1. The duck father_

    Tips on getting free range chickens into a new coop at night?

    My chickens were originally supposed to sleep in a modified trailer with ducks in which they for a few days but than started sleeping in the trees for a few months. Since the trailer is now too crowded I made a new coop which they have much more interest in but is there a way to brake their tree...
  2. katie_94

    Is it possible to deter the egg song during early hours?

    First time chicken owner and our girls have started laying since 12/12 and boy are they loud! Especially our salmon faverolle. Personally, I don't mind it but my dad does sometimes and I'm scared our neighbors will eventually (idk if they know for sure we have them in the first place). We're not...
  3. katie_94

    Finally have eggs! Breed of chickens and who laid what?

    I have 8 chickens in which 4 are 5-6 months old and the rest are 4 months old. I'm pretty sure the younger 4 are easter eggers but I'm a bit confused as to what the 4 older ones are especially after I found some eggs this week. My mom got them all randomly from TS a month or so apart. In the...
  4. phaugh

    9 beautiful laying hens

    A great mix of breeds laying brown, white, chocolate, green, and blue eggs. 2 1/2 years old. Located in metro Twin Cities suburb. Easy location. Minnesota
  5. Countryhippie

    ASAP - Questions About Early Egg Laying

    Hello everyone, So on August 5th, 2021 I adopted 6 supposedly pullets, but two turned out to be roosters. That makes my flock 2 Roosters and 4 Hens. So far no issues with aggression between the roosters, one rooster is mating with the hens however. My hens are only a little over 15 weeks and I...
  6. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Chicken Not Lating and Eating Less

    All of my hens are a little over 2.5 years old and most have finished up a molt. A couple returned to laying, but, as the days shortened, they soon stopped. Only one RIR is laying (after a molt). My ISA brown seems to have stopped entirely, which is a first, and my GLW, after starting to lay for...
  7. katie_94


    Obviously this time of year there will be less daylight and in FL we may have more sunlight but it's less around this time regardless. My question is: What counts as sunlight for the quails? I've read on here that quails need about 14 hours of sunlight each day to keep producing eggs...
  8. M

    Duck Laying Northern NY

    I know hens begin the lay around 5-6 months old. I have a few girls getting close to this age but am in Northern NY and is already getting chilly out. I know ducks can be temperamental with laying. I know of people having ducks lay through winter and how flocks stop laying altogether during...
  9. katie_94

    How do you offer oyster shells to quail?

    We have 11 coturnix quails that all live together: 2 boys, the rest females. The 2 boys and 1 girl are our first quails and could be 4-5 months old. We got 8 more after who might be 14 weeks old. My parents feed them Purina 30% Protein Starter Gamebird and Turkey Feed and don't want to buy...
  10. HeathenHavenHomestead

    Chicken acting strange

    I have an 18 week old cockerel who was acting weird. I walked outside and it almost seemed like I startled him he jumped up and ran forward then seemed a little disoriented and started walking backwards a few steps. He then shook all the dirt from his feathers (he was in the dust bath) and...
  11. P

    Will my ducks lay this year

    Hi everyone, my three khaki campbells ducks hatched April 20th 1 boy and 2 girls, I’ve notice this week that they’ve started to display mating behaviours and wondered if this could indicate that they will begin to lay anytime soon? That said, it’s nearly September and I wondered if that means...
  12. K

    New hen quit laying halfway through. Reason to worry?

    Last week we brought home 3 new girls to add to our flock of only 2. One was already squatting and has a very red comb and wattles. We figured she would likely lay soon but were not aware whether she already was or not. Well, we found our first egg from them last night. We assumed it was her...
  13. carriek

    When did your EEs start laying

    So I wanna know when your Easter eggers started laying, what do u think they are mixed with, what do u feed them and plz post pics of your cute birds and beautiful eggs
  14. MenachemEliyahu

    Reds are laying

    Yesterday I went to check on my flock and one of my reds started laying. I wasn’t expecting them to lay until next month. I guess she was ready. Here’s a comparison with the leghorn
  15. Mycrazypets

    When should I Put Straw in my Nest Boxes if my chickens are not of age to lay yet?

    Hi there! My chicks are 9 weeks old and are getting moved into the coop finally this week. I was wondering when I should setup my nesting boxes and put straw in them or if it’s possible to do it too early. Also thoughts on best thing to put in nesting boxes?
  16. BlueHorse17

    Weirdest Egg Contest! - no prizes - ends August 15th, 2021

    Weirdest Egg Contest! Hello everyone! I want to see all of the weird eggs that your flock has laid! Doesn't matter if they are misshapen, fairy, jumbo, etc :)! Rules! 1. One egg per post. 2. Can be any type of poultry egg. 3. Multiple entries allowed - cannot be same egg though! 4. Contest...
  17. hayleyasaurus

    Kaki Campbell started laying greenish eggs weird green color in pen

    Hi! My Kaki Campbell duck recently started laying eggs with bright green coloring on them. I also noticed the same green color in the pen. I think is discharge from when she’s laying the egg maybe. Is this normal or should I be concerned? thank you! Hayley
  18. J

    Hen not laying but appears ok

    Hi all, Recently joined to ask for some advice really. I have an Oxfordshire brown hen, she’s about 2.5 years old, she is a good layer for the most part, except a few times a year she would get lethargic and soft lay and then immediately bounce back. She was having one of these episodes but it...
  19. OrlandoMama

    At what age did your chickens lay?

    Good morning! I was wondering when did everyone’s girls start to lay? I have two Rhode island reds, two prairie bluebell easter eggers, and two light bramahas that are 16 weeks and I have a buff orpington, white leghorn, and americana easter egger that are 8 weeks. This is my first personal...
  20. Heidiypi1

    Silver laced Wyandotte’s 43 weeks not laying?

    Please does anyone actually know when my silver laced Wyandotte’s should start laying my Sussex started at around 33 weeks and nothing from my Wyandotte’, there is too much variations on the web some say 19 weeks, 28 weeks etc etc mine are not laying and not crouching down either like my Sussex...
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