1. E

    Will chickens survive moving from 500 elevation to 2800??

    Getting ready to move across country, 1 day 4 hour drive. I'm sure they can handle the drive itself, but can they handle an elevation change that dramatically??? I figured my ducks will as they naturally fly pretty high anyway. Any advice appreciated
  2. L

    Ear infection?

    Can chicks get ear infections? I have one that violently scratches at her ears then gets flipped on her back and can’t get back up. I read a similar post and the lady rubbed antibiotic ointment on her ears and she was fine. I have done that but now I have a couple of other chicks that seem to be...
  3. Liv's chickens

    Chicken with twisted neck and loss of balance

    Hey everyone, I’m hoping I may be able to get some answers here about my chicken. My lovely hen, Millie, has started to become ill, and is getting worse. I let her stay the night inside a couple weeks ago because it was cold out, and another hen wouldn’t stop trying to attack her. She’s around...
  4. Maddy10122


    Hello everyone! Some background: My ducks were born in June of 2017. Being a first time duck/chicken mom, I when they came to age, I promptly trimmed their flight feathers in fear of them flying away. One of the ducks has molted multiple times in the years since, but the other duck still has...
  5. KaleDaDuck

    What should i do to new eggs while incubating old eggs

    So i recieved some turkey eggs from my friend and he asked me to incubate it.. But my problem is i got 2 muscovy duck eggs incubating (now at day 19) and im frustrated should i throw these 2 eggs (which both of them are developing embryos) or should i not what do i do
  6. TheFarm2019

    My baby is MISSING.

    Okay hi. I’m new here, but I have an emergency. I was going to come home from college today, but I didn’t because my parents told me they didn’t want me traveling in the bad weather. Well.. at the end of the day I got a call from my mom telling me my baby Mione is missing. Completely...
  7. Nellieribbo

    Chicken gender

    Hello, I have two silver penciled wyandotte chickens that I am struggling to sex and was wondering if someone might be able to help? They are 8 weeks old, developed a few brown feathers that my others don’t have and more pronounced combs. They don’t have spurs developing on legs like some of my...
  8. Laineybug

    2nd litter of kits... Is it a peanut?

    hello. My 1 1/2 year old minirex rabbit just gave birth to 2 rabbits however 1 is only alive. The one that passed is bigger than the alive one. Many other people I have talked to said that the alive baby is a peanut and will not survive. However I am willing to try and do anything to help out...
  9. Megan_M

    2 Rouen Drakes needing a new home in Southern IL/ Southern IN

    Unfortunately we have too many Rouen drakes.. they are both friendly(will eat out of your hand) and coop trained to come home at night for safety. We need both gone but if someone can only take one that’s okay too. Located in Southern IL/ Southern IN.. willing to travel a little if needed.
  10. P

    Hawk attack - swollen eye - help!

    Hi everyone, We had our first (!) hawk attack yesterday. I usually let the chickens free range in my backyard, which is in a suburban area. At about 2:30, I heard some loud clucking noises and turned around, and saw a hawk clutching one of my 4-month old pullets (she was lying completely...
  11. C

    Chickens poopy butts-some runny, some like dried on butt feathers

    Hi there, I have 7 chickens. 4 out of my 7 chickens have runny poop. Which makes them have runny poppy butts. They are 10 months old. They are on Purina premium Layena crumbles from tractor supply. I also feed them their crushed egg shells and purina poultry grit. I give them my bread scraps, my...
  12. Codys_chickstagram

    What breed is this?

    Hello everyone! I have a rooster that I hatched out about 5 months ago, and I have no clue what breed he is. I got him in a mixed batch of bantam eggs. Can y’all help me identify his breed? (also, I’m new to this site and I hope I did this correctly)
  13. V

    Will American Buff Geese eat the trees?

    I am planning to get a trio of American Buff geese (in fact I have a trio all lined up) but we just realized that geese will eat new trees. We have around 10 acres of forest behind our house, which we aren't concerned about, and an acre of lawn (with a TON of clover every year) plus an acre or...
  14. Blueroanpainted

    Neck broken??

    I recently moved my young (11-12 weeks? Silkies out to the barn, and my aunts young but still much larger jersey giant got in with them and shook them up. I visibly watched it jump on one and grab it by the neck. The rest are fine but Honey has been hiding in the coop house ever since and is...
  15. Ashleygc470

    My eggs are late

    I know that with incubation, eggs hatch on their own time. Mine are 24 hrs over due, that's not what worries me.The problem I'm having is that none of them are even wiggling, except for one. It has a small peep and wiggles very rarely. With this batch, I have a few eggs that have droplets of...
  16. ChickChic00

    Chick can't walk

    I can't remember exactly how old the chick is but I'm certain its at least a month and a half. Chick is using wings to try and balance itself, sleeps on side where right leg joint is. It looks like it's having trouble using that leg. I don't think it's spraddle leg, but I could be wrong. I've...
  17. MotherOfCluckers

    Breed ID; listed as BCM

    This girl is 6-8 months old. She does not appear to lay eggs yet. She was sold to me from a breeder, but the breeder didn’t hatch her. I think she is from the breeder’s gorgeous BCM rooster, though. She wasn’t expensive, and I don’t care what she is, but I’m not buying the BCM. Any ideas? She...
  18. D

    How to keep your quail's feet clean?

    This is my first time owning quail, and I've loved every second of it, except for this one problem. It always seems that my button quail keep getting their own poop stuck on their claws, turning them into little orbs of fecal matter and feathers hanging off their feet until I clean it. I've had...
  19. Megan_M

    Worried duck mommy part 3

    What a journey my babes and I have had the past 2 days! I have recently posted a few threads about how to deal with some drakes beating up on one of my girls... an update: I brought her inside today to splash in the tub and get some cuddles (with mealworms of course) and she was all fine but...
  20. B

    Silky Rooster Multiple Problems- HELP

    Hi, I've been reading threads on here for ages and finally signed up, so hi everyone! I was given a silky rooster, only to discover he has throat canker. I started him on metranidazole, to then discover he has impacted crop! I stopped the antibiotics and commenced oil and massage treatment on...
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