1. C

    Is it okay to feed four week old button quail complete crumble?

    Hi, I currently have 14 button quail that are on a starter crumble with 24% protein with added egg yolk powder and dried black soldier larvae for additional protein But I will run out on my starter food in a week maybe a week and a half. I understand there should be transition time when it...
  2. G

    Other hens hanging out with broody hen and chicks

    So, my araucana has reached day 21 and so far 2 eggs have hatched (she had 4 left). My little pekin bantam (who is her friend and has also raised chicks) decided she’d sit in the coop next to her and just hang out..? When I went to check on the hen and eggs to see if anymore had hatched my...
  3. ThatChickenLady708

    Irresponsible hen!

    I went out to check on my mama hens this afternoon. I have two of them, one with 3 hatched chicks & one with 4 unhatched chicks. The hen that's supposed to be on a nest was out on the town with her friends. This isn't the first time she's left the kids home unattended. 😒 So my CPS (chick...
  4. ThatChickenLady708

    New chicks & leaving for a trip!

    Hello everyone, Recently one of my hens hatched some chicks. She's done a stupendous job with them lately & finally got them out & about today to eat & explore! They loved it so much that after I put them in the nesting box, a few hours later.. they're back out with mama. It's a nice day for...
  5. ChickChic00

    Sweet PDZ Stall Refresher?

    Can I use Sweet PDZ Stall Refresher for raising baby chicks? Like can I use it in the chick brooder? It says the form is Mineral Granules. So I don't know if its too fine or not. Any help is really appreciated!!
  6. ThatChickenLady708

    Are the chicks comfortable?

    I took these chicks from mama hen tonight because she has a staggered bunch.. plus it's going to be chilly. I have this set up (see pictures) inside our summer dog pool. It worked for me last year, however, I didn't have the brooder & there were loads more chicks to help keep each other warm...
  7. USMC1stSgt

    Brooder is ready for chicks

    I have just about wrapped up my brooder build. It is 48" x 30" x 18". It has a pull out pan underneath to clean out waste. 2 of 13 eggs have hatched. Hopefully tomorrow or the next night the chicks will be ready to move into their new temporary home.
  8. K

    ISO Mille Fleur Duccle & Intro

    Hi everyone selling duccles - I’m looking for Mille fleur with no frizzle - hatching eggs or live chicks please contact me Also I’m a new member here and here is my introduction 1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Got my first Chickens in 2021 age:25 - 12 chickens...
  9. Ashley & Donna Dame

    3 cockerels for free

    We live in maine and have 3 almost9 week old silkie cockerels for free. They have proven over and over that they are boys and definitely are acting the part. If anyone is interested in them please send me a message. That we just got up and running, but I'm posting the pictures here too Thanks...
  10. O

    manually pipping a stuck chick.

    I still have mixed thoughts about manually intervening a chick stuck for hours during pipping. This chick pipped initially yesterday, batch was due yesterday, some had pipped and hatched the day before, some were on time. This one pipped it's beak through the egg shell late yesterday, then...
  11. H

    How cold is too cold for outdoors?

    Hello! Beginner chick owner here. I've ordered some cold-hardy laying breeds specifically so that I could have my ladies out year round once they're fully grown (Buff Orpington, Barred Plymouth Rock, and Australorp). Before I get my cold is too cold for them to be outdoors? I have...
  12. N

    Fort Worth/Lake Worth TX-Two Bantam Chicks need a new home ^^

    Hello first post here, nice to meet you. Recently we were handed two Bantam chicks who are very sweet but we already have four chickens(two of these hens also handed to us by a neighbor) . I know they are a small breed (i have one booted already) but we just can't have six in our yard. I'm...
  13. D

    FREE Pure bread silkies, born 10 Nov, Brisbane, Australia

    Hi guys, I have 5 x unsexed silkie chicks, that no longer require heat and ready to go to their forever home. I’m quietly positive that at least one is a rooster (grey head, white chest, we call him Ash), as he likes to jump around and play fights. The rest of the chicks are almost always...
  14. JerseyGiant123

    Did my emu eggs die?

    A couple of months ago I won some emu eggs in an online raffle, that were shipped from the Midwest area of the US to the south east. They were doing great up until week 6. They were wiggling like crazy whenever I would take them out to weigh them but one of them completely stopped wiggling after...
  15. J

    In Search Of..... :)

    :frow:frow Hello everyone! Happy Holidays! I'm trying to plan ahead of time and figure out my game plan. So I'm searching early as I plan to acquire probably Feb.-Mar. '22. I've looked at hatcheries and either they don't have what I want in hatching eggs or after doing research, their...
  16. DuckDuckPromise

    Looking for Chickens and Duckies!

    Hi there! I am looking for chickens (most anything, I would love to find some Easter egger, or lavender Orpingtons if possible!) My sister lost some of hers, and I want to replace them if I can!! I am located in North Alabama!
  17. E

    Broody mama not protecting

    Hi Everyone, I have 5 pure breed Light Sussex hens, this spring(last month) one went broody and i bought fertile eggs for her. Good day came, we had cute chicks in our coop. Happy moments finished here, now the very first day i let the broody mama out with chicks into the run with other flock...
  18. E

    Light Sussex mama not protective

    Hi Everyone, I have 5 pure breed Light Sussex hens, this spring(last month) one went broody and i bought fertile eggs for her. Good day came, we had cute chicks in our coop. Happy moments finished here, now the very first day i let the broody mama out with chicks into the run with other flock...
  19. Gearhead846

    What age should i hold me baby chicks and ducklings??

    at what age should I be holding my ducklings or chicks I haven't held them in quite a while because of one of my pekins dying and when I do hold them they freak out and act as though I'm a predator. what can I do to make them like me better?? And once again thank you guys for all of your help...
  20. Psychstew

    New Chicks with possible respiratory illness

    Sorry in advance for lengthy post I am answering questions from the sick bird check-list that are relevant to my birds. I will try to be concise and make it readable. 2 Cochin chicks about 4-5 weeks old. Normal weight. Seem to be growing normally. Occasional sneezing, slight runny nose, some...
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