1. G

    Rhode Island Red? Pullet or Cockerel?

    11 weeks old, got him/her from Atwoods
  2. G

    Are these Delawares?

    I'm thinking they are both cockerels Got them from Atwoods and they are 5 weeks old
  3. G

    Unique Rooster

    Anyone have any guesses on what breed this guy is? I've never seen any that look like him He came from Atwoods His feathers aren't soft at all like the other rooster and hens and he's kind of scraggly. He's about 5 months old
  4. chickenchicklady

    Mystery Bird from McMurray Hatchery

    Hey all! I got a mystery bird thrown in my order of Meat birds (If I could have, I would have opted out of receiving a mystery bird because I think it will be too cold for it pretty soon), and I’m wondering if anyone has any guesses on what it could be? I’ll update with pictures every so often...
  5. G

    Thought they were RIR, now I'm not sure

    I thought Big Red and Penny were RIRs but they have white on their backs and face and black in their tail feathers. Sid is darker and a richer, solid red color. Could they still be RIRs or are they something else? Big Red and Penny are around 11 weeks old Sid is around 9 weeks old Got them all...
  6. K

    What breed is this?

    I adopted this chick about 3 or so weeks ago, the original owner wasn’t sure what it was as it was sold as a bantam. It’s definitely not a bantam, and I am thinking it’s a lavender Orpington but looking for a second opinion.
  7. WatkinsCluckers

    Received free pullets - but what are they?

    Rescued these pullets from a friend’s relative, but they have no idea what they are. What breed would you say they were? I have only Silkies, so they definitely look a bit different from those! Also, could anyone guess the age of them too?
  8. W

    Help! Gender Advice - 9 separate Chick pictures

    Hi Everyone! Second year with chickens, first time with chicks. these chicks are 5-6 weeks old 3 my hen hatched so I know the parents and 6 I bought as mysteries. I appreciate the help so my kids (and me!) don’t attached to roosters. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time googling and...
  9. C

    Brahmas & Buff Orpington's. Pullets or cockerels? (Pictures)

    Hi all! We've got 5 Brahmas that are 3 months old and 5 Buff Orpington's that are 2 months old. I've attached some pictures and wondered if anyone wanted to play the guessing game with us? Or is it still too early to tell? Here's the gallery, I've uploaded two photos of each chick at the same...
  10. Mamaporter

    4 week old EE chicks- pullet/cockerel?

    3 Easter Egger chicks- 4 weeks old! Any guesses? I’m thinking 1 & 3 are cockerels and 2 is a pullet.
  11. BarredRockMommy

    Mixed Breed Chick! Any guesses??

    Rescued this little thing yesterday. It is in treatment, so you don't have to comment about it's leg:) any guess on breed from this or wanna take stab at gender and test out your sexing abilities lol! It's only a couple days old and i know its too young to really tell, but though it would be...
  12. Ginmary

    Silkie: Try your luck at a guess. I 100% KNOW the answer

    SO, I will post the answer in a day or so. In the meantime, are you team pink or team blue? Make a guess and a brief reason why you think that way (or just a gut feeling) The chick was hatched 3/12/19. I believe it might be a silkie mix, not sure. It does have 5 toes. Here's the chick when we...
  13. K

    Can anyone help me guess the sex of my 2-3 week old chicks please

  14. daisyybrownn

    Hen or roo? Need help!!

    I have no clue what these are!! The pictures got scattered.. Barred rock- 3 months old Wyandotte- 1 month old White Cochin bantam- 2 months old light Brahma- 2 months old
  15. Ryn2011

    Golden/Silver-laced Wyandotte Sexing

    I have 11 golden and silver-laced Wyandotte chicks that are in the midst of being sexed. If you could guess for me on each corresponding numbered chick, that would be great. I think I have an idea of who is what now but some extra eyes would be helpful. 1 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  16. tinkerjessica

    Surprise Chicks!! Please help identify!!

    I got a mystery box from an online order a few weeks ago and was wondering if any one could help me identify the chicks?!! They are now 3 weeks old and there are 20 of them!! Just take your best guess because I'm clueless!!!
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