1. D

    Need advice for re-homing domestic ducks in California (Bay Area)

    Hi everyone! I'm posting here in the hope of getting some suggestions and directions for finding a new home for the abandoned domestic ducks at the pond in our neighborhood park. Sadly, people have dumped several domestic ducks (Pekin, Muscovy, Swedish, crested ducks, and a few mixed breeds)...
  2. Jaylou88

    Newbie in the UK.

    Hello everybody My name is Jamie and this is my first time hatching eggs. We are a family of 5, have a small dog name Buddy (Shih Tzu) and a budgie named Blue. My husband works as a Thermal Installation Engineer and I am a Pharmacy Dispenser, although I am not working at the moment. After...
  3. M


    Hi! I'm a new chicken farmer in Atlantic Canada! (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I'm new to chickens but have wanted to have a farmstead since I was a child (2) How many chickens do you have right now? We have 10 chickens so far, 1 rooster, 1 hen, 2 pullets and...
  4. kanami

    hiiii!! chickie mama newbie here :33

    hi everyoneee, my name is kanami and i’m a first time chick momma. i’m 18 y/o and currently have nine 3 1/2 week old chickies. i might as well just start calling them pullets at this point! they grow up so fast i swear. i was only meant to get 8 babies but the hatchery accidentally gave me 9 and...
  5. B

    Hello, new chick mom, first night in the coop 😧

    Hello, My husband and adult children convinced me to get some chickens this spring. We got 2 Barneveldts, 2 Golden Sex Link and 2 Buckeye. They are now 5 weeks old, spending their first night in the coop, I am so nervous for them to be out. I may need to post this somewhere else, but when I was...
  6. H

    Adding a Rooster to my Pullet flock

    Okay so I’m lost here because I see so many varying opinions- My flock is 14 pullets, they’re barred Plymouth Rock, buff orpington, and australorp. Thoughts on adding a rooster to a flock of my 17 week old pullets? They’re all just now beginning to lay. When I first got them I only wanted hens...
  7. H

    help with new chicken being bullied by other two australorps?

    hello, I've had two black sister australorps for the past 6 months and I introduced an adult blue australorp yesterday. the blue is a little bigger than them but she is very gentle and the other two have been pecking her/bullying her to the point where they aren't letting her eat or lay an egg...
  8. Valrek777

    New brahma flock owner from NC

    Hi, I'm a relatively new chicken owner (had some as a kid, don't remember much) and we got ahold of about 14 buff brahmas(unsexed chicks so that will be fun). We've got them for eggs and meat, but will likely have fun with the chickens until the time comes. The wife and I have about 8.5 acres of...
  9. T

    Newbie in New Zealand

    Hello everyone. I am new to being a chicken mum. I have three 14 week old red hybrid Hyline chickens, bought three weeks ago. My husband and I are dairy farmers in the South Island of New Zealand. The hens now joining our menagerie of five-hundred dairy cattle and three pet cats. I have never...
  10. Shugercube

    Hi y’all!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I’m a proud new chicken owner! I’ve always wanted chickens, and we finally moved to where we’re allowed to own them. So of course I wasted no time! Lol (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 8! (3) What breeds do you have...
  11. creedatticus


  12. K

    Duckling semi-hatched, yolk still present...Please Help!

    Hey everyone, first time ducky mummy here! I've never hatched anything before and have been a panicy mummy this whole time! We have 6 cayuga eggs (which we're unsure if anything is happening with them) and one mallard, which was laid by a wild duck and abandoned so we tried to incubate. She's...
  13. A

    Quick Question for SoCal Chicken keeping!

    Hello everyone! This will be my first official post on these forums and I just wanted to ask a couple of questions. The main one being is, and I can't seem to find a definitive answer anywhere. What is required for me to own a small flock in the back yard of my property in SoCal? Specifically...
  14. T


    I am addicted to my birds so I've made my account, if you want to you can vote in my poll :).
  15. Lexandherchaos


    Hello everyone, new chicken owner here. Can’t wait to explore this site and learn more! Just picked up my five newly hatched Silkies today. They are settling in great so far and I’m super excited for this new adventure!
  16. B

    Shivering, Not eating/ drinking, wobbly

    Hello, hello! I had 8 Brahma chicks come in this morning, they were born on Sunday or early Monday morning. After getting them all warmed up, all but one, has been eating, drinking, and exploring. Cersi was being very lethargic and just wanted to lay down. A few times it looked like she was...
  17. lexik20213

    Hi new duck mom here!

    Hi, my name is Lexi i’ve always wanted ducklings and just a couple days ago i went to buy 2 little ducklings and they are the cutest. I have a whole set up for them temporarily until they can get a little bigger then i will fix up a area for them that’s a big space to run around and have lots of...
  18. S

    New Duck Mom!!

    Hi All! I have decided to get some ducks, ideally I will start with 2 and then in time probably add another 1-2 in a few months. I am hoping to get some white call ducks but open to others also. I have a large pen/run with 2 decent sized coops in it. It is enclosed in chicken wire and...
  19. Stitchnova

    About to dive in

    Hi! My family and I are about to embark on this new adventure! This was my husband's and young daughter's idea; I'm just around for the eggs. (Or so I say. I have a feeling I'm going to get sucked in, too.) We live in a small town in central Kansas with two dogs and a cat, all indoors. Chickens...
  20. Chimkimem30

    New chicken mama

    Hello everyone! My name is Emily, I'm 29 (30 in june!), I'm from Oakland county Michigan, and I'm new to the chicken community. We recently bought our first house and are expecting our third child at the end of March, we have just started looking into chickens and quails for our new home. And im...
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