1. mtolheisers

    Seattle, Washington 6 chicks need new home.

    4 Rhode Island reds and 2 Black and white (unsure of breed) chicks. 5 weeks old. Selling with feed, grit, meal worms, medicine, DE, oyster shells, heater, feeder and waterer and bedding. $100 obo
  2. E

    coccidiosis? 2 week old silkie chicks.

    I just picked up five silkie chicks this morning, 2 weeks old. They went straight into the brooder. It looks like their stool is solid but watery (if that makes sense). The puppy pad absorbed a lot of liquid around the stool. Also it looks like I see some specks of red/orange in it. I can’t...
  3. Backyard Birds Rehab

    Looking to support people! Looking for hatching eggs! (California)

    Howdy! I'm looking to purchase some Hatching eggs of any breed of chicken! If anyone has some available or soon to be available please let me know ASAP I will purchase anything.
  4. FlockFinderWest

    When can old English bantams leave the brooder

    Hello. I have several old English bantam chicks that are 6 weeks old. They are fully off of heat. They are pretty much fully feathered except for a bit of down on their heads. I heard they are more fragile than other chicks but I’d like to put them out. My average temps right now are 70 with...
  5. Nbharris

    New chicks!! $5 each

    **Located in Smithville, TN** Our 4 new chicks are ready for a home!! DOB: 05/09 We’ve got 2 from our ISA browns, 1 from our barred rock mix, and 1 mystery (I have no clue which hen layed the egg, possibly black star) Rooster is a Jubilee Orpington! I will be hatching chicks every few weeks...
  6. D

    Some cute little guys

    Here they are S is so tame they walked into my hand and almost fell asleep because I was so warm (the weather, I came inside to cool off)
  7. Frodo the Pekin

    Ducklings and bantam chicks in the same brooder? How bad of an idea is it?

    How bad of an idea would it be to brood standard sized ducklings and mille fleur chicks together? My dear mille fleur hen Agnes died a while back at the claws of a dog. We adored that hen and now have the opportunity to get some of her sisters' fertile eggs to hatch from the farm where we got...
  8. FireCountry

    McMurray Hatchery experience with priority loading

    Hello! I wanted to share my positive McMurray experience with you guys. I ordered 15 chicks last month with a May 6th hatch date. I paid the extra $57 for priority loading. I had them ship all the way to California so I definitely wanted that. On May 6th I got an email that they hatched and...
  9. F

    Is my 4 week old wellsummer a roo?

    So we got chicks a few weeks ago that are all supposed to be pullets. We did get a couple wellsummers and both had the sharp V and eyeliner that girls generally have. However it has developed a decently sized comb. So I just wanted to see thought on if it's a roo or a hen?
  10. GlicksChicks

    Introducing 7 Week Old Chicks to my 8 Month Old Flock

    Today I opened the chicks caged area in the coop and left a small opening for the chicks to slip in and out of. The opening is not big enough for the adults to get through. I have seen the chicks using it. I watched the flock for a while and the only chicken that has "attacked" the chicks is my...
  11. think_fast_chicklenuts

    Should I ship hatching eggs or pre-hatched chicks?

    When my chickens are old enough, I will put up a sign in front of my house and sell eggs for food. But, I'm considering breeding some of my chickens and setting up an online store to sell to people. The problem is that I don't know whether to ship eggs or chicks. Even with proper packing, the...
  12. KimbosKluckers

    Need more food, should it be crumbles again?

    My chicks are 10 weeks old and I have about 5-6 days worth of their crumbles left. When it’s time I plan to feed all flock and oyster shells. Obviously they’re not laying yet. Should I buy all flock now or another bag of crumbles? Thanks!
  13. crunchygranola

    Would starlight green eggers take baby chicks as their own?

    I’m a brand new chicken owner with my first flock of chickies. I bought 6 SGEs from Tractor Supply, and I think they’re thriving well. I am planning on getting a few of them butchered to make room for some more chickens (per my city’s regulations) and I was wondering: if I introduce new baby...
  14. lexi234

    Chicks… again. never say never!

    Long story short, I started my chicken journey back in maybe 2018 (or earlier) for 4H. Since then, we’ve learned a TON and got more land. Anyhow, when my flock started eating their own eggs a few months back I swore I was just going to stop… uh well that brings us to now when my mom brought home...
  15. N

    In Grass Valley, CA. Best material for chicken run?

    Our first chicks are almost ready to venture out into the world! Our run is currently compacted dirt and some weeds. Is gravel safe for the run floor? Mixed with sand? If so, which type? How deep? We want to keep it clean, sanitary, low maintenance, temperature regulated, healthy, and safe for...
  16. O

    Broody Mama Hen hatched chicks this morning but still sitting on additional eggs

    Hi, I decided to let my broody hen hatch her chicks and 5 hatched this morning in the nesting box while shes still laying on a few more to hatch! I currently have 7 other fully grown hens and 1 rooster that do not free range. We have a coop that they go into at night and a run they go out in...
  17. M

    Is my Chick okay?

    I just hatched 2 chickens in my classroom. I have noticed some things about one of the chicks since it was born on Tuesday, and wanted to make sure he is okay. He seems to be very twitchy and also has some strange feather spots/patches. I will post a picture and video if I can. I am just worried...
  18. Emrosenagel

    Jersey Giant question

    Hello! I got four Jersey giant chicks four weeks ago, and I have a question for anyone familiar with the breed. I’ve noticed, compared to the other chicks I’ve raised, these girls look rough feather-wise. It’s like their bodies are growing too fast for their feathers? One in particular is a...
  19. cathalmire

    My Easter hatchlings

    Here are my chicks from Easter hatch 😁 🐣
  20. B

    Help! Is she sick or is crowing normal for 4 week old chick? Just started doing it this afternoon. Not consistent did it maybe 10xs and stopped.

    So when I got home a few minutes ago, I noticed all my chicks were sleeping so I went and I said hi to him like I normally do give him some freshwater check their food and as I’m getting ready to change their bedding, I was kind of just watching them and I noticed my one female Chicken, which...
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