1. ArizonaChick9

    Hello from my Arizona flock of 9!

    I am relatively new to chickens, only owning my own flock for about six months. I have taken care of them longer but I am excited to have my own! My flock of nine consists of three silkies, two Buff Orphingtons, two Ameraucaunas, one Barred Rock, and one Blue Lace Wyandotte (my favorite). I...
  2. S

    Meet my Girls

    I am new to raising chickens. I grew up in So. Cal at the beach and when I was lucky enough to be around the occasional horse corral growing up I loved the chickens and goats more than the horses... . Now I live in a place that allows chickens and I have a great supportive man in my life that...
  3. ANB131

    Has anyone ordered hatching eggs from Dragonfly Farm?

    I’m planning on ordering hatching eggs from Dragonfly Farm in Beebe Arkansas, has anyone else on here ordered from there? What was your experience with them and what was your hatch rate? I really want someones opinion before I order from them. I also would really love to see pictures of the...
  4. S

    Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster in need of re-homing (central Massachusetts)

    Approximately 21 weeks old (born July 6, 2020). This gorgeous silver laced Wyandotte rooster needs a new home. We have hens (and ordered this one as a hen, but sometimes they just don’t get it right). We can’t keep a rooster. Would someone like to add him to their flock? He’s crowing, but...
  5. amynw

    We have eggs!

    Hello everyone! We started our chicken family back in mid June. We have 2 silver lace wyandotte, 4 midnight majesty maran hybrids, 3 Isa Browns and 4 California Whites. I saw my Betty lay her FIRST egg 2 days ago and it was a double yolk! I knew to watch her because she was being VERY vocal. She...
  6. Squeak61

    Blue red laced Wyandotte rooster (CT)

    Hi everyone, I have a 5 month old red laced Wyandotte rooster for free rehoming in CT. I can’t keep him since I already have 3 other roosters. He hasn’t shown any aggression towards humans and watches over his pack of hens diligently. He’s from Meyer Hatchery and is vaccinated for Mareks. Please...
  7. T

    5 week old Wyandotte pullet or roo?

    Hi everyone! I have a 5 week old Wyandotte and am not sure what sex it is. It is pretty and friendly but it's comb has just started turning pink. Does that mean it's a roo or is it still too early to tell? Thanks!!
  8. SophiaLinn

    Any ideas as to when my pullets might start laying?

    I have 3 golden laced wyandottes, 2 easter eggers, a buff orpington, and a black australorp. They are just over 20 weeks now and have been on their new layer feed since about 18 1/2 weeks (mixed with their old food for a week to avoid digestive issues). I'm just wondering if there are any clues...
  9. N

    Mixed Dozen and a Roo too!

    Hello all! I decided to join the forum because so many times over the last few months when I google topics regarding chickens, something on this forum pops up. So I figured why not go right to the source. Last November, we purchased our homestead located on 13 acres and one of our first...
  10. Norma_Lorp

    New girls - new drama

    picked up a silver Wyandotte and a buff orp yesterday to add to my three original girls who are almost 2 yrs old. Lost one of my brahmas last week due to unknown cause- it was always a little off so maybe there was always something wrong with her. Sad. The Wyandotte has quickly become the...
  11. H

    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Gender

    Hi! I have a beautiful Wyandotte but am unsure of the gender, I was pretty sure it was a hen as the previous Rooster I had tried to mate with her a few times. However, once I sold my Rooster this one started to crow regularly and is now acting more like a rooster then a hen, Lucy is 18 weeks...
  12. eveleychook

    4-5 Week Old Chicks Gender HELP!

    I have a few chicks to which I am unsure of gender. A barred rock, aracauna, blue or splash australorp, gold laced wyandotte, silver laced wyandotte and gold laced barnevelder. Please see below images. Pingu the Australorp Sybil the SLW Goldie the GLW Beatrice the Barred Rock...
  13. LizzzyJo

    Free Cockerels - 3 Free BLRW & One $10 Jubilee Orpington (NW Ohio)

    Hi All! I was going to keep these beautiful pure bred boys, but now things have changed and I have to part ways with them. I have three blue laced red Wyandottes (black, blue, and splash) and one jubilee orpington. I have multiple pics of the black because he is so flippin' handsome. They would...
  14. K1MM11

    Is this a Gold Laced Wyandotte? Or...?

    Hi there! I am wondering what breed my sweet roo is. He was sold as a gold laced Wyandotte but I'm not sure because he has a lot of black and green shimmering. What are your thoughts? I am hoping to breed him with a splash laced Wyandotte to get some blue laced Wyandottes. Thanks in advance!
  15. LizzzyJo

    Earliest time to butcher a Wyandotte??

    I have a troublesome 8 week old Wyandotte cockerel. He was bullied a bit by the hens and now he is getting mean. It’s time for him to serve his purpose. But, what is the earliest week to butcher where I would get any amount of usable meat? Like I’m thinking a little Cornish hen sized amount of...
  16. elweena

    2 Beautiful Splash Laced Red Wyandotte roosters in PA looking for a loving home

    Looking to rehome 2 (or just 1 if that's your capability) beautiful Splash Laced Red Wyandotte roosters (“Edelweiss” & “Fern")- available free to only a responsible, loving, non-eat, non-cockfight home. ❤ We are located in northeastern Pennsylvania, close to the Poconos. Please consider adding 1...
  17. K

    Breed Confusion

    This is Wynona (cuz, Mama she’s crazy) I thought I bought 2 Wyandotte’s, A blue and a silver laced. I think she’s blue, but the other one is for sure not a Wyandotte. I digress. She’s 16 weeks old and her comb is gray and flat, and her legs are a slate color. Do you think she’s a Wyandotte...
  18. K1MM11

    BLRW and GLBW gender help please! - Wyandottes

    Hi there! So I have a gender question, as my now 8 week old chicks have had me stumped these past few weeks. They are all Wyandottes but they are a mixed bunch of colours. All of the chicks feathered at the same rate, and about two weeks ago three started growing their combs. The other three...
  19. echickens

    Looking to buy 2-3 Pullets (Preferably 10-14 weeks old) near NJ

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase 2-3 pullets to join my flock. I need a couple more chickens for the winter and my current flock is around 12 weeks old. I am looking for Buff Orpington, Speckled Sussex, Jersey Giant, or Wyandotte, but I'm not too picky as long as the breed will be friendly...
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