1. FluffyLambs

    Are there Silkies with no feather legs and no head puffs?

    Does anybody have any or know of any chickens that have silkie feathering but don't have a head puff or feather legs? I always imagine chickens like that. I think it would be really cool to have chickens like that.... If there isn't any, maybe I'll try to make some one day. I want a silkie with...
  2. M

    Showgirl Genetics + Satin

    Alright, hope im not in over my head here. I want to make sure I have this atleast somewhat right. I have this satin showgirl. And all of birds from the same hatch are showgirls except one roo. Who I guess is not a showgirl but rather a silkie because his neck is feathered ? but he's a silkie...
  3. faithyea4

    Can chickens treat other chickens harshly because of their colour/breed?

    This year I hatched 3 silkies under a broody hen. We got two buff and one black. They’ve grown up without any fights or fusses and their mother has now stopped looking after them and has went back to the big coop- which is all good. however, upon adding two buff Orpington pullets to their coop...
  4. Mummak

    Broody breaker

  5. H

    Silkies 1 hen and 2 roosters

    Hello, I have three silkie chicks that are 4 months old now. The three of them are best friends and have been living very well with my other 4 hens, but they usually stick to their own little group. it it too bad but I am pretty sure two are roosters and only 1 is a hen. This means I will...
  6. MysteryChicken

    (Mini Project) Rainbow Laying Silkies.

    Hello, gonna be creating silkies that lay colored eggs, besides white, tinted, & cream. These are to not be confused with Silkied Easter Eggers. These will have all the traits of a Silkie, but will lay different colored eggs. Egg colors to be expected: Original, white, tinted, cream. (Colored...
  7. Feathers1984

    Silkie, Satin, Showgirl eggs for sale (frizzles possible)

    Hi there fellow chicken tenders! We sell/ship Silkie, Satin, and Showgirl eggs, any have the possibility to be frizzled. We ship to just about every state, but do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii. We have shipped almost 100 egg shipments throughout the U.S. Egg info and disclaimer 😊: Our eggs are...
  8. K

    Silkie colours

    Hello, I have been reading about silkie colour groups, and was wondering what happens if you mix them? I have blues, and have my eye on an adorable paint rooster but I read not to try to breed to paint. Thanks
  9. W

    Silkies Hen or Roo?

    They all look the same to me! I’ve known all along the white one was a roo based on personality and now he’s crowing so it’s confirmed. Pretty sure the black one is a pullet, but I’m terrible at gendering. Can anyone tell me what these 4 birds are? I’ve labeled them in the pictures for easier...
  10. S

    Any ideas of what gender?

    We have these two who are 16 weeks, any ideas of gender? They are living with 2 bantams who are 12 weeks. 5 eggs laid this morning and trying to work out who it was!
  11. FatChicksDigMe

    Alchemist farm month old silkie roo? Pic heavy

    I know its very early, but I was wondering if someone experienced with silkies can help. He is a paint silkie from alchemist farm, and just so cute and fluffy. However, while I hoped for a girl, seeing how tall he stands, how independent, and how big his feet and body is I think I can guess for...
  12. Hannahnic14

    When are showgirls sexable?

    I'm getting some 5 week old showgirls and I just wondered when they are sexable? Are they the same as standard silkies and take awhile? I can post close up pics when I get them.
  13. G

    Newbie from England!

    Hi everyone! Me, my husband and our Springer Spaniel have finally welcomed some chickens into our family. We have 4 Silkie’s that are currently settling in, we have had them almost 2 weeks and we are already seeing all their different personalities! We have noticed one of the more skittish ones...
  14. J

    Rooster with red skin all around vent and little bugs!?

    I was sitting in the coop watching my chickens and my rooster was doing his little dance for a hen when I noticed his butt looked red. I caught him and quickly saw that his skin looked red and irritate all around his vent, I also saw some kind of white build up around some of the smaller...
  15. agold23

    My flock as a first time chicken owner!

    Like many others on this forum, I love my flock and especially as a first time chicken owner I love showing them off, so why not introduce them? We got my flock from a family friend who now has over 200 chickens and turkeys, many goats, a couple dogs and soon to be some horses! She was kind...
  16. J

    Silkie Hen Pants a Lot

    So I noticed that my one hen pants a lot? She often pants when it's not even hot outside and none of the other chickens pant just her. I'm not sure why she pants though she's in the shade and has plenty of cool water. When I listen to her it sounds like she was running or like she was hot but I...
  17. OddballHens

    Odd Silkie Colours

    Hey! So I've only been hatching and rearing my little flock for a couple of years now but I am so baffled by my Silkies. They make up the main bulk of my hens at the moment as I wanted to have broodies before delving into other breeds and I just. I'm not really convinced that they have staple...
  18. Mummak

    Wry neck. Help!!!

    Hello, im turning to my friends here who are a wealth of knowledge!! ok, so silkies. I believe my new girl has Wry neck!! Usual symptoms, neck problems. shes new, been in isolation for a week ( in her egu coop n run IN the main fenced of run) all going well, been integrating her over the past...
  19. J

    New chickens, sexing help

    So i got two new chicks and have started introducing them to the flock. The two new ones are the white one and the little dark one. I'm almost positive that the white one is a hen and my rooster must think so too because he tried to hop on her. I'm not sure about the little one though and i...
  20. J

    Should i be giving my chickens any preventive medicine?

    So I was getting to deworm my horses and the thought popped into my mind if I should be deworming or giving any other preventative medicine to my chickens? I don't believe anyone has any issues or worm or anything from what I can tell, but are there any preventative medicines I should be giving...
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