1. Puddingtheamericana

    Chicken non stop sneezing and trouble breathing

    our americana, pudding, has been sneezing non stop straight for almost ten minutes now. she’s some what stopped now but she’s still doing it just with longer gaps between sneezes. she seems active and it feisty when i was checking her other symptoms. so far it’s just the sneezing, some mouth...
  2. chickmamat

    EXTREME Labored Breathing! LOUD!

    Please help me!! 2 yo hen, mixed breed. Notice this morning she sounded like she was chatting a lot. It was very low, typical happy chicken mumbling. Then I noticed it was steady, there were no breaks, and I realized it was the sound of her breathing. She appears to be eating fine, acting...
  3. C

    How To Convince Parent To Keep Chicken Outside?

    They spontaneously started taking care of a single wild chicken where we live for a year or 2 now but has been spoiling her more and more to the point she lives in the RV in a big dog zip up crate with towels. I worry about my safety with the recent knowledge that chickens can spread illness...
  4. ThatChickenLady708

    Help! MEAN chick!

    I have fresh chicks that are days old (one was born 2 days earlier than the other 2). The oldest chick is MEAN! She keeps grabbing the other chick's beaks & shaking them around! 😭 Their beaks were totally normal.. but now they're damaged! Should I isolate the mean one? They're still with mama in...
  5. C

    Extremely Lethargic hen, red skin, eyes closing, red skin,Help?

    Hi, One of our 7 chickens seems to be very sick. She is a white laying chicken, I do not know the breed of the chicken. She is almost certainly a mix breed. Born in April 2021.She is a big chicken. The last couple of days I noticed she was lethargic, eyes closing on the roost during day. It...
  6. H

    Is 3 Degrees Fahrenheit Too Cold??

    Hi all. So I live in New England and it has been bitterly cold the past couple of days. It’s been getting down to 0-10 degrees during the nights. It’s 3 degrees tonight and I have four hens. One of them is finishing up her molt and another is not very well equipped for cold weather. My coop...
  7. Ogdenfarms22

    Eastern Montana (4B ZONE) Chicken Coop Design

    Hi Everyone, Recently moved, our new ranch is set up for all our other critters (Horses, Goats, Dogs...) one thing this place doesn't have is a chicken coop or garden! I have had chickens for many years now. But I have always lived and tended to them in a 9a zone so pretty warm compared to...
  8. ChickChic00

    Sand As Bedding

    What sand can I use for bedding? I know you can't use play sand, but all I have access to are tractor supply, Home depot, Lowes, and ace. Do I get medium sand commercial grade sand? Or Washed All Purpose sand? Multi purpose sand? Any help would be much appreciated Thanks!!
  9. Jaimes09


    I have a hen. I think she’s a 5k sweater gamefowl hen and about 5-6 months old. I found her like this 2 days ago. Got told i should give her baking soda in water and it went away at night. Woke up fine on day 2 but in the afternoon that same day i found her with it again and didn’t go away...
  10. Gearhead846

    Does diatomaceous earth work?

    HI! I have been hearing conflicting evidence on whether DE works for controlling mites, lice, and worms and things of that sort, does it work or is it just a waste of money and if it doesn't work why is that? Thanks!
  11. Sunnypollito

    Help!! Injured finger quail, tendon

    Hola, soy nuevo aquí y es mi primer post. Tengo un problema con una de mis codornices, tiene una pierna lesionada y se ve el tendón del dedo. Esto sucedió después de que quité un callo de ese dedo. remojar su pierna en agua caliente durante 20 minutos para quitar ese callo que le estaba...
  12. The chicken nurd

    Lethargic duck help

    today I went out to the coop to find one of my Muscovy hens not looking so good she seamed fine yesterday She’s acting lethargic not moving around much and I haven’t seen her eat yet I’ve delt with sick chickens before but never Ducks anyone have any ideas
  13. M

    Something is wrong with my chick’s neck

    What’s happened so far: I recently brought a chick to the vet along with a friend for company. The vet said that I don’t need to worry about the companion chick at all, as he’s extremely alert and active. (I made sure I asked because he’s smaller than the other three that haven’t been weighed)...
  14. E

    Rehoming my hens

    I’m rehoming my hens that I’ve had for 2 years because I’m moving out of state. :hitTips to rehome them safely? The person I’m giving them to has a decent coop and plenty of free range land for them—it’s winter here and so I’m worried they’ll all be cooped up together right away and it will be...
  15. D

    Lump near vent?! Is it dangerous?

    My Buff Orphington has a lump under her vent area. She’s a year and a half old and currently had an extreme molt at the start of winter and a week or so ago had a second light one but then stopped. She hasn’t produced an egg in a month either. She’s running around with the flock but noticed she...
  16. barefoot_kentuckians

    Bare Bum Chicken Winter Frostbite Concerns

    *** Barred Rock, 10 months old, Free Range This was my first year ever having chickens, and I made a mistake back in the summer with one of my hens.. her name is Sweet Pea. The same day I wanted to catch her and trim her bum (because there was a lot of feces globbed into her feathers) was...
  17. M

    Two week old threw up

    I’m helping a friend raise five chickens. After driving out to his acreage I noticed that one of his chicks was WAY too small for her age, she’s a lavender Orpington, two weeks old and about a third the size of the largest chick (all the same age). After researching, I think she’s deficient in...
  18. Chickadee00

    Help sick hen

    My hen seems strange, when I watched her this morning, she was standing puffed up, I was worried so I checked her mouth, smells normal, not sour, her poop hold looks normal too. Her poop was a bit strange kind of red, so I'm suspecting that was blood, anyone ever had a case like this? Pls help...
  19. Juliamilton

    New Easter Egger “pullets”. Are they in fact pullets?

    We just added a few new “pullets” to our flock. What do you think, are they in fact pullets? Please tell me they are 😩 lol Bird #1 is black and gold. Bird #2 is the silver and buff/gold Edit to say they are about 3 months old!
  20. RachelDawn

    Rescue Duck Getting Beat Up

    Hello! We have an Indian Runner duck we recently rescued with the help of animal control from a local park. She's a sweetheart. Unfortunately our Pekins (6) hate her. We have 5 females, 1 drake. The rescue is a female and is docile and submissive. So far they bully her away from food & water...
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