1. A

    First time duck owner

    Hello I have owned heaps of chooks over the years and raised many from day/week olds, i have always been able to make them friendly towards me, eat outta my hand and not be completely freaked out whenever they see me, not as like picking them up, but they would sit on my lap etc. I decided for...
  2. HenzandHoundzFarm

    Dying Ducklings

    I have a friend who just got 20 new ducklings. A few have been randomly dying and he has no idea what's happening :hit. Does anyone have any ideas? He's been giving them electrolyte water and is a very experienced poultry owner so I definitely don't think it's his care. Thanks so much for your...
  3. Aliamelody

    grow up! wow!

    @KikisGirls @Pugsabi Hello this is beautifull sunny day! i came back from yard now! i decided to send some photoes of my ducks :) they arent duckling now maybe you remember gerdoo didnt walk well and golab was so tiny still but now they both okay! i start! it was first day of coming golab and...
  4. LemonyCatapult

    What breed are these rescued ducklings??

    I just picked up two ducklings from a few towns over where a group of university students had them in their apartment. They were feeding them all purpose bird seed and just generally had NO idea how to care for them. I have had backyard ducks in the past but am no expert on breeds, wondering if...
  5. Chicken Kate

    Duck eggs

    First time duck hatching here. I only have two eggs in, I just wanted to learn. I was told that they need to have a ten min cool off period each day, so I've been doing that. Today, is day 22, i seem to have one duckling starting to hatch and the other is moving around like crazy. But here's the...
  6. HenzandHoundzFarm

    How long until I get fertile eggs?

    I'm going to pick up a new drake on Wednesday! I'm so excited! :D I'm going to have to separate him for a few weeks but I'm pretty sure he's really healthy so I'll put him in with my girl soon. How long after they are put together can I begin collecting eggs that will be fertile? :confused: It's...
  7. HenzandHoundzFarm

    Which Incubator?!?! SUNCOO?

    I'm looking to hatch some ducklings from my show winning Welsh Harlequin! :yesss:I've never incubated before and am on a budget. I've found two incubators that look promising: SUNCOO Digital Egg Incubator Hatcher with Automatic Egg Turning Temperature Control for Chicken, Poultry Hatching for...
  8. M

    Is it alright to hold new babies, with a protective mother?

    My female duck just recently hatched some ducklings. She has been extremely broody during the whole process, and isn’t that fond of interaction with people as it is. I would like to hold the ducklings and get them used to being around people, so that they are a bit friendlier than she is once...
  9. Carly22

    Baby Ducklings

    Morning, My husband found 2 Ducklings in a ditch as he was working on the train line, so we have taken them in. They seem to have come good, eating etc. Except this morning one of the ducklings is really wobbly on its feet. like its been hit in the head.. What should I do? What is the best...
  10. June Chick


  11. June Chick

    Duckling/egg Question

    So, how should I go about handling the ducklings my girl is going to have (they're due in approx. a week)? I don't want to take them all from her since she's been doing all the sitting, but I also don't have the time or space for 10 (or more) ducklings, so I'm going to be rehoming some. Will it...
  12. Beckrns


    Hi there, My name's Becky and I have just got myself 5 ducklings (mixture of Campbell's and magpies, maybe another breed, they were mixed up at the farm apparently) and 3 cuckoo marans chicks. I live in the UK so hopefully the weather will be good when its time for my little feathery flock to go...
  13. Momo1234

    Introducing Mona from Socal

    Hi everyone!!!!! I am very excited to be here and have a wonderful community to be a part of. I was caught off guard by how much we love raising chickens. We got our first chickens in July and have added more to our flock. We really love them. We have three adult hens. June a barred rock and...
  14. mckp

    Australian Spotted ducks, ducklings, or hatching eggs?

    Does anyone have Australian Spotted ducks, ducklings, or hatching eggs? I have a lonely female.
  15. A

    Duck Identification/Confusion

    I have recently come into three ducks that I can only estimate are nearing 6-8 weeks of life. When I first got them (they were still baby yellow) I thought they might be Pekins but now I'm not so sure. They're getting black and white striped feathers on their backs and wings as well as the same...
  16. K

    Duckling with Niacin deficiency treatable?

    Hi Everybody, I am new to raising ducks and have 4 Rouen ducklings. Three are growing quickly However one seems to have a niacin deficiency. I have been adding brewers yeast to their food for a couple days but it's legs don't seem to be getting better. Will the niacin fix his already developed...
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