1. JellyrollBrahma

    Need advice on broody pullet!

    I have a pullet who has been laying a couple of months. She recently decided to stay on the eggs in the nesting box. The problem is, its cold outside averaging at 20 degrees, but has gone down in the single digits. The coop it warmer since its right against the house, and her nest is against the...
  2. BDutch

    Discussion and stories about the best time of the year to hatch chicks

    When is a good time to hatch chicks? And why? 0f course this depends on where you all live. So this is and invitation to all the people on BYC to tell when they hatch, and why they don’t in e.g. summer or winter. Please tell us about your climate and where you live in a way we all...
  3. M

    Fertile Eggs Vs. Chicks??

    So I have a flock, and it seems healthy with birds at 14, 18, and 22 weeks old. In the spring I want to add a few, and some 25-50 Rock Cornish perhaps. More than one batch over the spring is likely so we and our neighbor get 50 each for the freezer(s). What are the reasons I would want...
  4. E

    Ducklings hatched with Yolk not fully absorbed.

    I had a time crawling all over internet articles that pertain to ducklings and chicks hatching with their yolks not being fully absorbed. Which seems to be surprisingly rare. This may sometimes occur when the duckling/chick is premature. All of the articles I came across had rather sad...
  5. Jemima Duck

    Duckling mass death diagnostic

    Hello BYC, I hate to have to write this message out because I'm bordering on crying. 7/7 ducklings that made it to hatch have died shortly after hatching. Important information: *The eggs were from young birds, they had only been laying for a few months. They were small, to the point that...
  6. Nats Chickens

    Will Belle be a good mother??

    i have an almost 3 year old RIR x Australorp, she is broody for the 4th time in her life. We tried giving her day old chicks last time but she didn’t accept them and we raised them inside. I am considering getting some semi fertile eggs for her if mum lets me. Might hatch a chick or 2. Do you...
  7. D

    incubation to 2500m over the sea

    maybe somebody, has incubated eggs to 2500m over the sea, do you have any recomendation about temp or humidity. I have a incubator from farm innovators pro series incubator 4250, and from 30 eggs i have hatch 2 TKS
  8. Eggs2chicks

    Should I help them hatch out and how. HELP!!!

    So she abandoned the eggs after 3 hatched. Two others were not viable and two were. So the two that were are inside under a heat lamp. First night in one was pecking but never broke the shell. They are both still moving. Should I help them hatch. They were laid sept 2nd. Please help don’t want...
  9. john_wrightson2003

    Educational Hatch Adventure and Chat Thread!!!!

    So, i will be getting some silkie eggs from a bycer who has been so amazing to work with! And I should be receiving them the second week or so of November! I may also be getting some Lavender orpington eggs to hatch with them!!! So to fill the time between me getting them, and then the time...
  10. Eggs2chicks

    Need help with chicken sitting on eggs. Should hatch soon

    Hi y’all. I need helpful information. So on March 30th my silver sebright starting nesting on 6-7 eggs. Now we are coming up on hatching time, though we didn’t do any candling or anything. Just let nature take its course. We kept removing unmarked eggs as they kept adding to her nest. No one...
  11. 16Chickens Keeper

    Hatching eggs from older hens

    So I'm wanting to hatch out eggs next spring from my hens, I have 3 that are going to be 3 years old, 10 hens that are gonna be 2 and 2 hens that are gonna be 1 1/2. My questions How fertile will they be? Would I have to give them high-quality feed prior to collecting eggs? What would be...
  12. DuckDaddy29

    Urgent/Duckling overdue for hatching

    It’s day 33 of hatching and my mallard duckling hasn’t even piped yet. When we try tapping on the egg shell, we don’t hear a chirp or anything. When we try candling it, we don’t see movement. It also has a black spot inside the shell that has been there for a few days now. We had another egg...
  13. Pretty Birds

    Broody Pullet Hatched Six Chicks!

    My broody Austra White pullet, Judy, hatched six baby chicks! This is the first time this has happened successfully, and I am so happy! I plan to move them into a coop where she can raise them. Can anyone give me a summary of what to expect? When is it time to put Judy back with her flock? I...
  14. john_wrightson2003


    Come on come all, if you are a hatch-a-holic, or ever hatched any chicks :love, then this is the thread for you! It IS a real addiction, and you should be proud to admit it! If you have never hatched any chicks, you are definitely missing out, but i am legally obliged to warn you that you will...
  15. M

    Scissor beak chick pipped at wrong end

    I have one chick left to hatch and the problem is she has scissor beak and is Pipped on the wrong end. I have removed the shell so it’s just the membrane after 24 hours but I still don’t wanna open her egg just Incase. I don’t know what to do.
  16. Kennedycera18

    Mixing buff and white

    Hello I was wondering what would happen if I mix my buff rooster with my white hen .... would I get solid color silkies ? What color chicks do you think would hatch?
  17. Thesweetbirdsflock

    Who doesn’t love a broody with chicks???

    :wee:wee:wee:wee:wee:weethis is where you can post all those cute mama and chick pictures! I would love to see them!
  18. P

    Incubator Help

    I made a mistake i didnt turn off the " turning eggs" after 18th and today is 21st day and i just turned it off today.I forgot about it. so there any chance they would be able to hatch. as of yet none have hatched.
  19. P

    Broody Hen pale Comb Help Help!!!!

    Hi i got a broody Hen sitting on egg buh she got pale comb and is weak a bit and i saw red mites on her. My question is she is on day 16 and she is nearly around the cornor to hatch eggs.Now what shall i do?. shall i separate and make a new place for her and yeh i m defint gona treat her buh my...
  20. M

    Chicken not moving.

    Chick hatched, but now not moving. It took about 15-20 minutes to hatch. I've never seen a chick sta y still this long but I've also never seen one hatch so fast. Is this normal?
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