1. tielie135

    best guard animal for lynx?

    hey so on my farm i have been loosing ALOT of ducks to lynx in the last few months (20 ducks all female except 1 drake dead in 2 months due to lynx) now that the lynx are gone (4 different individuals) we have another hawk hanging around. i am fed up with lynx and with the very few ducks i have...
  2. kaperi

    Rattle breathing Hen that won't eat

    Hi there, i'm asking for your help. One of my Creamlegbar girls (named Plume, which translates fro Feather in french) she stopped laying for a couple days before I noticed. Then she seemed sick (wouldn't get out in the morning, etc) so I brought her inside. Noticed she wasn't eating or drinking...
  3. BokBokBeginner

    Help is there even one girl here please?

    6 weeks old mixed bunch please tell me somebody if you can see at least one girl here pleeeeeese?
  4. J

    help! rooster won’t stop sneezing

    my almost 2 year old rooster has been sneezing all day when he sneezes he kinda gasps? he also wears a no crow collar i took it off and the sneezing continued he stops sneezing when he is asleep please help i need help please everyone please list anything i can do
  5. S

    Momma goose

    Hi im new at this but I have a couple of geese she started laying on eggs a while back 1 baby hatched but she is still sitting on eggs the baby is a week old n im sure the others won't hatch by now but she won't get off the eggs. What do I do? Dad is taking care of the gosling while she just...
  6. Katie98

    Chicken smells like dog

    Hi last time I posted here it was about my chicken's leg but she's better now by the way sorry if I didn't tell y'all that But recently she's been starting to smell like dog and sometimes it will go away but it's come back and I don't really know what it is We've changed her fee to organic (my...
  7. Katie98

    Y dose she smell like dog?

    Hi last time I posted here it was about my chicken's leg but she's better now by the way sorry if I didn't tell y'all that But recently she's been starting to smell like dog and sometimes it will go away but it's come back and I don't really know what it is We've changed her fee to organic (my...
  8. Catrena

    Neighbors dog Killing all local chickens

    After calling so many times to animal control, after my neighbors chickens and mine dieing....its racking up to 100 birds thus far and he hasint delt with his dogs geting out. 100 birds being in the last year and a half i think. Im sick of it because it takes 6 months to grow these girls and...
  9. C

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to get a single Cayuga drake?

    Hello everyone I’m new here. To start off there is a back story on why I’m only looking for a single cayuga duck. Over this past weekend I came home from my 12 hour night shift at work to let the boys out for the morning and realized that my boyfriend had fallen asleep before he got the chance...
  10. R

    I need help identifying these 6 week old beauties

    Hi everyone! I could really use some help identifying my baby girls!!! The grey ones looked different as baby chicks but seem to look more and more alike each day. They have amazing personalities! All very unique and very friendly and curious! Thanks again for the help!!!
  11. PioneerChicks

    The Battle Over The Chicken Shed: Me vs. the Mice

    These mice have been in my shed for several months now! I'm getting chicks sometime in February so the squeakers need to leave!!! I have three good mousing cats, but the cats can't fit under the chicken shed, where I suspect there are several mouse nests. Last week I cleaned out the shed, and...
  12. L

    Hawk attack

    so I have 14 hens and two roosters who free range. we’ve had a hawk lurking for about three months now, he’s gotten and killed two of our girls so far. Yesterday my husband saw something happening near the coop and thought the roosters were just mating or something, but upon closer look, it was...
  13. J

    My birds leg has gotten hurt, what should I do?

    Hi, I was cleaning my birds cages and my bird hurt herself, and now her leg is bent back and she’s hopping on one foot. She also appears stunned and is breathing heavily. There is no blood or anything, it’s just her leg is bent behind her. What should I do? Is there any course of action I can take?
  14. S

    Male duck trying to mate me😩

    So my male pekin is coming up on 4 months old and he is obsessed with trying to mate with me! He has females but he’s not interested?😩 it’s getting to the point where I’m covered in bruises from him and don’t know how to make him stop! I thought he wanted a lovely cuddle last night and to my...
  15. Angel1214

    Hens laying eggs in winter

    I have a big Rhode Island red rooster and a Rhode Island red hen with a Rhode Island blue hen in one coop and I have 6 eggs now but the only one that lays one the eggs is the Rhode Island red hen but don't lay on the eggs until night time.... And it has been cold during the day and night. Are...
  16. C

    Trying to breed Cream Legbars with a cream crest.

    All of my Legbar hens have a black crest. Does anybody know how to breed that out? I am wanting my hens to have cream crests but I don't know where to start.
  17. chickmamat

    Emaciated hen. EYP, IMPACTED crop. Impacted Gizzard.

    3 yo RIR. Has been “off” for over a year. Goes through cycles of lethargy. Hasn’t laid in quite some time. Smallest in the flock, bottom of the pecking order. Has had sour crop before (3 months ago) and I was able to alleviate it by regurgitation. She immediately perked up, resumed normal...
  18. TwoPitsInaPod

    Embedded band in hen leg

    Today I noticed my easter egger limping around so when the chickens went to bed for the night I caught her and discovered the plastic leg band on her had somehow ridden up too high on her leg and has grown into the leg itself. It's really deeply embedded... I cleaned the leg as best I could...
  19. Brooke_R

    Ducks won’t get out of pond at night

    My ducks normally would go to their coup in the evening on their own however lately since they’ve been hanging out in the pond all day, they refuse to go to bed. I try to coax them out of the pond but the won’t get out and I swear they even mess with me by swimming up like they will and then...
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