Moving chicks to coop

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Jul 27, 2019
Hialeah, FL
I have 4 leghorns and 2 orpingtons at about 5 weeks old. It is time to move them outside. If you didn't know, I live in South Florida. A very hot place that can reach up to 100F in the summer months but it is starting to cool as we turn into fall. Right now it goes up to 90F. I know this is quite a bit since at this age they should be at 75 and at night it barely reaches 78. Of course half of the netting roof will have a roof for shade but the question is do I leave them out all day and night? The coop I built is dig proof and had a roof so I doubt they will leave. And I currently live a a suburban area where there aren't many predators. I never seen a racoon or any other mammal that eats them here. There used to be a hawk that took a chicken of ours but like I said, it had a full netting roof and half of it is covered with a heat resistant plastic roof. So those aren't the problems, I just would like to know if I leave them all night there. Thanks!

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