1. H

    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Information

    This is my first time raising Blue Laced Res Wyandottes. I purchased 2 along with other breeds and this breed seems to be feathering rather slowly. Is this normal? I have attached some pictures. I do not see a read comb or wattle at 5 weeks, however their stance and disposition says rooster. I...
  2. Saum Creek

    4-Week Old Wyandotte Sex

    Hi Friends, I picked up some chicks at the farm store and think I might have been sold a rooster. Understandable! I know wyandotte pullet's combs can come in quite pink but this one already has waddles showing up. This one is a 4-week-old silver-laced red. What do you guys think?
  3. Erinrocks

    Flock started staying in the coop during the day

    Hi all, Here’s a brief history on our new little flock: We were given four chicks (Wyandotte, Cochin, Sussex) at the beginning of shelter in place because the person who hatched them wasn’t able to keep them. We are new to chickens but I’ve done a lot of research and were able to raise them...
  4. T

    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Breeding Questions

    VERY new to this, so lots to learn still. This hen was sold to me as BLRW but is splash I think? Please correct me if any of this is inaccurate. Then I found a young cockerel up for sale that I hope to breed to her once he's grown. What would be possible color outcomes for these two? Do I need a...
  5. M

    Bantam Wyandotte breeds

    Any idea on what varieties of bantam wyandotte chicks I picked up today?? Hatched on the 3rd.
  6. F

    Help sexing silver laced Wyandottes

    Hi!! I have 2 silver laced Wyandottes that are 7.5 weeks old. They have the same pattern but different coloring. Can you guys please help me determine if they are pullets or cockerel? Also posting a pic of my gold Easter Egger who is also 7.5 weeks. What do you think?? Male or female? Thank you!!!
  7. Cocohens

    Wyandotte & Laying

    Hi 👋 just wondering if anyone can tell me what age Wyandotte’s stop laying at? I took on a 2yr old Hen about a month ago and she is yet to lay... Thanks so much! coco
  8. Elie And Her Flock

    HELP!! what is wrong with my hen?

    A few weeks ago, I had a hen that I noticed was lethargic, hunched over, and not eating much. She hasn't started laying this season (stopped in the winter and hasn't started yet, despite it being warm and sunny every day). She's free range, had no respiratory problems, and as far as I could tell...
  9. farmgrl7

    Golden or Blue Laced?

    So back in March, I had bought 4 “Blue” laced Wyandotte pullets from TSC. I lost one within the first week but after they started growing, I noticed I had a cockerel, oops. BUT!...I have a silver, golden and I’m not sure on the 3rd. I’m hoping she’s blue. Not too happy with my chick experience...
  10. I

    Wyandotte early sexing

    4-5 week BLR Wyandotte chicks. Rose combs always throw me and I haven’t had chooks in 15 years, but these look like pullets to me. Thoughts? Individuals are numbered.
  11. K

    Help! What gender are my chickens?!

    Hello! These are my 8-9ish week silver laced Wyandotte’s, or that’s at least how long I’ve had them. They may be closer to 10-12 weeks though. They were supposed to all be pullets, but I know I have some cockerels; I just don’t know how many. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. YaYasDottes

    The Bully and the Runt

    I picked up my first chicks today. They are four gold laced and four silver laced Wyandottes. I noticed right away that the gold ones are bigger than the silver ones. Drumstick is the biggest gold and the biggest in the flock. She is either very selfish or very bossy. She has to be the first...
  13. thekeetlady

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello! After many years of going onto this site to troubleshoot and learn, I decided to join the community! I’m a chicken and guinea owner from New York and we’ve owned chickens on and off in the past years. However, this year our flock is bigger than ever and I’m very excited to watch them grow...
  14. YaYasDottes

    Wyandotte Hens and Summer Heat/Humidity

    I am an expectant Wyandotte mama and have concerns about the hens surviving the heat and humidity here in the Cincinnati area. Summer temps average 85-upper 90s, beginning in May. It is always humid from late spring until fall. Should I move forward with my plan to keep Wyandottes or choose a...
  15. Cocohens

    Flock advise

    I brought home my 5 girls last week. 3 brown pullets, a 2 year old Buff laced Wyandotte and a 18 week old Ayam Cemani. They all came from the same pen on a large farm. the 3 browns have laid everyday and seem happy as Larry. The Wyandotte seems somewhat withdrawn and has laid no eggs, and the...
  16. A

    Gender of our 5 week old Wyandottes??

    Me and my family have 4 Wyandotte chicks that are about 5 weeks old. We were wondering which were cockerels and which were pullets :)
  17. C

    5 week old blue laced red wyandotte sex question

    I'm having some doubts on my 5 week old blue laced red wyandotte chick. The lacing across its body is very nice and uniform, but the wattles in particular are quite red! The comb isn't quite as red, though it also flushes redder on occasion. I'd like your input into whether you think it's a...
  18. Graphichick

    1 Silkie+1 Mix+2 Polish+3 Wyandottes = 7xFUN!

    I posted a few times awhile back and then life got in the way... now I'm back. 🙂 One year old Silkie Rooster: Lemonade (THE Comic) and Silkie/Cochin: SweetTea I recently welcomed 3 mth old Polish twins: Coffee and Bailey and 3-five-ish week old "wine•dotte chicks:" Nay-Nay, Zin and Cab...
  19. BulldogsandChickens

    Am I too pretty to be a pullet?

    Hello chicken sexing experts! Take a gander at this beautiful 5 week old Blue laced Red Wyandotte and tell me if it’s too pretty to be a pullet? The feather colors are so vibrant and this chickie is the most stand-offish of the flock. I have my suspicions it is a cockerel? I included a photo...
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