missing eggs

  1. Lanklow5790

    Duck Layed Once Hasn't Layed Since [Solved]

    Hi, I have an Indian Runner that just Sexually matured enough to lay her first three eggs. The problem is that she hasn't layed any eggs since. it's been a week since, and we've searched our entire yard and haven't found one egg. We do have a matured drake also, if that changes anything. This is...
  2. CaptSaam

    My chickens are eating the eggs!

    My chickens have begun to eat the eggs. I feed them well, always keeping their feeder full and the waterer plentiful. Additionally I have a friend who works at a bakery and gives me day-old bread. Each day they start the day with plenty of bread or table scraps, veggie cuttings, and even cooked...
  3. Chikkin4life

    Where did you go...

    My girls just started laying eggs again! But... I don’t know where! I checked again after a week and found 8 in the coop. The thing is, they saw me take them and I haven’t found any since! How do I get them to lay in the nest boxes! Ps. I live in LA and it SNOWED today!
  4. Safiya44

    First Eggs QUAILS

    So yesterday I received 2 lovely but small quails eggs for the first time! So far today, I still haven't received any. Is it normal for Japanese quails to miss a day after their first egg? If so, is it just one day or can it last a while? Thanks :)
  5. K


    Hi! I have 4 chickens...less than a week so new to everything. They are all ok. Only my Cheshire blue is laying (not a problem). She lays every other day on the floor of their coop. So to encourage use of their nesting box I put said egg inside. I came back 4 hours later and the egg has gone! No...
  6. Gammond

    Egg Eater Evidence

    Have you ever had egg eaters that eat the ENTIRE egg leaving no shells? We have quite a few chickens so it's harder for me to monitor.. especially because they all lay at different times of the day. The only evidence I might see is just egg white goo mixed in with shavings.. BUT, this could be...
  7. MrsChicky55

    Are my chickens eating their eggs? Not laying in boxes. Help please?

    I'm new to raising chickens and we started with baby chicks this spring. A month ago we go our first egg and were so excited. We had a little bit of variety in the ages of our chicks. Our buff orpington is the oldest & pretty sure she was our first layer but she's been so intermittent. Then...
  8. C

    The eggs went missing out of the nest

    while our hen was laying her eggs, some chickens laid eggs on her nest. So she was sitting on 9 turkey eggs and 4 chicken eggs. All 4 chicken eggs hatched and she moved the chicks to a new nest. Her original nest is now empty, no turkeys eggs anywhere. Does anyone know what she would have done...
  9. The Duck Mother

    Think ducks are eating incubating eggs, but why?!

    So one of our ducks, Mama, went broody about a week ago for the second time. She's an Ancona and was a great mother to her first clutch she hatched a few months ago. This time, she was sitting on 8 eggs. A couple days ago, I noticed there was only 7 eggs in the nest. And then today, there was...
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