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Jan 14, 2021
I am relatively new to chickens, only owning my own flock for about six months. I have taken care of them longer but I am excited to have my own!

My flock of nine consists of three silkies, two Buff Orphingtons, two Ameraucaunas, one Barred Rock, and one Blue Lace Wyandotte (my favorite).

I have been constantly amazed by the individual personalities, intelligence and entertainment my backyard chickens grace me with. The amazing backyard chicken community (in instagram, facebook and here) has made this hobby even better.

I help run so my flock is always performing for funny videos...sledding, reading stories, playing games and making music.

I also have three dogs. My border collie, Scout, is completely obsessed with the girls. He herds them around the yard, puts them to bed, wakes them up in the morning and checks for eggs with me. The lab, Andy, is pretty good with them, but prefers to chase them when a girl jumps or eat their treats.

What chicken keeper has not heard of BYC!? I knew it was time to join the conversation when I came up with a few health related questions about my flock.
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