1. lbgreenfield

    Comb Amputation Aftercare

    Hello! My australorp tore a good chunk of her comb off today while I was at work. I think she tore it on part of the pen fencing, but I will check when it is daylight tomorrow for blood and/or damage. The comb chunk was barely hanging on, so I sterilized all my equipment, cleaned her head/wound...
  2. W

    Dehydrated chicken?? Need help

    Yesterday morning I found my chicken falling over and couldn't keep her head up. It keep going back as if she was looking towards the ceiling. I figured it was because their water ran out. I started giving her water with a syringe and within an hour or two looked better but still very thin and...
  3. KristiM

    Bald spots, no injuries

    One of my hens has a few bald spots behind her comb, and another hen is developing one by her ear. I got ahold of each of them and I don’t see any injury to the skin, no damage or skin issues... just... baldness. I’ve checked them over for mites or anything, and they all look really clean and...
  4. S

    What will be the color of chickes when Pure Black Australorp Male is crossed with Australorp and RIR Crossed Female.

    Sorry for this long post but i think it's necessary. In my country Pure Black Australorp are becoming very famous due to new breed in my country. Almost in every city people have made hatcheries and it's becoming a very booming business. I myself have kept only a few australorp's and sold a-lot...
  5. L

    Help! First time trying to diagnose a sick chicken (photos attached)

    Hello everyone! I've always been a lurker, reading posts and gather information, but at the moment I'm stumped and worried I may or may not be doing the right things. I have a 6mo. Australorp hen who we found on November 30th acting pretty unusual in the coop the other day. We brought her...
  6. M

    Viral white dots, stripes on Australorps?

    Hey all! Our Australorp has developed some odd white dots/stripes on her face and back. It almost looks like she got white paint on her (but there isn’t any paint around). Is this some sort of disease or just markings? Picture attached. Thanks!
  7. K

    Rooster and Hen (13 weeks)- Inseperable and so gentle! What to do?

    So I have two gorgeous Australorps which I hatched. They were raised together just the two of them until they were 4/5 weeks old when they joined 2 older hens. Now one is a rooster and it's set to move in with a family friend on property as a pet without other chooks. However, they are still the...
  8. Elraishem

    Chicken’s feathers growing too close together? Really weird

    I’ve just started raising my first flock of chickens, and I have a 3-mo australorp named Merle whose feathers are growing too close together. She’s had a “fan” between her shoulder blades since her adult feathers started coming in. Upon closer inspection I found that she has some sort of skin...
  9. N

    Mixed Dozen and a Roo too!

    Hello all! I decided to join the forum because so many times over the last few months when I google topics regarding chickens, something on this forum pops up. So I figured why not go right to the source. Last November, we purchased our homestead located on 13 acres and one of our first...
  10. eveleychook

    4-5 Week Old Chicks Gender HELP!

    I have a few chicks to which I am unsure of gender. A barred rock, aracauna, blue or splash australorp, gold laced wyandotte, silver laced wyandotte and gold laced barnevelder. Please see below images. Pingu the Australorp Sybil the SLW Goldie the GLW Beatrice the Barred Rock...
  11. A

    12 Week Old Barter Blacks (Australorp x Rhode Island Red), Concerned They May Be Roosters

    Hi all, I’m fairly new to this community and I was hoping to have some more experienced eyes look at my chooks who I’m worried may be roosters (unable to keep them on residential properties in my area). They’re about 12 weeks old now and I haven’t heard any crowing yet, but due to colouration...
  12. JamieMcClain

    Mean chicken!

    Alright I’ve got a mean chicken. She’s an Australorp. Not sure on age but she’s just about ready to start laying. She will let me pick her up and pet her. But she will also chase me and bite me! Please tell me it’s just hormones and she will chill out. I can’t get anything done outside without...
  13. K

    Chicks Australorps 3 Weeks Old (Gender??)

    I know it's probably too early to tell, but just thought I'd try. I have 2 gorgeous Australorps I hatched. My suspicion is number 1 is a pullet and number 2 (bit more feisty, slower to feather) is maybeee a roo! But I could be wrong. Number 1 (Poppet): Number 2 (Pepper): Together.....
  14. M

    House Rooster

    Hello! I have been reading posts and advice here for a long while! My name is Tonya and I live in Brevard County FL. I recently (last 6months) took in a rooster who has special challenges. When we took him in as a rescue, we were told from a friend (who had tried to take him in herself but her...
  15. ARM5078

    7.5 week Australorp: Roo or Hen?

    I'm a chicken newbie and feel that my 7.5 week black Australorp is suspect for either being a dominant hen or a roo. However, I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Any insights?
  16. Sandbyter

    Australorp rooster or hen?

    I ordered 3 Australorp chicks, they are now about 9 weeks old. I am worried that the leader of the flock could be a rooster - and of course where I live I am not allowed to have one. If this is indeed a rooster, how can I pass him on? The You can see the suspect, In photo 1, 3 and 5. Also, at...
  17. Coffeewastedmomma

    One of these is not like the other!

    I ordered a Blue Rock with my order(hatched April 1st) I ordered a mixed box (4 RIR, 1 BO, and 1 Blue Rock) My "bonus chick" was supposed to be 1 of something I ordered. Each breed should have been easily identified. We assumed the extra chick was also a similar "Blue Rock". Now,...I'm pretty...
  18. Happyacrehomestead

    Free 8 week cockerels in NW PA - Black Jersey Giant, Black Australorp, Gold Laced Wyandotte

    Friendly, hand raised cockerels ready to mingle with your girls. 7 altogether (bum luck with a straight run) 3 gold laced wyandottes, 3 black jersey giants (especially friendly!!) one black australorp. Purchased from TSC (Hoover hatchery) 5/10 at 5days old. Glad to meet within the Buffalo, NY...
  19. PandemicChickens

    Pandemic Chickens

    Hello from downstate Illinois. I am new to chickens. My nieces, daughter, and I picked up day old baby chicks from Farm and Fleet on March 13th, the same day the governor ordered the shut down of the state. The timing was a complete coincidence, I had wanted to get chickens for years. Earlier in...
  20. M

    Is my 7 wk Australorp a roo?

    Hi! New member and new chicken owner. My 2 Australorps will be 7 weeks tomorrow. We purchased them both from a local farm. Lucy (or Lou) has the beginnings of a red comb and a red waddle. I read that cockerels grow theirs early. For comparison, our other Australorp Lily, who is the same age, has...
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