1. 1Crzychknlady

    Are these Wyandotte saddle feathers?

    I have a Wyandotte that I’ve been waiting for his sex identifying feathers to show up! Are these his long-awaited saddle feathers?
  2. Project Tolbunt Wyandotte

    Project Tolbunt Wyandotte

  3. CassNelson

    Meet the flock + need your help on roo watch!

    Hello all, new chicken mama Cassie here. I ordered 11 pullets from MMH that are now almost a month old, so of course I am now playing the paranoid “pullet or cockerel??” game. I thought I’d introduce the ladies and see if any of you experienced eagle-eyes notice something I hadn’t, especially if...
  4. jabou29

    Wyandotte pullet or cockerel

    Hi all, I got a batch of Wyandotte’s that are all different colors but there’s one in the batch that I’m not sure whether it’s a cockerel or a pullet. I’ve read that pullets can get big wattles and they go red as well. One of my first Wyandottes did this as well(thought I had a boy) and turned...
  5. cedartrees

    3 y/o Wyandotte hen presenting sudden Neuro issues

    Hi everyone! I have a three year old s/l wyandotte hen who began presenting neurological issues sunday morning (3/8). I immediately separated her and deep cleaned everything, nobody else has shown symptoms and i've been trying to minimize any contact the other hens have with her. Sunday morning...
  6. 1Crzychknlady

    Wyandotte pullet or cockerel?

    I have a lavender Wyandotte that’s about 7 1/2 weeks old. Pullet or cockerel? I am thinking it’s a cockerel but not totally convinced.
  7. ChurchsChickens

    Church's Chickens

    Hi all! Joining this community to further my CHEEK-CHEEK KNOWLEDGE! (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Super new to chickens! I've been around them intermittently over the years, recently purchased a home, decided in January to get chickens, and just got my little...
  8. N

    First time with sickness.... Sneezing & Congestion... How do I treat? Do I treat them all?

    Video link on reddit of chick Tuesday night at end of post (couldnt upload here): 1 week 4 day old chick (we think silkie) started sneezing Tuesday night. We've had her since day one and she's been healthy, energetic, eating and drinking. 4pm Tuesday I did my normal pasty butt check and she had...
  9. 1Crzychknlady

    Help me with my Lavender Wyandotte - 5 weeks old

    Here are some updated photos of my lavender Wyandotte who is 5 weeks old tomorrow. Any guesses or help on his/her sex? There isn’t much comb growth since the 3 week photo but it has gotten more color at the top and the wattles are getting some color. I can’t have a rooster where we live and we...
  10. C

    My birds scrambling for Easter eggs

  11. C

    Louisville KY area - Hens for Sale/Trade

    I'm transitioning from chickens to quail, so looking to sell/trade my flock. 8 healthy birds all about 1.5 years old and laying about an egg a day. (2) RIR , (1) Australorp, (1) IsaBrown/Australorp mix breed, (1) Americana, (2) Wyandotte, (1) Barred Rock Make an offer: I can accept cash...
  12. Pufna

    Silver laced Wyandotte Roo and Gold laced Wyandotte hen offspring?

    So how I understood reading some genetics? threads, SLW roo with a GLW hen will give SLW hens and GLW roos. So if I pair my two GLW hens with SLW roo and get a GLW roo, can I then breed the new GLW roo with GLW hens and get both roos and hens GL?
  13. M

    What gender is this bird?

    Hi all, We’re really torn with this bird we originally thought it was a Pullet but now we’re convinced it’s a Cockeral can you help?
  14. Ons3Saam

    The first try (for the chooks)

    G'day mates. Seven weeks ago we bought a "breeding trio" of Wyandottes from a local heritage breeder that's closing down his business. From day one the two girls laid an egg per day, almost religiously. Then I let them fill a nest to see what happens. When they reached 20 eggs, (an even...
  15. Mottled Wyandotte Project

    Mottled Wyandotte Project

    F1 Glw x Red Sexlink F2 Glw/Sexlink Mix x BLRW F3 GLW/Sexlink/BLRW Mix x SLW F4 GLW/Sexlink/BLRW/SLW Mix x BLRW So rooster above was bred to Speckled sussex These where the offspring Bred the trio together and got these Rooster 1 Then Now Rooster 2 Then Now Hen 1 Then Now Hen 2 Then...
  16. S

    Black chicken with yellow/gold on neck

    Over the years my chicken flock at my parents’ house has become quite mixed. But lately I’ve noticed that there are quite a few bantam hens that look like this one. This one is by far the nicest though. She is very pretty 🙂 She looks like a bantam wyandotte to me, but I don’t really know. I’ve...
  17. zachcpierce

    Available for Rehoming - 6x Male F1 Crosses in Beaufort, SC

    I am aware that cockerels are a dime a dozen, but I wanted to make these boys available to anyone willing to rehome them. They were hatched out by a broody hen in our backyard, but the eggs came from a mixed flock of all pure breed hens and two roosters. There were two roosters in that flock...
  18. Gretaga

    Two of my girls aren’t roosting at night and pooping in nesting boxes.

    Two of the chickens refuse to roost every night and so they end up pooping in their nesting boxes lined with turf. None of the 6 have started laying eggs yet but I’m worried it will be an issue when these girls start. I have gone out at night and moved them onto the bars but they continue to...
  19. eveleychook

    Day 14 Only A Week To Go!

    I have a Maran cross Wyandotte egg in the incubator that I am concerned about. It is still alive, but can someone tell me that the egg looks fine for day 14. See attached pictures.
  20. eveleychook

    SLW Boy Or Girl?

    I have a Silver Laced Wyandotte chicken which a broody hatched. It is now 9 weeks old. It is not behaving like a cockerel or pullet. It has still a small comb and wattles. It has a lack of tail feathers but other than that it is almost fully feathered. Do you see a pullet or a cockerel???
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