1. J

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance

    Brinsea Mini ii Advance Incubator $175.00 Condition is used; i used it for 3 hatchings. It will do 7 chicken eggs, or more smaller eggs if you get a different tray . Unit works great. Message if any more info needed . I will ship at your expense .
  2. W

    Buff Orpington has never laid an egg

    We got 2 Easter Eggers, 1 Delaware and 1 Buff Orpington pullet in Fall 2019. The Easter Eggers and the Delaware started laying around April while the Buff Orpington has sat in the nesting box occasionally but never laid. They all get layer feed, fruits, yoghurt and mealworm treats. I am...
  3. S

    3 chickens not laying 30 weeks old

    None of my three chickens have started laying and they are thirty weeks old. All different breeds (black australorp, buff brahman, Easter egger). Have looked all over the yard and don’t see any evidence of them laying elsewhere or eating their own eggs. Is this strange? The lady at the farm...
  4. amynw

    Chicken is just dropping out soft eggs?

    Hello, I have a 21 week old Midnight Majesty Maran along with 12 other assorted chickens. Theyve been laying for a few weeks now. Recently, I have watched her have 3 soft eggs. When I say she has them, she just drops them out. Whatever shes doing, they just drop out. She doesnt squak and make...
  5. C

    Lack of egglaying

    We raise backyard chickens in Iowa and have 4 Barred Rocks that are 4-5 years old and 3 Cinnamon Queens that are 2 years old. They molted starting in September and are done now but we are very low on egg production still. We get maybe one egg every other day from one of the Cinnamon Queens. We...
  6. R

    Laying Pullet Has Tail Pointed Down. Need Ideas for How to Help Her.

    Thanks for helping. My 29-week-old Favaucana (Easter Egger) pullet, Celestine, has had her tail pointing aggressively down yesterday and this morning. She started laying eggs on November 7, and all the eggs we've found have been perfect and petite, with no issues. One other of her sisters is...
  7. R

    Hen staying in the nesting box

    Hi guys hope you're well My chicken started laying over 2 weeks ago, she's now constantly staying in the nest box all the time, just coming out for food and drink. I'm guessing she's broody, is there anything I should do or should I just let it run its course Thankyou
  8. O

    Soft egg that gets stuck?

    Hey guys, This is my first post and I have a question/concern with one of my hens. She has had an issue of laying a soft egg that doesn't fully come out twice now. Meaning the soft shell(which is squishy, you can move/mold it without it cracking) gets stuck and hangs out of her vent? Has...
  9. A

    What to do with the other chickens

    I have 5 hens originally ID’d as Ameraucana recently ID’d as Orpingtons and only one of them is laying. She started a week/week and a half ago first clutch came with 3 fart eggs (only yolks!) then Almost daily (minus 1 day) she was laying 1 egg (started off with massive double yolked eggs then...
  10. N

    42 days laying straight

    Hello everyone. My golden sexlink started laying at 21 weeks old on September 3, she has not yet taken a day break. I’m happy but also feel so bad for her. She seems energetic and happy. How many of you have ad an egg laying machine like my Ms. Ruby?
  11. chickenchicklady

    Female or male

    Hello! How hard is it to tell female vs male in a silkie? I have two silkies, they hatched may 11. I am just wondering if they should be laying by now or not if they are female. I’ve included a picture of my Naked neck, Ms. Frizzle😍
  12. Chickie friend

    Silkie started to lay at 5 months old!

    I have two a little older than 5 months old silkies, one of which has started to lay. (2 months early!) Today my dad could not find Dusty and so we started to look in the run and coop. I found her in the corner a little cozy quiet spot in the coop and picked her up. I was extremely surprised...
  13. Raysal

    Does the Kelso hen lay eggs

    Hi i have a kelso hen and want to know at what age does it lay eggs and if it lays eggs thankyou my hen looks like this one
  14. C

    Asking for hens TX

    I am looking for hens that are laying, so if you live in north Texas near Dallas (even southern Oklahoma!) I am willing to take hens. I am looking for Buff Orpington, Australorps, ISA browns, or Golden Comets
  15. C

    Why did they stop and why won’t they go.

    Hey y’all I have 7 hens 2 of which are decently young about 2 maybe 3 years old they stopped producing. I live in Oregon, we have been having forest fires lately, we haven’t been near any but the smoke got pretty bad. (I don’t know if that could help you but I said it anyways) ( it’s also been...
  16. B

    My hen hasn’t layed eggs

    I have 4 hens 2 are blue Plymouth and 2 white leghorn. The Plymouth are laying and have been laying for about a month and a half but the leghorns are not laying yet. we got them all at the same time and are about 23 weeks old. Should I wait a little bit longer? Is there a problem with them?
  17. A

    Ameraucana Egg Laying “Schedule”?

    Ok so my chickens are a couple weeks overdue according to the usual 6 months egg laying age. There’s only one girl with a less predominant waddle but all their waddles are bright red. I have provided them oyster shell grit, regular grit, and egg laying feed. They aren’t hanging in a specific...
  18. V

    Old chickens or stressed chickens?

    We inherited 4 chickens from our landlord last November. He claimed they were about 3y.o. We were never told what type but it looks like we started with 2 Rhode Island reds, possibly a Dominique and a Crevecoeur (except the others have pecked her head bald, prior to us receiving her). One of the...
  19. B

    New pullet laying multiple soft eggs a day

    This forum has been invaluable. I have used it so frequently. But now I have a question I can't seem to find the answer to. Have a back yard flock of 6 pullets. Two at 21 weeks, two at 20 weeks, one at 17 weeks, and one at 15 weeks. I let them out of the coop/run for a few hours a day. One of...
  20. A

    Rescued hen not laying

    Hi all! About a month ago, I rescued a d’Uccle Mille Fleurs hen that had somehow gotten into a neighbors back orchard. She looks fairly young, certainly not too old to lay, but she has yet to lay any eggs. Does anyone more familiar with the breed have any tips on encouraging laying?
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