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  1. ContessaKris

    Cinnamon Queen or Isa Brown or what?

    I was sold an Isa Brown and a Cinnamon Queen but as they’ve grown into pullets I’m confused! I thought the red white one was the Isa Brown but it looks like a Cinnamon pullet. The red with black doesn’t look like any Cinnamon Queen or Isa Btown pullet I’ve seen. Any help? BTW: the others are 2...
  2. L

    Broody ISA brown! The impossible happened and now i need tips.

    The impossible happened, my 1.5 yr old ISA Brown has gone broody, all bald belly, pissed off and has consistently stayed in her nest for 3 days, defending it vigorously from the others. Has anyone had luck with letting your ISAs brood? How are they as mothers once the chicks are here? Shes not...
  3. amynw

    Sick hen

    Hi everyone. I’m hoping to find some help with my dear Ruby. She is approximately 6 years old, she doesn’t lay anymore, and hasn’t since we “adopted her” last year so I know it’s nothing laying related. I’ve just loved her since the day I met her and wanted to give her a home. She is an Isa...
  4. Sueleewebdesign

    My ISA Brown chicks are still very skittish of me

    I have an established flock of about 10 chickens but recently I purchased 2 ISA browns and 2 assorted bantams from TSC. I've had them about 1 month now and I read somewhere that ISA browns are usually very friendly. However, the 2 that I have don't seem to like me or anyone else. I have kids so...
  5. Silling

    Which is which?

    Two eggs hatched today. The father of both is barred rock but one mother is ISA brown and the other is Cinnamon Queen. Can you tell me which is which?
  6. Timtg5

    ISA pullets?

    I purchased ISA pullets from Hoover’s hatchery. They all came red in color. My wife and I are brand new to chickens and a backyard flock. These ISA chicks are growing faster than the other three week old chicks we have. Can someone confirm these are pullets? And ISA? Thank you
  7. NiteMareTender

    Hiya all!

    I'm Mare and my husband and I started raising chickens and ducks last year. We started small with 3 hens and a roo and then added some meat birds as well as more Pekins to go with our duckers (Pekins and Rouen) last summer. We got hooked and have added around 2 dozen new chickens to our flock...
  8. K

    New Member from North Dakota

    Hi, everyone! I am one week into having my very first chickens! Me and my husband got 2 ISA Browns and 2 Golden Comets. They're doing very well and I am already in LOVE. I have 3/4 sleeping in my hand, and I'm having so much fun watching them run around their brooder. Let me know if anyone...
  9. T

    Is my Heather a cockerel?

    I got 3 baby chicks (sexed Isa brown from a big pet shop) around 5 weeks ago. Heather is the smallest without tail feathers and she developed it slower than the other two. Ever since then I started worried about whether she’s actually a he :( Right now I guess they are probably 6 or 7 weeks old...
  10. K

    ISA Brown x Ameraucana Cross Green Egg

    Over the summer some of our ISA Brown hens went broody unexpectedly. We have a pure-bred Ameraucana rooster with them so we decided to let the ladies try to hatch some chicks. We had 2 eggs successfully hatch, but sadly only one chick made it to adulthood. She just laid her first egg and it came...
  11. 4loveofhens

    Pecking Order

    Hi hope everyone is well. I am writing to ask for ides and or suggestions. I have one Leg Horn who is very old and a rescue from battery cages. I also have 3 Isa Browns who are rescues from free range (In large Shed) farm. Then I have 2 Australorps which I grew up from day old chicks. The...
  12. Ufitlinda

    Hello everyone 🌻

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yes, I am new to chickens, I got 15 chickens in July 2020. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I have 12 full grown chickens now. 8 baby chicks, 1 week old. (3) What breeds do you have? I was told I have ISA brown mix...
  13. eveleychook

    Light Sussex Cross Chicks Male OR Female?

    Like in previous post I am again having problems sexing Sussex chickens, I recently hatched 7 out of 10 eggs. These chicks are now 4-5 weeks old and are a cross between Light Sussex and a ISA Brown and Black hen. I do not know specifically who the mother is of which chick as they all look pretty...
  14. amynw

    We have eggs!

    Hello everyone! We started our chicken family back in mid June. We have 2 silver lace wyandotte, 4 midnight majesty maran hybrids, 3 Isa Browns and 4 California Whites. I saw my Betty lay her FIRST egg 2 days ago and it was a double yolk! I knew to watch her because she was being VERY vocal. She...
  15. TooncesTheDrivingCat

    Wry Neckand eggbound

    I have 5 ISABrown hens. 8 months old. I changed the food to Dumor and 2 weeks later, I have a hen with wry neck. Have been treating. Changed the food back to one recommended by hatchery so...all that is taken care of. The question is......ISA Browns lay a LOT of eggs. Like over 300 a year some...
  16. L

    Lavender Orpington Rooster X Red Sex Link Hen... What will my babies look like??

    Hey guys, first day as a real member of the BYC community, been a lurker for years. Joined literally just to ask this question. lol. Attaching pics of the rooster and hens. The only Lavender hen isn't laying quite yet, so all the babies will be a crossbreed. Has anyone done this particular cross...
  17. N

    Mixed Dozen and a Roo too!

    Hello all! I decided to join the forum because so many times over the last few months when I google topics regarding chickens, something on this forum pops up. So I figured why not go right to the source. Last November, we purchased our homestead located on 13 acres and one of our first...
  18. Carla Maxwell

    I'm a Happy New Chicken-Mum in Daylesford, Australia

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? (2) How many chickens do you have right now? (3) What breeds do you have? Yes, I'm new to chickens! My husband and I adopted/rescued four retired isa brown chickens in May 2020. My husband has had previous experience raising...
  19. CrazyCat16

    My Hen is Sick, but I’m not Sure What it is.

    Hi guys. My ISA Brown hen Amy has suddenly become very sick-looking. She’s ~2 1/2 and has always been a very energetic and happy chook, but now she’s acting really sad, lethargic and sick. Her comb has flopped over, her tail is tucked down and she tends to just stand or sit in a corner of the...
  20. C

    Good time?

    I have 5 baby chicks did have 6 but a hawk got one I have no other hens just the 5 babies they are about 4-5 weeks old will be free ranging my question is when would be a good time to put a Rooster with them to help protect them I have 2 Black Stars and 3 ISA Browns and maybe what breed of...
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