1. Joyfillednomads

    What's your Favorite larger capacity Incubator?

    What's your Favorite larger capacity Incubator? Last Christmas I received my first incubator. Guess the heating pad in a bucket with my duck eggs was a hint I caught the incubating bug. Seeing older cabinet incubators for sale now and then, but they look in bad shape and are still very...
  2. Joyfillednomads

    14 turkey eggs incubating

    14 turkey eggs incubating. So over the moon excited. Not sure if they will be broad breasted bronze BBB or burbon red crosses. Our hen "Jenny" is Broad breasted bronze. One week in, our first turkey eggs ever... 28 days of waiting is S00🥚🥚🥚 L0NG🦃
  3. FiestyFeathersFarm

    Shipped Eggs Busted *Questions*

    Looking for advice on what to do. Today I got my shipped hatching eggs after 7 days of transit. Some arrived smashed and the box smelled really bad of course. I cleaned up the ones that weren’t cracked but I’m worried the eggs that survived the trip could have been contaminated by bacteria of...
  4. H

    Help Please! *Call Duckling Premature Hatch*

    I have a duckling that started to hatch yesterday and I unfortunately interviened, which I am regretting now. It's completely seperated from its shell except for one tiny stand that is still attached to the shell. It's been out of the shell since early this morning and is not yet dried off or...
  5. C

    14 day old duck eggs.

    Hello, I am really upset. I'm on day 14 of hatching duck eggs and I'm taking them out to cool down for up to 30 mins a day. Earlier on I put an alarm on my phone as I always do, to put them back in incubator. The time my alarm went off I had a visitor and I completely forgot about the eggs...
  6. Tclloyd0812

    How do you incubate your eggs?

    There are a lot of different methods of incubating eggs. When I decide to incubate, I personally have chosen to stick to the recommended temperature and humidity recommended online as well as what it instructs for my specific incubator. Currently, I have a Nuture Right 360 that I have hatched...
  7. TheGoldMAN

    How long a baby chick can survive in incubator?

    Hi dear friends and co-workers. There is a baby chicken which came out in day 20 and some others which would come out today and maybe in the following days. I wanted to ask you that how long a baby chicken can survive without food or water in the incubator? I have to wait for other chicks to...
  8. C


    Hi everyone! so we are owners to six lovely hens mostly a bantam breed flock. We also have a cat who’s instincts are a little strong unfortunately. We have wild California quail (We are in west coast Canada) who often come join our flock when the hens are out. Recently the California quail has...
  9. C

    Quail eggs and a cat :(

    Hi everyone! so we are owners to six lovely hens mostly a bantam breed flock. We also have a cat who’s instincts are a little strong unfortunately. We have wild California quail (We are in west coast Canada) who often come join our flock when the hens are out. Recently the California quail has...
  10. FuzzyOwlFeet

    Chicks pushed eggs away from heater

    I'm in the middle of hatching eggs, today is hatch day buy 4 hatched early yesterday. They are running around as chicks do, but they have pressed the remaining eggs against the sides of the incubator, my thermometer says on the edges it's 98⁰F. Those eggs are now showing no signs of life, I have...
  11. amynw

    Broody hen pecking at last hatching egg!

    Hello! I have a broody momma who had 5 chicks hatch 3 days ago. One externally pipped today, just when we were about to give up. When momma saw it, she started pecking the egg aggressively and kicked pine shavings all over it and drew blood, I’m assuming from the blood vessels on the shell. I...
  12. TwistyTW

    Put eggs into lockdown too early?

    Hello everyone. I have 5 eggs in the incubator currently, and all of them were developing nicely. It’s my first time incubating and hatching eggs, so I’m not sure what to expect. I ended up putting them all into lockdown one day early after getting my days wrong, and now I haven’t seen any signs...
  13. FuzzyOwlFeet

    Are these eggs worth incubating?

    I'm going to be hatching my own eggs in the next two days, however there are a few I'm unsure if I should even try putting in the incubator. Just as a note, I have incubated before but that was four years ago, so I'm still pretty new at it. I don't have pictures but will explain the best I...
  14. H

    Duck egg with 9 days to go, is it ok?

    I can see lots of candling posts but wondered if someone would have a look at my duck egg and advise if it might have died please. I had movement in the egg last weekend but can't see any now, although the veins all look fine and I don't think I have a blood ring. Would really appreciate an...
  15. K

    Poor Hatch Rate on One Breed only? - Splash Marans

    Hello, needing advice. We have been hatching several breeds of chickens; as well as Coturnix Quail throughout the spring in our GQF Sportsman cabinet incubator. We throw in multiple breeds at once. Humidity starts at 30-35%. Temp a steady 99.5 F. We have chicks set to hatch weekly and haven’t...
  16. Veiji

    Discarding non-developing eggs?

    We are nearing day 8 of our incubation. I have been told so many things. To wait till day 10, or day 14 to candle to see if they are actually developing. I don't want to leave unfertilized eggs in for too long and risk the other eggs. Do I do it day 8 and discard if I see NO veins or ANY...
  17. E

    Incubating Silver pheasant (Lophura nycthemera) and vietnamese pheasant (Lophura edwardsi)

    Hello everyone, I hope you're healthy. I recently began breeding silver and edwards pheasant and, since I'm new to the Lophura genus I intend to keep close watch on embryo development during incubation. Therefore, I am trying to weight the eggs during incubation to assess weight loss and keep...
  18. C

    Incubation Question

    Ok, so yesterday I was given 6 Blue laced red wyandotte eggs to see if the rooster was doing his job. But I have eggs already in the incubator that will be hatching on the 13th. I am doing dry incubation so will the three days of 50% - 60% and then back down to 20% hurt the eggs? I have never...
  19. N

    To mist or not to mist

    I have a brinsea automatic incubator which holds seven duck eggs. It says to let the eggs cool for thirty minutes but then it can take another thirty mins to get up to temperature again so do I just cool for 10mins say? my other incubator is an et 12 super and that says cool for 15 mins so I’m...
  20. N


    Just joined as incubating duck and goose eggs for the first time. Duck eggs on day 6 and goose eggs on day 3. Any tips appreciated. Have just candled duck eggs and think one has gone wrong but will check again on day ten.
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