1. A

    Goose eggs and movement

    Hi, I’m hatching two goose eggs for the first time and they are both going wrong on day 13! My question tho is how much should they be moving? Mine look like they are having a rave in there, can they move too much? Thanks
  2. PioneerChicks

    February Hatch-A-Long

    Anybody planning a hatch in February? I am hoping too, but don't have any dates set for certain yet. Hoping to see some cute chicks! :pop
  3. J

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance Incubator $175.00 Condition is used; i used it for 3 hatchings. It will do 7 chicken eggs, or more smaller eggs if you get a different tray . Unit works great. Message if any more info needed . I will ship at your expense .
  4. T

    Hatching chicks the old timey way

    Does anyone on here hatch chicks the old timey way? We’re looking into doing this in the spring/summer when we won’t need a brooder. We live in the south so our summers are hot. I remember my mother marking the eggs and letting the hen set but can’t remember what to do leading up to this so...
  5. Spicegirlfam

    New to Hatching Eggs

    hi all, In spring I am thinking about buying and hatching fertile eggs due to losing some chickens in the previous year. This will be my first time hatching eggs. I currently have 3 laying hens. I haven't decided if I should hatch them with an incubator or with one of my hens. what do you...
  6. BoujeeAcres

    Best time to hatch eggs

    When should I buy and hatch eggs? I'm in northern PA so winter is cold. I have a lot of space inside and could put them in one of the guest rooms in my basement. If I want the to lay sometime in the spring should I start now?
  7. SugaryPanPan

    Newly Hatched Silkie, Can’t Stand, Lays on Side

    Hello! I’m a new chicken mom, and I we had two successful hatches. Alas, the third had a dried membrane and ended up being somewhat of an assisted hatch (it pushed itself out at the end but we had to wet the membrane). For the first two hours it was able to waddle around properly and then it was...
  8. L

    Lavender Orpington Rooster X Red Sex Link Hen... What will my babies look like??

    Hey guys, first day as a real member of the BYC community, been a lurker for years. Joined literally just to ask this question. lol. Attaching pics of the rooster and hens. The only Lavender hen isn't laying quite yet, so all the babies will be a crossbreed. Has anyone done this particular cross...
  9. Prophecyx1

    Should I be worried?

    So this is a duck, but regardless. His little foot, and beak are out of the shell, but he doesnt have enough shell gone to get out? Is he stuck? Is there something I need to do? Or does this happen often? I never experienced this with chickens, but it could be because I have never noticed...
  10. - Serama Mama -

    My first perfect hatch; 7/7 Silkies!

    Howdy BYC! Tonight was hatch day for the last set of shipped eggs for the year. I won an auction I didn't expect to win for some bearded silkies and, after using HatchBright liberally almost every day when I opened the lid, I had a perfect hatch in my incubator, my very first ever! I am so...
  11. L

    Mama hen pecking at hatching babies

    I have this hen, sweetest little thing, and we let her hatch her own eggs. They're hatching today and she's been pecking at the pipping hole of one egg. If we turn the egg upside-down so she can't see the hole she slides it under her like normal. There's already one dead baby that died while...
  12. J

    I think I killed a chick by helping hatch!!!

    Thank you in advance! I just hatched my second group with a broody hen. They were fertilized at different times so after the first five hatched the momma hen kept kicking the last two eggs out. I thought she was just tired of sitting so I tried to put them under another hen. One pipped but...
  13. jjhllnd

    Day 21, nothing happening!

    I know I am probably being impatient. Today is day 21 and we were really looking forward to watching eggs hatch. I have 2 dozen eggs in the incubator. How many days past 21 can it take for the eggs to hatch. My temp has been kept between 99-101 but my humidity has been high. The whole time it...
  14. RaisingDucks2020

    Hatching eggs

    My mallard is starting to lay her nest of eggs.. one of my ducks kicked out 2 eggs so far. I did some reading and it sounds like they are "dead" eggs? .. i gathered them up in hopes maybe they arent "dead" eggs and I can hatch them my self? How long can you keep them in the open without a...
  15. Sheriloo3

    Emergency hatch, had to help. Did i do the right thing?

    Hello all! The deed has already been done, as I didn't have a minute to spare looking up info before I did it. Basically, I'm looking to find out if I did the right thing and if I'm on the right track! I hatched 9 Ayam Cemani eggs yesterday (certainly not my fist hatch, but my first emergency...
  16. B

    External Pip but no movement/peeps

    Hi, I’m on day 20 today and I’ve woken up to find an external pip. I haven’t seen any movement in the egg and heard no sounds (I’ve played chick sounds and gently tapped on the incubator glass). Humidity has gone down to around 61% during the night so not sure when I should up it. Is this...
  17. T

    Aircell problem duck egg

    Hi has any1 had success hatching a duck egg with an aircell this bad? It literally covers more than half the egg all down 1 side and bottom xxIt's been like this from the start a was gona jus bin it but ended up putting it in incubator to see, Day 23 and moving and growing, seen the egg rolling...
  18. 5

    Hen was broody for 1 day?

    1 of my GLW hens went broody and sat on nothing for 24 hours because I took 3 eggs out from under her, tonight she is back on the perch with the rest. I was hoping to place fertile eggs under her tomorrow but dont know that I should trust her now? Did removing the eggs take her off the brood?
  19. 5

    Chicken hatching quail eggs?

    How many quail eggs could a large Gold laced wyandotte successfully cope with? Thanks in advance.
  20. aurimilky

    Had 4 hatchs this year of duck eggs.

    I had 4 broody hen this year, which all sat on duck eggs, I had total of 41 duck eggs this year. My 1st hen hatched out, 1 Khaki Campbell duckling. My 2nd hen hatch out, 1 Khaki Campbell duckling and 1 Silver Appleyard duckling hatched. Later on my 3rd hen hatched out, 10 ducklings of Welsh...
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