1. Mrsmiller324

    Wet Silkies!

    Ok so I’m pretty new to this chicken thing - but I do understand silkies are not suppose to b wet! But what if it’s 100 degrees? We get showers/storms often, should I worry? Thanks!
  2. 4'x4' Coop & 2'x4' Coop w/ 8'x12' attached run.

    4'x4' Coop & 2'x4' Coop w/ 8'x12' attached run.

    So, my coop... It is always changing. I originally built an 4'x4' box that is 2' tall and put it on 18" legs for my brooder box. At around 4 weeks old i started to build onto this box. Adding the roof with a full vent on top, and making both roof pitches access doors. This allows me to get...
  3. C

    Roo or hen

    We got sold 4 hens but this one is twice the size of the others and has slightly different crest to the others. Also a similar age to the rest in there. P.S-we dont normally have the plastic over when it's a nice day but it's been miserable the last few days and they dont like the rain! Thanks...
  4. studiocluck

    New members from a rooftop in Brooklyn, NY

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? We are raising chickens for the first time! We got our girls on May 12, 2020. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? We have 3. (3) What breeds do you have? Just Silkies! One blue, one white, and one buff (at least we think...
  5. lps1215

    Help!! My Silkie Chickens will not go into their coop at night!

    I have 7 Silkie juveniles that are around 11 weeks old may be a little older. I had them in a walk in coop up until I added a new trio of 8 week old seramas in there. I moved them into a coop that is a roost and nest boxes on top with a pull out bottom to clean it and the run area is underneath...
  6. quackers123

    Does my roo look like a sizzle?

    I recently got silkie chicks and just learned about sizzles when my silkie Aurora got curly feathers(black chick in image attached) and I’ve learnt you can’t breed sizzles together. This leads to my question, does my roo look like a sizzle, or is it too early to tell? I want to be prepared if I...
  7. KOdin

    Just venting about mean broodies

    Just venting. Decided to let my girls hatch eggs this year. I let my mut chickens do it last year and they were fine and raised with the flock. This year I let my silkies do it and boy do I have a baby chick massacre on my hands. So far I’ve had 2 baby chicks just go missing, 2 killed in front...
  8. O

    Silkies - What’s your experience?

    Hey! I’d love to hear from people who own Silkies and about your experience with them! Laying abilities? Behaviour/temperament? How often do they go broody? Winter laying? Etc
  9. O

    Hens Not Laying

    About 1 and 1/2 months ago I got 4 bantams (2 silkies, 1 chamois polish and 1 pekin). The farm I got them from stated that all their chickens are from 16-20 weeks old when sold. I was wondering if anyone knew how long it would take for them to start laying? And also does anyone have any advice...
  10. Chicks 'n ducks

    Non-blue Earlobes on Show Silkies

    Hello all, I have 4, 5 week old silkies from an extremely good breeder (Kate Morreale) bought as hatching eggs. As of now they do not have blue ear lobes at all-- They are just the color of the bird's skin. And yes, I am positive I am looking in the right place. I somehow cannot remember at all...
  11. Jubilee1004

    Are my silkies chicks crossed ?

    new to backyard chickens first 5 chicks, I was to told when I got the eggs they were silkies and now that they have hatched, and I'm researching they all look very different and most seem to have regular feathers, just want to know kind they might be and if the feather development in...
  12. D

    What color is that Silkie Chick ?

    Hi I hatched some silkie chicks from bought eggs and I don’t know what color is one of the chicks. I thought it was blue but it has more of a brown undertone. I can’t really find this color online. Also it was completely white when it hatched.
  13. Sexing bearded silkie chickens

    Sexing bearded silkie chickens

    Hey guys! What signs should I be looking out for that my two chickens are males? What sex do they appear to be? They are about 4 months old. Pictures are on the gallery side. Thank you! :)
  14. L

    What color will my Silkie chicks grow up to be

    Hello! I am trying to determine what color my Silkies chicks will grow up to be. We have separated our flocks, whites & non-whites. Flock 1: Red partridge rooster, black Silkie hen. A beautiful pullet cross of a Red Partridge Silkie x Golden lace Japanese Batam (we lost her mom last monsoon)...
  15. WatkinsCluckers

    Does your Silkie do this?

    I have three Silkies, two barred rocks, and one sex link. My Silkies never perch on anything. When they go inside the coop to sleep, they’re always huddled together (no matter how hot) on the floor in the corner. While my three others love to find the tallest perch to sleep on. They’re even like...
  16. N

    What Breed is my chicken? Silkie with pink comb...

    Hey everybody, new to Backyard Chickens and Chickens in general. Seeking some advice on one of my girls/boys. After doing a bit of research I'm wondering why my silkie has a pink/red comb and wattles? Does this mean he/she is a cross breed. From what I've read its very unlikely for silkies to...
  17. K

    Tylan 200 doses

    Hello all, i’ve owned my silkie chickens for two years everything was great until I started letting them free range about 8mths ago. I’ve lost a few to I’m assuming respiratory infection. A few have swollen eyes. About 6 weeks ago I tried Tylan200 Orally which worked for some but a few are...
  18. N

    Silkie Gender

    Howdy, new here. Looking for some ideas on my Silkies sexes. They are around ~12 weeks old I believe. I know Silkies are super difficult to sex so will update later down the track but just looking for peoples thoughts on the current photos. Orange - Zinger - Biggest of the bunch (but could be...
  19. C

    Silkies. Male or Female?

    Our family is waging bets, I want some expert advice before I put a month worth of laundry on the line. Ha! Male or female with these? There are three. I feel like the large white one is a Roo.
  20. K

    Anyone want to take a guess on my silkies?!

    I have THREE 4.5 week old bantam silkies. I’ll know eventually, but I was wondering if anyone would take a crack at it 😏 Bumble is obviously the white one. Rudolph theme continues with the black one named Yukon, or yuki as I say lol Then there’s my sweet Hermey, the only one that somewhat likes...
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