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  1. Eggsandbeyond

    Cocidia?? HELP!!

    I scoop the poop out of the coop every morning and noticed this one with blood tinged mucus in it. I have a younger flock on medicated feed and they will steal theirs sometimes. Should I treat with corid? Is it safe if they're eating medicated food? Do I need to toss their eggs while on the...
  2. BRyan1997

    Chicks keep dying

    Looking for advice. This is my first time raising chicks. I bought 10 and received 11 pullets. I received them on Thursday. This morning I checked on them before going to work and two were dead. My husband got home this morning and another was dead and one or two are dying. They were vaccinated...
  3. Ashcole

    8week old chick broken wing

    I have an 8 week old rir & light buff Brahma chick with a broken wing. About 2 hours ago when I went to let them out she was stuck between the coop wall and nesting box, (thankfully mama let me get her out without attacking me) the wing was splayed outwards but she jumped out of my hand and ran...
  4. OstarasEggs

    12 day EE chicks is this cecal poop or blood?

    12 day old EE chicks. We have noticed orange-reddish stuff in their poops, some almost stringy as if there is tissue in them. This has gone on 4-5 days now. Though maybe normal cecal, especially because they smell... All three seem fine otherwise, eating, drinking, lots of energy trying to fly...
  5. Tfunny

    I need help!

    Ok, we’ve had our ducks for… 2 months now. They eat feed, plus they get both brewers yeast and a niacin supplement on top of that in their water and food. I’m at my wits end with one of my precious babies 😞 Now we learned about the niacin when they were about 5 weeks old we noticed two of them...
  6. Sequoia Raven Bird Farms

    *EMERGENCY* Can I put only one egg in a incubator?

    So, there was a pigeon sitting on a chicken egg, but she decided to give up at 10 days. I put this chicken egg under her on October 1st. I'm wondering if I can save the chick? I have a TrioCottage incubator that I have, but I don't have any other fertalized eggs. If it's too late it's okay :D
  7. C


    Hi, so one of my hens has been acting differently I’m not sure what’s wrong but I’ll explain the details. She hasn’t been eating much she does eat certain things but not to much of it currently where I live there is a heat wave so I think maybe it’s because of that I have been giving her...
  8. 4


    I need help so my chicken chest a crazy cackle toppie loves to run with me. So when I let them out I run out into the yard but he runs under me and i run over him twice and he lost so many feather, will he be okay??
  9. W

    Comb Dying???

    My black copper maran rooster used to have a beautiful comb. However, lately, I've noticed that his comb has turned purple. He is around 8 months old and enjoys a good comb massage. IT FELT COLD when I touched the purple area while the rest of the comb felt hot. I'm concerned and I'm not sure...
  10. A

    Help please!! Very sick quail!!

    The past day Ive noticed my female(almost 3 years old) quail throwing water/mucus? I’m only 16 so I am not able to take her to a vet, and it is hard finding one that treats quails where I live. She has other symptoms like being very lethargic, not moving, can’t walk very well and her feathers...
  11. I

    My sick chicken

    I have a chicken which is in the photo below who seems to eat and drink normally but always seems to be quite slow and always has her wings out as if she is hot all the time. I am in England so it doesn’t get that hot and today it is 17 degrees so I don’t think it is heat and also none of my 6...
  12. CRH


    Hi guys, I believe my hen is broody. I’m not sure how many eggs she has under her. I’m very scared to candle them because the last time one of my hens went broody she stopped laying on the eggs. This is a different hen though. I want to know if she’s sitting in something or nothing. How can I...
  13. Fangeddeer

    Is she pregnant or no? (Goat)

    Hi, it’s me again. Sorry I just need to know, yes or no? A maybe is fine too, thanks for the help on my last post! And it was 4 mos since her last kid. One side is hard while the other isn’t, wasn’t like that before.
  14. L

    HELP! No electricity from storm

    We just lost power from the storm & I’ve got duck eggs in the incubator. How can I keep them warm enough while also keeping proper humidity? All I can find online for no electricity incubation is it being supplemented with sunlight which we don’t have right now.
  15. Average Flock

    Chicken Can't Stand

    I have a four year old Golden Comet hen who my brother took to the county fair a few weeks ago. While she was there she collapsed and since has not been able to stand up. She has lost a lot of weight. During the first few days after bringing her home she refused to eat or drink, however since...
  16. S

    Long post plz HELP Integration help with situations I’m not experienced in!

    Hello all, -*Scroll to bottom for just questions no background* This will be my third set chickens. This time though I’m in a situation that I have no experience in! Going to try to make this as short as possible but also provide some background information that might be important. - My OG...
  17. O

    Maggots please HELP

    My chicken OJ who is 6 has maggots and can’t move her left leg much. It seemed like she couldn’t move her left leg back and can’t walk on the leg, she is still walking sometimes but does it on her other leg. It seemed to be a hip dislocate or brake, but after looking closer I saw a large coin...
  18. F

    Lone baby chick

    My little brother recently went to a farm house with my dad. It’s owned by a friend of my dad’s. While there, he saw them killing runt baby chicks. (know it’s runt because he asked why are u kill killing them and they said it’s because the chicks were too small.) My brother originally picked...
  19. xKaitlin

    Duck Breed?!

    Back in March I got day old ducks and ended up with 2 drakes and 2 ducks, once they were 4 months I got 3 more girls 7-12 weeks old that were mixed but I still can’t tell the breeds as I am new to this. I was told I was given a Welsh harlequin (biggest), buff Orpington (smallest) and a Swedish...
  20. Crusty Duck

    Help! Does my turkey have blackhead or coccidia?

    My 2 1/2 month old turkey started to have runny yellow poop three days ago and acting sick. She wasn’t running around with the other turkeys or eating and drinking much. She was acting normal after I gave her a supplement on the day it started. After being fine yesterday her symptoms started...
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