1. Avadrawzstuff

    Help! Sunken chicken eye and two different eye colors?

    please help! I was hanging out with my girls today and I noticed one of my hens had 2 different eye colors. One is dark brown the other is yellowish-gold. I also noticed her eyes are sunken and weird looking. Both of them. Her eyes have always looked funky after previous eye injuries (that were...
  2. L

    My turkey won’t grow

    I have searched online for hours and no one seems to have a similar issue. The turkey is about 2 1/2 months old, and has grown well sense the beginning and is always pale and when you pick it up is always shaky. We’ve tried high protein, different feed, electrolytes, probiotics, nothing works...
  3. TheRealChickenLord

    ⚠️Chicken with (intestinal?) blockage?? (Please help.)

    I’m posting about my Porcelain D’uccle Bantam Hen. Her name is Irish, she just turned 3 years old and I love her to death. Last Tuesday (3-4 days ago) I noticed she was making a face and standing weird. She also retreated and refused to come to me like she usually does. I knew this wasn’t a good...
  4. T

    Help! 4 week old Dutch bantam hen or roo?

    Help! We have two 4 week old Dutch bantams and we are unsure if we have a rooster. The one on the right (the one closest to the camera) is larger and has a comb coming in, aswell as a more grey and white, with darker browns and blacks compared to the other smaller Dutch bantam which is mostly...
  5. T

    4 week old Sebright bantams hen or roo?

    Help!! We have three sebright bantams but we are unsure if one is a roo, two of the three are smaller in size and have almost no comb at all, while the third one, (the one furthest right) is larger then the other two and has a comb already coming in. Is it too early to tell or are their signs of...
  6. EasterChickens

    PLEASE HELP!! Chicken with eye closed and leaking vent !!PLEASE HELP VERY URGENT!!

    Hello everyone, I just woke up this morning to let my 3 chickens out and they were all completely fine. Then, in the afternoon, my 2 year & 10 month old female easter egger, started to have her tail down, eye closed but she still wanted to eat and could peck. But whenever she peck she would...
  7. T

    4 week old Barred rocks roo or hen. Help!!

    I need some help, I have these two 4 week old barred rock chicks. I can’t figure out if they’re both males or if one them is male and one is female. Please help me out!!
  8. Avadrawzstuff

    What’s wrong with my hen?

    Okay so I walked out into my chicken coop to check up on the girls and I see my hen is tripping over everything looks like she’s trying to lay an egg tail down her butt is full of dried poop head down comb looks purple-Ish and is not at all bright red like it should be she keeps laying down and...
  9. C

    Help! Silkie Seramas almost 8 wks old - what sex?

    So I thought I had 3 hens (Silkie Seramas) and one Roo (smooth serama) but just today two of the one I thought were hens crowed! I know hens will sometimes crow but I am worried that I just have all Roos now (I can’t have Roos because of where I live). Can everyone please let me know based on...
  10. C

    Quail Foot injury

    Hi I’m new to keeping quail. This morning my dog got out and tried to jump on the quail cage. Unfortunately one of my quails was injured. She seems to be walking around ok I have her in a cardboard box in the bathroom. Her foot looks swollen. There was blood on the cage but I wasn’t able to see...
  11. EasterChickens

    ‼️HELP‼️ Chicken with leaking vent and lethargic possibly egg bound?

    Hello everyone, I need your help right now, my 2 year & 10 month old leghorn hen started laying soft shelled eggs a month ago. I started to feed her 1 calcium tablet (600mg) daily for 4 days but didn't see her lay an egg anymore, so I stopped with the tablets. At that time, she was still acting...
  12. chickenlol

    hen or roo?

    8 week rhode island red
  13. AllFluffedUp

    Wry neck/medicated feed

    I've just hatched a bundle of silkies, some from my hens and some bought. The ones that are not from my hens have hatched and I've got one with wry neck, one with curled toes. The one with wry neck is not doing well. My question is, they are on medicated chick starter with added selenium (its...
  14. EmmaGRS

    How do I get my mandarins to lay?

    I have a pair of mandarins that I got last winter. They didn’t lay last year and they haven’t started laying this year. They have a relatively large pen, a big bowl of water I clean out once a day, I feed them Mazuri food, and I have a wood duck box for them to lay in. What could be causing her...
  15. AllFluffedUp

    Neighbor interfered

    I'm making a second post as I'm not sure who will see my response in my first. I was staggering a few batches of silkie eggs. Batch one hatched beautifully and I have a bundle of lovely floofs. The day after my Mom had a stroke. I've been back and forth frequently, but I've also had my neighbor...
  16. Avadrawzstuff

    Yellow parchment paper looking crust on chickens comb?

    Can someobody help me please? My chickens comb is a yellowish weird color and it’s like crust or dead skin. What is this? She’s acting normal eating drinking laying etc and this happened just today. Any idea on what it is and if I should be worried? If I should be worried please tell me how to...
  17. EasterChickens


    Hello everyone, I have a leghorn hen that is 2 year & 9 months old and today she was acting very lethargic with her feathers down, tail down. I came to the suspicion that she could of been suffering from vent gleet since her vent is all dirty and wet with this white discharge. I also noticed...
  18. ColeTrain425

    I need help understanding when my royal palm Tom turkey mates with my red bourbon hen and has baby Turks what will they come out as??????

    I need help you guys I am a new turkey owner and wanting to raise them! I have a royal palm Tom and a red bourbon hen. I’ve read several articles, but I’m not completely understanding! My question is , what will the babies come out to be from my royal palm tom and red bourbon hen?
  19. EasterChickens

    ‼️HELP‼️ Leghorn hen sick/lethargic?! Possibility of vent gleet?

    Hello everyone, I have a 2 year & 9 month old leghorn hen that just started to show signs of sickness 1 day ago. I'm pretty sure she is not eggbound because she did lay an egg yesterday. She did not lay an egg today though (usually she lays daily). She is still eating and drinking but not as...
  20. madsnbot

    Unknown rooster death/pasty butt??

    Okay so my rooster just recently died and i’m not sure why. He’s around a year old and had been acting weird the past few days. He was acting lethargic and tired. I didn’t notice him not eating/drinking but I don’t think he was doing much of either. A few days ago i decided to take a look at him...
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