1. BantyChooks

    Offical 2020 BYC Halloween Hatch-Along

    # Contest Name Host 1 Official 2020 BYC Halloween HAL Egg Decorating Contest! @TwoCrows 2 Official 2020 BYC Halloween HAL Pumpkin Carving @CluckNDoodle 3 Official 2020 BYC Halloween HAL Fall on the Farm Photo Contest @jolenesdad 4 Official 2020 BYC Halloween HAL Poultry Pumpkin Eating...
  2. K


    Hi! This is my first time hatching duck eggs - I have two duck eggs that I’m incubating right now, both of them were a week old and fertile when I got them. Today is around day 26. One of the eggs might be dead now because I didn’t see any movements/there was a lot of air sacs that were moving...
  3. Dfarago

    Bleed out in eggs

    I have Muscovy ducks that lay and raise their own eggs and ducklings. My ducks have both successfully hatched and raised clutches separately however out of this clutch only one egg hatched out of about seventeen eggs. I candle every so often (not consistently but every two weeks) and out of...
  4. V

    Hatching Guinea keets. Help!

    Hi I am hoping someone can help me. This is my first time hatching Guinea keets and I am now on Day 28 almost 29 the first one pipped start of day 24 I have 6 keets alive and 1 pending. I Also have another 11 eggs in the incubator I candled them all before lockdown it looks like they were all...
  5. totribet

    Not sure what to do

    Earlier this week I was picking up eggs in the coop that the broody had abandoned. One of them started chirping at me so I took it quickly to the incubator and it hatched a couple of hours later no problem. A second one was candled and there were veins and movement so it’s currently in the...
  6. luv geese

    Egg pic help needed🤗

    Hello I had three eggs incubating- no real idea when they were to hatch So I just put them in there and waited. One hatched yesterday and here are pics of the other 2. They look completely different upon candlingeven tho I took them from the nest on the same day I just don’t know when they were...
  7. Keely Noodle

    First Time Hatching Quail - Very Worried

    To get to the point, I'm worried about my friend possibly (non-purposefully) sabotaging the survival of her quails. It's her first time ever hatching anything, and she is hatching some bobwhite quail eggs bought online. I lent her my incubator which I've used for indian runner duck eggs, all...
  8. Chirpingchickens

    Chick just hatched with something on bottom!

    I’m new to incubating and it’s day 21. I don’t know if this is normal or not. It doesn’t look yellow like a yolk. More green and white kind of like poop. I don’t know if it’s actually poop though. Do chicks hatch with a string of poop attached to its butt? I may just sound really dumb haha! The...
  9. E

    (HELP!) Day 30 with my duck egg and still no internal pipping

    I started incubating this duck egg on may 19th and it still hasn’t hatched. I’ve been incubating it with my homemade incubator. So I know the temperature has been fluctuating between around 93-100 degrees. I checked on the duck egg recently and I can still see it moving but I can’t see any...
  10. BrittsChicks

    Call Drake breeding with larger duck

    So...I have a call drake mating with a Swedish duck...Has anyone ever heard of fertilized eggs resulting from a call drake and an average sized duck?... (I have 7 eggs in the incubator and wondering if I’m wasting my time and incubator space)... 😂
  11. CaptainCupcake

    Magicfly/Janoel12 Incubating Maximum Eggs- Shipped

    So I decided to attempt hatching Shipped eggs off of eBay. I ordered Black Copper Marans and Bielefelder eggs. The Bielefelder eggs came in today (Friday), and the Marans will be in by Tuesday. They were supposed to get here the same day, but I guess there was a typo in the description on when...
  12. rosaroca

    Incubator questions

    I am apparently very incubator impaired. Lol I have a Brisnea Mini Eco and find it very hard to get the temp right and even when I do it changes all the time from 99-106 degrees. I also have a Magicfly Digital Mini and for some reason every time I take the top off to candle an egg or whatever, I...
  13. rosaroca

    Breeding problems

    I’m trying to raise Lemon Blue bantam Cochins and having very little success. I started with a nice trio, managed to hatch a few chicks, then lost my adults to a coon who broke into the coop. My youngsters have been laying now for a few months. I’m TERRIBLE at incubating so have farmed out a few...
  14. O

    Noob here. Egg cracked due to low humidity??? Help!!

    Hi guys. So I’m incubating quail eggs at 40-45% humidity, temp 99.5. It’s the fourth day of incubation and 2 of my eggs were partially caved in (but no leakage). The damage was too severe to let them stay in there, as they might rot or infect other eggs, so I removed them. I cracked both of them...
  15. C

    Dips in air sac?

    Two of my goose eggs (collected at the same time) have dips in their air sacs? Last time I candled was a few days ago and veins were visible with movement in both eggs. I stopped turning just today and noticed the dips in each air sacs. They should be hatching soon I believe, as they’re solidly...
  16. F

    New to all this need some advise!

    Hello all, I’m very new to all this and love reading everyone’s handy tips and ideas, they have come in handy with getting me settled! I just have a couple of questions I wonder if anyone can help me with. I recently received 3 duck eggs to try out hatching my own little ducklings. They were all...
  17. G

    Humidity for Sebrights

    I have 6 silver Sebright hatching eggs, and was wondering what humidity people find best to hatch them? My hydrostat is reading 50•c at the moment and then I was thinking to increase the humidity to 75•c on day 18. What do people find best?
  18. C

    Goose eggs keep going bad?

    I’ve had about three goose eggs that have started foaming over the time I’ve been incubating and two that look mucky inside, but have not foamed or started oozing. I know it usually means the egg was laid with bacteria in the egg that grows and kills the chick, but was there nothing at all I...
  19. BassRoof

    Help, first time Peafowl egg incubating

    Alright , im hatching peafowl eggs for the first time, any suggestions? I am using a brinsea eco 20, and I have put them in in batches. I have 2 eggs at 16 days, 3 at 10 days, and I have already collected up 3 more, hoping for 5 before I start more. I have an eco 40 I can use as a Hatcher if...
  20. C

    Is my goose egg dead?

    Hi guys, it’s my first time incubating goose eggs and when I candled one of my eggs today it looks almost perfectly normal like the other one that is closest to hatching, but when I turn it slightly it’s got something that sort of jiggles inside that wasn’t there last candling. Last candling...
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