1. Integration Day - SUCCESS!  So far!

    Integration Day - SUCCESS! So far!

    We've had 7 silkies living the opposite side of the yard since March. Now they are almost 5 months old and winter is coming so...we shut the door to their temp coop. I got the sunflower hearts bag out (ultimate treat) and got them down to the coop. Getting them into the chicken door took a...
  2. M

    What gender?

    Hi all, I have 4 silkies all are 12 weeks olds. Pretty confident I’ve identified their gender however just looking for clarification? Thanks
  3. K

    Hi from Italy

    Hi everyone, We are living in Piemonte Italy and have raised 10 Silkies. Along with 'Dad' Leonardo, we have 3 other very stylish young lads growing up and will be looking for homes for 2 of them. We've also considered swapping a rooster to allow us to breed some more chicks with a wider gene...
  4. C

    Blisters and wounds on face and combs

    I “rescued” some silkies and one black (supposed) Astrolop. We aren’t sure what all is wrong. I have them isolated away from my main flock, with an electric fence buffer to keep a 6 ft DMZ type zone). They aren’t as active as my normal flock but they aren’t lethargic either. Their legs have...
  5. Somewhere_In_The_Clouds

    Cloud's Chaotic Chat

    Thought it'd be fun to have a chat thread, I often feel weird posting in other people's chat threads 😅. As the title may suggest I have no intentions to keep this to a particular topic, it'll match my brain :D. I'll likely chat about and post photos of any of my animals, from my chickens to my...
  6. M

    2 month old silkie chick - gender guesses?

    This gray silkie's comb is much smaller than my 2 definite roos combs, but larger than my 2 suspected hens combs. Wattles making an appearance. Thoughts?
  7. A

    Silkie Colors?

    What colors do you think these two silkie babies will be?
  8. D

    Can you supplement chicken feed with plants, mealworms and fish?

    I have about 20 hens that just free range and they get scraps. I don't give them pellets or crumbles unless it's winter time. They have always been very healthy since they have 2 acres to roam and lots of bugs and plants around to eat, however I got 12 silkies and I want to avoid buying pellets...
  9. White Valley Acres

    How do I breed smooth-feathered silkies?

    Hello everyone! I'm starting to dream up some future breeds I want to create in the chicken world and one of which I need to produce a smooth feathered silkie. I'm wondering if a smooth feathered silkie is a genetic difference from the silkie feathering (if it just randomly pops out) or if...
  10. Cloverr39

    Would a BBS + paint pen be possible?

    I want to work towards BBS + paint in my silkies. I don't actually have a desire to breed splash right now, so it would be black, blue and paint. From my understanding if I bred a black rooster with my black, blue, blue cuckoo and paint hens I would get: Black, blue, cuckoo (males only), blue...
  11. AJ916

    Black Splash??

    Okay so I looked to try to find an answer but I can’t! I understand some of the genetics of blue-splash-black but I’m still a bit lost. I purchased three silkies from a blue splash Silkie breeding trio. I saw the trio myself and they were in fact beautiful splash silkies. All three chicks I...
  12. F

    Silkie chick.. pasty butt or something else?

    I have silkie chicks that are now about a 1 1/2 weeks old. I noticed last week, one had what appeared to be poop dried on its bottom, so I assumed it was pasty butt and brought it in that evening to try and clean it up! When I brought it in and started to try and clean it, I noticed that it...
  13. BlueHorse17

    2 month Silkie gender?

    Hi everyone. I have a 2 month old Silkie from a batch of eggs I got off of EBay. All the others have a flat comb still except for this one. I’m assuming because of the difference in comb (and it being large already) that this is a male? Bad genetics or possibly a Silkie cross?
  14. Afaoro

    Silkies haven't laid yet - Should I be concerned?

    In early April, I acquired 2 Silkies from a breeder who was downsizing her flock. She told me the 1-year old hen was already laying, and the other was of age (just over 6 months) but hadn't laid yet. I've now had them for 3.5 months and they seem happy/healthy, but there are no signs of laying...
  15. S

    Giant Silkies

    Years past I worked to generation 6 a hybrid project utilizing mainly XL heritage lines of Blue Orpingtons X Blue Silkies to produce giant Silkies. Well I’m getting chickens again, itching to get Silkies, but would LOVE to pick up chicks from anyone doing a similar “sizing up” project. Thank you 😊
  16. E

    Gave my little Bearded Silkie Pullet, Snowball a haircut.

    Her pompom was so big it was completely covering her eyes and she was missing out on all the treats. I did her haircut 2 feet from the chicken run. They all watched me do it. When I put her back in the run, my flock acted like she was a newcomers and started chasing her around. My Cream...
  17. J

    Dry fowl pox (how to manage in small coop with newly hatched chicks)

    Hello, everyone :) This is my first post and I wanted to use it to clear out some doubts about fowl pox. First of all, an 8 week old plymouth hen started to show little black scabs on her comb and eyes 5 days ago, so I immediately proceeded to isolate her from the rest of the flock. I have...
  18. Whittni

    Sex My Silkie! 🍳 Buff Showgirl,

  19. saving grace

    When Should I Integrate Chicks?

    I know there are a lot of threads discussing integration, but I thought I would just ask for advice since my situation is unique. I have two coops: the first is for my adult hens, though in the warmer months they refuse to sleep in the coop and roost in the trees at night (I've come to the...
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