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Oct 8, 2020
Hello all!
I decided to join the forum because so many times over the last few months when I google topics regarding chickens, something on this forum pops up. So I figured why not go right to the source.

Last November, we purchased our homestead located on 13 acres and one of our first plans was to have chickens. The pandemic sped up our time line for when we would have them, I thought we would be ready for them in the spring of 2021.

Instead, we became first time flock owners in May. We we began, we were looking to have hens strictly for laying purposes. We have since decided that this coming spring we will have an additional coop and run for birds we will raise for meat purposes. Currently, I have a mixed flock of hens which include:
6 white leghorns
3 gold lace Wyandottes
1 Australorp
1 Barred Rock
1 Isa Brown.
The girls range in age from 22 to 24 weeks old.
My leghorns began laying this last month at between 19 to 23 weeks and my Isa Brown has been laying since she was 18 weeks. As of yesterday, two of my other girls, I'm not sure which, also began laying.

In addition to our girls, we rescued a bantam Cochin rooster last month, who we are in the process of integrating into our flock.

As for the rest of the family, I keep busy as a Veteran's wife and mom of 2. In addition to our chickens we have 2 cats, 1 bearded dragon and 1 large guard dog in training. We have six month old Great Pyrenees/ Anatolian Shepard mix.

i am looking forward to being a part of the forum.

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