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    My seven Christmas 2020 chicks are almost 4 weeks old. Right now, a couple of them have pink feathers. PINK! That is so cool -- I can't wait to see real colors they develop into.
  2. R

    I need help identifying these 6 week old beauties

    Hi everyone! I could really use some help identifying my baby girls!!! The grey ones looked different as baby chicks but seem to look more and more alike each day. They have amazing personalities! All very unique and very friendly and curious! Thanks again for the help!!!
  3. Broncos52

    Chicks not using heating plate.

    Hello, my baby chicks are just a little over 4 weeks old. I noticed when i went out into the garage they were huddled in the corner of the box and not using the plate. They were not chirping and have noticed them again like that tonight (pic attached) its about 50 degrees in there at night...
  4. ChickChic00

    Bantam Chicks

    Anyone know what breed and or gender these chicks are? I got them from rural king today. I got a silkie, and these three others. I didn't post a picture of the silkie. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I looked up the brownish colored ones and all I could find that kinda resembled them were...
  5. A


    I bought my chicks when they were about 1 week old. It was my first time raising chicks so I wasn't sure what to feed them. I just bought them the big pellets. They started eating the big pellets since they were about 2 weeks old. Now they are about 2 months old. Recently, one of my chickens got...
  6. G

    Ideal Suprise Special Chicks

    There are only 2 chicks pictured here, just several pictures to show different angles.
  7. damicochickens

    Long story... do you think this chick can make it?

    This baby chick hatched and after about 22-24 hours it still wasn’t dry. We did some googling and cleaned the sticky membrane off with a damp, warm paper towel and blow dried the chick until it was completely dry (it took about an hour to do). We put him with the other chicks in the brooder and...
  8. K

    Hatching Time Brooder Questions

    Hey guys! We sell chicks locally and are currently brooding in tubs with thermostat controlled heat lamps. We do this in our unheated garage. We are looking to upgrade to a stackable brooder system. We’ve already decided against GQF as it states on their website they are meant for room temp...
  9. Cannibal

    ISO chicks near Seattle WA

    Hi! I'm looking for 2 female chicks only. Some breeds that I am looking for are ayam cemani, cochin (both bantam or standard), and silkies (again either bantam or standard). I'm not too picky about colors but I do prefer a black or white. I live near Seattle, WA and I'm willing to drive out a...
  10. E

    Can anyone help identify these bantams?

    Hi there. I've hatched bantam chicks from eggs from random breeds; could you help me identify them? I've included numbers to help, the picture on the left is when they were less than a week old and on the right at a month old. The black one has feathers that spread outwards. I am also unsure of...
  11. Sketchy bunch!

    Sketchy bunch!

    This is what I did with my Christmas free time. :)
  12. ChickenLeg

    Crele EE ameraucana project

    Wanted to start a thread to document the progression of my autosexing ameraucanas, still in the easter egger stages. The big guy will be 2 in spring, hes massive. I hope to keep them on the large side so all the day old boys can be sold to some1 who'll eat em. He has 6 ladies, all crele...
  13. I

    Will my eggs hatch after 21 days?

    Hi there, I had 6 fertilised eggs in my incubator and only 2 have hatched. All the eggs are completely black when candled but it is now day 24 and 4 eggs still haven’t hatched. Is there anyway to tell if the chick has died inside the egg? Also, how many days after day 21 should the eggs be...
  14. C

    New to BYC, Question...

    Hi, I'm in Oregon, we are in the process of moving to a larger place with 0.75 acre, so of course we are getting chickens! Most of the varieties I want to get can be found locally. Murray McMurray has a variety that is Whiting True Blue and Whiting True Green. They sound like a cross breed...
  15. 4

    One of our favorite brooders!

    This is our first run with one of our newest brooders shown below. As you can see the chicks are quickly outgrowing there new home(s). We will be moving them to a much larger home in the next few days. The heat lamps are all individually controlled and dimmable for heat level control. Each...
  16. DelR

    One chick smaller than the others

    I have 3 baby silkies that I hatched. They are about 2 and a half weeks old. One is growing rapidly, one is in the middle, and one honestly seems like a runt. The largest one was born a day before the other 2. The “runt” was the only one that hatched properly, the other 2 needed help. The weight...
  17. B

    Day 23, broke “dud” eggs but there’s chicks! Help!

    I had a dozen orp eggs and 4 hatched on night of day 20 and then day 21. No new activity on day 22; remaining eggs quiet and no pipping. I went to dispose of the eggs today (day 23) and do so by carefully cracking them open juuuust in case there’s bubs still in there. 3 of the eggs have fully...
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