1. DontChickenOut14

    My ISA Brown Babies Are 7 Weeks Old!

    They just turned 7 weeks old today!
  2. Str4b3rryb33

    Dallas TX Pullets Wanted!

    I'm only looking for hens, as I already have two roos I need some more hens! Preferred pullets, but will take older birds as well. Just need three! Please message and let me know if you have any birds for sale in my area.
  3. Grey Gables

    Discovered black poop today

    Hi- I have four pullets that are 11.5 weeks old (RIR, EE, Blue Cochin, and a Black Australorp). They are all acting normally. No signs of distress. They’re all eating. I found some black poop while cleaning around the run today. I keep up with poop pickup so I know it happened today — so if it’s...
  4. DontChickenOut14

    A Biography of My Chickens

    I just wanted to write some info here about my chickens to make everyone's day, so here are my four little hen's biographies: Bertha, the Bossy One: The picture above is a picture I took of Bertha today, she is going on 7 weeks old. Bertha has always been the biggest and toughest chicken in my...
  5. joannakginter

    Moving chicks outside.

    My pullets are almost 6 weeks old and getting very restless. Can I move them outside at 6 weeks, even though it is in the 40's outside? I live in Chicago.
  6. G

    Please help...I’m afraid I have a lot of Roos!!

    Can anyone please tell me if they think these guys are Roos too, or am I crazy?! Good ole straight runs from TSC. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  7. DontChickenOut14

    The ISA Brown Babies Are 6 Weeks Old Today!

    Bertha, Greta, Anna and Willamina are finally 6 weeks old!!
  8. reesechickpic

    6 week old pullets

    Hi all! i posted 6 weeks ago when we first got our chicks asking what breed they were. i got some answers that were very helpful but we have at least 8 different breeds and not all were identifiable at that age! she is very large and mostly black with some reddish brown. this lovely lady is...
  9. A

    Help Sexing Three Week Old Easter Egger Chicks. Thought I had all girls but starting to get suspicious.

    Hi! I’m staring to get worried that one of my girls is a roo :( I’d keep a rooster anyway, but I was really hoping to have all girls. I got them from My Pet Chicken (Snowy Easter Eggers). One of my girls (or maybe boy I guess) is a bit bigger than the others (funny because she was the smallest...
  10. Hawaiianivory

    Chicks for sale

    I currently have Ameraucanas, Black Australorps and Buff Orpingtons. All females. $15 each Located in Roseville CA just outside of Sacramento.
  11. 4sillymonkies

    Can anyone tell yet?

    I am new to chickeneering and there are limits as to how many chicks I can have in town, and no roosters aloud. I purchased two buff orpington and one Rhode Island red from a local feed store, but I'm concerned that I may have a bunch of roos. These are about 5 and a half weeks old. Can anyone...
  12. N

    Guess the Age! Meet my chicks!!

    Meet my five babies! 3 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Ameraucanas, all pullets (or should be) I got them from a local store on Sunday, please help me guess their age so I can take care of them the best I can! (treats, temp, etc.) Each picture is a different chicken. Thank you so much!!!!
  13. DontChickenOut14

    The ISA Brown Chickies are 3 Weeks Old!

    Here are some pics of my now-3-weeks-old ISA Brown pullets:
  14. KiwiPomegranate

    Colorado Pullets WANTED

    Hello. I am looking for some hardy pullets in the South Metro area. Please let me know if there are any available!! NO cockerels please. Thank You!:clap
  15. malagabara

    One pullet dead and one weak. Recently adopted Ayam Cemani.

    Hello. I adopted last Friday two Ayam Cemani 8 week old pullets. They were doing okay but two days ago they started to act a bit strange, they were eating and drinking but one specially was constatly fluffed up with her head close to her body, but still moving around. She was dead this morning...
  16. reesechickpic

    coop run vs free range

    Hi all, I am sure there is a post about this out there but I wanted to put my specific circumstances into play. We are building a coop that said it is suitable for 12-15 chickens. we got 15 chicks, they're two weeks old now. after more research, I think the coop size is fine for 15 chickens but...
  17. M

    New owner. Help! What do I have?

    Hello all! I am a new chicken owner. My mother has always had chickens and we finally bought a place back in November to where I could get my own! Problem is, I have no clue what I got. My mistake was telling my 4 year old daughter once we got a place to have chickens, we could get them. Well...
  18. B

    What Breed are My New Pullets?

    Hello! I just got my girls last week, and I don’t know what breed they are. I’d call the company where I got them, however they’re closed for the time being. Questions: What breed are they? And at what age will they start laying eggs? Thank you so much!
  19. lavenderforluck

    Advice for Isolating Pullets

    Hello! I'm looking for advice about keeping a 7-week old pullet isolated from the flock due to being picked on. If this belongs in another thread, please let me know. A little background information. We have 11 pullets around the same age 7-8 weeks - a mix (Marans, Cochins, Faverolle, Austra...
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