1. janamsinghaya

    Raising Ducklings for 4 months

    alhumdulillah my ducks are now almost 4 plus months old and here is their story in our backyard.
  2. C

    Bleeding wings

    I have a batch of 20 Muscovy ducklings about 8 weeks old. They are in a secure combined coop (8x12) and run (10x30) with 24hr access to both. They’re growing well and feathered out completely...except the wings. They seem to be pecking each other’s wing feathers. I culled a couple that were...
  3. paigeber

    Ancona Duck Advice & Questions!

    Hi All! I'm getting 2 little Ancona ducklings this upcoming spring & just trying to plan/budget for their arrival! Does anyone know how fast they grow? & if you have diapers for them how many sizes should I get? I know these little guys grow quickly but since they will be spending time in...
  4. NOLApoultrypalace

    6 mixed ducklings in New Orleans

    We had an amazingly successful duckling hatch last week- so much so that we have more ducks than we need or want! The ducks are straight run (we’re not confident enough to try to sex them ourselves) and are a mix of mostly rouen and various runners. They hatched between 12/1-12/3 so they’re a...
  5. H

    Missing ducks

    Hi there! Two of my ducks have recently had ducklings and they stay in a shed at night. The other ducks prefer to sleep outside but two nights ago one of my adult ducks went missing. Thismorning I woke up to two more of them gone. They were all very healthy and no signs of a struggle so I’m just...
  6. Poultry finder

    Exotic ducks for sale Montana!

    I have miniature appleyards and call ducks for sale! We only have a few this year but are in desperate need of space so looking to sell! They are this years ducklings and I will sell them as pairs. They would be great for any 4-h kid and have come from show quality pairs. Please message me for...
  7. DuckinDonutsBensalem

    Growing Sprouts or Fodder for Ducks

    Hi there! Now that fall is here, I am looking for nutritious things to feed my young ducks. My garden is finished for the season. It's expensive to keep buying greens from my local produce place. I came across an article in Mother Earth News. I am interested in growing sprouts or fodder for my...
  8. Wild-Turkey

    People Tampering With Birds in Transit-Stories and Photos?

    I haven’t really seen anything about this on BC but I’ve heard way too many stories about it. This year, in March, we ordered three ducklings to add to our existing flock of 14 ducks. A Chocolate Runner, a Khaki Campbell, and a Welsh Harlequin from Metzer, all hens. We waited till August to get...
  9. Myavia

    Darkness around air sac - duck eggs day 28

    Hello there! I am on day 28 of incubating my ducks eggs. I have 7 eggs hatching in the next couple of days, due to a staggered hatch, but I had 2 eggs due today. Of the two, one hatched very very early this morning. The other one did not have a pip, and was not moving or peeping in response...
  10. A

    2 ducklings need a home

    I have two, 3 week old ducklings in need of a new loving home. I don't have the capabilities of giving them the life they deserve any longer. Please contact me asap.
  11. NEgoosegirl

    Best Place to Buy Welsh Harlequin Ducklings

    I'm not 100% sure if this is the best place to post this. Sorry if I'm putting it in the wrong spot! I am seriously considering WH ducklings for next spring, and I am looking for some advice. I want ducklings from a good egg-laying strain that also have the potential to be breeding-quality. (My...
  12. D

    My first hatch update/story

    hello everyone! I am happy to announce that my first hatch is nearly over! It has been a long and stressful road. From an unclear start date of natural incubation, to a finnicky and somewhat unreliable incubator and thermometer. To begin, I was unsure what the start date of incubation was. Mama...
  13. LondonKallie

    Crossbred Ducklings Hachalong #1

    So I'm new to BYC and I have a post already going about my Twin duck egg over here : which is included in this clutch of hatch-a-long ducks :) I will be updating this top original post with the...
  14. Weeg

    Do I need anything special to sell chicks I hatch in my area?

    Hello, I am wondering if I need a permit or something to sell chicks I hatch in my area? I am not worried about doing it once, but if I decided I wanted to do it as a small income, plus it would be fun, then do I need a legal permit or something? Mostly, because I REALLY want to hatch my own...
  15. Lpskitfit

    Incubating Duck Egg with Insulated Lunch Box

    Hello all! My ducks are not being broody at all and I've finally decided to try and incubate them myself without an incubator. I've got an insulated lunch box, a heating bad, and some warm wet wash rags with an egg. My mom put the mallard egg we had in the fridge so I've been left with a large...
  16. RainForestBird

    Call Duck Eggs - Pastel, Snowy, Black Bibbed, White, Grey, Blueheads/Greenheads-

    Call Duck eggs from my birds that are Snowy, Pastel, White, Black Bibbed, Grey I don't house them separately and I've been hatching out grey with white bibbed, grey, snowy and pastel. $60 per dozen, plus $15 shipping in the Continental US. no Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico.
  17. L

    Sexing 4 week old khaki Campbell ducklings

    I have a pure bred khaki Campbell and one that is KC mixed with either Pekin or crested duck. The mixed one still only makes peeping sounds while the other one has started to make weird noises, like a quiet quacking sound almost but not really a quack. I’m also curious if anyone can confirm...
  18. L

    Very healthy duck got sick suddenly. I dont know what to do. Pls help!

    Hello, we have two pet ducklings and we got them 24 days ago and we speculate they were around a week old when they arrived. One of the ducks -Bambi- was noticably thinner and smaller than the other one -Bobby- and their size difference only got bigger with time. Other than Bambi being smaller...
  19. RaisingDucks2020

    Do i need a permit?? Pennsylvania

    My mallard has been laying eggs and now has quiet the nest of eggs! At least 12 from what I can see! I do plan on keeping some if she is able to hatch them on her own (which she's doing a great job tending to her eggs) but my question is can you sell mallard ducklings in Pennsylvania? I've done...
  20. L

    6 ducks- mixed breeds, weights and sex

    Help! A bit of back story - We tried to hatch six Minature Silver Appleyards, we unfortunately only hatched one little duck which meant a quick panic trip to a local farm to buy some more ducklings to keep the little one company (who was only happy when being played youtube videos of other...
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