1. AusHen

    November 2023 Hatch-A-Long

    Another month another hatch! I currently have some F1 and BC olive eggers due to hatch around November 7th although sadly, the incubator was unplugged so I have lost a few. I also put 17 Marans eggs (Blue/Black/Splash copper) into a different incubator to test fertility, hard to see in but could...
  2. G

    A chick just hatched

    I have two problems, a chick just hatched he has a string of membrane still attached to him, and he seems to be frantic, and he has some whitish stuff in a clump hanging off his behind. And 2 the humidity just spiked, I'm trying to bring it down without cooling the chick so much that he dies...
  3. DovesFlock

    Egg hatching help needed!!

    So I have a bunch of eggs (25) that I’m trying to hatch. I have a few questions and concerns. Starting off last Wednesday (Aug 31) I tried to keep the eggs warm via candles until I could get back power. The ones I could transport I took to my aunts who has a generator. So they weren’t without...
  4. D

    Day 26 of Incubation

    I had 5 viable eggs in my incubator going into lockdown—one hatched on day 21. It’s now day 26 and the other 4 have not hatched. 3 of them are still moving around a ton. Should I just keep waiting? Is this something anyone has dealt with before? Thank you!
  5. Eggsandbeyond

    First time egg layers and first time hatching!

    2 out of my 5 pullets are starting to lay finally! It's been about 2 weeks of laying every day to every other day. I was going to wait until next spring to incubate some, but I am just way too excited!! Is it too early to try hatching them? I want healthy chicks, of course. The rooster has...
  6. IHeartChickens10

    Please Help With Incubation!!

    I'm incubating chicks for the first time, and I had two pip last night. One has hatched but the other one still has not zipped. There is a hole in the shell and her beak is moving around in there. She keeps chewing at the shell but she doesn't seem to do much more than that. She's been in there...
  7. AJ916

    Button Quail Surprise!

    Today is lockdown day for my button quail! We have 16 going right now, all healthy and growing as of last night, and as I was adding a fresh moist towel near an air vent to keep wet with a dropper during hatching for humidity, and setting up for lockdown this morning I noticed some of the eggs...
  8. thoeffel1994

    Raising Muscovies for meat. Incubating eggs?

    I finally separated my Muscovy pair from the khaki Campbells last week. I am up to 8 Muscovy eggs today. I know oftentimes they'll lay huge clutches of eggs and hatch them all out, but other times they'll stop laying at around 13 eggs. I would really like to hatch out more then that, so I can...
  9. basiljowii

    Is this a pip?

    This recently appeared in one of my duck eggs, is this an internal pip?
  10. S

    Is this egg doomed? (photo)

    Duck egg on day 19 (was candling to find a different egg that had gone bad and gotten smelly) I can see movement in the egg, but also noticed those 2 black spots that look like it's going bad. They didn't shift at all when I was turning the egg. This batch of shipped eggs has been the worst...
  11. Chaoth

    Eggs Shifting/Walking in Incubator?

    Hello! I am currently trying to incubate quail eggs for the first time. Something has concerned me and my dad slightly during this, although it's only the second day, and we're a bit stumped on what to do if it's an issue. We are using an incubator with automatic turning, it uses rods without...
  12. TheAlarmCluck

    Help! Peephole on day 18!?!?

    @Lacy Duckwing @Party_Chicken @Acre4Me This post is a continuation of my thread "What Should I Do With My Broody Hen" ( This is a new thread I made for this topic. I have a broody hen on...
  13. BlueHorse17

    Incubating disaster…

    So we started off with 52 eggs. Candled them around day 7. After the candling it narrowed down to 40 that were developing. From day 1-17 we had temp at 99/100 and humidity at 50-55%. The incubator that is being used has a fan and is self-turning (turns eggs every two hours). The incubator has...
  14. lavendermarie

    A Couple Questions on Incubating

    Hello! I want to hatch some duck eggs this year but I have a few questions first! I want to make sure I do everything right to ensure an easy, effective, and safe hatch. (I apologize in advance if these seem obvious to some! It’s only my third time using an incubator and would be my first time...
  15. ShellBell73

    Sad Day

    So we knocked the clutches down from 55 to 30. The 30 are definitely developing chicks; at many stages!!! This morning I went out to check again and picked in the fresh eggs. No baby chicks in the broody mama boxes so came back in and was going to have a little breakfast. I cracked open one of...
  16. D

    Help broody mama left her nest overnight after 28 days, should I try incubating eggs?!

    Hi everyone! My mallard duck has been broody for 28 days and yesterday into last night she seems to be done being broody and abandoned the eggs. It got down to about 50°f last night. Would that be too cold to try to salvage the eggs and attempt to hatch them in the incubator? Thank you
  17. Firsttimecrazychicklady

    Day 23 Pips and no zips

    So I had 8 eggs in my incubator. 1 pipped and hatched on day 21 and I took her out once she fluffed up. Then yesterday day 22 I had 2 more hatch and 1 pip and start to zip for over 24hrs eventually helped that one last night, she's in the incubator exhausted sleeping and no really moving. But I...
  18. Mamalana

    Did I kill my eggs?

    Hi y'all. I am unsure if I killed my eggs trying to save the ones that hatched. This is my first time incubating eggs. I Bought the Natures Right 360, but got ripped off and it never came. I had to buy a still air tractor supply incubator because my fertile eggs arrived and I had nothing to...
  19. K

    Umbilical cord?

    Today is Day 20 of my incubation and I woke up this morning to a perky chick staring at me as I was refilling the incubator with water- it scared me because I was obviously not expecting that at 4 AM! That chick is doing well and I noticed at the same time that another egg had pipped! When I...
  20. Pango_Flappyham_Popcorn


    Hi I'm new I just got my first chickens which are a cross mix of a Maran and a cream leg bar. I have 3, called flappy ham( her thing looks like flappy ham) popcorn , and Pango. I built the cage myself on a low budget, got most of it for free, the wood the chicken wire, hay. I've also got eggs...
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