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  1. jewelg

    Run planning - how high does hardware cloth need to go?

    Hi, folks - in planning out our run, we know we'll have a roof (at least a partial one) and a predator apron, but I've seen photos of some runs with hardware cloth lining the entire height of each run wall, and others where it looks like the hardware cloth only goes up a few feet...
  2. Outdoor Run Fence

    Outdoor Run Fence

  3. A

    Tractor/coop Add hardware cloth to pvc & build for slope

    I need to make a chicken tractor with coop out of something light. We started to do one in wood and it’s too heavy even though small. I’m thinking PVC but wondering how to attach hardware cloth to it. We have eagles and hawks as well as coyotes. Also our property is sloped. Any build hints to...
  4. Legacy Farms

    Monster Run

    The monster run my husband had envisioned being 24'x37' ended up being 24'x24' because the digging here is brutal. He came home Thursday from work and asked how I only got 5 posts in all afternoon. So I handed him the breaker bar & shovel...two holes in, he decided 24x24 was big enough! 🤣...
  5. Lachmot

    Run floor: dirt and deep litter overtop hardware cloth?

    Hi all, I have a 2x3 meter space designated for an integrated coop and run in a small backyard, just now starting to gather materials and build. Unfortunately, I won't be able to deeply bury hardware cloth around the coop perimeter because of heavy tree and shrub roots in the area, which...
  6. J

    Hardware Cloth-buying vs. building

    Hi everyone, our family really wants to start with chickens. A local Amish company sells 6x8 coops for $725. When I investigated building my own (4x10) the price quickly got high (close to $700 because of the hardware cloth. I was looking at using about( 3) 25 foot rolls of 19 gauge from the box...
  7. BluebirdHomestead

    A few coop and run questions.

    My coop renovations are underway - I’m adding a hardware cloth apron around the bottom of the run, and adding hardware cloth over top of the chicken wire. This summer I’ll put a real roof, but for now I’m just going to use a see-through tarp over top and be sure to keep an eye on snow load. The...
  8. boggart

    Renovating a 40+ Year Old Coop!

    This old half chicken coop half small livestock barn has been on our land for at least 40 years, and probably more than that. It existed when the previous owner purchased the property sometime in the early 80s! And it came with the best old barncat we called Tiger, who’s since passed away. We’ve...
  9. E

    Hardware cloth roof

    Will a hardware cloth roof sag? Will obviously need to use a snow broom to clear it off in winter. Planning on using hardware cloth for the roof and attaching it to the peak of the coop and reinforcing the other pieces with 2 by 4s. The corner posts are level, so aside from the coop roof...
  10. bateshomesteaddream

    Combs injured on hardware cloth

    Let me start out by saying we are new to chicken owning. We have six 4 wk old chicks. Yesterday & today we put them in their run for a little out door time during the day. Today when we went out to bring them back into their brooder (the spare bathroom) we saw that all 6 of them have scratched...
  11. Pmv17

    Hardware cloth or chicken wire

    Our run is going to be a re-purposed dog run made out of chain link fence. We know it needs to be re-inforced a foot below ground and 3ft up. Can we get away with chicken wire? What about over the top which is currently open? Chicken wire or hardware cloth? Our predators are: dogs, coyotes and...
  12. B

    Safe/durable paint for hardware cloth in chicken area?

    What paint would you recommend that would be food-safe / chicken-safe to use on hardware cloth wire that will be in a garden and chicken area? Thanks!
  13. My First Chicken Coop/Run and How I'm Building a Better, Bigger Coop for New Baby Chick Arrival

    My First Chicken Coop/Run and How I'm Building a Better, Bigger Coop for New Baby Chick Arrival

    I got the chicks before the eggs! This will be my second year of raising chicks. I got five 2 week old chicks from TSC last year on a whim - no supplies yet except the pine flake, feeder, waterer, and feed I got the same day. Put them all in a big cardboard box on the porch (one of them died...
  14. Johnny829

    Which hardware cloth is better for quail pen?

    Hi guys, I may need some advises to decide which hardware cloth is better. And by saying better, I mean sturdier, last longer, better at keeping predators away, etc. So I'm planning to build a 9 ft x 9 ft x 6 ft quail pen/run and I'm raising them on the ground. Number 1 is 19 gauge, 1/2 mesh...
  15. CanadaEh

    protecting existing fence with hot electric wire from raccoon/mink

    We have raccoon frequenting chicken run at night in search for food scraps (the run doubles as a compost pile). I don't like that proximity of raccoon to chickens (locked in the coop at night, but still) + possibility of decease transmission via food sharing or feces. I recon it is time to spend...
  16. CanadaEh

    nest box bottoms - screened vs solid?

    Should I use screened (1/2" or 1/4" hardware cloth) or solid (plywood) bottoms in our nest boxes? I understand the rationale for screened one is to allow poop/dust to fall through and only good bedding to remain in the box. Does it really work or does it only ad limitations on what to use as...
  17. T

    Ventilation Advice: Windows near roosts on a Houston coop? (See pics)

    The 8x10 coop is under construction. We are using Garden Shed plans that my husband modified to add extra windows along the back for ventilation. I just realized that along the solid roosting wall (right hand side when facing porch/entrance), there are windows on each side, north and south, that...
  18. Thechickentrainer1999

    Which is stronger?

    Which is stronger, 1/2 inch hardware cloth or 1/4 inch hardware cloth? Also is there any place to get it cheaper than amazon?
  19. paigespeeps

    Under the run

    Hi all :frow So I've been dreaming about chickens for years, and am finally moving to a town that allows them! :celebrate I'm just now in the designing stage and could use some suggestions. We have a TON of predators. Our house is next to a cornfield and grain elevators so field mice are a huge...
  20. C

    Anyone painted their hardware cloth black?

    Is it worth doing it? What kind of paint did you use?
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