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  1. A

    Duck pipped at wrong end of egg

    Hey everyone! I am new here, but this is my first time hatching eggs and BYC has literally been my saviour during this time. I currently have 11 duck eggs (5 runners, and 6 Cayuga) in the incubator. Only one of them has externally pipped as of now, and of course it’s on the wrong end of the...
  2. W

    Walnut Hollow Farm- organic pasture raised chickens

    Hello! My name is Meagan Engelgau and I guess you could say I’m getting reacquainted with chickens. I grew up on a farm in Northern Virginia raising organic produce, and we had Rhode Island Reds. My grandpa is a wealth of chicken knowledge, and he just told me that HIS grandma, my great great...
  3. DucksNchickenss

    Help! My duck egg is a late hatcher!

    It's been about 30 days since this duck egg first started the incubating process. For the first 28 days it was being incubated by one of my hens. But it got really cold over the past few days and the hen keeps getting up to eat constantly so we brought it inside and put it in the incubator and...
  4. connieconnie

    Looking for Croad Langshan hatching eggs UK?

    Hi, I've been researching and found out about a beautiful breed; Croad Langshan! :love They apparently have gorgeous personalities, interesting plum or lilac hued eggs and black with green sheen feathering! However, It turns out they're a pretty rare breed. I've been looking online and only...
  5. Aleelupton

    Olive Egger Barnyard Mix + Serama Hatching Eggs For SALE

    I have an over abundance of fertile hatching eggs every week and end up giving them to family and friends to eat. •I have fertile hatching eggs from an Olive Egger Roo and the following breeds: Easter Egger Blue Ameraucana Olive Egger Barred Plymouth Rock Lavender Orpington Welsummer Speckled...
  6. Shay1Bear

    ISO cabinet incubator

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a cabinet incubator for hatching this season, if anyone has one for sale near Oklahoma please let me know. I'm willing to travel! Thanks in advance!
  7. AltonaAcres

    Shipped Hatching Eggs, Any Advice??

    Hey everyone! Hope ya'll are having a great Tuesday. My friend ordered me 12 Orpington hatching eggs for my birthday and she got an update that they are coming today! I will head by her house to pick them up as soon as she texts me. I have hatched two batches of shipped eggs before and had a 20%...
  8. bellamoran27

    two egg yolks?

    recently my lady ducks started laying eggs, and for the fun of it, I thought I'd try to hatch some. it's been two days since and I decided to take a peak. I noticed two dark spots while candle lighting this egg... are there two yolks? and if so, will it still hatch? (with two ducklings??)
  9. czsilverwolf

    ISO Runner Duck Hard to Find Colors

    I have been looking around and noticed that there are only 4 color variations of Indian Runner ducks commonly available in the U.S. (fawn, chocolate, blue, and black). However there are supposed to be other common color variations like White, Penciled, Buff, and Gray (Mallard). There are also...
  10. FoodFreedomNow

    ISO Black Indian Runner Hatching Eggs

    Looks like my Runners have started laying again:woot, so am hoping another BYCer's have, too. Please let me know if you have Runner hatching eggs (BBS or just black) or if you expect to have some in spring that can be shipped. TIA!
  11. Rlmp817

    ISO Bantam Cochin eggs but....

    I am in California, so you MUST be in driving distance from Atascadero, CA. We are under shipping quarentine and chicks/eggs cannot go through the postal service, sooo... I am willing to roadtrip a bit :D
  12. Rlmp817

    ISO Bantam Cochin eggs but....

    I am in California, so you MUST be in driving distance from Atascadero, CA. We are under shipping quarentine and chicks/eggs cannot go through the postal service, sooo... I am willing to roadtrip a bit :D
  13. Lone Star Chicken Lady

    Dark Brahma Or Lavender Brahma Hatching Eggs

    I am looking for someone that can ship dark Brahma or lavender Brahma hatching eggs. I am wanting to hatch in March. I live in TX. Thanks!
  14. Magicman1623

    Black F1 Olive Egger Hatching Eggs

    Anyone interested in F1 Olive Egger Hatching Eggs? Offspring will all be all black and could have beards and muffs.
  15. BluRoo Farm OH

    Hatching Eggs for Sale -Black, Blue, Splash Australorps

    At BluRooFarmOH we take a lot of pride in Breeding Australorps to the Industry Standard of Protection. We started our breeding from Stock from Rattlesnack Ridge. He does a fantastic job of breeding, and has a wealth of knowledge. We have much gratitude for him. We have also added a Black Rooster...
  16. Pennys Mama

    Wanted: Button eggs for hatching

    Looking for Button hatching eggs. Would be my 1st Button Hatch, so would like to take it easy on my 1st batch. (Is this posted in the right place?)
  17. cuckleberry

    Attempting to Hatch Diamond Dove Eggs, Any Tips?

    Long time no see, and hopefully everyone had a good holiday! My partner and I were gifted two diamond dove eggs and although we currently own one female diamond dove, we were going to try and incubate the eggs ourselves. We are setting up our incubator now. I've tried to look into what are...
  18. J

    Ayam cemani

    Fertile ayam cemani hatching eggs and chicks for sale. Message for details. Have a bit of a waiting list for chicks
  19. Alexandria_t

    How many eggs can a silkie sit on?

    My silkie has been broody so I decided to give her some eggs. I gave her 2 small standard size (a little bit bigger than a silkie egg) and 1 regular standard sized eggs. So far she has 3 eggs. How many eggs would you give a silkie? I was looking around and some people said 13-14?! I think that...
  20. Pennys Mama

    Heinz Variety Hatch-Along

    I just now set 56 of my own quail eggs, plus 10 guinea eggs, and in a week I'll add 11 +/- LARGE breed chicken eggs to hatch-along with the guineas. I've also got 3 turkey eggs that go in lockdown Sunday for a planned CHRISTMAS hatch!!! :bun:jumpy:yesss: :fl Edited: 59 quailies & 12 guineas...
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