1. aimz127

    Lethargic then sudden death - Lice? Virus? Help

    I had a pullet (4+ month) orpington pass today and I don't know why. This is my first round of chickens and she was one of my favorites. She was lethargic yesterday but seemed to be eating/drinking. Today she was also lethargic and breathing heavy. I tried to give her nutridrench, but she...
  2. Great_Strides

    Integrating Salmon Faverolles and Barred Rocks 🤔

    We got three Barred Rock pullets (maybe 10-14 weeks old) recently and I spoke for two Salmon Faverolles from the same place to be picked up later. I only researched breeds that would be good with children. Not with each other 🤦‍♀️ We brought the 6 week old Faverolles home last weekend and...
  3. 3KillerBs

    Five POL Pullets in Central NC

    From Ideal Hatchery's May 19th hatch so 18-weeks at the time I post this. 1 French Cuckoo Marans -- Fricasee 2 Dominiques -- Classic and Everroast 2 Large-Fowl Silver-Laced Cochins -- Nugget and Kebob All healthy and without any issues. All trained to use a horizontal nipple waterer. $15...
  4. A

    Salmon Faverolle Pullets, Did I Get Roosters?

    We got 5 Salmon Faverolle pullets from Tractor Supply on July 1st and after reading up on them, it appears hens don’t have any black. I do already have one that’s a few years old and she has no black. I did see that if they are a bad misrepresentation of the breed they can have black but...
  5. kurby22

    Breed Guess on Barnyard Mix?

    So I posted awhile back about these pullets (hopefully!!) and I’m wondering if they are filled out enough to see any telltale signs of possible breeds? They are now 10 weeks old. I have determined that the Mother was a Blue Cochin (LF) and we are guessing the fathers were either a Black Frizzle...
  6. PileatedFarms

    Egg song

    Still waiting on our girls to lay - Mars recently did the rooster squat for me so I think she is close. My question is: Will I be able to tell the egg song apart from normal vocalizations? We have a chatty group and I don't want to miss an egg because I just thought they were yelling for more...
  7. Ceakmama

    Transferring to coop, use dog crate?

    My chicks are 4 weeks old and outgrowing their current brooder in the garage. I'm considering weaning off the heat lamp in the next 1-2 weeks and putting them in my coop. I have a small wire dog crate and I'm thinking of placing it in the coop to separate the baby chicks from my 23 week old...
  8. M

    Chickens don’t want to use dust bath!

    Hi, I’m a new chicken keeper, just got four young pullets in mid june 2021, they are currently 4 months old as of mid Aug 2021. They are supposed to be 2 golden comets and 2 australorps. The two australorps are mostly black with some white feathers and one of them has especially fluffy feet, the...
  9. bacibeau

    How to get chickens to come out and see me

    Hey y'all! My coop is off the ground so the run extends underneath it. However, that area underneath is too low for me or my family to easily go under and grab them. We've been having really hot weather here so lately I've been giving them short baths in a big plastic bin outside two at a time...
  10. 5

    Please Advise! Keeping New Members in a Dog Crate?

    So I have three Pullets in an enclosure within my chicken run, to try to acclimate them to my older flock. My flock usually free range, however, I wanted them to get to know their new flock mates, instead of avoiding them, when they free range. My question is this: How long can I expect to...
  11. Just Posting For Memories of My Chickies

    Just Posting For Memories of My Chickies

    I ordered 4 chicks from MyPetChicken.com and I loved the chicks I received. I bought four-1 day old chicks that I’ve wanted for awhile now: a SLWyandotte, BLRWyandotte, Speckled Sussex, and Barred Rock. Original plan was to sneak them under broody momma hen who’s chicks just hatched recently but...
  12. MikyPiky

    15 Week Old Pullets with Sour Crop

    Earlier today we bought four Partridge Cochins from an online seller. We were so excited to pick them up, but I could immediately tell they were not acting normally. Long story short, I figured out at least two have sour crop. They were drinking SO much water and some started spilling out of...
  13. ContessaKris

    Cinnamon Queen or Isa Brown or what?

    I was sold an Isa Brown and a Cinnamon Queen but as they’ve grown into pullets I’m confused! I thought the red white one was the Isa Brown but it looks like a Cinnamon pullet. The red with black doesn’t look like any Cinnamon Queen or Isa Btown pullet I’ve seen. Any help? BTW: the others are 2...
  14. B

    Did I buy roosters?

    When I bought my 4 chickens they were labelled as pullets, but I'm having my doubts about that. The two brownish ones (Blue & Echo) are Golden Comets, and the two black and white ones (Delta & Charlie) are Easter Eggers. They're all right around 2 months old, but any thoughts on if they're hens...
  15. lampertchick

    Breed help please.

    Bought these as Australorp pullets but I've been having my doubts?
  16. lampertchick

    Pullets or cockerels?

    We got these given to us and are curious if we end up with girls or boys? Any ideas? Supposed to be a couple months old.
  17. T

    Introducting pullets to same age chicks

    So this is my first go at introducing chickens that haven't been raised together. My current chicks are 6-7 weeks old, and we're getting 3 additional pullets tomorrow. We have a box we constructed with wood and chicken wire which should be big enough for the 3 pullets temporarily. Our coop is...
  18. TheAlrightyGina

    Silkies, Houdans, and SC Nankins for Sale (mainly cockerels) out of Memphis, TN (willing to meet up to an hour away)

    I have several chickens for sale (or free, depending). I'm willing to travel up to an hour away to get them to a new home (especially the cockerels) and I'm based in Memphis, TN, so if you're in Arkansas or Mississippi we can probably work something out. I'm hoping to add pictures later...
  19. topochico225

    Hens absolutely HATE 8wk pullets

    Hi everyone! I have 3 hens, a RIR and two Red Stars, and two Mille Fleur d'Uccle pullets. We just moved the pullets outside this morning. They are in a 15(?) foot run with a dog crate inside for a coop. My hens are in an Omlet Eglu with a 13ft run and they free range all day in my suburban...
  20. chickenchicklady

    Is this poop something to be concerned about?

    I noticed poop from my 13 week old pullets like this, with weird red stuff in it. Is this something to be concerned about?
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