1. I

    Black Australorp - Roo or Pullet 5 weeks old

    Hey Everyone! I've been researching sexing Black Australorps and I'm at all loss here, so I'm hoping someone might have experience with this breed and help me out :) We added to our flock this year and I was so excited to find Black Australorps at our local feed store. They were supposed to be...
  2. seven possums

    Balloon butt after hen quit laying, EYP?

    Venus is a guesstimated 2.5y/o australorp, 3 flockmates - 2 leghorns, Magnolia & Sarge, and another 'lorp, Elvira. She's not laying, suspect a repro issue that has led to EYP - swollen, bruised-looking belly has drained off 3x, different fluid every time. Venus has always been broody and plucks...
  3. la dee da

    Will these gray chicks keep their color? BA roo Partridge Rock hens.

    Hey everyone! I have a Black Australorp rooster, Black Australorp hens, and Partridge Rock hens. I let a couple hens hatch some eggs, and to my utter surprise, three grey and yellow chicks hatched! They’re absolutely lovely, and I’m in LOVE with them. Does anyone know if they’ll keep the...
  4. paradisepentacoop

    ...Australorp with color leakage? Give me your opinion on my friendliest hen chick <3

    As the title suggests, I have a very lovely little lady, Shio, in my flock who is not feathering out exactly as expected, though I still find her perfect in her own way. I ordered two Black Australorps from a local hatchery. I have noticed a large variation in breed standards of birds from...
  5. R

    Hen struggling to walk

    Hello everyone, I have a 3.5 year old Australorp who I love dearly that has suddenly lost the ability to walk. For the last 1-2 months she has been just a little bit wonky when walking, I figured due to her diet because she hasn't been eating as much as she should. Until recently (a week ago)...
  6. OldSchoolSarge

    They're black Australorp...or are they?!?!

    Hey all! Recently picked up some chicks from TSC (bad idea, I know!), including 4 that are supposed to be black australorp, but 1 of the 4 looks different than the other 3. This caused me to obsessively research all the different possibilities and I've come to the conclusion that I either ended...
  7. JennieLamb

    One of my Australorps gave me a HEART ATTACK today.

    OK! STORY TIME! So, I have about 6-9 bird that's are early layers and are done by 9 am, then we have the jerks that will lay alllll the way til SIX PM. So, today, I went up to collect the eggs around 4:40 (gotta love DLS and extra day light) and I go left tho right, and I get to the last box to...
  8. zimileih

    Blue Australorp vs Black Australorp Personality?

    I was wondering on if anyone has experience with blue australorp personalities. I adore black australorps but wasn't sure if the blues focused more on color than personality. I'd love to hear yalls opinion on blue australorp behavior.
  9. C

    What live/dressed weights are you getting from your heritage /crosses meat birds?

    I'm experimenting and looking for heritage breeds (New Hampshire, Bresse, Jersey, australorp, Maline) which I can reproduce and incubate eggs without needing to continuously buy them. I am also thinking of crosses, like: New Hampshire x Standard Cornish, Bresse X Standard Cornish. Open to...
  10. T

    Advice for a first timer

    We are attempting to hatch some eggs this year. Over the winter we lost 2 hens to cats. We have one hen that's been pretty broody lately so we decided to see if she will hatch the eggs. We had to start removing the ceramic eggs from whenever she was brooding because she wouldn't leave them...
  11. Diveks

    Pure Barred Rocks or australorp cross?

    I got some 5 month old pullets and they are starting to look a little interesting. Came from a breeder that sold them as pure rocks although the breeder also has several flocks and I got an australorp x barrad rock chick for free when i got the pullets. I don’t have any barred rocks so I can’t...
  12. Mayazoid

    Please tell me this is a pullet.... around 5 weeks

  13. R

    Hen's eye has been injured

    Hello all! I'm a first time chicken owner and I arrived back from school and discovered my splash-Australorp, Tincel, with an eye injury, she was just standing underneath some shelter not being very active (it was raining at the time). I checked on her and discovered her eye was swollen up as...
  14. C

    Laying Flock of Black Australorps, April 2023 Hatch

    Located in the Tampa Bay Area. 9 Australorp Hens and 1 very active Rooster. All sorted for confirmation, personality and breed standard. Majority are laying as of 3 weeks ago... several more to kick in. They are equal to my Rhode Island Reds in egg quality. Perfect for someone selling hatching...
  15. T

    Please help confirm breeds of my chickens :)

    Welbars I think: Black cuckoo maran I think: And this one I am supposed to be picking up tomorrow, is she a Lavender Australorp??:
  16. C

    ISO Champion Blue Australorp Rooster

    We are on the hunt for a champion Blue Australorp rooster that is true to breed. Located in Tennessee, but we'll travel for the right roo!! Any leads? Thank you!!:frow
  17. I

    Mixed breeds- hens or roos - 6 weeks

    Hi, I suspect I already know but looking for reassurance before I rehome or otherwise as cannot keep roos. All 6 weeks in photos Hens or roos please - I think 4 roos and 1 maybe pullet My guesses Buff sussex - roo (guessed by day 2!) mauve orpington - roo Splash mauve orpington (blk/white...
  18. TaylorGlade

    Time to play "Guess that Chicken's Sex!"

    We have 18 black australorp chicks- 5 weeks old. I know it's a little early to determine sex, but thought it might be fun to try. Technically, no more than 1.8 of these chickens should be male. But, you cannot have a partial bird (that isn't in freezer camp), so I will round to two. I think we...
  19. A

    Lethargy, diarrhoea and change in eyes?

    Hi there! Fairly new to the forum, wishing this wasn’t the topic of my first post but here we are. Hillary, one of my lovely Australorp x Rhode Island Reds (18mo-ish) collapsed this morning when she was let out of the coop - I was unable to get a photo as she got up shortly after (and then...
  20. TaylorGlade

    Cluck or cockle doodle doo?

    This is Bonsai - an Australorp hatched on March 30. Same size as our other Australorp pullet and much smaller than the 8 cockerels we just rehomed that were from the same batch.
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