1. M

    First Ever Hatch Along! - Maran Mixes

    My first chick started pipping last night around 8:30pm, at about 7am this morning I heard the peeping of the first baby! This is my first hatch, quite a compulsive decision. We had to cull our rooster after he tried attacking me, but I didn't want to miss trying for some olive eggers! I was...
  2. PhelanHeritageBirds

    Today is hatch day!!! First timer just excited!!!

    So excited this is my first hatch. Too be honest I probably let more eggs stay in than I should have so I hope none explode. I just feel I waited so long for this day and I’ll be happy if just three open up. I just need three so they can have each other. I’m just so excited!!!!
  3. S

    HELP I prematurely cracked an egg on day 19

    I have no idea what I’m doing, my boss’s kid is hatching quails in the smart mini automatic incubator and we almost threw them out! I had a feeling to check to see if they were really all duds, and I lightly pushed on the egg and it cracked,and the chick started CHIRPING. I felt so bad...
  4. C

    Need help with first time mama duck

    I posted this in the incubating and hatching eggs but didn’t get much of a response. My anacona became a first time mom yesterday hatching out 3 beautiful baby ducklings. To keep the babies safe I closed off her part of the run from the rest of the flock a few days prior to hatching. She...
  5. JLoWil

    Pipping now!!!

    This is my first time hatching in an incubator. Today is day 21. One is Currently pipping. Here’s a video. Does everything look ok? It’s chirping and moving around
  6. Missadiellis

    Troubleshooting My First Hatch

    Hello! I just recently had my first hatch! The eggs are button quail (so tiny!) and I bought 15 eggs online from a reputable farm that wasn’t too too far away. They got here next day shipping and went right into the bator. I kept the humidity steady at 40-45% until lockdown on day 14, but had...
  7. Missadiellis

    Crooked Toes on Button Quail

    I’m new to hatching, and I incubated 15 button quail eggs recently. 9 hatched, and out of those 9, 2 of them have crooked toes. I think my humidity was off during lockdown. How will this affect breeding? They are pets so I likely won’t breed but if I decide to, how likely is it that the babies...
  8. Z

    Egg dark and solid when candled but a little late to hatch?

    So one of the eggs hatched 1-2ish days early and the other is due to hatch today but there are no signs it has pipped yet (small crack or peeping) but when candled it looks like it should for day 21 (solid dark except for the air bubble) which is why we were confident it would hatch. Is it...
  9. No nonsense old freezer brooder

    No nonsense old freezer brooder

    I've been meaning to do an article on brooders for a while but never got around to it. This is a brooder I've used since 2007. I've made fancier brooders since then but they've never worked as well as this old simple one. As you can tell from the pictures, there is not much to it. It's an old...
  10. B

    Call Duck Hatching -how much noise?

    I have 4 call duck eggs today is day 25 I came home and I heard a little squeak and saw a bit of movement one has internally pipped. How much noise should I be hearing? I don't know when/how long ago he internally pipped and if I should be adding a safety hole? What do you guys suggest?
  11. Diveks

    Button quail chick won’t eat

    So i hatched quails yesterday, one hatched out perfect while the other needed help, when it was fully out i realized why it couldn’t go out by itself, it had issues with one of it’s legs and wings and was also pipping upside down (not aircell) unfortunately the little guy only lived for around a...
  12. CRH


    The title is a little much but I’m in need of serious help. My ducks had eggs turns out they were fertilized there about 10 of them? there mama has been sitting on them daily but 2 days ago, I picked up an egg and out it to our Hatcher light (pic in post). To see if it was fertilized and it...
  13. A

    First time chick mom - 3 hens broody at once

    Hi there, I have 3 hens sitting in 3 nesting boxes. 2 started within days of each other, and the 3rd started a week late. The boxes are 36 inches off the floor. Should I move all 3 when the chicks hatch to the floor in separate boxes or put them in the shed I. The run? Should I build a ramp to...
  14. R

    Will my button quail hatch her eggs?

    Is it normal for her to lay eggs wherever and just ignore them? Will she gather the eggs when she's ready to incubate? How many eggs will she lay before sitting on them? Right now she has five eggs in the enclosure, just ignoring then. The enclosure is decently sized and they have a sort of arch...
  15. le_bwah

    Broody Coturnix #3

    Well, maybe more like #2.5 since this is Wilma's second go-round on "real" eggs. She's done everything a mother hen can do to give her adopted babies a shot at coming out, and weathered some impressive rain storms the last couple days. With luck, there will be chicks before Sunday. Have a...
  16. J

    Cross breed hatching

    My neighbor gave me these eggs to incubate. She labelled them above. The roo is a Blue Cochin. Does anyone have any idea what these crosses may look like? The 3 I have marked don't look to be viable, but I'm keeping them in for the next week to be 100% sure.
  17. J

    Maran Imposter!

    I received Black Copper Maran eggs from a local farmer and one hatched chick looks suspiciously like a campine 🧐. I assume maybe a campine and maran mix if anything as it came from a dark brown egg. Here are some pictures of the chick. It has spots around its eyes, striped back, and a little...
  18. HeritageFan

    Incubator advice for ducks and Turkeys

    I have had ducks for a few years, and finally bought an incubator last year. I had a very low hatch rate, on my first try, but my ducks were 5 years old and I’m pretty sure that was the biggest problem w my first attempt. I was given a dozen duck eggs a few weeks ago from a friend who has the...
  19. J

    Everything that went wrong with my first hatch

    Hi there, I'd like to share my experience with my first hatch ever. We got chickens two times before, but those were hybrid chickens and they died after 3-4 years. After that, we decided to not keep chickens anymore, but when we found an Omlet Chicken coop, we finally were ready for chickens...
  20. H

    Newly broody Turkey and almost to lockdown eggs.

    So I have a 2 year old black Spanish hen that has just gone broody within the last couple of days. We do not have a tom anymore for fertile Turkey eggs to hatch and I have an incubator full of eggs due to hatch this Saturday (5 days away). If she just went broody, is it too soon to put chicken...
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