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  1. Amy.JPG


    Golden comet pullet Bday:September 2020
  2. C

    Reproduction of golden comet

    Hola, veo que es un tema ya discutido en 2009 pero me gustaría saber si alguien más reciente ha realizado una incubación de un cometa dorado x cometa dorado y cómo han sido los resultados de estos huevos incubados. Ya que tengo una incubadora de 500 huevos y me gustaría ver si es factible...
  3. EasterEggerFlocks

    Golden Comet's face is red at 11 weeks

    Both of my Golden comet's faces are starting to get red. (Golden Comet's also go by the name of Cinnamon Queen, Gold Star, and Red Sex Link to name a few.) They're both very friendly, although one (Her Name is Daffodil) Is significantly bigger than the other. She has the redder face, her face is...
  4. calichooks

    Biscuit the No-Wing Wonder!

    In early April we received a wonderful peeping box. 8 golden comets, a cinnamon queen, a speckled sussex. We were so excited to raise chicks again that we hurried them into the brooder, and after a few hours, handled the little balls of fuzz. Then we noticed something, looking down on them...
  5. calichooks

    chick without wings!

    i know i’ve been posting a lot on this forum and i apologize, but this little thing might just need some explaining. in our order of 20 chicks, one of 8 golden comets looked odd- and that’s because she’s wingless! no injuries, just born with one stub of a wing, and one wing completely gone! her...
  6. Colorado Trav

    Ayam Cemani Hybrids, First Time Hatching Eggs!

    Hey All! We have been proud chicken owners for a couple years but a few weeks ago decided to incubate and hatch eggs from our coop for the first time! We have one Rooster, an Ayam Cemani. We started with 6 eggs, so far 3 have hatched and 2 are Piping (at day 22). I would love any insight...
  7. Colorado Trav

    New Member from Colorado, Just Hatched First Eggs!

    Hey Everyone, My name is Travis and my fiancé and I have a little Urban Farm in Wheat Ridge, CO! Just introducing myself, so I guess I’ll go through the questions. I joined today because we decided for the first time a few weeks ago to incubate eggs from our flock and as of this morning...
  8. itsbrittanypearl

    What breed is Nugget??? 🐤🐤🐤

    This little sweetie came to my family last April and after all this time of thinking she is a Cinnamon Queen, I just want some other opinions 🙂 Thanks in advance!
  9. peeps 2.jpg

    peeps 2.jpg

    very first day !
  10. S

    Southeast Indiana

    New to BYC. Southeast Indiana, Switzerland County, on the Ohio River and border Southwest Ohio and Norrhern Kentucky. Flock for sale. Golden Comet Hens-21 Golden Comet Rooster-1 Golden Laced Wyandotte Hen-1 Easter Egger Hen-1 Golden Comet Gold Laced cross chick (hen)-1 Royal Palm Turkey Hen...
  11. comish83

    Lack of Uniformity From Big Breeder?

    I am roughly 8 weeks in to having chickens for the first time and I noticed two of the 5 breeds (I got 2 of each breed) don't appear to be uniform or look too similar. The pictures show my 2 Cream Legbars (bottom rung of ladder in 1st pic) and 2 Golden Buffs pullets are relatively different...
  12. B

    Chicken's Dying a Week a Part

    Hi Everyone, I'm sure this has been asked before but I am at a complete loss. Last week I lost one of my beautiful Golden Comet Chicken. She had no injuries as far as I could tell and was completely fine that morning. At first, I thought she was just taking a dust bath as she was in one of her...
  13. JadeFarms

    What gender is this? Super odd!!!

    I have a golden comet named Picasso. He/she has the colors of a girl, but the body of a boy. Almost 3 months. The crown is about an inch tall! He looks like a boy and a girl. Here’s a picture:
  14. green_thumb

    1st Timers- Recent Chicks? Breeds? Come share pictures!

    I've spent most of my time so far in the coop/run forums and I am so excited to make the jump over to here. I'm a first-time chicken wrangler and am set to pick my chicks up at Meyer Hatchery on May 28th (I'm lucky I live only 45 minutes away!!) Here is what I have ordered: 4 buckeye females...
  15. Bzfolks


    We just started raising chickens last spring and so far it has been much easier than I had anticipated. We have 4 golden comets who lay a lot of eggs! They are funny chickens. I had no idea chickens had such personalities!
  16. Gabbs2194

    Hello from Alabama

    Hey all! My name is Gabbie and I am located in Alabama. My husband and I recently became the proud owners of 6 sweet little chicks. We have two Rhode Island Reds, two Golden Comets, and two Isa Browns. I am excited to see where these little ones take us! We have already used this site...
  17. G

    Single year old ISA hen for loving home

    Carrollton, GA 30117. One of my year old hens is being picked on, and as a result won’t sleep on the perch. This is causing her to get a poopy butt. She lays 5-6 nice brown eggs a week. I’m hoping someone with a larger coop can adopt her. I’d like to get a muscovy or goose in trade. But she is...
  18. SBFChickenGirl

    Will I get Sex-Links?

    I have no clue if this is the right forum or not... but I was wondering if I would get autosexing chicks with the hens being Golden Comets/Red Sexlinks and the Roos being Production Reds. With Golden Comets the roos are white and the hens are red when born. Am I going to have to play the...
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