1. suzbo

    Rooster Give Away

    We have a beautiful healthy 5 month old rooster we are unable to keep. Actually we had no idea it was a rooster until yesterday! Yikes our big beautiful hen was actually a rooster. We live in central New Jersey and can bring the rooster to you. We just want him to go to a home where he can live...
  2. Shellebelle920

    Ungrateful hens? Or I’m being impatient

    I just started with chickens a few months back. My hens have all hit 19 weeks this week and there is not an egg in sight. I have Marans, legbars and leghorns. I only have 7, but I do keep a gorgeous legbar cockerel in with them most days. Could they be stressed from him? They don’t seem to be...
  3. Mark_Khrushchev

    Moving chicks to coop

    I have 4 leghorns and 2 orpingtons at about 5 weeks old. It is time to move them outside. If you didn't know, I live in South Florida. A very hot place that can reach up to 100F in the summer months but it is starting to cool as we turn into fall. Right now it goes up to 90F. I know this is...
  4. J

    Leghorn/Legbar crosses...Boys or girls?

    Hi all, I’m pretty certain that 4 of these are White Leghorn/Cream Legbar crosses, then the fifth one I’m totally unsure of! Any idea of sex? Also any idea of breed of the odd one out?! I have a cream legbar cockerel, an Appenzeller cockerel, a pekin bantam cockerel and a serama bantam cockerel...
  5. DallasLoneStar

    Advice adding two new pullets to flock of 5

    Hi everyone, i am new to BYC and to chickens. We have had five birds for two weeks (acquired at 8 weeks of age): two Easter Eggers and one each Welsummer, New Hampshire, and Barred Rock. I just got two 14 week old white leghorns last night. I have read a lot about introducing new hens etc but...
  6. BY Bob

    Fluffy Butt Acres: Stories of our flock

    I have been wanting to do this for some time now. I knew once I started doing this there would be no going back. So I am now diving in and I hope you all enjoy coming along for the ride. First of all let me tell you how we view our flock as that will help you to understand why we treat them...
  7. RCROE

    ISO brown leghorn

    looking for chicks to grown birds Does anyone know who ships chickens this time of year Commercial or mom and pop hatcheries ??? Br845@hotmail.com Thanks to all
  8. OG Anomaly

    FREE: 7) 18mo Laying Hens w or w out coop, WNY area (PICS)

    Hi :) I am moving halfway down the coast and we can't take our girls with us. :( We have have 7) 18 month old White Leghorn hens. They usually 7 eggs every day, sometimes 6. They even laid all winter. All the chicken stuff we have, including the coop, are free to a good home. You don't have to...
  9. T


    After much research and ending up here everytime, I decided to sign up. I live in Northeast Ohio. I have three road island reds and three leghorns. They're almost five months old right now but laying eggs like crazy. It must be the weather and the fact that I give them everything they need...
  10. M

    Hen Attacking Other Hens

    Hello. To explain my problem I have to start at the beginning and let you know this is my first time caring for chickens. I've had three chickens for a little more then a year. Two are Leghorn chickens, named Nuisance and Killer (the names are bad I know. They were the names that stuck) and one...
  11. Courtney's_chickens

    Ducks and Chicks! I wanna see your new ducklings or chicks! ;-)

    These are my new girls, three Rhode Island Reds, two Leghorns(brown and white), and three Pekin ducklings! (P.S. there water is on the other side, it got cut out of the picture!)
  12. Jack55

    New member on the Warwoman

    Hey, Txs for the welcome. I,m Jack (Jack55). My wife, Lois and I bought a home halfway up a small mountain facing west and overlooking Warwoman Creek. I started a garden, set up for raising earthworms and mealworms, the built a coop and run. Next week I'll be looking to buy 3-4 female...
  13. dmb1994


    I'm thinking of getting light brown leghorns... How do they do in ohio winters?
  14. NorthGeogia


    I have had experience with Jersey Giants, Isa Browns and Golden Comet hens. I let them free range during the day and they return to the coop at night. They are poorly protected by 2 big, lazy dogs. I am surrounded by forest and never had a predator problem (I think because of the dogs). The...
  15. Pokey11

    Getting chicks for 2018

    I had a fire and it killed the 9 chickens I had in the house. Working on a new house now. I can get most of what I lost except for Leghorns. No one is carrying them! I also need a rooster. Most of the on line producers want no less than 10. I want several breads so I do not need more than...
  16. R

    Help chicken looks Ill what is it?

    I have a Rhode Island Red just moved from another home when received she started gurgling and now has a eye completely looks shut it's all white she isn't eatting or drinking now has my other chicken with same symptoms I've read a few things but honestly I'm into hearing real answers not google...
  17. pikephillips322

    Looking for silver leghorns in Kentucky

    Lookin for silver leghorns chicks. We do t have an incubator for eggs so we need chicks. We have peas and pheasants but this will be our first chickens. Located I. Eastern Kentucky. Thanks so much
  18. ShellyLynnW

    Integrating newbies one of which is BOSSY!

    Hello, so I have a flock of ten beautiful sweet free range Leghorns. Truly Sweet girls! They are extraordinary, even have one that's broody on me, but sweet :) But, I lost my precious Silkie Lucy. It was so awful! I can't get over it, so I picked up three MUCH smaller, but same...
  19. S

    Suburban Farmer meets Chickens

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? - Once upon a time, a very long time ago, I had many chickens. Well, my grandparents had the chickens but I thought they were mine. I've been a suburbanite now for too many years and finally got a house with a yard. First thing I did...
  20. O

    meat chicks mixed with layers

    my husband purchased 12 meat chicks and 6 layers this past weekend. Currently they are all together in the same brooder. How long can I keep them together? Do they meat chickens have a different feed than the layers? How soon can I bring them outside to the coop? Thanks everyone! Any...
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