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  1. LaughingLagomorph

    Is it worth it to order hatching eggs in November??

    Is it worth it to order hatching eggs through the mail in November? (I live in Virginia) I want to order quail hatching eggs but should I take the risk of them getting chilled? Does anyone have experience with how much this will affect the hatch rate?
  2. C

    Laying Flock of Black Australorps, April 2023 Hatch

    Located in the Tampa Bay Area. 9 Australorp Hens and 1 very active Rooster. All sorted for confirmation, personality and breed standard. Majority are laying as of 3 weeks ago... several more to kick in. They are equal to my Rhode Island Reds in egg quality. Perfect for someone selling hatching...
  3. J

    Failed Attempt at Hatching Pekin Bantam Eggs

    Hi there everyone! I recently went to a breeder and got 6 Mille fluer and Porcelain Pekin bantam eggs. I have a Janoel 24s incubator. She had been saving them for a week which I have read is perfectly fine. I candled the eggs at day 8 and saw that 5/6 eggs were developing which was great! Soon...
  4. K

    Looking for quail hatching eggs in southern Indiana

    Mostly looking for coturnix (jumbo or regular) and California valley eggs but open to others. Thank you!
  5. K

    Looking for Hatching Eggs in southern Indiana

    I’m not set on a specific breed. Just trying to see what’s available out there. Thanks!
  6. K

    Where to Buy - High Quality Silkie Hatching Eggs That Ship to Hawaii

    Aloha, I’m looking to get some high quality (bearded) Silkie hatching eggs but I’m not sure where I should order from. I live in Hawaii so anywhere on the west coast would be ideal but any recommendations at all are appreciated!
  7. HenriettaPizzaNolan

    Will allowing my broody hen to hatch out eggs discourage her from being broody in the future?

    No one told me how broody Australorps could be - omg!!! Mine is relentless and even with putting her in the "broody bin" and giving her daily soaks it can take over a week to break her. I love her but I'm getting so sick of doing this. We don't have a rooster and can't because of city rules, so...
  8. DovesFlock

    Egg hatching help needed!!

    So I have a bunch of eggs (25) that I’m trying to hatch. I have a few questions and concerns. Starting off last Wednesday (Aug 31) I tried to keep the eggs warm via candles until I could get back power. The ones I could transport I took to my aunts who has a generator. So they weren’t without...
  9. DovesFlock

    Day 22-23 with no air sac and weird smell

    So I can’t smell much as is but I noticed a smell in my incubator. i had a bunch of eggs that needed to hatch/were going to hatch/are going to hatch soon in here. This is my lockdown incubator. I already had 4 eggs that are going day 26 and two going on day 21 -23. I took the one that was on day...
  10. A

    Looking for eggs from healthy chickens with blue eyes or heterochromia

    Hi! I would like to buy eggs from chickens with unique eyes! I've seen some people on this site with beautiful chickens with light blue eyes with light brown, light blue eyes with orange, different color eyes, and marbled eyes. Please message me or reply in this thread if you have any fertile...
  11. LaughingLagomorph

    Hi, I'm hopefully a future breeder of ayam cemanis and others!

    I am by no means new to chicken keeping and have been obsessed with birds and homesteading since I was a young child. I currently have 5 ayam cemani, 2 unknown bantams, and 2 broad breasted white turkeys. I used to have a much larger variety of poultry and breeds. I am freelance commission...
  12. M

    fertilized eggs got moved inside for 12 hours

    The day after I got fertilized eggs for my broody hen to hatch my husband thought our chickens laid them and brought them inside (our house is around 69/71 degrees). I noticed around 12 hours later and put them back under her. I’ve had 2 of the 5 eggs hatch. One on day 18 and one on day 20. The...
  13. AngelinaThePekin8

    Broody hatched ducklings need some pointers on the sooner side

    My 4 year old khaki Campbell hen went (this is her very first time broody) broody and her eggs hatched today some of the ducklings don't seem to energetic right now and its making me a bit worried, their all staying with their mom on the nest she's still sitting on some eggs which I don't think...
  14. T

    Offering Azure hatching eggs

    sorry, wrong forum. I didn't know how to remove the post.
  15. Heartsopenwide

    Is my chicken soft boiling eggs? 😝

    Had this ever happened to you?: I started with 17 BCM hatching eggs I bought for my broody Cuckoo Marans. One disappeared. One she tossed, which cracked and had an embryo in it 😟. I tossed 3 last week that were not fertilized. I tossed two more tonight that were not fertilized. One of the two...
  16. Ankaa

    First time, day 4 how do these eggs look?

    Hello, this is my first time doing this on my own and was just wondering how these day 4 eggs look? First half are unknown mixed breeds and second half are Ayam Cemanis. Thank you for your guidance. Important note, the last two AC eggs were cracked when I got them (one internal and one external)...
  17. D

    Day 22

    18 variety colored chick eggs three are speckled duck I'm on day 22 I placed them day 1 at night...incubator is the styrofoam kind..temp was 100 105 pretty steady... humidty I did not add water every day in the channels..didn't see no moisture on top. Candled 3,10, 18...some over half dark..the...
  18. ravensravelry

    Broody hatching advice

    Hello! I have a silkie hen that has been broody over a clutch for just over a week now. I'm checking every day to make sure no one has hatched(I know hatch date is 21-26 days but I'm making sure 😂), but this leads me to my question; when they do hatch, is it better to take them out into a...
  19. D

    Help broody mama left her nest overnight after 28 days, should I try incubating eggs?!

    Hi everyone! My mallard duck has been broody for 28 days and yesterday into last night she seems to be done being broody and abandoned the eggs. It got down to about 50°f last night. Would that be too cold to try to salvage the eggs and attempt to hatch them in the incubator? Thank you
  20. SanitySilkies

    Show-Q Parents, Hatching Eggs Available - North Ga.

    $42 for Half Dozen $72 for a Dozen Shipping not recommended, but we will ship for + $25. IG @SanitySilkies
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