1. L

    rooster or hen?

    This is my white leghorn. I got around the end of may or early June. I know that leghorn hens are supposed to get a larger comb but I get paranoid. The hen in the last picture just started laying eggs a few days ago so I’m not too worried about her not laying yet because half of my hens don’t...
  2. ChicKat

    Lavender-Based Leghorn Breeding & Improvement Discussion

    New Thread -- :celebrate We need this thread to discuss the challenges, successes and subtleties we encounter as we pursue these genetics. We're here to talk about all the facets of improving our stock. The Moonshiner had just put up some beautiful Rose Comb Isabel picts and there are some...
  3. A

    Why won't my chickens be quiet?!?

    I have three chickens - two Isa browns and one leghorn. I sleep right next to my chickens so when I'm still sleeping peacefully the chickens have woken up and are squawking constantly, and I live in a close suburban street. They will not stop squawking unless they are given veggies that they...
  4. MABEchicks

    Brown Leghorn Comb is HUGE

    Hi! First time with a leghorn and she is a true leghorn. Used to sleep in trees and is finally laying beautiful white eggs over the last several weeks her comb has just kept growing and flopped over very quickly. Whenever I look up pictures of these birds online I don’t see many combs THIS big...
  5. Aschuchert

    Ideal Leghorn - ever heard of this breed?

    I recently bought a few chicks from Pratts Pets in Arizona, they called their Leghorns "Ideal" and they are feathering out a creamy tan rather than white. Does anyone know what hatchery the "Ideal" comes from, i've searched without luck so far. Girls at the store said they were bred to be...
  6. M

    Almost a Month and No eggs!

    Hello- I have like 23 chickens different breeds and like 4 roosters. They stopped laying eggs about a month ago, they do not seem sick, they are not loosing feathers and they are not hiding their eggs. we killed a snake like 3 months ago but we have not seen anymore. We haven't change their feed...
  7. K

    Exchequer Leghorn

    Hello, I have this one chicken I cannot tell what sex it is. I thought hen. She was a tiny chick. Still is a small bird. Small legs. Shy (less so now) No comb development what so ever until about 20 weeks. At 20 weeks comb started and it developed a longer tail feather with a slight curve. Then...
  8. DuckDuckGooseMum

    Little Henrietta still not standing up & now we have booty issues! ..up the doodie creek y'all

    First, thanks to everyone who has offered advice and support for little Henrietta! She was bullied at the store by the larger & stronger chicks and was in trouble. She's clearly a very strong little gal. She battled for life a day or two before being noticed. I imagine that coming into such...
  9. BGcoop

    12 week gender check

    white leghorn, 12 weeks old, rose comb with minimal growth to it, decent wattles, saddle feathers are a bit of a mess making it difficult to see if they are pointy or not, still cheeps like a baby-no attempts at crowing, quite skittish, DH says girl, I’m leaning boy. What are your guesses?
  10. TwoChicksChix

    Started Chickens for Sale in South Florida.

    Hello all, I am located in West Palm Beach Florida and I have a handful of birds for sale. I have white and splash silkies available as well as a Barnvelder and a pair of Leghorn Easter Eggers. The silkies are about 9 weeks old, the others are about 3-4 months old and close to the point of...
  11. rascal66

    Swollen Comb?

    I just picked up a whole bunch of chickens the other day. I noticed we got a Leghorn in this batch! But I noticed that the comb was a lot thicker than what I'm used to seeing. She is laying and acting fine. No other obvious signs of illness otherwise. Is it just me? Or is it swollen...
  12. C

    Questioning chicken breed

    Ok question for you all. We have 13 week old chickens that we bought as Cornish crosses. My husband butchered a couple of them at 10 weeks and they were so skinny and meatless that we are now questioning their actual breed. I am posting pictures to help. They are not fat and they do not lay...
  13. Kluggie

    What breed/s and gender are these two?

    Hi all Recently we got a couple of chicks from a hatching program run out of my son's kindergarten. We have had them for about 2 months now and they are starting to get a bit bigger. I was hoping for some advice on what breed and if they are hens or roos. The website from the organisation that...
  14. T

    Egg bound chicken - can the vent close over?

    I have six 2 year old white leghorns. Last month we have had a few issues with what we believe is vent prolapse in one, then infections in a couple others. I have been applying monistat to all to clean up any infections. A week ago, one of the girls was bleeding from her vent, so I cleaned...
  15. P

    What breed and gender is my chick?

    Hi! My chick is about 3 weeks old and I was wondering if anyone could help identify what type of chicken he is, along with the gender? When we got him, he was in a box with a bunch of white leghorn chickens but he was the only tan one. They said he was a leghorn but I wasn't sure if there was a...
  16. P

    Raising baby chicks & ducklings together

    Hi! I recently got a chick (Leghorn) about 2-3 weeks old then the next day got 2 ducklings the same age (Muscovy). They live in the same pen and get along fine for the most part. Cuddle each other, etc, however, we just started noticing once in a while the bigger duckling will peck the chicks...
  17. Scissors65

    Leghorns & Privacy Fencing

    I have two 11 week old Leghorns and two New Hampshires. I keep them in a covered run during the day, but when I get home, I like to sit out back and let them "spread their wings" no pun intended. My back yard has three different types of privacy fencing, all 6 feet in height. One side is vinyl...
  18. Crazy chicken girl

    odd behavior with leghorn

    (excuse me if this is the wrong place to post, its been a while) so it seems all today since the afternoon? one of my leghorns has been sitting down all day. at first I though maybe an egg but now idk? when I move her she will walk and then (when shes gonna sit) she'll almost wobble? or her legs...
  19. ThatGuy13

    Leg Island Reds??

    Ok so my first attempt at breeding has failed. I misunderstood and bred a Leghorn Rooster with Rhode Island Reds trying to make Golden Comets. I know where I went wrong but what do I have hatching. They are a combination of Black, whitish yellow, and brown chicks popping out of their eggs.
  20. T

    Leghorn with no comb?

    I am new to raising chickens. 15 weeks ago we got 4 pullets of different breeds but I am confused by one in particular. It is supposed to be a leghorn but each of my other chicks started getting a comb several weeks ago but the leghorn has no comb that I can see. Is it some genetic defect? Or do...