1. HenHouse Henry

    In the dead of winter, a couple of the girls are still laying.

    My first winter with this flock. I have 2 blue copper Marans one stopped laying in October, she went through a molt, the other stopped during a rare cold period, it got down to 9 degrees and stayed in the teens for a couple of weeks. she layed a couple after New Years, but that about it. My...
  2. H

    How cold is too cold for outdoors?

    Hello! Beginner chick owner here. I've ordered some cold-hardy laying breeds specifically so that I could have my ladies out year round once they're fully grown (Buff Orpington, Barred Plymouth Rock, and Australorp). Before I get my cold is too cold for them to be outdoors? I have...
  3. A

    Black Australorp gender help please :)

    Any ideas what genders these four black australorps may be? For a while we thought 2 of each and then it looked like maybe 4 of each and now I’m not 100% sure on the two that may be roos but may just hens that are maturing earlier than the other two. These photos were taken a week ago at roughly...
  4. S

    Blue Australorp sex?

    Ok another guessing game here I’m hoping like hell this is a female because it’s my favourite one out of the bunch. it’s a blue Australorp (I’m pretty sure) its 7 weeks old and has been fully feathered like that since it was about 3-4 weeks old. Although it’s comb is large it’s feathers...
  5. MaybeMay

    One of my 7 week old Australorp chicks not feathering.

    I have 5 Australorp chicks 2 pullets and 3 cockerels all feathered out except 1 which is stopping me from having them out overnight. The temp is generally dropping to 5c overnight but they are outside during the day. I bring them inside at night because of the 1 that’s not feathered. Husband is...
  6. MaybeMay

    Blue Australorps with brown feathers??

    Hello everyone. I’m a new chicken owner and just wondering if it’s normal for my blue Australorp chick to have brown feathers?? I know it’s not the best photo I’ll try take more tomorrow. Just more curious as to how the blue genetics work.
  7. B

    California Grey pair? 2-3 weeks also a mystery breed

    I posted in the wrong section before. I think I have a pair of Cali greys, all was well until one was staring at me a lot and then the color was developing. One has much lighter feathers coming in and the other is much darker, even darker feet. I also have a bird that was supposed to be a...
  8. A

    Rooster or Hen?

    I think my Australorp and Rhode Island Red are roosters but want to be 100% sure before I rehome. Both about 14 weeks.
  9. M

    My supposed Australorp and Golden Comet breeds

    So i got these chicks two months ago and they are now 4 months old ish. on another thread they suggested my chicken might be a copper maran? But i saw this thread and they look so similar to my chickens now! So i’m wondering if my two chickens are just mixed breeds...
  10. R

    First egg by our Australorp

    The other day our grandson found the very first egg of our very first chickens, in our brand new coop. He was so happy... It was a long wait of about 18 weeks since we got the chicks about few days old. In the next two days we got two more eggs. They are quite small. Hope they get bigger. We...
  11. M

    Pullet or Cockerel??

    I’ve attached below a picture of one of our Blue Australorps. We’re stumped on weather it is a pullet or cockerel. The other 3 that we got with this one ended up being Cockerals and have crowed but this one is yet to do so. It is currently 13 weeks old. Any ideas on what it might be? Thanks! :)
  12. HuevosGonzos

    Six weekers 😍

    Updated photos of our chicks! After a few questions on breeds, I think we nailed it…maybe. Now we are (not so patiently) waiting to find out genders. Speckled Sussex BW Crested Polish Black Australorp Barred Cochin Appenzeller Spitzhauben White Ameraucana (because the legs are gray)
  13. M

    12 week old Australorps Roo or Hen??

    Hello! I’ve attached photos of my 4, 12 week old Australorps (that’s what we were told they were anyways) and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they are roo’s or hens? I have a feeling 3 of them are Roos but I don’t know too much about sexing! They have colour identifiers on their feet :)
  14. Chuckenman

    Do all sweet cockerels turn into jerk roosters?

    Basically i have 3 cockerels, an Australorp, a mix of three breeds and a leghorn. The mixed breed one goes about doing his own thing the leghorn one is very shy never comes too much close to humans but the Australorp is so sweet. Whenever i come to open em he rams in the coop door trying to open...
  15. lampertchick

    Breed help please.

    Bought these as Australorp pullets but I've been having my doubts?
  16. vanillachai

    Older Hens, Rooster, Duck, and Drake (4-5yrs) Looking for Homes (Bozeman, MT)

    Located in Bozeman, Montana. We will deliver them to you or meet you in town. I have 4-5 year old chickens and ducks in need of homes. Unfortunately I'm not sure who is still laying, but some of the hens are still laying some eggs. Any of them anyone is willing to take in would be a blessing...
  17. O

    Australorp 13 weeks old. Larger than 3 other pullets of the same age (EE, BR, BCM)

    heard someone crow today - the only suspect is Lucy (Louie?)
  18. Chick-Mahal

    Kicking them out of the house....

    I am just about to kick all 13 of them out of my house. All I have left is finishing the fencing. Essentially I guess I am building a huge bird cage. My run will have chicken wire over the top to stop those from above from eating my babies and 2 X 4 fence with chicken wire around then...
  19. L

    6 week Australorp - potential blockage?

    Hi all. Newish member and first post, though I've lurked here a while and learned so much. I am a brand new chicken keeper with my first batch of chicks who are currently between six and seven weeks old. I am hoping someone can advise me about my sick 6-week-old Black Australorp, Dolly. Long...
  20. J

    Can someone help me with what breeds that I have

    I was thinking some where americaunas and the one black rooster with the comb. I was thinking he was a australorp, maybe. And I believe outta 7 of them. I only have 1 hen. 6 I believe are roosters. Tell me if I'm wrong. Cause I might be. I really hoping yall can help me with what kind I have...
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