1. TheCrazyDuckLadyHel

    Indian Runner Drake and Ducklings Austin Texas Sale

    We have too many drakes (1/3 of the flock). We are letting go of the pick of the brood. We named him Jumbo Shrimp. He was born 4-28-19. $20 ALSO we have one of our hens that decided to sit on 16 eggs. We are expecting ducklings in the next 2 weeks. We will not be able to keep them all...
  2. Jay Elle Bee

    Hey! Hi! Hello!

    Heya! I'm Jess; I live in Indianapolis; and my mum's doing the backyard farm thing in Falls of Rough, Kentucky. What?? You don't know where that is? No worries! The first time my dad drove me down here, I commented that it's about 20 minutes past all the good "murder you and chop up your body"...
  3. P

    Duckling with shaky legs

    Hi there, I have two four week old khaki campbell ducklings, one of which legs seem to continuously shake. I originally thought she was just nervous around me but she is friendly in ever other way and will eat whilst shaking or snuggle on my lap and generally be relaxed, but she won't stop...
  4. Baybrio

    Muscovy Northern Illinois Ducklings and Youngsters

    Muscovy ducklings and young ducks available in Northern Illinois. Ducklings are about 6 and 7 weeks. Youngsters are a couple of months old. I have blue pied, black pied, and I believe cream pied. They free range during the day but I don't pick them up so they are tame but I'd say not "pets"...
  5. NeighborhoodEggLady

    Hatching Ducklings in a mixed Duck and Chicken coop

    For the last few years we have raised our ducks and chickens together. We typically hatch both chicks and ducks in an incubator. We have had one successful broody hen hatch, care for, and raise chicks. Now we have a broody duck. She is in the top nest box and has been intermittently sitting on...
  6. outsageous

    PLEASE help me

    Okay, so I have absolutely no idea what to do right now. I’ve had a little orphaned duckling for almost a month now. He hadn’t been with any other ducklings, & I knew ducklings weren’t supposed to be alone like that so I finally went and got a Muscovy duckling as a companion. At first, they were...
  7. NWFoodie

    Indian Runner Duckling -Fright Seizures?

    I gave my 3 week old fawn and white Indian runner duck from metzer farms a fright tonight by trying to change the duckling’s water whilst they were sleeping and she appeared to have a seizure.. she kind of squealed when she saw me and then fell over and twitched for several seconds. I thought...
  8. Rebeccagane

    Aggressive mother duck(s) with ducklings

    Hi everyone, I’m in need of some advice as this is my first set of ducklings that I’ve let my ducks raise themselves. These ducks are very recent editions to the flock, I've had them just over a month (they didn't waste any time getting comfortable!) and they haven't really warmed up to humans...
  9. chickitychickity

    Advice on selling ducklings?

    Next Spring I am going to try breeding, hatching and selling Ancona ducklings. I want to see how they sell in my area and if I can make a little bit of income or see the potential to make an income in the future. (To help with feed costs.) Obviously my first year will be all about learning but...
  10. Nathalie

    Wassup, peeps! :)

    Hello to everyone! My name is Nathalie, I'm 48 years young and I'm born, raised and live in Belgium - Europe. Since there are no proper forums to be found in my region concerning the "problem" I have, let alone in a language that I actually do understand, I decided to give this one a try. I've...
  11. C

    Broody duck acceptance of incubated eggs

    A domestic (but living wild) duck from nearby pond laid, but abandoned, several eggs on our lawn. After seeing five taken by predators, we saved three and proceeded to incubate indoors. They are now at 19 days and candling shows active embryos. At day 14, we noticed the mother duck started to...
  12. ColleenRyan

    My Ducks Are Trying To Hatch Babies

    Hi! My two female ducks lay on their eggs all day. One in particular lays on them much more than the other female and they become frantic when I try to check the eggs out. I candled an egg tonight outside from their hutch when it was dark and I saw some eggs were completely dark with the air...
  13. RunnerDuckMama

    Moving mama ducks and ducklings

    Hi All, I have two relatively new female Indian Runner Ducks and was advised to let them sit on their eggs as they came from a flock with a few males. They have been sat on them for around 28 days and they started hatching today. They are in an adapted chicken coup in a large fenced area that...
  14. CLovesDucks

    Three Ducklings - First Swim :)

    My three newest ladies enjoying their first swim. Two Blue Swedish and one Blue Runner. :jumpy:)
  15. Breemae123

    6 week Muscovy ducks for sale

    We have Muscovy ducklings for sale. Muscovy ducks require very little maintenance. We have handled the ducklings so they are friendly. A few facts about muscovies for those who have never had them: 1. They do not quack. The males (drakes) make a low huffing sound and the females make a...
  16. Keeping my wood brooder floor dry.

    Keeping my wood brooder floor dry.

    Greeting from the The Quack Shack! I'd like to give all credit to the great people here at BYC for this. What is working for me is just a collection of recycled ideas from other users. I'm relatively new to raising birds (today is 6/25/19), but have been having pretty good luck keeping my...
  17. johnwesleybarke

    Chirpy has hatched 4 ducklings

  18. HendricksonHomestead

    Swedish Blue Duck Gender?

    I have two Swedish Blue ducks. They're both around 6-7 weeks old now. Is there anyway to tell if they're male or female?? Thanks in advance!
  19. Anime2lover

    Ducklings/ducks in rhode island/conneticut need homes

    BYC is not responsible for transactions outside the BST area of the forum. All swaps are at the swappers risk and in no way will the Staff be involved in disputes. All disputes should be handled privately as per BYC Rules. No feedback and no feedback threads are allowed in these swaps. Do not...
  20. I keep asking myself. How did this happen? The cost of ducks.

    I keep asking myself. How did this happen? The cost of ducks.

    I keep asking myself. How did this happen? Well, I guess it started earlier this spring when a pair of wild Muscovy ducks built a nest and laid eggs in our oak tree. A feral cat kept harassing the mamma duck and eventually she abandoned the nest. After two days with no sign of her returning, I...
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