1. K1MM11

    Is this a Gold Laced Wyandotte? Or...?

    Hi there! I am wondering what breed my sweet roo is. He was sold as a gold laced Wyandotte but I'm not sure because he has a lot of black and green shimmering. What are your thoughts? I am hoping to breed him with a splash laced Wyandotte to get some blue laced Wyandottes. Thanks in advance!
  2. LizzzyJo

    Earliest time to butcher a Wyandotte??

    I have a troublesome 8 week old Wyandotte cockerel. He was bullied a bit by the hens and now he is getting mean. It’s time for him to serve his purpose. But, what is the earliest week to butcher where I would get any amount of usable meat? Like I’m thinking a little Cornish hen sized amount of...
  3. elweena

    2 Beautiful Splash Laced Red Wyandotte roosters in PA looking for a loving home

    Looking to rehome 2 (or just 1 if that's your capability) beautiful Splash Laced Red Wyandotte roosters (“Edelweiss” & “Fern")- available free to only a responsible, loving, non-eat, non-cockfight home. ❤ We are located in northeastern Pennsylvania, close to the Poconos. Please consider adding 1...
  4. K

    Breed Confusion

    This is Wynona (cuz, Mama she’s crazy) I thought I bought 2 Wyandotte’s, A blue and a silver laced. I think she’s blue, but the other one is for sure not a Wyandotte. I digress. She’s 16 weeks old and her comb is gray and flat, and her legs are a slate color. Do you think she’s a Wyandotte...
  5. K1MM11

    BLRW and GLBW gender help please! - Wyandottes

    Hi there! So I have a gender question, as my now 8 week old chicks have had me stumped these past few weeks. They are all Wyandottes but they are a mixed bunch of colours. All of the chicks feathered at the same rate, and about two weeks ago three started growing their combs. The other three...
  6. echickens

    Looking to buy 2-3 Pullets (Preferably 10-14 weeks old) near NJ

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase 2-3 pullets to join my flock. I need a couple more chickens for the winter and my current flock is around 12 weeks old. I am looking for Buff Orpington, Speckled Sussex, Jersey Giant, or Wyandotte, but I'm not too picky as long as the breed will be friendly...
  7. 2256FF72-4743-4D9C-8E56-31CA0E703384.jpeg


  8. N

    I think I was given a tons of Roos labeled as pullets

    I know they are still young. But what do you guys think. The first is a Swedish flower, the second is a Wyandotte, 3 is a blue partridge Brahma, 4 is a Wyandotte. Number four is a week or so younger then the others. There are 2 pictures of 1-3 and only one picture of 4
  9. W

    14-15 week Wyandotte sex?

    hi, I have a 14-15 week old Wyandotte. It started having comb/wattle redness at around 10 weeks and have gotten redder and more pronounced. There are one or two iridescent green feathers coming in the tail area. They don’t look sickle shape to me and I can’t tell if the saddle feathers are round...
  10. ANB131

    ISO Wyandotte Hatching Eggs!

    I’m looking for Wyandotte chicken hatching eggs including Blue Laced Red, Blue, Silver Laced, Golden Laced, Partridge, Silver Penciled and possibly Lavender. Looking for a breeders who will ship hatching eggs from good quality chickens for a decent price. Please leave pictures of your chickens...
  11. K

    Henrietta clenching her bottom

    Hello, New to the chicken world and lacking in appropriate chicken terminology, so I apologize in advance. We have a very pretty silver laced Wyandotte hen, 22 weeks, and she has been extra loud this week (I thought it was from the heat, high 80s/90s), but then the past few days I saw what...
  12. NYPouletparent

    Our alpha Wyandotte hen has a swollen face, no eggs, and bumblefoot!

    Hello all! Seeking hive mind advice for our silver-laced Wyandotte hen, Pepperpot. We noticed yesterday that the left side of her face is swollen and pale (see first pic). This is a new development that we didn't see last week. Upon further inspection, we also see that she has a case of...
  13. L

    Thought it was a hen.. but... what do you think?

    Her feathers are forming different than our other wyandotte.. maybe she is just developing faster.. she doesn't ACT like a roo at all, but she has me wondering.. she is 12 weeks old. Or he is.. Lacey.. what is a good Male name changeover in case? Lol..
  14. G

    Silver laced Wyandotte

    This is our silver laced Wyandotte. She is 16 weeks old. My daughter loves her and has been in tears daily worrying that it might be a rooster. She is getting tall green tinted feathers in her tail. No talons. Quite a large comb and wattle. Our city code does not allow roosters. What do you all...
  15. Lana416

    Do I have 2 Roosters!? 12 week old Wyandotte & Orpington

    Hello, I am new to backyard chicken farming. We purchased 7 “female” newborn chicks in April (born 4/1/20). They are now about 3 months/12 weeks old, all different breeds. We received an “extra” Wyandotte that is I believe is a rooster. Another one that I purchased, a black Orpington, is also...
  16. Avisius

    Sex these two mixed chicks

    Hi. Can you tell me if these two mixed chicks are cockerels or pullets? The bigger one, with spots on the chest is around six weeks old and kinda looks like a pullet to me, even though in its first three weeks of life it looked like a cockerel. I think it's a mix between light brahma X silver...
  17. PandemicChickens

    Pandemic Chickens

    Hello from downstate Illinois. I am new to chickens. My nieces, daughter, and I picked up day old baby chicks from Farm and Fleet on March 13th, the same day the governor ordered the shut down of the state. The timing was a complete coincidence, I had wanted to get chickens for years. Earlier in...
  18. Henrybelle

    Weird genetics?

    I had gotten some chicks form the feed store about a month ago and the girl wasn’t sure of the breeds they were the last three left. Anyway they almost fully feathered now and I have one that I’m not too sure of the breed I’ve figured out the other two though. One Colombian Wyandotte and a...
  19. L

    New backyard flock

    I am Laylah and I’m in Washington state. I am new to raising chickens. I purchased 6 baby chicks, hatched on April 2nd. 2 silver spangled hamburgs 2 Salmon Faverolle 2 Blue laced red Wyandotte’s I’m really loving these birds... I’m excited fir them to start laying. Thanks for letting me join...
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