1. Adil_Ali

    Incubating humidity confusion

    Hey there, it’s the last 3 days of incubation, and one of the eggs started pipping. and I know I’m supposed to stop turning the eggs and increase the humidity. But I’m not sure on what the humidity should be set to ? cheers Adil
  2. A

    Coturnix Quail Day 18

    Hello! This is my first time incubating any eggs. I had them mailed to me which I know can affect hatch rates. This is day 18, lockdown started day 15. 3 hatched out on day 16 but i had two eggs pipped so i was trying to wait for them to hatch. it had been almost 10 hours of the 3 chicks in the...
  3. Kimmyh51

    Ducklings… I’m questioning the need for ‘Lockdown’

    This might be a controversial subject and I don’t want to get into a debate, but my experiences with hatching ducklings in an incubator have left me questioning how valid and necessary the ‘lockdown’ really is…. having said that I am often incubating ducklings during the last half or quarter...
  4. MageofMist

    Broody Rock Dove Sitting on Serama Eggs

    My rescue rock dove, Squabble, is sitting on two serama eggs from Dolly and Jeremy, and there's already development in one of the eggs! It has been 3 days so far and so there's between 16 to 18 days left. I did try with a clutch of three eggs a week ago but none of the eggs developed, so super...
  5. robbyvg


  6. BlueHorse17

    30 Egg Automatic Incubator - Lacey, WA

    Used once for duck eggs and I no longer need it. Still in great condition! - Can incubate 30 chicken/quail eggs. - Can incubate 15 duck eggs. - Automatic turner every two hours. - Internal fan. ~ Comes with chick waterers (never opened), spray bottle, water bottle, and candling flashlight. $40
  7. BlueHorse17

    Fertile Quail Eggs - How long to leave them?

    Hi everyone! So my babies are finally laying and I was wondering what is the longest I can wait before incubating the eggs? I’m trying to get a decent amount that way I can do a large batch.
  8. M

    Duck Egg Incubation 6h Power Outage Day 23 - 20C Temp - Looking for input

    Hey, title puts it pretty clearly, but for more details, I'm using the Brinsea Mini II EX incubator to incubate some duck eggs, everything had been going perfectly up until last night, when, due to an odd electrical fuse setup in our home, we lost poweer to the incubator ~01:30, I'd had a late...
  9. P

    Duck egg grey bruise ring

    one of my duck eggs on day 24 has a grey ring around the outside of the shell. It lines up with where the airspace is. I can also hear tapping coming from inside l? What should I do
  10. Chickinie

    Won't bother to share.

    Not worth updating. :( Got better things to do. Loggin out! (Admin please deleted now pointless thread. Thank you.)
  11. ryleigh

    Hurt duckling in incubator

    There is a hurt duckling that hatched in the incubator. I read something that said you are supposed to keep a duckling in the incubator for 12-24 hrs. Do I keep it in there or take it out and help it?
  12. T


    Hi, I have a beautiful, antique, PETERSIME #4 REDWOOD INCUBATOR. It is a bottom hatch unit, barn find. I am selling it as is, in un-working condition. I buy these to take apart, restore and rewire to convert into state of the art, Reptile Egg Incubators. They come out to be show pieces, they are...
  13. MotherDucker3

    Fertile egg? Looks weird

    I started with 4 duck eggs, 2 were for sure infertile and one is developing good but this last one I’m confused about. I’ve never been able to see veins but it also looks way different then my 2 eggs that were not fertile. Photos below. First photo is my non fertile egg, then my fertile egg (on...
  14. FoodFreedomNow

    Are your geese still laying?

    Just when I thought the laying season (and my incubating season) might be nearing an end, the girls began laying again. 😮 Are your geese still laying, too? If so, what breed do you have and when do they typically stop for the season? Mine are Pilgrims and last year, they stopped at the...
  15. R

    Successfully opened a malpositioned chick

    Hi everyone! I successfully opened an air hole for a malpositioned call duck. Feeling pretty happy that I was able to catch the issue (already had one die due to malpositioned in this batch). how do I keep the now-open air cell moist so that the yolk sack doesn’t dry out? The yolk sack is...
  16. FuzzyOwlFeet

    Chicks pushed eggs away from heater

    I'm in the middle of hatching eggs, today is hatch day buy 4 hatched early yesterday. They are running around as chicks do, but they have pressed the remaining eggs against the sides of the incubator, my thermometer says on the edges it's 98⁰F. Those eggs are now showing no signs of life, I have...
  17. Scrumdidlyump

    Scrumdidlyump’s First Hatchapolooza

    Day 4 14 eggs from my silkie roo and cinnamon queen and buff orpington hens. I think both will produce sex linked chicks? Shells are dark, so tricky to see. Definitely movement and development in 3! THIS IS SO COOL
  18. B

    Long-time lurker; suddenly incubating a single quail!

    Hey friends! I'm new to posting here, but not new to browsing around on occasion as farming/permaculture and rearing animals has been my long-time passion. We have a tiny farm-yard currently, and are just saving up to build our actual farm on land we bought a while ago in Nova Scotia, Canada...
  19. FuzzyOwlFeet

    Are these eggs worth incubating?

    I'm going to be hatching my own eggs in the next two days, however there are a few I'm unsure if I should even try putting in the incubator. Just as a note, I have incubated before but that was four years ago, so I'm still pretty new at it. I don't have pictures but will explain the best I...
  20. G

    How many air bubbles are there supposed to be?

    I have a duck egg that I'm incubating and when I candle it I can't see through it but when I move the egg a little, I see 3 different air bubbles, all of different sizes. So can someone please tell me how many air bubbles there are supposed to be.
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