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    SLWyandotte - Izzy. My daughter's 2nd favorite. She can stand her hackles up higher than any other girl I'm familiar with. She has always been the "tomboy" out of this flock. She's 2nd in the pecking order. She has always been an easy bird.
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    SLWyandotte - "Fashion" Queen of her flock
  3. Nellieribbo

    Chicken gender

    Hello, I have two silver penciled wyandotte chickens that I am struggling to sex and was wondering if someone might be able to help? They are 8 weeks old, developed a few brown feathers that my others don’t have and more pronounced combs. They don’t have spurs developing on legs like some of my...
  4. ANB131

    Blue Wyandottes??

    Hi everyone, I just hatched some blue Wyandotte chicks and some of them are almost a lavender color and the others are black. Why is this? Will the light ones grow up to be lavender in color or will they get darker?
  5. ANB131

    ISO Silver Penciled Wyandotte and Black Wyandotte chicks

    I’m looking for standard size silver penciled Wyandotte and black Wyandotte chicks. Does anyone ship these chicks? I live in NC, I doubt I will find anyone close by.
  6. Spudlo

    New chicken mom and member

    3 Amberlinks are 6 months old laying large dark brown eggs, Wyandotte and Barred Rock 5 months and one is laying a very small light tan eggs. But the sweet sweet Silkie (Pearl) has all of a sudden started crowing, biting, and trying to mount the much larger Ambers! So Pearl seems to be Paul...
  7. RiversideChick

    I feel silly even posting this...

    I'm 99% sure these two are cockerels, but we ordered sexed chicks so just to be sure... Gold Laced Wyandottes, just shy of 4 months old. The two in the front of this photo with greenish tails. No crowing yet. Generally very nice dispositions. They always defer to the older hens (we have a mixed...
  8. Barnmaradotte

    Solved Local forum?

    I have not been on BYC in a long time. They used to have a forum / thread that was specific to your home state. Is this still an option? I can't seem to find it. I would like to find people close to me who may have hatching eggs I can drive to pickup instead of shipping during these cold times...
  9. My 4 Wyandotte hens... lol

    My 4 Wyandotte hens... lol

    It all started with 4 gold laced wyandotte pulletts... As they grew and matured, 2 of them definitely are different than the other 2. From their feather color to the size of their comb and wattle. And I even have a crower! Lol So I'm assuming I have 2 roosters and 2 hens. The pic is of the one...
  10. WallyBirdie

    Adam Growth Pics

    Pictures of Adam's growth and development. Put together out of nostalgia when I went through older pictures.
  11. L

    Wyandotte hen gone broody, and shes mean!

    my wyandotte hen has gone broody but she doesn’t have a man so how should i go about this!?
  12. Bcpayne

    Possible shrink wrapping HELP!

    Hi everyone! I was hoping for a bit of help. I have been incubating 5 Brahma x SLW mixes, three of which made it to 21 days, one has hatched but took an extraordinarily long time from first pip to hatch (36 hrs) and I'm afraid the other two may be shrink wrapped... hubby let the humidity bottom...
  13. RiversideChick

    Greetings! New mama of 13 chicks :)

    Hello! I am a new chicken owner and this forum has already become invaluable to me. My husband and I live on the Nisqually River in Washington State (hence the screen name). We have 13 chicks that are now 4 weeks (and some change) old. They have been living outside full time and thriving for a...
  14. WallyBirdie

    Bad Boy, Good Outlook

    Meet Adam. Adam is a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte. Between personality and coloring, he garnered a lot of love. My first Wyandotte... and he grew so big, so fast. I belatedly learned this to be normal, but watching him grow was awe-inspiring. But as he grew, so did his attitude. He began to...
  15. Blackoutcat

    Mixed Flock Orpington, Wyandotte, and Polish?

    Hi everyone, My husband and I just bought a new home and we live in an area now that allows us to have small livestock (finally!). I've been researching the heck out of chicken breeds for climate tolerance, comb types, productivity, hardiness, typical personality, and of course a little...
  16. kristeninprogress

    The Flower Flock

    I thought it would be interesting to keep progress pictures of my chicks, since A.) I'm obsessed with everything they do, and B.) I'm curious about how my Easter Eggers will change. :D I bought the first four flower girls 4 weeks ago, and the second group 2 weeks ago. Excuse the double...
  17. WallyBirdie


    I've gotten better at sexing birds since I've joined this site. It's fun to look at a picture and be able to just know and help! And yet I have one or two of my own birds that keep me guessing. This is Pumpkin. Pumpkin came as a surprise because I ordered two and three of a few different...
  18. N

    Help sexing my chicks please!

    9 weeks ago we got 12 day old heritage chicks in the hope to get at least 6 egg laying hens, and now I fear I have 10 roosters!!!!! Breeds are Easter Egger, Wyandotte, Pekin, and Barnvelder
  19. Dance_in_Fire

    A breeding experiment, Hybrids

    So, i have been stalking different pages of this site that pop up when i am searching for things about my chickens. Finally decided to join and post. I had a beautiful red black laced wyandotte rooster. His name was Bantam, he was huge, mostly quiet(he didn't crow often, but when he did you...
  20. WallyBirdie

    Grumpy Roo?

    My Wyandotte cockerel recently started to crow. He's always been sweet and easy to handle. He likes to be held and he loves anyone with food. But, I went to get everyone food and water, letting the older girls out to free range, and the new cockerel tried to bite me, and it wasn't a gentle or...
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