1. S


    Hello. I am fairly new to owning chickens and ducks. (Since last summer) i might be a little obsessed with them. I am from Canada
  2. V

    Hey! Just though I'd introduce myself ^-^

    Hey! I'm a new member to this site, although I've read through some posts to help with issues in the past. My family got chickens around 3 or 4 years ago-currently we have 14 barred rock hens (although that number will decrease when we figure out who is eating the eggs :( Plus we will probably...
  3. MissDolly

    I just “inherited” 5 chickens

    We just bought a house and the guy asked us if we wanted to keep the chickens. They looked healthy, so we said yes. After cleaning out their filthy coop and run & getting the basics covered, we see we need to make it better, larger & more accessible. I have three chickens I need for dinner...
  4. MindfullLee

    Good Morning!

    Just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Lee :) After about 3 years of trying to convince my husband that chickens would be a good idea, he finally relented, more likely tired of listening to me (whatever works lol) Im an avid gardener and novice canner, trying to lean towards as much...
  5. HomesteaderWife

    Merry Chickmas

    "Piper" the rescue Dominique hen Merry Chickmas & A Quacky New Year - From HomesteaderWife's family & flock (P.S. Please feel free to share your own holiday flock and coop photos!)
  6. Weggers

    Hello from Southeast Alabama!

    Hello! I’m Wendy from Dothan, Alabama. I was a member here years ago and had a small backyard flock but we’ve had a lot of changes in the years since. I’m re-registering because for one, I can’t remember my old login :confused:. I still have my coop and run and need to spruce it back up...
  7. nataly214

    Hello, I’m new!

    I first got chickens 5 years ago as a teenager. After loosing 3 flocks due to predators (or simply my dogs) I currently have around 35 chickens. The majority of my flock are silkies (bearded and not bearded) then I have a few polish, Easter eggers, light Sussex, Orpington, Brahma, Wyandotte, and...
  8. BDutch

    Post a new question, thread or forum discussion

    I made this thread because there are more people, besides me, who have trouble to put there questions in the right spot. How to start a new thread: 1. Go to/search a suitable forum. 2. Open this forum / category. 3. Then you see a blue button to start a new thread. If you want a good...
  9. M

    New layer... Frequency?

    Hey all! So my sweet ancona laid her first egg yesterday! We didn't get one today, how often should we expect to get eggs from her? One of our ducks is laying daily so we're a little spoiled.
  10. L

    Lacombe’s free range children

    I’m new to all this chicken talk and care, but I have read through some of the articles on here and some other places around the web. So after about 3 months of research and web surfing, I bit the bullet and bought 25 New Hampshire day old chicks from Strombergs. I have seen a lot of mixed...
  11. B

    Please help save my ducks

    hello, I have 5 ducks i love and due to some engerneering issues with their pen, i think the most responible thing is to find them a new home. There is a large tree in the middle of their enclosure i cannot accomodate and beside that, many loose ends i fear the raccoons and skunks that frequant...
  12. Rock_birdes

    Hello all!

    Hello all! I'm new to this site, and new to chicken raising. After going to the hardware store to get a piece of metal I finally caved and got 3 baby barred rock pullets. (On September 12) This site has more than helpful in answering most of my questions so far just by clicking through old...
  13. Rravenrose

    Hi! I'm new!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yeah I'm pretty new to chickens, my dad used to have chickens when I was younger and I've always loved them but I haven't had a chicken for years. I just recently got some chickens that kinda wandered into my yard, I've tried to find...
  14. E


    I've come to BYC over the years to find what the crowd wisdom for injuries and illness had to offer when faced with a poultry problem. Finally joining so that I can give back to the wonderful community that's helped me over the years. My current flock consists of three mature hens, 10 ducks...
  15. P

    Fox problem...

    We have had our 5 chickens for about a year now. No issues with predators up to this point - this weekend one of our girls passed naturally. The next day one was snatched up by a fox and it ran off into the woods with her. I think our coop is very secure - hence not having an issue with this...
  16. christatothemax

    Hello from NW Ohio!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? -- I am new to chickens. Having dreamt about having them in my backyard my whole life, I am happy to say in a couple of months my dream will be a reality! (2) How many chickens do you have right now? -- Zero. I am thinking of...
  17. Felixr1998

    New here!

    Hello, I am from Southeastern New Mexico. No we are not part of Mexico we are the 48th state in the union. I have a beautiful wife, a 2 year old step son and expecting my first child in January, ironically my wife is petrified of chickens especially roosters lol. We currently have a flock of 17...
  18. JoshuaBurke

    Look at the chicks!

    I took this video when my feed store had first started selling chicks for this year. I hope y'all enjoy the video.
  19. S

    New To BYC

    Hello, i've had chickens my whole life. Havent had any for a while, now my parents have 4 I am helping raise. I live on 6 acres in the middle of a forest, along with the 4 chickens, are 6 cats , 1 boxer mix , and plenty of wild animals. We have chickens to maintain the yard and to lay some tasty...
  20. F

    New here!

    Hello everyone! I just joined, so here's some info about myself! (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yep, I am totally new to chickens/quails! I am more interested in quails though, as I live in Singapore and space is limited. (2) How many chickens (quails in this...
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