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  1. M

    New Member!

    I am new to chickens and will be buying some as soon as I get my permit. I want 4 but I think I am only going to be able to have 2 with my cities guidelines. I will get Barred Rock chickens. I am excited to be able to have my own source of food in my own backyard. I am starting the homesteading...
  2. T

    New to page

    Hi new to this group of chicken enthusiasts! I started my flock about 3 years ago and now I’m a chicken addict! Love my girls I just love how they run to me knowing I have treats. Excellent egg layers.
  3. InappropriateName

    New member! Helloooooo!

    Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm from Southern Indiana and this is my first flock. The oldest is 6 weeks and the youngest is 4 days. I also just put eggs in an incubator for the first time last night. So, bawls deep all in I guess. I have 13 chicks at the moment. Uhh.... So, yeah. Hi:)
  4. Stourmy


    Hello you can call me Stourmy, pronounced just like stormy. I plan to get a small flock of colorful egg layers sometime soon. If I could have as big a flock as I wanted I would own a mixed flock of Easter Eggers, Barred Rock, Sussex, Sex links, Austra White, and Australorps in all the colors...
  5. elsmith619

    Complete Bird Brain

    Hi everyone! My name is Eirikka and I’ve been following BYC since I first started my adventure on April 19, 2022 with only 20 chickens. All because my daughter wanted a few. Move forward to today and I (or we) are complete bird brains. Chicken math is real!!! We currently have over 300...
  6. J

    New here

    I've googled and used info off this page so many times I figured I might as well join! I'm about a 10ish month chicken owner maybe less so far. Got eggs in an incubator already!
  7. Bowers111315


    Hi! My name is Crystal. I'm from the very tip of the Thumb in Michigan. ✋🏻👈🏻 I'm not new to raising chickens, but I'm always looking to learn more from others! I have/had Rhode Island Reds, ISA Browns, Easter Eggers, Seramas, D'uccles, Barred Rocks, & White Leghorns. I'm a stay-at-home...
  8. BrahmaMama923

    New member intro

    Hey everyone! I have been a member of the BYC Facebook group for a while now, but just found out about the app community! I’m so excited to get started here! I used the new member template to introduce myself below: (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? A: I am pretty...
  9. emyancey

    So excited to finally be a chicken mom!

    Hi! I'm Erin. I have wanted chickens for years! My chicks are hatching on April 17, 2024 (my grandma's birthday). I have three Easter Eggers, three Olive Eggers, two Buff Brahmas, two Black Australorps, and two Barnevelders coming from Mt. Healthy Hatcheries! My dad is going to help me...
  10. K1TT

    New Here

    ATTN: THIS IS @BackroadGirl57 'S ALTERNATE ACCOUNT, MADE AS IF A DIFFERENT PERSON (not really a person, a car) (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yes, I've never had chickens. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? None, but that will change in a few weeks...
  11. R

    New member

    Hello chicken keeping friends! Starting from the ground up-literally! Need to find information on the following: 1. Ordinances: Chesterfield, MO and Creve Coeur, MO 2. Building a Chicken coop or chicken coop plans with protection from predators as I back to woods frequented by fox, possum...
  12. S

    Hi my names Susan. I an new to this forum

    I have had chickens for about 3 years now. The first 6 are gone now that I got from Tractor Supply, , mostly eaten by hungry foxes or coyotes, but 2 were killed by a dog that had gotten loose. It sure has been a learning experience. I am 77, soon to be 78 and am enjoying, mostly, the learning...
  13. AllThingsNature

    New from WI!

    Hello! I'm so excited to join BYC. I have owned chickens for a year and a half. Currently I have a flock of 24 chickens and 4 guineas. We are working on building a second coop! Our 2yo son LOVES to help mama with the birds.
  14. FritzerAndHens

    New member :)

    Hello! My name is Fritz. I recently got into backyard chicken-ing and have 5 hens right now, 4 are laying, one is still young. Juniper, Saffron, Ginger, Hazel, and Thyme. I'll be grabbing a few more next spring :) I joined since I've come here already for advice a good bit.
  15. K

    Nice to meet you!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I’ve had them less then a year I got them in the spring and ducks in the summer (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 8 Hens and 6 Ducks (3) What breeds do you have? Lots 3 golden comets, an Easter egger, a green...
  16. ramblinreckrangers

    New member introduction!

    Hi! My name is Jess, an Oregonian and am excited to join the BYC group- I utilized this site so much during my preparation an early stages of chickens and had the realization that I should join :) happy to be here! Hoping to find info on deep litter method & ideas on birds of prey protection...
  17. E

    New member Intro

    Hi there! I am a new member interested in having my hens raise their own chicks. I had hens as a kid but only “spent hens”, which laid lots of eggs but never went broody. We also had some bantams but still no broody hens. I got hens more recently about 3 years ago, starting with 5 year-okd hens...
  18. Preston Family Farm

    Greetings from Alberta, Canada

    Hi all. I've been on here lots reading and learning and decided it was time to finally create an account and start participating. We moved out to the country before this past summer and have dove in headfirst. So far, we've got some horses and chickens. For now, we are just raising chickens for...
  19. ChickensInMA

    New Member, Long-Time Reader

    Hi, everyone! After years and years of being a reader of BYC, I've decided to create an account! This place is a wealth of information for both new and old chicken keepers alike. I am not new to raising chickens, but have been raising them for about eight years. Our enclosures and how we've...
  20. VictorGalluno

    Presentation and question. Lump in a chicken.

    Hello! Since I was a little child I have had chickens. Now I have 11 chickens and a rooster. I raise them and I love them, they are great. None have a pure breed. Only one but I don't know it. Many have Mapuche chicken ancestry (collonka or araucana). Others with bare necks. About me: I am from...
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