1. T

    Leghorn with no comb?

    I am new to raising chickens. 15 weeks ago we got 4 pullets of different breeds but I am confused by one in particular. It is supposed to be a leghorn but each of my other chicks started getting a comb several weeks ago but the leghorn has no comb that I can see. Is it some genetic defect? Or do...
  2. Brown Leghorn

    Brown Leghorn

    This breed is cold hearty, and very predator savvy. They forage all day, enough that it considerably lowers the cost of feeding them if they have enough pasture ground.
  3. DallasLoneStar

    Advice adding two new pullets to flock of 5

    Hi everyone, i am new to BYC and to chickens. We have had five birds for two weeks (acquired at 8 weeks of age): two Easter Eggers and one each Welsummer, New Hampshire, and Barred Rock. I just got two 14 week old white leghorns last night. I have read a lot about introducing new hens etc but...
  4. DolceVita

    Chicken check??- looking good or not??

    I’m new to having chickens and was wondering what breed the black chickens are and if my girls are looking healthy or not. We have had recent health problems with our LH (the 2 breeds are separated and never meet). I wanted to ask some experts about any tips or advice to keep my girls safe...
  5. E

    3 weeks old..breed and gender??

    Hey All, I have four 3 week old chicks. I was told the 2 multicolored chicks are Easter Eggers and the other 2 are sex-link Buff Leghorns. Can anyone help me confirm this, please? Also, is it too early to tell the gender? These are my first chickens-I am very new at this. I want to make sure I...
  6. B

    Leghorn's eye is yellow and closed!

    We just noticed this morning and it couldn't have been going on more than a few days. Her other eye seems fine, and she is acting totally normal. I don't notice anything weird with any of the other chickens either. I tried looking up exactly what it was but couldn't find any pictures that looked...
  7. Beccazon

    Question on breed and differences in a breed

    2 quick questions... First...I have 4 RIRs. All have red heads and nice lil tails. One has a much blonder head and no tail. It has not been picked off or anything. Just never had one lol. I assume that is normal because all birds aren't identical, but just ensuring that I am correct. If not...
  8. Laineybug

    Help chicken feathers stained

    So I have a fair tomorrow and my breed the commercial laying hens which are 3 leghorns wre recently bathed 3 times. However my birds feathers are still dirty and look browner than the other ones. It is. Really bothersome because I worked very hard on them. Is there anything o can do to clean the...
  9. crittercreek

    White leghorn chick swollen comb

    We have had these chicks since they hatched from eggs. This one in the front of the photo has developed a red, swollen comb. Otherwise healthy, eating and drinking, not lethargic. Has anyone ever had a chick like this? I assumed it was a rooster because of the darkened color, but then noticed...
  10. CanadaEh

    Leghorn hybrids breeding

    I was looking to order some Leghorn chicks or hatching eggs in Canada when I stumbled on these: https://www.millerhatcheries.com/Poultry/hybridegglayers/LEG So what will happen if I keep one roo and try to breed them - will I get just normal Leghorns or worse?
  11. sarastamand

    Cockerel? Almost four weeks

    Is it too soon to tell? I feel like this gal is going to end up being a boy. It’s supposed to be a California White Leghorn if that helps. Her comb is much larger than the others and she has “charged” at me twice. I think she thought I had food and was wicked excited. She’s always the first to...
  12. HappyFeetHens

    Hen Eating Other Eggs But Not Her Own?

    One of my hens is laying pretty consistently through this crazy bout of weather. Yesterday, I found another egg from her (can tell by the color; she’s a leghorn and my others are RIRs) and then I found two broken egg shells in the other next box. They were completely crushed but not much liquid...
  13. coltgrizzz

    Update on Berthas mystery illness

    Hey guys so a while back in November i posted about my chicken Bertha (leghorn) who got sick but had all the symptoms in the book of it just simply being caused by her moulting. Fast forward a bit to this month, Bertha still isn’t laying, has orange feet (compared to my other birds who have pale...

    Duckwing Leghorns

    Hello, since I received such good and positive feedback and advice on my inbreeding and line breeding post,I figured I would post again on this subject which I have plans for. I had plans to start a breeding program a few years back,but life gets in the way and now I've recently purchased and...
  15. TAM Farm

    Brown leghorn turning white

    This girl is about 18 months. After her fall molt some of her feathers came in white. I'm wondering what might cause the white feathers?
  16. Kris5902

    Boys are starting to be boys! What to do with these cockerels?

    Ok, so I may have gotten a little burned on a “chicken deal” for Sapphires. I told the breeder we have a farm, and think that equated “they can take a bunch of cockerels”. My “blue laying” group of 10 chicken has 7 cockerels (not going to be seeing many eggs from them, eh?) They were “about 5...
  17. RTsFFF

    Leghorn Layers

    I have been raising White Leghorns for a couple years now and they are by far my most frequent and prolific layers, dropping eggs almost every day and at least 25% larger than my next closest (Rhode Island Reds). So I'm about to add more Leghorns into the flock for that great production. My...
  18. Puckaster

    Breeding exchequer and red mottled leghorns... confused.

    Hello. I'm hoping someone can help me in understand this. As I understand in the gene is recessive but I am struggling to fully grasp it. I have a young exchequer leghorn cockrel as in the photo. I'm thinking to get some red mottled leghorn pullets. If I cross these two birds what colour will I...
  19. Audreyschickens

    Chickens laying at 17 weeks, done growing?

    I have 6 chickens that are 17 weeks old and they just started laying. They are still so small and in my experience with my other hens, once they lay their first few eggs they are about done growing. Is this the case with these next few? I’m worried that they will stay this small and they only...
  20. Kris5902

    “Sapphire” genders/combs CCLxLH

    I bought 10 straight run “sapphire” chicks, a Crested Cream Legbar cock over Leghorn hens. At about 2.5 weeks now and I have 6 which are clearly getting named Foghorn, Soup, Soup, Stew, and I’ll have to pick another Keeper name... they all have large, bright single combs. The three clear pullets...
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