1. Together_4wks


    Goldie (front), Hazel (back right), and Enid (back left) at around 4 weeks.
  2. N

    Bullied chick

    Hello! First time chicken owner here We got chicks last Saturday (4 day old black sex-links, 4 day old brown leghorns, 4 1-week old golden wyandottes) and I've noticed one of the wyandottes is being bullied. The other chicks are not allowing her to drink or eat. She is the same size now as the...
  3. Hannahnanigans

    Breed/gender guesses for some 8-10 week olds?

    Hello BYC! I've lurked around here for a bit and finally decided to join the fun. I've recently started in on my first flock and would love some breed/gender guesses. Long post, lots of chickens. I appreciate any help :) When we got them, the lady quickly told us their breeds, but I've...
  4. Ameraucana_Mama

    What is a Good Feed?

    Hello! In January I inducted myself into the world of poultry ownership when I bought my first chickens - thirteen Ameraucanas & one Golden Laced Wyandotte! Today, they are nine weeks old and have gone through three different feeds. So I’ve been wondering, what is the best feed for them...
  5. DownByTheRiver

    Chicken Newbie, my Black Wyandottes, rooster?

    I'm curious what opinions are of male vs. female on these black wyandottes? They are about 3 weeks old. I think I have a future rooster. Chick 3: This is the other two chicks: Chick 2: Chick 1:
  6. Ryn2011

    Golden/Silver-laced Wyandotte Sexing

    I have 11 golden and silver-laced Wyandotte chicks that are in the midst of being sexed. If you could guess for me on each corresponding numbered chick, that would be great. I think I have an idea of who is what now but some extra eyes would be helpful. 1 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  7. C

    Chicken with swollen/infected earlobe.

    I have an 8 month old Golden laced Wyandotte that has a swollen earlobe and wattles. Just noticed today but can't be very old as we are with them most days. Looks like she has an injury on the wattle and it must have gotten infected. She's not showing any signs of fatigue and she is still laying...
  8. Cluck_cluck_chic

    Australorp or silver laced Wyandotte pullets?

    Hi we got some chicks that were 2 weeks old last Friday. There are supposed to be two black Australorp and two silver laced Wyandotte but they all look alike to me which are which? I am assuming also it’s too early to tell if they are truly pullets 1. 2. 3. 4.
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