1. eLiV8t

    Egg sex experiment

    Has anyone tried to pick out certain eggs in order to get more or only pullets (hens or females)? I'm testing this out. I pulled out the eggs that looked pointed and kept the roundest eggs under my broody hen. They started hatching yesterday and I hope this experiment works. Have you tried...
  2. C

    Odd Integration Situation, advice needed 💜

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and my family just got our first flock of chickens! I'm really excited but it's an odd situation. Basically a family friend had to give away four Silkie hens due to city regulations and we were able to take them in. She also went to a poultry swapand surprised...
  3. castillo_de_luz

    The Coop Light "Trick" WORKS!

    Five pullets, second night as a chicken keeper. Night #1 I had to grab each girl and put her in the coop by hand, and I sat there until the auto-door closed. A little stressful for all of us. So I did my internet sleuthing and read that putting a small light inside the coop before dusk will...
  4. MamaPoult

    I need chick names!!!!!😁😁

    Hi all! My 18 pure 4 week old Brahmas showed up yesterday and I really need name ideas!!!!! @Mellow800 @GirlsHuntToo @Pastel the Rooster @BackroadGirl57 @TesoroSena @notabitail @Patiocoturnix @Yard Farmer @Chicken poppy @Addicted To Chickens @everyone else Sorry if I forgot someone wasnt on...
  5. castillo_de_luz

    Introducing: the Spice Girls!

    After months of anticipation and preparation, I finally brought home my five sweet little Dominique pullets! Please meet Pepper, Poppy, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Ginger. One is already showing quite a personality, and they're all currently out in their coop/run on a cold and rainy New England day...
  6. E

    8 Week old pullet sneezing and wheezing. Advice?

    Just brought home two 8 week old barred rock pulleys yesterday and was planning to slowing introduce to my two full grown hens slowly over the next week or two. One of the pullers is occasionally sneezing and has a very slight wheeze. No obvious mucus drainage yet. She is eating and drinking...
  7. castillo_de_luz

    Chicken Confessional: I'm a little scared!

    I hope some of you experienced chicken keepers can remember all the way back to your first foray into the world of chickens and perhaps sympathize with how I'm feeling. Or maybe I'm nuts. I'm a born and raised city and suburban dweller -- I've never been on a horse, held a baby goat, milked a...
  8. R

    Where can i purchase a single ISA pullet?

    My count ordinance only allows me to have 5 chickens. I have 4 of different breeds. I would absolutely love to get a SINGLE ISA pullet, or day old or young chick. Most HATCHERIES have a larger minimum order. Anyone know where I can get just one? I live in Maryland.
  9. DC_WIngnut

    Weirdly calm pullet addition

    So today I had two bielefelder pullets and one BCM cockerel I added to our main flock. There were 8 weeks. The cockerel while cute and lovely will probably be rehomed in the next two weeks but I didn’t want to separate him from his two gals to integrate them into the main flock and leave him...
  10. jinpark8282

    Free pullets Bergen County 07640

    I have too many chickens. They are 8 weeks old and all pullets. 1 orpington 2 road island reds Please let me know if you are interested.
  11. matthennessy

    Pullet laying rubber and liquid egg?

    Hi all I have 2 black australorps, the first, alice, has been laying since 2 weeks ago and hasn’t had a single issue. We get an egg from her almost every day and never had a soft shell or shell-less egg from her. Her sister, Gladys just started laying yesterday. We got a perfect pullet egg with...
  12. DC_WIngnut

    Combining pullets and hens

    Hello everyone, We have seven mature hens in a coop some of which have begun to lay and a run attached to a grow out pen containing ten pullets. They are going on 8 weeks so I was wanting to combine them. I’ve made two entrance and exit doors for the pullets to go in and out of the run with the...
  13. ChocolateWingTheRooster

    Help!! Predator got one of my pullets!

    Hello all. Long time no post here. Just lost my first pullet in a while to what clearly was a predator. Body is completely gone, no blood, only scattered and clearly torn out feathers left in her place. According to my dad he heard squawking last night, but he only told me this afternoon-ish...
  14. abby_robinson

    Pullets always watch one of my mature hens lay

    Has anyone experienced this behavior? Ever since they got comfortable with my older hens, they will always follow one particular hen into the coop to accompany her while she lays. What’s funny is she’s the top hen, and also the meanest. Seems harmless enough and I laugh when I catch it. I’m...
  15. MyISAbrownhens

    Fox Causing Problems

    So today we lost two out of four of our new pullets. We had a total of nine chickens, 4 new chickens and 5 older. Just two weeks ago, we decided that the pullets were big enough to start free ranging at 12 weeks - especially since they were getting along great inside the coop with the older...
  16. Heavenly Love Hatchery

    7 week old Pullets what breed are they???

    Got these 2 pullets at Rural King at 1 week old which they get them from Hoovers Hatchery was marked Ameraucanas but what breed do you think they are? Are they pullets also? They look like Starlight Green Egg Layers to me and both was Chipmunk coloring with a dark brown stripe down the back both...
  17. C

    What breeds are these two pullets?

    Picked up three pullets from the poultry swap yesterday, I know the black one is a Copper maran but what about the silver and brown ones?
  18. Eggsandbeyond

    First time egg layers and first time hatching!

    2 out of my 5 pullets are starting to lay finally! It's been about 2 weeks of laying every day to every other day. I was going to wait until next spring to incubate some, but I am just way too excited!! Is it too early to try hatching them? I want healthy chicks, of course. The rooster has...
  19. Foundry Barn

    Four 15 week old Sex Link Pullets

    Four healthy sex link pullets available. These girls are in Petaluma, CA and raised by hand. All Marek vaccinated and purchased from NPIP hatchery. These are the sweetest girls and just a few weeks from laying. Sex links are great producers of medium to large brown eggs.
  20. L

    ISO 2 female pullets 7-8 weeks Michigan/Ohio

    Hello from Michigan! I’m new to BYC and raising hens. I had two black sex link pullets. One unfortunately got attacked while I had them out during the day yesterday and I need to find my lone pullet some friends asap. I know I’ll have to quarantine new birds so the sooner the better. She’s very...
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