1. Flock-of-Five


    One of our chickens, a two year old barred rock hen is having some problems with her vent. I have never had anything like this happen before to any of my chickens so I am not sure what to do. I have heard of prolapsed vent and egg bound chickens before but at this point I am not sure what to do...
  2. Fluffy_Farm_Friends

    HELP!!! Is my chick ok?

    Chick just hatched and looked healthy during the hatching period but came out with some yellow goop. I’m not sure if it has yolk sac infection or not and have no clue what to do to help.
  3. M

    My barred rock is getting bullied help!?!?

    My 21 week old barred rock has been with my main flock of 5 RIR and white rocks for about two weeks now. She's the last one of the batch we purchased in the summer and my old hens have been giving me and my barred a hard time integrating her. They chase her, and I mean full sprint at her from...
  4. Laydeau

    Snot bubbles & sneezing

    Went to lock up my coop tonight, and during head count/bird inspection I noticed one sneezed a couple times back to back and has a runny nose. Beak was wet and had some snot bubbles? What could be causing this? A cold or something else? Little guy is in isolation now, what medicine will I need...
  5. NorthernChick1

    Weak chick! Help!!

    I have two, 1-1/2 week old chicks that my hen is raising. I noticed today that one chick is and was always weaker than the other. Now she has her wings spread and seems to have troubles walking.. what should i do?? They are on chick starter and have water. Would not eating or drinking be a...
  6. K

    Idk the gender of one of my ducks

    So! I hatched 2 ducks back in July so they are about 3 months old. My one, Link, has the curled tail and a male quack. My other one, Zelda, has no curled tail but sounds like a male so I am confused lol also Link tried to mate with Zelda. They both have about the same coloring and markings and...
  7. shannon84

    Rooster is picking on one hen and attacking her bullying her!!

    I got this big buff Cochin rooster about a little over a year ago. I put him with my old remaining hen and they hit it off just fine. But I gave him two new white hens and now he picks on the old hen and attacks her won’t let her eat or roost! Wth is going on?! He has always been a good natured...
  8. DatCrazyChickenLady

    Duck has bad infection? Emergency!

    Hello all! My duck has a very bad wound in her back that we think is infected. It was covered in maggots, but we managed to remove most of them. The skin almost looks as though it is rotting. We sprayed some hydrogen peroxide and applied a bit of medicine that kills maggots. If anyone knows what...
  9. H

    Chicken won't stop biting my feet! Aggressive, Dominant or Attention Seeking?

    Hello! I have 4 beautiful EEs that Ive raised ever since they were chicks. They are good girls, the best chickens, even the vet said that they're very docile and almost loving birds. I am having troubles with one of my girls, she likes to peck at my feet! It doesn't hurt but it is very annoying...
  10. F

    Chick poop

    On Monday we introduced 3 chicks to our broody hen and all have settled in well. They are approx 4 days old. I’m concerned for one of the chicks as they seem a lot sleepier than the others (the others regularly come out for food and play on top of mum etc) but this one chick prefers to stay...
  11. F


    To get right down to the point I bought six turkey chicks from a hatchery, there were two chicks who were opening their mouths like they were trying to chirp but there was nothing, I have had them for a few days now and one seems to be weaker but the other is still going strong just like the...
  12. W

    I found a baby bird ( help me find the type)

    at 9:00 pm I get a call from my boyfriend saying his cat found a baby bird and they can’t find the nest so he asked me to take care of it. (In the past I raised wild birds.) I can’t find the type of bird this is, I live in Oregon. It’s 10:43 please help.
  13. Keziah

    pooping eggs?

    Hello, so I just put my flock away, and only counted 7 and then I noticed my one hen (lacy) was just standing there looking off into space. I picked her up and saw that yellow and clear liquid was running out of her vent. Can someone please help me? what do I do? Also, I was wondering if it was...
  14. Help! Chicks at risk!

    Help! Chicks at risk!

    So I had a hen a hen go broody, let her sit on some eggs, she was a great mother, I candled the eggs and they were developing perfectly. I have been efficient in hatching chicks the "natural" way but have not had ANY experiance in incubating. So it is with great panic that I realized my brrody...
  15. Kkjrenee


    Good Afternoon, I have a pigeon that I have been raising that got scalped as a small squab, so I took him in and I have been caring for him. The idea is that when he is of age I will be taking him to my parents house with a couple other small pigeons his age where they will have a large old...
  16. I

    Help! Duck with broken leg/ Injury

    My duck named Gracie had his leg stepped on by accident, he didn't really scream or squil when it happened. He is crawl and he won't move much. There is no bleeding. How do I treat him? Will it heal on it's own? Can he die from a broken leg? I sadly can't afford to take him to the vet (it's at...
  17. is this egg alive?

    is this egg alive?

    i candled this robin egg and i’m wondering if it’s alive. there are veins on one side but not the other side. a very tiny bit of nutrients i’m guessing oozed out a little bit yesterday but i wiped it off and put some unscented candle wax on it to seal it. i’m keeping it wrapped in a dry...
  18. is it healthy for my chickens to eat their own eggs?

    is it healthy for my chickens to eat their own eggs?

    i’m vegan so i have no intention of eating my chickens eggs. i know it’s common for chickens to eat their own eggs, but is it healthy? does it give them protein or vitamins that they lost while laying eggs? because if it is good for them i’ll just let them eat their eggs. they haven’t started...
  19. alexthefarmlady

    Rescue Guinea fowl in need of help

    Today I went to the feed Store And saw this guy not walking his right leg looks broken he can’t walk on it and it kinda looks twisted any advice on to help this baby
  20. bluekii

    Please help! New to hatching! Day 27 and no pips!

    Hello! Would really appreciate some feedback and advice as I'm really nervous and worried about my first incubation. I have double and triple checked advice and information online to make sure everything goes smoothly, but I'm still worried. Anxiety is nasty! I am hatching six Call Duck eggs...
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