1. Meghan B

    White Leghorn Gender?

    Thoughts on gender for this white leghorn? I’m beginning to think rooster. They are 3-4 months old.
  2. Gretaga

    Leghorn male or female?

    All taken at 5 weeks. I have a feeling it’s a roo but leghorn females can also have huge combs so I don’t know if I can just go by that trait. Although I’m 90% sure it’s a roo. :(
  3. Chimkimem30

    New chicken mama

    Hello everyone! My name is Emily, I'm 29 (30 in june!), I'm from Oakland county Michigan, and I'm new to the chicken community. We recently bought our first house and are expecting our third child at the end of March, we have just started looking into chickens and quails for our new home. And im...
  4. Barredrocker99

    White Leghorn laying soft shell eggs and has very swollen vent.

    I need help :( over the last two or so days I’ve noticed my White Leghorns wings have been drooping and she keeps falling asleep in the middle of the day, and just overall doesn’t look great. I’ve been finding one egg nearly everyday that doesn’t have a hard shell… I’d say for probably the last...
  5. Barredrocker99

    Egg with no shell at all?

    Hey all! With the colder weather approaching, a couple of my girls are going through some pretty gnarly molting. One of my Easter eggers hasn’t been laying for the last couple weeks(I know this because she is the only one out of 16 chickens who lays very light brown eggs) due to her molt. Two...
  6. Ashley4

    Leghorn or meat bird?

    My husband purchased birds at tractor supply and he bought leghorns. I think it is just a really healthy leghorn lol My husband thinks she is a meat bird now. What do you think our chicken is?
  7. M

    Disabled Rooster- can he mate?

    Hi all! So my ladies all got killed by a fox attack about a month ago. The sole survivor of the attack was my Leghorn Rooster who defended as best he could with the other rooster, our beloved creamy legbar who sadly died also. So Avalanche(our only remaining rooster) was left with bites and a...
  8. F

    Are these Erminettes?

    I have two white chickens that I was told were erminettes when I got them at 4 weeks old. Clearly they don’t have the erminette markings but I didn’t notice any of the other so called erminettes having the splash colouring either. Wondering if that’s really what they are or if they’re just...
  9. Chuckenman

    Rooster weaker/frailer than other chickens.

    I have a presumably leghorn or some sort of mix of it, rooster which is weaker and frailer than the other chickens his age. They're all about 4-5 months. I feed them chicken feed mixed with some cracked corn. It's not that he doesn't eat, infact he eats a lot. His crop gets full, like a ball...
  10. Hannahnic14

    Leghorn wouldn't come out of the coop this morning. Feels very underweight

    1) What type of bird , age and weight (does the chicken seem or feel lighter or thinner than the others.) She is a 18 week old, pearl white leghorn. Not laying yet. She feels very very thin compared to the others 2) What is the behavior, exactly. She wouldn't come out of the coop this morning...
  11. chicken mother

    leghorn hen or roo?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is the one with bigger comb and wattles a rooster? They’re both 18 week old leghorns
  12. B

    I have a stubbornly broody leghorn

    My leghorn is slowly driving me round the bend. She is broody and I cannot seem to break it. She has now pulled all the feathers out under her. We don't own a cockerell and there are no eggs under her. She is moved out of the nesting box and locked away from it regularly. She has been given...
  13. OrlandoMama

    At what age did your chickens lay?

    Good morning! I was wondering when did everyone’s girls start to lay? I have two Rhode island reds, two prairie bluebell easter eggers, and two light bramahas that are 16 weeks and I have a buff orpington, white leghorn, and americana easter egger that are 8 weeks. This is my first personal...
  14. K

    Help. Hen or Rooster

    Can someone help me figure out if my leghorn is a hen or Rooster. This bird is a lot bigger than the other leghorn we have that we got the same time and supposed to be same age. They should be about 11-12 weeks.
  15. L

    Rooster/Hen size Mismatch?

    We are pretty new to chickens and I have a question about our new rooster. Sorry for the long story 😣. Tl:dr is a leghorn rooster too big for half bantam Easter egger hens? We currently have 2, 1-year old mix breed hens (Easter egger type, one looks like a black polish[Wesley], the other is...
  16. William Mellor15

    Cockeral Or Pullet?

    Hi, I've got two Leghorns and one of them has developed a rather large comb, she/he started growing it at about 12 weeks old and now it's week 18 but the odd thing is that she/he doesn't have any sickle feathers or any sort of rooster-like feathers. Usually, I have been able to successfully...
  17. Barredrocker99

    Chicks first night in coop

    I have some new chicks that are about five and a half weeks old. They’ve been staying in my room with me since I got them, but what I had them in was getting a bit too small for them. I put them in the run tonight with the big girls in a dog crate. I’m going to introduce them using the playpen...
  18. A

    Brown leghorn gender

    I am sure this is going to sound like a stupid question to many but can somebody tell me if I am wrong for assuming this is a male brown leghorn? I’m fairly new to this bird thing so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. B

    Leghorn rooster or hen

    I got 10 leghorns from rural king I think the one circled is a rooster. If you had to guess how old are they. I got 6 black sex link and 6 whydot chicks that are 8 weeks old outside with the adult hens. They are very feathered out for how small they are is that normal for them.
  20. H

    Roo or hen Leghorn?

    Hello everyone, meet Bedhead. We got this little one in a group of six on March 4th from a farmer near us. She said they were all five days old, but this one has always been a bit bigger then the rest. I’m thinking Bedhead is actually a week older than the rest of the group. Recently it seems...
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