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7 Years
Just got my eggs yesterday and put them in the incubator today. Hatching in a Hovabator Genesis with turner that I've used for years. Hoping for a decent hatch rate. I've hatched shipped eggs before and it's always a crap shoot 100% of the time.

My observations:
  1. Seller sent me 8 eggs instead of 6, nice guy!
  2. There is a darker egg that looks different than the rest, so I'm not sure if that one is truly Ayam Cemani (the one on the right to the right of the reader)
  3. three of them have detached air cells but I've had shipped detached air cell eggs hatch in the past, so cross your fingers for me! :)
  4. The other eggs appear to be true to coloration of the breed. But again, you never know until they hatch what you are getting for sure
Note: The light blue ones are from a replacement set of eggs from a different seller. Doing a staggered hatch unfortunately this round because I couldn't wait any longer - those eggs do not look promising. Also, before anyone freaks out, the holding temp inside the bator is 99.5 solid...it's just off because I had the lid off putting the eggs inside. :eek:♥️

Will keep you posted! My brooder is ready for new chicks.

Candled tonight because I can :D. We can see early division with all but 2 of the Ayam Cemani eggs, but it's way, way too early to tell with certainty. The replacement Ameraucana eggs that were left are not counted out yet. Their potential hatch date is 6/24 hatch and 6/26 late hatch.

I'll post pictures on 21st or 22nd with hopeful veins. ;)
A bit early but couldn't resist. :) I've never had any issue with opening the incubator for a minute or two a day, even during lock-down. I've got 5 of 8 that weren't hindered with detached air cells and are apparently viable. Early veins. :) I'll check again in a few days and post new pics. I find the best and most interesting time is around day 7-8, but it always gives me hope when I see these early stages!

I'm not counting out the displaced air cell eggs yet as I've had those hatch before, but not posting pics as it's really hard to get any decent shots. I do see signs of life in those 3 eggs as well.


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And the journey continues. Couldn’t help to check when I had the incubator open to pull the replacement Ameraucana eggs. Shipping was just way too rough with those eggs and sadly none made it 😥. On the other hand…


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Five eggs left out of eight; the three eggs with displaced air cell eggs failed to develop-scrambled.

These look great at this stage. Great embryos looking at us!


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DAY 16!

The 5 eggs that are left are looking really good! Really hard to get decent pictures of them at this point, but there is active movement in all 5 eggs. They are SO dark and look really cool through the shell. Can't wait to see if they hatch and how they look. Attached some pics of them, though not the best.

I plan on unplugging the auto turner tomorrow on day 17 as usual. I count day 1 on day 2, so they could start pipping tomorrow evening/next day.

Will post updates as they come - wish these little guys/gals luck with me! <3


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