1. Small Town Chic Farms

    The Keets have hatched!!

    I’m so excited! I am new to raising fowl and incubation. I just successfully hatched 10 keets! I’m also super excited that one is a lavender!
  2. F


    I’ve just began lockdown today and I have a tiny little air vent on the lid of the incubator and I’m just wondering wether it should be completely shut or open during this period? Thanks!— Katie :)
  3. Zen Wildlife Rescuer

    Hatching eggs using your body??

    So I don’t know how many of you watch A Chick Called Albert on youtube, but I have watched him for years. In one of his most recent videos, he did something that I’m sure many of us have wondered about...he hatched a chick using his body temperature. Yep! He strapped a little homemade...
  4. Zen Wildlife Rescuer

    Kiera’s Hollow Wildlife Rescue

    Hi there! I am soo glad that I have finally joined BYC. I have used valuable information off of BYC for over 3 years for my wildlife rescue center in South Africa. I take in wild bird’s eggs all the time and need advice on homemade incubators and hatching eggs every now and again. I also want to...
  5. F

    Runner Duck Egg Incubation

    I read on a site to stop turning runner duck eggs at day 23, and another site said to stop at 25. I also see varying info on temp and RH during later stages of incubating. Can someone please help clarify what is the proper info? I have 7 eggs currently incubating (on day 12), 99.5 degrees, 69%...
  6. Small Town Chic Farms

    Second Time’s A Charm?

    I’m getting ready to attempt to incubate Ancona duck eggs for the second time. My first DIY incubator was a bust. I made it out of a 10gal aquarium, and I think it just made it too hard to keep the temp steady. My new one is a styrofoam cooler. Plus I added a computer fan. I’ve been running it...
  7. marrgalo

    Snowflake bobwhite air cell damage/abnormality? 11 days of development w/ picture

    Hello! I am hatching snowflake bobwhite quail eggs that were shipped to me from a nearby breeder (about 30 miles away). As recommended by the seller, I did not turn eggs for the first 6 days of incubation and situated them with the pointy end facing down. I am now turning them with a roller...
  8. Just Hatched Splash Bantam Cochin

    Just Hatched Splash Bantam Cochin

    The sheen on the feathers makes the little guy look silver
  9. Oldhallchicks

    Supermarket Experiment UK

    So, I’m doing a “nothing to lose” incubation experiment. (AKA How Covid 19 Turned me Into a Crazy Chicken Lady, a memoir) We had a bad batch of eggs from an eBay seller and he’s graciously offered to send us another 6 for free. so they’ll be going in the incubator tomorrow. While I was making...
  10. L

    What should I see/hear on day 23 of call ducks?

    It is my first time hatching ducks and we decided to go with call ducks, just wondering what to expect today (day 23)
  11. F

    Incubating turkey eggs 80% hatch rate, including one from a cracked egg!

    So this was my first time incubating turkey eggs, second time incubating poultry! Like last time I used a River Systems Egg Tech 12 egg incubator, but I turned the eggs by hand rather than using the lever. I kept one tray of water filled up throughout incubation and turned them 5 times a day...
  12. L

    Different due dates in the same incubator???

    We got 6 Call duck eggs and put 3 in the incubator, a family member also wanted some as well so we put another 3 eggs in the incubator not thinking it through properly. The first eggs we put in are 18 days old so not long until lockdown. Anything we can do?
  13. TT43

    Day 22 urgent question

    I have 2 eggs at day 22. One is moving inside, the other has stopped at day 20. Should I put a hole in the top, carefully, to help? I thought I heard one peep last night but not positive. It doesn't look like it has internally pipped. Last time I waited too long and a couple died. Temp and...
  14. O

    Noob here. Egg cracked due to low humidity??? Help!!

    Hi guys. So I’m incubating quail eggs at 40-45% humidity, temp 99.5. It’s the fourth day of incubation and 2 of my eggs were partially caved in (but no leakage). The damage was too severe to let them stay in there, as they might rot or infect other eggs, so I removed them. I cracked both of them...
  15. uktech

    New to Incubation - Temperature management help needed

    This is the first time I have incubated anything. Picked up some eggs locally yesterday and left them (sat pointy side down) and the incubator ("cheap" chinese version for 16 eggs) to run for 24 hours before adding the eggs. Without the eggs the temperature held perfectly fine and using two...
  16. FosterFeathers

    Hatching Silkie Eggs with Damaged Air Cells

    Hello all! So we have been incubating some silkie (possible satin/drizzle) eggs that I bought on EBay. And as with many shipped eggs, we had some pretty messed up air cells. Anyhow, we are on day 19, in lockdown. I have read a million different articles on how to treat eggs with damaged air...
  17. TaylorChickadoodleFam

    Eggs changing color during incubation??

    My 12 chicken eggs have changed color going lighter during incubation and I’m on day 20 and they are more noticibly changing color. I have a homemade still air incubator and they have all grown beautifully to lockdown. I’ve canceled and kept great accuracy with temp and humidity. Any ideas whya...
  18. B

    HELP! Quails may have been developing while stored

    Hello, this is my first time hatching eggs (specifically quails.) I bought the quail eggs online (were not shipped), when I got the eggs they were oddly warm. (All I know is that they were being stored pointed end down for 4 days.) I only started to question whether the eggs had started...
  19. A

    Duck pipped at wrong end of egg

    Hey everyone! I am new here, but this is my first time hatching eggs and BYC has literally been my saviour during this time. I currently have 11 duck eggs (5 runners, and 6 Cayuga) in the incubator. Only one of them has externally pipped as of now, and of course it’s on the wrong end of the...
  20. hesketh

    first time hatching goslings

    hi all i'm new to this website and new to hatching goslings i bought 2 gosling eggs on the 03/05/2020 i rested them for a day and then started incubating them on the 04/05/2020 they both are embden geese eggs and both weighed 166g pre incubation. turning 4 times a day i've read from...
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