hatching eggs

  1. L

    Last egg

    I bought a hen who had already laid eggs. I have ten eggs 8 have hatched and are healthy running around but there’s one egg left which hasn’t hatched and hen has taken out of nest and is sitting on it still the 10th has disappeared 🧐. But I’m unsure if I should take the last egg out or just...
  2. The-Chicken-Keeper

    Fertile or Not Fertile 2.0

    Hello again fellow chicken lovers! okay, so I think I have a fertile egg, since I witnessed one of my hens mating with my young roo yesterday. I believe the egg to the far right is fertile…?
  3. ChickChic00

    Barnyard Hatching eggs

    Hi, i didn't know where to post this question. I have 2 Roosters and 18 Hens. Starlight Green Egger-Rooster Lavender Orpington-Rooster Hens- 5 Black Australorps 4 Rhode Island Reds 2 Buff Orpingtons 2 Isa Browns 2 Barred Rocks 2 Delawares 1 Starlight Green Egger I live in TN, I wanted to know...
  4. Mrs. Fluffy Puffy

    White Rock and Pastel Egger Hatching Eggs

    Pastel Eggers My flock lays various shades of lovely soft, pastel colored eggs ranging from greens to blues. You will get a lovely variety of color both in the coloration of your chicks and their eggs. Spice up your flock by adding some of these to your flock! $24.00 for 1 Dozen Hatching Eggs...
  5. FluffyLambs

    Looking for Nankin hatching eggs! Please!

    Hello calling all Rose Comb Nankin breeders! I would like like to start breeding Nankins and I only have two right now. Their decent quality but I know I can't start my own line with one cock and one hen. I would like at least 8 or 10 eggs from a really good show line (no hatchery birds please)...
  6. KikiDeAnime

    Show me your candled dead week old eggs (Duck eggs)

    I know this might disturb some people but I need to compare to an egg that I'm suspicious of. As of tomorrow, it will have been 1 week since incubation started. The rest of the eggs are looking great but there's this one that's really throwing me off so I would like to compare it to know if it's...
  7. Henryshatchlings

    Chinese Goose eggs

    Hi there I have hatched chicken and duck eggs previously but first time goose Hatcher. We have had 4 eggs in the incubator for 12 days. I have been candelling them. They don’t look infertile and I can see a dark mass in the egg and some movement but can’t see and vein threads like I did with...
  8. KikiDeAnime

    KC/Cayuga Hatching Adventure

    I'll be buying 12 KC/Cayuga hatching eggs to put underneath our broody hen on Monday. The lady has both breed drakes with the ducks so I could have mostly mixed with possibly pure. Probably all mixed but it doesn't matter to me as I will be selling all ducklings a few days after they hatch...
  9. N

    Broody hens eggs and hot weather

    my hens been on some eggs for today is the 21 days from when I sat them under her. The last five days it’s been so hot I live in the high desert and she is off for longer periods is that normal do i just leave her be or put her back on them are the eggs gonna be ok in this heat.? This is my...
  10. MichyA

    Breeding Silkies

    Hi everyone! I’ve been a chicken owner for about 5 years now. I have about 40 chickens, all different breeds. I’ve been researching a good way to make $ off these chickens (so they can finally earn their keep... selling eggs for eating isn’t cutting it 😆) I’m very interested in selling Silkie...
  11. ninja333pirate

    looking for Sebright breeder for hatching eggs

    Hello, after a tragedy of losing half (so far) of the gold Sebrights I got in today and being shipped OEGBs instead of silver laced Sebrights (was suppose to have 8 of each for a total of 16 and now only have 4 Sebrights and the remaining don't look too strong) I am now going to look for an...
  12. urbangardengirl

    Broody hen gets to be a first time mom!

    I have 4 hens, all about two years old; two Buff Orpingtons and two Blacked-Barred Rocks. They are all quite sweet and get along great. One of my Orpingtons goes broody very easily and will not be deterred. Last year was my first year experiencing this and with a lot of constant interaction...
  13. Everose

    Welshie People, I need you!

    Where did you order your welshies? Were they breed standard? How many eggs annually? Were you satisfied with your order? I am looking for the best hatchery to order new welsh harlequin ducks. I have had some in the past (Metzer origins) and absolutely adored them, but unfortunately they were...
  14. V

    Mites on 19 day hatching eggs and broody

    Hey! Help! Two days ago we noticed a few mites on our broody hen. She and her eggs are separated from the flock, but in just two days the mites are everywhere! What can I do that will be safe for the hen and eggs? I’ve got another “broody hotel” I can move her in, but should I wash her, wash the...
  15. C


    Hi, I went away for a couple of days and someone else was looking after my eggs, they didn’t put the turning rod back into the slot properly so I’m not sure how long they weren’t turned for, anywhere between 1-3 days 😩 they’re now on day 20 and the egg sacks are looking way to big and have...
  16. N

    Help me guess what chickens these eggs are from?

    Hi all. I just got some hatching eggs from Ebay in the incubator this week. My fiance and son have been debating what chickens these eggs are from. Would yall mind taking some guesses? They can be from the following flock: Maran Black or blue australop Silver spangled hamburg Barnevelder...
  17. A

    Shipped eggs- loose membrane

    Hello! First time hatching shipped eggs. Have hatched many of my own successfully. They were treated pretty rough, packed well, but really tossed around. 2 arrived broken and all the rest (24) either had fully detached, partly detached, or saddled air cells. I’m very excited to have 21 going...
  18. Maleficent265

    English Lavender Orpington Eggs

    I have some English lavender Orpington eggs and I’m no Orpington expert, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me if these guys are pure/quality Orpingtons. I got the eggs for DIRT CHEAP. I’m not too sure what to look for but... here are the parents.
  19. ChickenWhisperer101

    Looking for a good incubator

    I’ve had chickens for quite some time now, and I’m getting some new chicks soon (in June) and some of them I’m looking to breed and hatch some eggs just for fun. I’ve seen lots of different brands and styles of incubators, and all of them have their pros and cons. I’m new to this, so any...
  20. Maleficent265

    Newbie! Wanting to sell eggs

    I started hatching chicks, Olive and Easter eggers to be precise, I’ve got great birds and super sweet roosters. Just a handful of people have expressed interest in purchasing chicks and hatching eggs from me. I definitely want to make a sale worth my while and make a buck or two but I also...
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