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    My Beautiful Golden Wyandotte called Ruby
  2. MamaHenSA

    Any guesses on the sex of my Silver Laced Wyandotte? Age 11 weeks

  3. RossBantams

    Ross Bantams Introduction

    Hello all! Here is my introduction. (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I am not new to chickens, but I am still new-ish to ducks. I got my first chickens back in 2014. I started with a pair of Old English Game bantams. I then started showing birds. Once I went to...
  4. sophi3

    BLR Blue laced red wyandottes - 8 weeks old

    Combs not very visible in pictures as they're a rose combed breed so hard to tell & at the moment they all look the same. Believe 3 is a pullet and 1 & 2 are roos, but wanted some input to be sure. Basing mainly off the neck feather shape and the fact that 3 feathered significantly earlier than...
  5. Bluechickens21

    Blue laced red Wyandottes

    Hey, I just ordered 5 Blue laced Wyandotte hens and 1 Silver laced rooster, does anyone know what the chicks would look like?
  6. J

    New Chicken Owner in Marietta GA

    Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I'm new to chickens! I'm currently planning to get 4 chickens in early April. I'm in the process of building a coop+run now. What breeds will I have? Golden Laced Wyandotte - Female × 1 Buff Orpington - Female × 1 French...
  7. gwells1980

    The majority of my flock killed in one night

    I had 1 adult speckled Sussex rooster, 1 adult speckled Sussex hen, 1 adult sapphire gem hen, 1 adult buff orpington, 1 adult sapphire gem / speckled Sussex cross, 1 adult orpington / Sussex cross, and 6 nearly fully grown wyadottes bullets. They free ranged in my yard and get put up at night...
  8. arstarr

    Incomplete Molt???

    One of my silver laced wyandottes started to molt and then quit midway though. She's often seen on her own so I think she is bullied. I separated her to give her time to grow her feathers in peace, but after a month of isolation she only managed to regrow the ones picked out on her back from...
  9. Cammo77

    G'day everyone!

    G'day everyone from (not so) sunny Queensland, Australia. Big thank you for letting me join your online community. My wife and I have a 1 acre block and currently have 3 laying hens (ex-cage Hyline commercial layers) and recently acquired 6 pullets. 2 Welsummer, 2 Polish, Blue laced Barnevelder...
  10. Konstantinos

    Wyandotte vs Turken BROODINESS

    Turkens or Wyandottes???
  11. M

    BLW not laying at 9months

    Hi all, I have seven Blue Laced Wyandottes that were hatched around Easter this year (mid-April). One’s a rooster, so six hens. Most of them are pretty dark, but two of the hens have lighter/almost lavender feathers with red lace. Those two, the lighter ones, started laying about a month ago...
  12. KyloChicken

    How many roosters do I have?

    Hi everyone, I hatched out 2 eggs from my own flock (white Brahma) and bought 5 more chicks (“Blue” Laced Wyandottes) from the feed store. None of the birds were sexed. They are 7.5 weeks old today and I’m starting to think I got mainly roosters. 😅 I get very attached (so does my husband) so if...
  13. butterbirds

    Need to rehome a BLR wyandotte young roo and 1 or 2 EE cockerels WILDWOOD, MO

    This blue laced red wyandotte has just started crowing and has tiny spur buds.. approx 16-18 weeks. The two EEs are approx 14 weeks and are bonded, though probably just because they're the youngest in my flock. I wish someone would tell me the EEs were really pullets, but I am somewhat...
  14. Galaxy_rules

    2024 Babies 🐣🐥

    Are you buying / hatching chicks next year ( 2024 )? I’m getting salmon favorelles, Cochin, Orpingtons, and blue red laced wyandotte. What are you getting?
  15. T

    Could this be a cross breed

    We got baby chicks over the summer and this was one we got from the tub labeled Blue tint Wyandotte but the head feathers make me wonder if it’s a polish or polish mix? I’m still new to chickens so don’t have a good handle on all the breed characteristics yet! Thanks!
  16. B

    Wyandotte Bantam & 2 ameraucana’s 9,5 weeks.

    these are now 9,5 weeks. Any additional help on gender of these would be appreciated!
  17. CheekiBreekiChick

    Union county FL rehoming two 4mo Old Silver laced wyandotte pullets

    Hi I am rehoming 2 silver laced wyandotte pullets that are about 16-17 weeks old. They are not getting along with my flock and need to go. They were purchased from Charley's Chicks in Jacksonville and were vaccinated for Marek's by the hatchery. I live in Lake Butler, FL.
  18. B

    GL and BLR Wyandottes 27.5 weeks not laying yet??

    Hi all! I’ve got a golden laced and a blue laced red wyandotte who still aren’t laying yet at nearly 28 weeks. My other three (EE’s and an Aussie) have been laying for what feels like forever now. What gives? Anyone with either of these wyandottes have a similar experience?
  19. Ash56

    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte-saddle feathers?

    These two are almost 5 months old. I have always thought the one I am now questioning was a hen because compared to her (seemingly) twin brother, she looks so dainty. But..she has saddle feathers? Is this saddle feathers I am seeing or something else lol. Because if she is a now a he we will...
  20. Z

    Blue copper Maran roo x Silver Laced Wyandotte hen - sex link?

    Hello it’s me again - trying to understand chicken genetics! Would crossing a blue copper maran rooster with a silver laced wyandotte create a sex linked chick? Thanks in advance!
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