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  1. L

    Prolapse chicken vent, HELP!!

    Hello, for about 2 weeks now my chicken has had a prolapse chicken vent. She’s only about a year old and i suspect got the prolapse from laying really big eggs. At the start I would wash her in warm water and hold her there for 20 minutes and then push it back in but it would almost immediately...
  2. O

    Soft egg that gets stuck?

    Hey guys, This is my first post and I have a question/concern with one of my hens. She has had an issue of laying a soft egg that doesn't fully come out twice now. Meaning the soft shell(which is squishy, you can move/mold it without it cracking) gets stuck and hangs out of her vent? Has...
  3. Show Sebright

    HELP!!! My sebright has 1 scale that is swelling up!!!

    My golden laced sebright, Lucky, has one of her scals on her foot is swelling up! What should I do! She got ivermectin on her neck a few weeks ago but she is off drawback time. She is actually not mine bout my girl she was a coop with her so yeh... what can I do!!! She has just turned a year...
  4. C

    Spider bite?

    Hello everyone, o walked out this morning to see one of my girls laying on the ground, barley able to walk. When I looked closer her thigh was huge, a little smaller than a golf ball and hard. The skin around it was a purple pink color and she had a scab that was yellow. She showed no signs...
  5. S

    Persistent Vent Gleet - please help - I am losing my mind.

    Hi Folks, I am hoping that someone can help me in regard to a rescue hen that I've had for about 5 weeks now. I picked up 4 hens from a British Hen Rescue Trust a few weeks ago. All of the hens were in a terrible condition, dehydrated, lots of bald patches, feather loss and long toe nails. I...
  6. Lady_Bat

    Emergency - Stridor Help

    Hey everyone, We have a 5 month old Easter Egger that just laid her first egg today. She was fine all of today, we went to lock the girls up tonight & I could hear 1 with Stridor from across the field. It's Cinco De Clucko. She is the only 1 that is in any way acting different or...
  7. H

    Recovery Expectations Post Egg Binding??

    Hi all. So I have a 2 year old Lavender Orpington who was egg bound for about a day and a half. She passed the egg this morning. She seems more perky, but still seems lethargic and a bit under the weather. Her feathers are still puffed up and she looks cold, so I turned a heat lamp on for her...
  8. H

    Egg Bound Hen but I Can’t Feel Egg!

    Hi all! So I have a 2 year old Lavender Orpington who was displaying all the symptoms of egg binding. I took her to the vet and they did an x-ray that confirmed it. They gave her fluids and a calcium shot. I took her home and gave her an epsom salt bath. I was gently massaging the area and I was...
  9. H

    Egg Bound Hen!! HELP!!!

    Hi all. So I have a 2-year-old Lavender Orpington named Phoebe. She’s a wonderful hen, super sweet, great layer, follows you around like a dog. I’ve never had any issues with her as far as laying goes. Today, she started showing all of the signs of egg binding, and so I took her to the vet. They...
  10. Raysal

    NEED HELP! Hen stopped sitting on her eggs on day 19

    NEED HELP! Hen stopped sitting on her eggs on day 19. There was 4 eggs under her and 2 hatched i checked the other eggs 2 days ago they where still alive inode the egg she abandoned the 2 eggs in the nest and left with her 2 chiks she does not want to take care of the 2 eggs left anymore its...
  11. AngelaY

    Any tricks for getting rid of rats?

    Early this summer, we started noticing signs of rats around the yard. About A week later we saw one. A few weeks later they were a common sight, and their holes were EVERYWHERE! We've tried so many things to try to get rid of them but nothing works (even with a hunter cat that kills up to 7 rats...
  12. J

    Help!! Ducks wobbling a lot, not natural

    So here’s the story, we have always had chickens and just a couple weals ago we thought to get ducks. And we have been wanting them for a while now so we finally got them. It’s been about two weals and the smallest one seemed to be a little of valence yesterday and we thought it was nothing but...
  13. Sussexandwhiterocks

    Rooster keeps biting my hens. 4 month old Bantam black frizzle Cochin.

    Hello, I have a 4 month old bantam frizzle Cochin rooster mixed with my flock of 11 4-5 month old chickens and one other rooster that is extremely docile (standard breed size). Now the bantam bites the hens in the neck and tail area. My mother in law wants me to get rid of it but they’re my...
  14. My duck can’t walk

    My duck can’t walk

    My duck can’t walk. I’ve had this problem in the past with this duck, which was fixed With Niacin. But it’s not seeming to work. Unfortunately I think we’ll have to put her down, I don’t want to but I think she’s in pain. We’re gonna take her to the vet to see what they can do, but if they can’t...
  15. V

    My chick has a numb tongue? HELP!

    My 3-4 month old chick was beaten up badly yesterday after her siblings attacked her and pecked him badly around the head and neck. Her wounds are VERY bad and she has been pretty weak so we’ve been feeding her some food mixed with water. While feeding her, we noticed that her tongue kept...
  16. S

    Pale comb (rhode island red)

    In the last 2 dats my sweet rhode island chicken got a illness as you know with chickens they dont have much recovery chance when it comes to this things can please someone help me with the situation?
  17. I

    HELP Mum isn’t sitting on ducklings

    Hey everyone, I really really need help. I just lost a duckling because the mum wasn’t sitting on it to keep it warm and I can see another few ducklings shivering. How to aid the mum in sitting on them? how high does a heat lamp need to go? i need urgent help please.i already lost heaps of...
  18. S

    CL IN GOAT! ????

    I know this is a chicken page but any goat lovers out there. A friend of mine’s goat had developed a lump over night. all of her animals are healthy, and have had their shots, wormer. But what does this look like? CL? Or something else?
  19. cnielsen

    what is wrong with my hen? (lash egg, naked bottom)

    Hi there. Me and my family are fairly new to owning chickens, with a little experience from the past. Recently we got 7 hens of various breeds and 1 rooster from some friends, and we love them so much. We left on vacation about a week or two after first getting them, and a seemingly healthy hen...
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