1. N

    HELP hatching duck eggs need help determining age

    hello i recently found duck eggs in my yard theres 7 eggs all are moving but im not sure how old they are if you hsve any tips about hatching ducklings and taking care of them please lmk and if u know how old they are i would appreciate it thank u!
  2. N

    how old are my duck eggs

    hello i rcently found duck eggs in my yard i have kept them alive and just got a incubator how old do you think they are? any tips on hatching and raising ducklings?
  3. S

    Broody hen. Can i introduce ducklings?

    I have a Rouen hen on a nest. I started seeing her there 5 days ago. The second day a rat snake got into the nest and she was real alarmed, but wouldnt leave the coop. Then, she was back on the nest every day since. The first day I thought I had come upon her while she was laying. She was...
  4. P

    Duckling sounds and their meanings

    I just adopted a baby duck. It's only 16 days old and I don't know the gender. I am wondering about its behavior. I don't understand a lot because I had never been in contact with a duck pet So when I try to catch it and raise it. It looks scared. But the second day when I put it in my hug it...
  5. FeatherSwift93


    So just do you guys tell the difference of male and female ducks? Let me know below! 🦆🦆🦆
  6. FeatherSwift93

    Splish splash!

    Ducklings are 3 weeks old and decided to supervise them with a little pan of water, they love it! 🦆🦆💧💧
  7. C

    Leg/foot hatching injury, disease, what's going on?

    The baby call duck just hatched today a day later than all the rest and I noticed there is something off with it's foot/ leg? I need help and advice my first time with hatching ducklings.
  8. NewJourney

    3 week old ducklings introduced to adult flock, drake tried to "breed" with them

    So, here's my dilemma. It's kind of a long story so please bear with me. We bought 2 ducklings from TSC and the same day bought 4 chicks from a local non-chain farm store. They've been raised together and do great together. We then hatched out (via incubator) 9 baby chickens that we are brooding...
  9. D

    Bringing Ducklings to Work?

    My duck passed yesterday while we were out of the house. It was very sad since her partner, a pekin, was with her dead body for hours until we got home and realized what had happened. Immediately, I looked for a new duck to adopt so Popcorn, our surviving duck, wouldn't have to be alone for too...
  10. MichyA

    TSC Assorted Duckling Breeds

    Can someone please help us identify these 6 ducklings from Tractor Supply. The workers told us they came in a bin that just said “assorted” and they didn’t know what they were. Any help? Sharing pics of 3 that look alike… another 2 that look the same and 1 that looks darker
  11. Tookie

    Duckling Grow-A-Long!

    Hey y'all! Soon to be a new duck owner! I've wanted ducks for awhile, and finally was able to get them. I ordered ducklings last Oct., and got Welsh Harlequins, Buff Orpingtons, and Blue Swedish. All are supposed to be girls (hopefully they all are), and I got two of each, so six in total! I...
  12. KathiQuacks

    My ducklings keep needing assistance, because they don’t have an egg tooth. Why??

    Hello BYC :frow So, I’ve been doing a staggered hatch over the past couple weeks, and during that time, I’ve had 7 eggs make it to lockdown. Out of the 7 eggs, 3 of them have had NO egg tooth. One of them didn’t make it, because they covered the safety hole I put in and couldn’t pip a new hole...
  13. Nero70002

    Call Duck Assortment from Metzers

    Hello! This thread’ll be for updates (like daily or weekly pictures) of my (2 call and 2 other) ducklings from Metzers, just to show them off, and because I think I might be the first person on BYC to buy some (or at least to post about them. I’ll get to show y’all some cute ducklings, and show...
  14. B

    Magpie with blue eyes

    So I have a small assortment of ducklings (10 total, around 3 weeks old). I have a few magpie, one is mainly white with a few black spots. I noticed this morning while she was looking at the sun that her eyes are very light blue. I tried to look it up to see if it means anything or if she could...
  15. KathiQuacks

    January to February 2024 Duckling Hatch-Along!

    Hello everyone of BYC! :frow I already have names in mind, but feel free to root for an egg, if you’d like! :jumpy Around 5 weeks ago, I got two new hens for my lone drake, Cherry. One of the hens, Caramel, has laid a nice stream of eggs ever since. I decided to incubate, and after some days...
  16. A

    Advice Needed. Duckling external pip wrong end.

    We are now day 28 2 eggs have pipped on the narrow end. 1 fully broke through the membrane over 12 hours ago it's beak is fully outside of the shell but i haven't seen it move for hours. I know after pipping they can rest but should the beak at least have some movement?
  17. BoradorBeans

    Runner Mixes - Adoption

    Oh gosh, here we are again. Looking for potential adopters of mixed Runner Ducklings (Chocolate Runners x White/Fawn Runners - who may he mixed with Pekins) in Florida (we're in Tampa, but will travel for a good home). BACK STORY: Let me back up. In October, we rescued Delly as a 2-week old...
  18. ElGoose

    Muscovy ducklings!

    Got 3 Muscovy ducklings recently, does anyone know anything about colouring names and figuring out the sex? I’ve seen people talk about them but not super sure myself. Very healthy and happy so far, surprised to see how quickly they warmed up to me and now they sprint to me and follow me around...
  19. Spreading Their Wings

    Spreading Their Wings

    My 13-week-old Muscovies, Laguna (front) and Winona.
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