1. FathertoFeathers

    Is this baby chick a frizzle?

    I have a baby Jersey giant chick that I ordered from Tractor Supplies website and something’s off about it. It’s four weeks old and all the other chicks are feathering out like normal but this particular chick isn’t feathering out like the others. She only has feathers on her wing tips and the...
  2. czsilverwolf

    ISO Runner Duck Hard to Find Colors

    I have been looking around and noticed that there are only 4 color variations of Indian Runner ducks commonly available in the U.S. (fawn, chocolate, blue, and black). However there are supposed to be other common color variations like White, Penciled, Buff, and Gray (Mallard). There are also...
  3. E

    Broiler vs Layers

    Good greetings to you all. I want to stir up a contradictory topic.To get started ,broiler chickens are fleshier than backyard chickens although they on average take a mere 6 weeks to mature.In contrast to backyard chickens can take more than 12 weeks to mature and still may not be as fleshy as...
  4. Nellieribbo

    Chicken gender

    Hello, I have two silver penciled wyandotte chickens that I am struggling to sex and was wondering if someone might be able to help? They are 8 weeks old, developed a few brown feathers that my others don’t have and more pronounced combs. They don’t have spurs developing on legs like some of my...
  5. Rlmp817

    ISO Bantam Cochin eggs but....

    I am in California, so you MUST be in driving distance from Atascadero, CA. We are under shipping quarentine and chicks/eggs cannot go through the postal service, sooo... I am willing to roadtrip a bit :D
  6. Rlmp817

    ISO Bantam Cochin eggs but....

    I am in California, so you MUST be in driving distance from Atascadero, CA. We are under shipping quarentine and chicks/eggs cannot go through the postal service, sooo... I am willing to roadtrip a bit :D
  7. G

    ordering chicks

    I have never ordered chickens online before, but I might plan to. However, how does it work? Is it guaranteed that it's safe for the chick? If so, what sites do you recommend? Also, do I have to pick up the chicks? Where?
  8. Codys_chickstagram

    Broody hatching eggs!

    I had a hen go broody and the eggs finally hatched! I am so exited to see how the chicks will do!! This is my second hen to ever go broody (both got 7 eggs)! I will add images to this as I take them!!!! (Also, if anyone else here uses Instagram, i will also be posting images with updates on my...
  9. FathertoFeathers

    How can I keep my brooder from reeking

    I am currently raising 10 jersey giant chicks who are about three weeks old. Today when I got home from school the brooder smelled bad! How do I keep the brooder smelling good?
  10. ANB131

    Blue Wyandottes??

    Hi everyone, I just hatched some blue Wyandotte chicks and some of them are almost a lavender color and the others are black. Why is this? Will the light ones grow up to be lavender in color or will they get darker?
  11. MysteryChicken

    Looking For Indio Gigante (Indian Giant Chickens. (MI, preferably)

    Hello fellow chicken peoples, I'm looking for Indian Giant chicks to surprise my parents with. If any of you know where I can find some cheap, & close by, that would be greatly thanked? I'm located in East, Tawas Michigan, I hope this helps with the search. I can't travel for any that's to far...
  12. Simimaus

    Hatching refrigerated eggs

    Hello, Im new to chickens . Since last spring I have 2 Easter eggerrs, one silver laced Wyandotte and one Australorp, one Silkie hen and 2 Silkie roosters. A couple weeks before Christmas my Silkie girl went brooody. The only eggs I had from her were in fridge. I got them out ( 7 eggs) and...
  13. rascal66

    Searching for Blue Partridge Brahmas in Western WA

    I'm looking for any Blue Partridge Brahmas out in Western WA. Looking for chicks, adults or hatching eggs. Please let me know if you can sell or know of any breeders? Thanks!
  14. rascal66

    Looking for Blue Partridge Brahma in western WA

    Does anyone in western WA raise and sell Blue Partridge Brahmas? Id love to get a cockerel for my future breeding. I'll consider chicks, older birds and even hatching eggs. Please feel free to message me for more details. I'm hoping to find a local breeder.
  15. L

    Two Silkies and their Chicks

    Hi all, Two of my silkies have hatched some chicks just a couple of days apart, Silkie 1 (Kylo Hen) hatched 4 chicks on Christmas day, and Silkie 2 (Chewie) hatched 11 (!!!) a couple of days later. I brough both hens and all chicks into the house as it is winter and I was worried they'd be too...
  16. BestDiscoMan13

    Help I have a chick with a unabsorbed egg sac!

    Help I have a chick with a unabsorbed egg sac! It's a silkie and polish cross it has a sac on its stomach leaking egg yolk the chick is weak but sweet. Does anyone know anything to help please? What should I do?
  17. J

    Ayam cemani

    Fertile ayam cemani hatching eggs and chicks for sale. Message for details. Have a bit of a waiting list for chicks
  18. AzaleaMtnFarm

    Can 6.5 week old chicks live on their own in the winter (free range)?

    I had a wonderful Mama hen who has been raising her second flock. She loves being a mama so much that she has been raising them in below freezing nights. BUT NOW SHE IS GONE. And there are six chicks left calling for her. They made it up into the coop on their own, but will they make it...
  19. M

    chickens in the canal

    so i just found some breeds of chickens and roosters that i found around the canal in the neighborhood in Miami where my dad's house is and i don't know any of them, is it okay that i need to get help to ID these canal and neighborhood dwelling chickens
  20. C

    Cold weather for pullets

    Hello, So, I got nine baby chicks. They were hatched on Dec. 2. I have a broader set up in my heated garage and they're doing great. My question is about when I can safely move them to the coop. I had chickens for years and then stopped for a few years and now I'm starting again so I do know...
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