1. K


    Hey everyone! I am currently raising 2 hens, 1 rooster, 4 ducks, 8 three week old chicks, 2 one week old goslings, 2 one week old ducklings, and 4 one week old chicks. I've wanted to raise chickens for years and my boyfriend's coworker sold some older chickens and ducks to us a few months ago...
  2. K

    How to brood chicks, ducklings, and geese

    I have 2 goslings, 2 ducklings, and 4 chicks in a 6ft brooder. They were all a day old when I received them and they are a week old today. There is so much mixed information out there that I was hoping for some advice. At this point, the birds are very attached to each other. I'm pretty sure one...
  3. HeatherFeatherFlock

    Sexing Ducklings

    We have 8 khaki Campbell ducklings, we hatched them ourselves. We want to keep 2 girls and sell the rest, hopefully all to one person. We tried vent sexing but they seemed to “all be girls” so I don’t think I did it very well, lol. What other ways have you found you can tell which can help you...
  4. JoshuaBurke

    Hurricane the duck photos

    Spending some quality time with Hurricane the duck! :) <3 I hope y'all enjoy these photos! :)
  5. JoshuaBurke

    My special Duck Named Hurricane

    I bought this duck on the same day as Hurricane Dorian was headed towards Georgia. He is getting so big since I had bought him. P.S. yes I have other ducks also but they're outside I can't bring in every single duck. I hope y'all enjoy the video! :)
  6. HeatherFeatherFlock

    Took Mama ducks hatching babies, will she be okay?

    Hi. So we were doing a natural matching nest with our khaki Campbell ducks. Mama is young, not even a year old. This nest was an accident we found her hiding in a bush with, so we went with it. Moved them to the duck house. Now it’s hatching time. One hatched but when I checked on the progress I...
  7. HeatherFeatherFlock

    Ducklings will hatch soon. What is best once they hatch?

    Hello, We have 5 khaki Campbell ducks, 2 males and 3 females. (We are trying to find a new home for a drake so we only have one.) One female went very broody and we found a nest she started, we moved them to the duck house where she has been a great sitter. Fast forward a few weeks, we have 11...
  8. P


    Hi, I have two female pekin crosses that are just over a year old and two khaki capmbell females who are 8 weeks. They all live together happily at the moment however in the past, before the khakis, my pekins and my lone hybrid cockerel lived together in the main run. They all got along until he...
  9. JoshuaBurke

    New ducks just came in my local feed store! :)

    New ducks just came in at my local feed store! :) <3 Enjoy the photo! :)
  10. pax12


    i'm back after that long break lol this has been an interesting last 28 days of ups and downs for sure. here is the link to the live stream
  11. B

    Help! First time duck mom! Rescued pekin ducklings

    Hi yall! Yesterday i was given 2 pekin ducklings possibly 3 days old. One has a head injury from other ducklings picking on him. Which is why i was given him he also came along with a friend so he wasnt so lonely. Ducking with the head injury i cleaned the cut and put blue toc on it. Today i...
  12. DandyAndMahi

    Are my ducklings molting??

    Hi! I’m not sure how old my ducklings are but I’m guessing they’re about 3 or 4 weeks old?? The yellow one is Dandelion and the brown one is Mahi and they’ve recently just started to loose their feathers. I know they’re supposed to molt, but I wasn’t sure if they actually are molting now cause...
  13. Claires Poultry

    Elly and Fluffy's Duck Diaper Changing Thread

    Hello Fluffy and all my other peeps! :frow This thread is all about changing duck diapers! It's just for humor, Fluffy and I aren't really actually changing duck diapers for real! :lau:gig If you've looked at my profile page, then you know what I mean. Fluffy, Kayla, and I have quite the...
  14. P

    Introducing baby ducks and other questions...

    Hi, I have two 6 week old khaki campbell girls who are getting way too big for their brooder as it's inside my house! I have been trying to introduce them to my other two (both pekin-type females). I started by letting them out all together but the little ones were very skittery and I was scared...
  15. Dheepak

    Poor duckling

    Hi. I have 6 Pekin ducklings.they are only 3 weeks old.all of a sudden one of my ducklings had trouble with walking because it's right leg was tangled...when I researched about this ,I came to know it was niacin deficiency....but unfortunately I didn't know that before...I thought the leg would...
  16. Muscovy-palooza

    Advice please! Should I move Muscovy hens nest?

    I have a muscovy that has been nesting in a box that is elevated 2' off the ground. Two of the three eggs have hatched. I am afraid that the two are going to get curious and active and fall out of the nest and get hurt or not be able to get back to their momma. I think they hatched yesterday...
  17. DuckMama9

    Quack, from Texas!

    Hello, um, er, Quack! As you might have guessed from the thread title, from my screen name and from the greeting, I raise ducks! I used to raise chickens several years ago, and was recently thinking about bringing up a new flock, but it was my love of gardening that made me consider ducks this...
  18. Haydog03

    Introduce Two Fathers to their Ducklings?

    Sorry, this is the second time I posted on this forum, and I don’t want to clog it up. It’s just, we have a Cayuga male and Pekin male and one female Pekin! I know the ratio is bad, and we have been searching for more females! Now, Pato (the female) had babies/ducklings! They look like they may...
  19. Claires Poultry

    Muscovy Hatch-A-Long

    Hi everyone! :frow Welcome to the Muscovy Hatch-A-Long! Who else has Muscovy eggs hatching or set to hatch? I currently have 2 Muscovy hens sitting on eggs. They both have 23 eggs each. The first batch is going to hatch sometime around August 21st-25th. The second batch is going to hatch...
  20. D

    Looking for call ducks

    Hello! I currently have a mixed flock of ducks and I'm looking to sell all of my larger breeds and buy more calls so I can just focus on them. I'm having a hard time trying to find any call ducks. They don't have to be perfect show quality, but I would prefer small ones with tiny beaks. I am...
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