mille fleur d'uccles

  1. Silkiechicmom

    3 week old mille fleur d'uccle roos or pullets?

    Hi There!! I couldn't resist these two mille fleur d'uccle chicks...this is my first time with this breed, as I have only silkies. Could anyone tell me if they are looking like roos or pullets? They are 3 weeks old! Thanks!!!
  2. Lorraine Forster

    Feather sexing

    I have 4, almost 3 week old, Mille Fleurs d'Uccle chicks. I have attached photos of their wings in hope someone out there will be able to take an educated guess at their sex. Beige feathers #1 Dark feathers #2 White feathers #3 Beige tipped feathers #4
  3. B

    8 week chick- toes curled leg/foot twisted, joint swollen, can't walk well- help!

    I incubated several of my Mille Fleur d'Uccle's eggs and Chester is the only one that hatched. She is 8 weeks old now. She was born with twisted toes and has always had trouble walking and we tried to correct them with tape and cardboard but it seemed like it was doing more harm than good so we...
  4. KikiDeAnime

    Will it be okay?

    Since our older hens have still not gotten use to our Silkie rooster, I have decided to see about putting him together with our others. I don't want him to be lonely. I can tell that he has been ever since he lost his two pullets and his brother. Would putting our Silkie rooster together with...
  5. Cyprus

    Judge my D'Uccles!

    I'm looking to see what others think of my two D'Uccles, how they compare and how close or far they are from the SOP. So, please feel free to judge them in accordance with the ABA breed standards :D All input is welcome and constructive criticism is encouraged. They are of the Mille Fleur...
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