1. Chickie friend

    Pullet sneezing or hiccuping violently

    This morning I noticed that my Pullet, lady, was kinda loudly sneezing I think? I brought her inside and she stopped after a few minutes. I didn't get a video but if she starts again I will. Could this just be her calling or expressing her dominance? She is fine otherwise and I don't know about...
  2. slcbj

    Hiccup? Cough? Isolate?

    We have a few backyard hens and one of our older ones has a hiccup. There is no discharge . We isolated her for several days but no results. Is it respiratory? It sounds like a classic chicken sound but in hiccup form. Can’t attach video😞
  3. BrahmaWithDrama

    Bantam Frizzle making weird noises + eye discharge.

    So, my black bantam frizzle has been a little under the weather recently. A month ago she started making strange noises, like she was hiccupping. There was no snot on her nose and she was breathing fine with no gurgling, so I didn't think much of it. She is about 4 months old. Yesterday I looked...
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