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  1. CiaBia

    Frizzled and White Ayam Cemani?

    Before you call me crazy, please bear with me! I've been on a long hiatus from BYC so I'm a bit out of touch. 2 things to start. #1: I've raised around 4 generations of my Ayam Cemani flock (adding new blood here and there). I originally purchased them from a hatchery in Naples, FL that was...
  2. B

    Beautiful Ayam Cockerels for Sale

    Need a Halloween Rooster?!?! Located in Mooresville NC. I have 2 Rare Ayam Cemani Cockerels for sale. These are intended for breeding purposes. Free range Chickens. Fed an 20% protein All Flock Feed, with probiotics and prebiotics in it. I purchased these two from an Npip certified breeder as...
  3. shelbylewis

    Ayam Cemani Roo x Lavender Ameraucana Cross?

    Hi everyone! One of my hens has gone broody. She was a rescue so I have no idea how old she is (young, if I had to guess), what breed she is, or if she has done this before. I currently have two coops in my backyard. The smaller coop is the one that this particular hen is in along with another...
  4. JaimeP

    Easter Egger chicks 8 weeks old- pullets?

    Hi everyone I know it’s still a bit early (not sure for EE’s-this is my first time with them), but I love hearing the guesses. I’m leaning toward both pullets, but can’t wait to hear from the experts! One gas a raised comb and the other has a pea comb. They don’t exactly look like the EE’s I was...
  5. C

    Hello BYC! :) I'm Smitten With Chickens!

    Hello, everyone! (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Not new to chickens, had them for most of my life. I first got some baby chicks when I was a little girl and it was love at first peep! (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I currently have two mama hens...
  6. Trimurtisan

    The Quack Shack

    Good morning folks of BYC! My name is Trimurtisan, but to keep it easy, just call me Trim. I did an introduction, but here's some more general information about myself and what's got me going quackers. I am a 36 year old father of eight, although only two of those happen to be human. We...
  7. Virginia and James

    May 21/2? hatch-a-long

    Hello friends! I did scan this forum, but didn't see a thread quite what I was after. Got eggs pipping, and I've got to share! Eggs from Ebay, placed 5/2. Bought 10, shipped 11, down to 9 in 2 incubators (space concern). On to the action! First time using this thermometer/hygrometer. Now...
  8. Virginia and James

    Broody Silkie hen

    TL;DR: things are happening! This is Maizie. Maizie is a silkie. Maizie is broody. Not a surprise. I have chicks inside from Cackle that are in isolation after being mailed, as well as 3 incubators of eggs waiting to hatch. Due to my... egg-aquiring opportunities, this will be a staggered...
  9. Southwest Gamebirds

    Ayam Cemani Chicks Available - NPIP

    Ayam Cemani's are an exotic, beautiful, and friendly breed. Our flock is from Greenfire Farm's stock, which was originally purchased for $200/chick. We now have show quality chicks available for $49.99. To date our line has won multiple titles, most notably best in breed. We select for the...
  10. Cjq62

    Ayam Cemani

    hi, I hope this is allowed here, I have a hard time navigating this site, so I didn’t know where to post this! I am trying to find an Ayam Cemani breeder who is NPIP and has a permit to ship to Hawaii. I can be reached through Facebook under CJ Quitoriano if anyone has a lead. Thanks!!
  11. A

    Gorgeous Purebred Young Ayam Cemani Cockerel

    Purebred young cockerel from the best lines in Canada. No white or mulberry allowed. Located in Ontario, Canada
  12. Lovelygreens

    Which one are they???

    So I bought 10 chickens that are black meated but unsure of witch one they are. The person I got them from culled her whole flock because she didnt like how flighty the y were. She had 10 2-week old chicks she didnt want to put down. I know I got a deal here at 10 buck each but she couldnt tell...
  13. H

    8 week old ayam cemani help sexing please!

    So I have two ayam cemani chicks and need help sexing them! I have a slight feeling they are both cockerels but wanted some advice
  14. First time hatching

    First time hatching

    It was our first time hatching, but here is what we observed: We got 14 Ayam Cemani eggs . We’ve purchase a Janoel 12. (I made a slight modification to fit all eggs. -See picture) During the whole time, humidity was between 60-70, we couldn’t lower it, no matter what we’ve tried. We kept the...
  15. GmanR

    Ayam Cemanis

    Anyone on here know a trusted breeder of Ayam Cemanis? Id like to eventually get some but dont exactly trust sellers on ebay and dont have a clue where to start on trying to get some. Any help is very much appreciated, thank you
  16. 3

    Incubation Temperature Range?

    Hi guys! I'm going to be attempting my first incubation hatch starting tomorrow. I have 6 eggs arriving by mail early tomorrow morning (around 6-7am) and then I'm going to sit them big side up for about 4 hours before I put them in the incubator. I have a Janoel12 incubator and have been working...
  17. DaviJones

    (Yuma, AZ) Ayam Cemani Cockrel Free to Good Home

    He's a little over 4 months old. No white feathers or discolored toes, too early to really tell on mulberrying. If you're interested text me at 928-580-5398 or email at [email protected]
  18. terrig

    Ayam Cemani?

    So I traded (at our local flea market) with a guy for two black hens; he had no idea what kind they were or why they would have leg tags. Doing some research, I've decided they are either Ayam Cemani or Swedish black hens (both are like the one pictured in the front of the other chickens). They...
  19. Broodygranny

    What would you breed for?

    I just got some Ayam cemani chicks, but what characteristics are most important? They are a couple of months old now, so I need to get rid of extra roosters. I have no idea which ones to keep! I know color is very important. I will not be breeding any roosters or hens with white wingtips, white...
  20. NubbyRyuu

    New Baby Chicks!

    Just wanted to show off these cuties! Cin's trying to get the Ayam Cemini chickens. Although these ones aren't, they're still cute! And this one's I think my favorite.
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