. Lol. They are both pretty calm but they're also both the smallest ones in the flock. They're about 15weeks and no one is crowing but their feathers are making me a little suspicious. Any thoughts?
  8. D


    Hi Everyone, Can someone please advise on dosage for treating an 11 week old polish chick. She’s got wheezing and her legs are to the side and she can’t walk. She’s eating/drinking but beak is getting weird looking and top one is curling a bit. I want to cry.
  9. V

    In Search Of - Easter Eggers / RIRs / Leghorns/etc

    Since I have plenty more room for at least 3-4 more chooks, I'm on the hunt for a few new girls to expand my little feather family. I'm in the Florence-Richland area of Mississippi. I also plan to sell some eggs and help my community out because egg prices are going up. Looking for the...
  10. loyalcrowlist

    One cockerel, two cockerel, blue cockerel?

    These were hatched on June 13th from a backyard mix with a polish and wyandotte rooster. I'm 100% sure on the first boy and I'm pretty sure that the white wyandotte is also a cockerel because there's a decent amount of wattle though I could be wrong. The other polish mix, I have no idea because...
  11. Alma957

    Polish 6 weeks

    Hi all! Just wondering what the thoughts are!? Pullets or Cockrell? Thanks 😀
  12. Fuzzychicken98

    5 month old polish rooster hasnt been crowing as much

    Hello all my lovely chicken people! Recently my absolute baby, Gary, my 5 month old double barred polish rooster hasnt been crowing as much. He acts normal. Just like he always has acted, but instead of crowing around 630-730am and thru the day and before bed time, he hasnt been. I've checked...
  13. felys

    Frizzled Polish / Poland Hen breeding with Silkie Rooster

    Hi all I have a Silkie rooster and a what looks like a Polish frizzle. I would like to know (for future) if these two breeds are ok to breed? My Silkie may not be full breed as he has some hard wing feathers. But other than that, he looks pretty much like a Silkie. Both chickens were hatched...
  14. J

    Help Sexing 9 week old polish chick

    Here are three photos of one of my white crested polish chicks. It’s 9 weeks old. I’m thinking rooster… thoughts?
  15. mushytrousers

    help figuring out cause of death?

    Hello, I’m new to the page so I hope this is the right way to ask questions & get advice. I’m new to keeping chickens and ducks and have had my current flock of birds for a few months now. I found my absolute favourite of the lot, a young polish hen, dying today when I went out to feed them...
  16. W

    Buff polish

    Hey all, Buff laced polish born on or around 5/1, putting them at about 10 or so weeks now. Would love to know thoughts on gender- leaning toward pullet but definitely looked rooster as a chick. First four pictures from today, second three from about a week old, last couple from about two...
  17. Q

    Red Pyle Polish Project

    I am super interested in working on a red Pyle polish project! I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get started in achieving this beautiful color in polish? Pic for inspiration
  18. loyalcrowlist

    4 week old gender guesses?

    I hatched these three chicks about four weeks ago. They're a backyard mix from a friend (she had two roosters: a tolbunt polish and a blrw) and I know it's a bit earlier but I'm trying to decide which ones to keep and I already have one cockerel so I'm not really looking to keep another. There's...
  19. L

    Silkie X Polish cross Gender

    Polish X Silkie cross 12 weeks old Was pretty sure was a pullet, now not so sure.
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