light brahma

  1. Catbutts

    When my Brahma going to lay egg?

    Hello. I got two 4 months old light brahma on July 6, and it's been a while now but they didn't show any sign of egg laying. (They are around 33 weeks old now) Ps. The chicken that in the picture is not the same chicken
  2. Celeeste

    Is this 5 week Light Brahma a roo or a hen?

    I did a 50/50 on the straight run and am hoping for a hen, I think the last photo makes the comb look larger than it is
  3. Blue_dingo

    11 week Brahama Bantam

    Ive gone back and forth on this bird about a million times but I havent seen a whole lot of Brahamas in my day. What am I looking at here? Thanks!!!
  4. Amy71

    Southwest Michigan Light Brahma rooster

    Four and a half month old beautiful light Brahma rooster needs a new home. Ordered all pullets, but this one turned out to be a cockerel. Very calm and sweet. Will eat out of your hand if you let him. We just don't want a rooster in our flock. About 10 miles west of Kalamazoo.
  5. Sarah12987

    Light Brahma pullet or cockerel?

    This is Pikachu. (my daughter named him/her). I thought it was a cock but now I'm almost thinking it's a pullet. The hackle feathers are really the only tell I have at this point and nobody in my family has any idea. We got Pikachu about a week after mothers day, so he/she is about 7 weeks old...
  6. brittanyvw

    What breeds are these 4 chicks.

    My chicks are now 6 weeks old I ordered them online with 4 light brahmas. But have no idea what the other 4 from the “rare breed“ package are. They couldn’t tell me either lol Any ideas?
  7. M

    Light Brahma Pullet or Cockerel 7 weeks!?

    Any thoughts? Loud from the beginning. Just started reddening up but not the top of the pecking order because I have another large EE cockerel in the group.
  8. N

    What breed and gender?

    Hello I’m new to having chicks and I first started with 6 chicks but 3 ended up being pretty obvious roosters, anyway they got sent back. I am now down to 3 chicks. Chick #1 is 8 week old buff Orpington ( I have my doubts on the breed). Chick #2 is 7 weeks old light Brahma ( which is probably...
  9. thekeetlady

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello! After many years of going onto this site to troubleshoot and learn, I decided to join the community! I’m a chicken and guinea owner from New York and we’ve owned chickens on and off in the past years. However, this year our flock is bigger than ever and I’m very excited to watch them grow...
  10. CTblitzen


    Maybe it’s too early to tell. (S)he’s a month and a half old.
  11. M

    Light Brahma girl or boy?!?

    Got 4 chicks on April 17th. Trying to clarify gender!!
  12. B

    Help please! Light Brahma Roo?

    Here are a few pictures of one of our light Brahmas. Assuming this is in fact a light Brahma (I’ve looked up other photos of them and I feel like I may have dark Brahmas or something else), I’m thinking this little one is a cockerel. He looks so different from the other four Brahmas we have. He...
  13. eve the chicken whisperer

    Light Brahma Chickens

    hello all, i just got baby chicks the other day. 2 out of 6 of the birds are light brahma chickens. who has experience with them? i heard they are very big birds. how tall are yours? are they nice? how big are they? please answer my questions :) thank you, eve
  14. eve the chicken whisperer

    I'm NEW here! Say something to me! I need some feedback :)

    Hello everyone. I'm not new to Backyard Chickens, the site, nor am I to chickens, but I just joined here to help you all! Currently, we have 4, sweet as can be, Barnevelder hens, and we are currently raising 6 chicks right now. They are all hens, at least that's what we asked for. The breeds...
  15. NinaO

    Ripped Earlobe- overzealous Roo?

    I believe my Light Brahma rooster got over zealous with this lady. I don't know for sure, but it's a hunch? I suppose it could have been from one of the other hens. I have 9 hens and 1 roo. Found her like this in the afternoon. We brought her inside to investigate further, she ate and drank with...
  16. JaimeP

    Light Brahma age?

    Hey everyone! I picked up a single supposed full size white Brahma chick the other day. Long story behind that, anyway the lady I got her from said she’s about 7 weeks, but she’s much smaller than my 5 week old EE. Was wondering your thoughts.
  17. Annettehale

    Old beak injury

    I have an 8 week old Light Brahma. I believe a rodent may have bitten her when she was about 4 weeks old. There was a mark on the top and a chunk out of her bottom beak. I have continued to watch it and it had healed with no issue. The beak has changed and now there is a noticeable pointed part...
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