1. E

    Are these breeds personable?

    Hi everybody! Merry Christmas if you celebrate it and happy holidays to all. I currently have bantams because my boyfriend loves the minis, but my dream is having big, fat chickens lol! These would be purely pets and I would like to hear anyone’s experiences with their temperaments. Ideally...
  2. AstraChick

    is this a rooster or a hen ?

    Is this, 5 week old, white Australorp a rooster or a hen ?? (regular/full size, not a bantam size) I'm thinking it's a roo it makes the calling noise when they find food but i know hens do that as well for their chicks. other noises it makes, is making me thinking its a roo, and no crowing yet...
  3. D

    New from S.E. AZ

    Hello, We just purchased 6 chicks - the store said they were all great layers (which is what we wanted - more dual birds). Well, we got home and looked up the breeds: 3 Australorps (2 died in week 1) and 3 Silkies - (WHICH are these really "good layers"? The reviews state they are more...
  4. rascal66

    Australorp or Jersey Giant Rooster?

    Got this boy a while back thinking it was an Australorp but now I'm not entirely sure... Lady i got him from didnt know the breed. He is young, roughly about 6-7 months? Thoughts? Small note: the little white bits on his head was the result of eating yogurt scraps, He's all black!
  5. BugsToBirds

    Identifying bantam chicks

    I'm pretty new to raising chickens and got six chicks from Tractor Supply a while ago, but two of the chicks aren't growing as fast as the others. They seem to be austrlorps, while the other four should be barred rocks and california greys, and I was wondering if they could be bantams, slow...
  6. Australorp94

    Will my hen be a mother?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have some hatching eggs that I was hoping my Australorp would mother for me. I heard they make great mother hens. Unfortunately, she stopped being broody the day they arrived and I placed them in an incubator. Will she...
  7. MysticUniKitty

    Australorp or something different?

    This pullet was sold to me as Australorp but her coloring is not quite right, but then again maybe it is? Any guesses? I tried getting feet pictures but she's not a "nice" holder.
  8. M

    What breed is my rooster?

    Hi! I got my rooster a couple of months ago and I was told that he’s an Australorp. From what I know, Australorps are mainly supposed to be black but my rooster has some brown and gold on him too. Attached are some pictures of my rooster, Waffles.
  9. boggart

    Boggart’s Birdie Babies

    I just couldn’t help myself when I went to pick up some things from my local Atwood’s. :idunno Let me introduce you to my 6 new chicks, 3 “Americanas” and 3 bantams, all with temporary names: lil Mama, the sweetest and most friendly of all the chicks Chip, a pretty reddish chick who loves to...
  10. azellmer

    Two well cared for hens seeking new home - Sacramento, CA

    It is with a heavy heart that I am looking to re-home two well cared for hens, each a couple years old. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we simply cannot keep them any longer. Breeds are Australorp and Plymouth/Barred Rock. Looking to re-home them in or around the Sacramento area. Please DM for...
  11. TSArmendarez

    Is this a Sausage Party??

    Hey Y'all! Got these "pullets" back in the very end of March. 3 Black Aussies, 3 Amberlinks...supposed to all be pullets. I have one Aussie who is small, but ballsy as all get out, and with a flipped tail, and LOUD. She's also highly inquisitive. She talks the most smack all the time, and...
  12. flygirl1973

    Southern middle TN, Blk Australorp Roos

    I have 3 black Australorp roosters that have to go. I have 4 hens and 4 Roos so I have to cull them if no one wants em. 12 weeks old this past Thursday, barely starting to crow. All non aggressive, used to free ranging. So far no major incidents but I know it’s coming. Near Waynesboro, TN.
  13. PotterHillian

    Are these Black Chicks Australorp Pullets?

    We bought some chicks a couple of weeks ago at a TailGate Sale and we can’t remember which were which. We only wanted 1 or 2 but my husband couldn’t resist the take them all for $10 he was offered! I am pretty sure we have a White Leghorn, and 2 Buff Orpingtons. They said Black Sex Links and...
  14. Muscovy Wunda

    Calling all Australorp owners!

    Hey guys! I have the opportunity to buy some beautiful blue Australorps but having a hard time convincing my husband to spend the extra money to get them (he just wants the crosses) so... I need some help! These are birds I could show with my son (I don't have first hand experience in showing...
  15. cstephens1987


    So my little flock is ranging in age from 4.5-5.5 weeks and I do believe I have spotted two, possibly three, roosters in the bunch. I'll post pictures and videos as they age for the next few weeks and let you guys tell me what you think (I'll keep my suspicions to myself for now). Also any help...
  16. Quailberries

    ABSOULTE GUARANTEE sexing tricks?

    I’ve been seeing a whole bunch of contradictory stuff out there about there being ways to autosex younger chicks by wattle/comb development and reddening, leg thickness, aggressiveness, all that jazz. Is any of this really true? From what it sounds like, Saddle feathers seem to be the earliest...
  17. BrambleBerry

    2 Week Old Black Chick - Questioning Breed and Sex ?

    This little chicky, named Black the Raptor by my 4.5-year-old son, we have had for two weeks. I thought Black the Raptor was a female Australorp (that's what we were told) but I'm second guessing. All the other chicks we got at the same time (different breeds) have tail feathers and are...
  18. ChicksNTX

    I've waited 29 years for this moment

    Hello from Texas!! After 29 years of asking my husband for chickens he surprised me on my birthday with a stack of backyard chicken books and told me I "let's do this!" I'm excited beyond belief and as nervous as a broody hen. I ordered my babies in February, the minimum order was 8 and our...
  19. L

    Chicken math flunkie, Logan County, Edmond, OK

    We just moved to Edmond from Duncan. We were only allowed 3 hens...well thanks to local farm stores we had roos, which were a no-no. Luckily, we knew several country folk who didn't mind a new roo here n there. We currently have 10 large ladies, 2 bantam hens, and I went to a swap meet and...
  20. LilMissChick

    New Chickens, New Adventure!

    hello everyone! Thought I would show off my new baby chicks. This is my first adventure into chicken ownership and just in love with my little babies. I’ve got 2, 10 day old salmon faverolles, 1, 1 day old blue australorp, 1, 1 day old blue splash australorp, and 2 mottled Ameraucana. The...
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