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  1. LondonKallie

    Crossbred Ducklings Hachalong #1

    So I'm new to BYC and I have a post already going about my Twin duck egg over here : https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/twin-ducklings-in-1-egg-what-should-i-expect.1419696/ which is included in this clutch of hatch-a-long ducks :) I will be updating this top original post with the...
  2. Y

    Bruised egg during hatching

    Today is day 28 of hatching my duck eggs (Pekin), and I went to check for any internal pipping, unfortunately still none :( and then I noticed some bruising on the under side of the egg so I carefully lifted it without turning to get a better look, and the bruising seems quite large. I’ve tried...
  3. MammaDuck12020.jpg


    The duck Bill's first off spring.
  4. Duckegghelpneeded

    What do I need in preparation for hatching eggs??

    Hi, I’m about to start incubating six Indian runner duck eggs and I want to be prepared! I have a candler, an incubator (of course!) and I’m about to purchase a hygrometer- furthermore I am not sure what hygrometer to get I am looking at getting the htc 1 off Amazon, is that alright? Also I was...
  5. C

    Upstate ny adk

    hello! I am vary excited to finally have chicken's of my own. I am new to owning them myself even though I have been around them before with friends growing up. I have 6 isa browns, 2 orphington,2 Barhams and I can't remember the other breed lol but I have 6 of them. I also have 6 ducks,1...
  6. K

    Abandoned duck eggs

    Around april 18 my sister and her boyfriend found a Pacific Black duck and her 13 eggs on our grandparents boat, the bad thing is the boat was getting sold so i made the decision to go out on the boat and make her trust me. I went out everyday, just sitting with her, feeding her and she slowly...
  7. D

    Information for successful Duck egg hatching

    Hi everyone, thanks for the add!! I’ll try to be as clear as possible. We have attempted to hatch out our Peeking duck eggs. Out of 7 eggs only 3 were fertile and 1 successfully hatched. So we are going to attempt again this time with 14 eggs. I’ve been collecting and storing the eggs at room...
  8. X3Jack930

    HELP! First time NERVOUS Hatcher-Duckling pipped! Not ready at all- please help!

    one of my ten ducklings has pipped- I did not stop turning or ramp humidity at all because I thought I had three to four days to go and was planning on doing this step tomorrow. I just ramped my humidity and will add safety air hole at noon tomorrow if I don’t see an external pip from first...
  9. W

    new duckling is looking sleepy after coming out early - possibly infected??

    so yesterday one of the last duck eggs was hatching, (nearly fully out) and i had a look at his yolk sac, which was not fully absorbed. (he was taking days to come out so we had to help him a bit) it wasnt fully absorbed, so i left him in his egg to wait for him to be ready. a few hours later he...
  10. X3Jack930

    Help! I don’t know how old my eggs are!

    I noticed a mallard duck in my front yard garden over a period of almost a week and found her nest. About 2:30 AM on 04-06-2020, Mama Duck was taken by a fox- it was COLD & raining, so I scooped up the eggs, googled how to hatch without a “broody duck”, made a cardboard box bator (tin foiled...
  11. Ctducklady

    Help please! Duckling hatched with severe leg deformity!

    hi everyone I really need some advice ASAP if possible. I hatched ducklings for the first time this month . 7 of my 7 eggs hatched but the 7th duckling hatched on day 29th with a leg severely deformed. It was an assisted hatch as it had externally pipped on day 28th but hadn’t made much progress...
  12. ColleenRyan

    My Ducks Are Trying To Hatch Babies

    Hi! My two female ducks lay on their eggs all day. One in particular lays on them much more than the other female and they become frantic when I try to check the eggs out. I candled an egg tonight outside from their hutch when it was dark and I saw some eggs were completely dark with the air...
  13. T

    Ducks not hatching

    I’m currently incubating 2 duck eggs Wednesday was hatch date and so far all there doing is just shaking it’s been about 60 hours and not really any progress, I kinda feel like they might not be able to hatch, should I be worried?
  14. Graceeelizabeth5

    Broody Duck Hatching!

    Hi, so I'm rather new to all of this. My Pekin Min has been through a lot. With being the main target by my drake, and then somehow breaking her leg we kept her separate to rest and heal. We used a huge dog crate in the barn to keep her separated. And at night since the drake couldnt get to Min...
  15. Dfarago

    HELP!!!! Eggs not hatching

    My Muscovy duck has been sitting on her eggs for 37 days now and the eggs still haven’t hatched. No piping, nothing. I candled six eggs and I can see movement inside the eggs, everything devolved how it’s supposed to (or at least in comparison to pics on the internet). Is there something wrong...
  16. Dfarago

    When to incubate eggs

    My Muscovy has laid 20 eggs over the course of two weeks. Her last egg was laid six days ago, however she’s not getting as broody as my other female. She’s completely covered the nest with hay but spends most of her time outside of her nest. Should I give it another few days and see what she...
  17. Tsam88

    Malpositioned/shrink wrapped duckling?! HELP!

    Hey y’all!! I’m new to this forum and new to hatching ducklings. We have had ducks for a year now and these are our first babies... I have read many threads here on what to do... we are currently on day 30 and I’m a little worried... I feel like this little Guy is malpisitioned and possibly...
  18. CLovesDucks

    The Mallards HATCHED! Question about ‘wry neck’

    Hi BYC friends! 4 of my 9 duck eggs (mallards - runners are in progress) have hatched! I left them in the incubator for 24 hours and then put them in the brooder. Three of them are doing great and are cheeping and sitting upright. I have one, who is secretly my favorite, that can’t hold her...
  19. S

    Cayuga duck eggs overdue

    Hi There, Looking for advice please. I had 6 cayuga duck eggs incubating and upon the process only 2 proceeded to develop. I had silkie chickens years ago but this is first time for ducks. The eggs were due to hatch 1-2 days ago but still nothing. Upon candling I can see movement as if the...
  20. HenzandHoundzFarm

    How long until I get fertile eggs?

    I'm going to pick up a new drake on Wednesday! I'm so excited! :D I'm going to have to separate him for a few weeks but I'm pretty sure he's really healthy so I'll put him in with my girl soon. How long after they are put together can I begin collecting eggs that will be fertile? :confused: It's...
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