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  1. L

    Hi everyone

    Hi. I am new to BYC. My family has always had chickens off and on. I moved to iowa several years ago and just established ourselves in a town that allows chickens. I can only have hens but I am excited. I currently have 4 in my small flock but cant wait to exand.
  2. KhalSancho

    Pleased to be part of the club!!

    Hey all, my name is Christopher Sanchez. I’m an American living in QLD Australia with my Misses (our baby girl in her tummy), red cattle dog, and our new Ameraucana flock (sold as Auracanas but the rumpless aren’t available here so I can only assume that due to strict import laws this is as...
  3. Megan_M

    New Member and Proud Duck Mommy

    I’m so excited to be joining such an awesome community! My boyfriend and I have raised 8 beautiful Rouen duckies! I look forward to helping other duck mommy and daddy’s, as well as hearing about their experiences!
  4. si1entshad0w

    Salutations from the chicken yard

    I've decided that I am now going to be a chicken owner for the rest of my life for as long as I can. I love chickens and got my first pair when I was 10 (one turned out to be a rooster, oops! But the other was a hen. Lucky day). I've moved a lot, went to school, and rented, so I could never own...
  5. W

    New Member in Jax Fl

    Hey everyone, My next project for my grandkids is a chicken coup. The only thing I've not yet decided is to get pullets now, or wait until spring when the weather warms up. I thought we'd get 6 heritage Rhode Island Reds, and 1 Blue Bell and 1 Americauna. This so we can send "Easter eggs" home...
  6. kaitlynerin1219

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Kaitlyn and I have 6 very lovely hens. I used to work at a petting zoo with many chickens so I’m not new to their care, however before my current flock I had never owned my own. We got our girls when they were just chicks back in March of this year. I have 3 white leghorns and 3 Black...
  7. Mudma

    New Member

    Hi my name is Brenda and run a B&B in Nova Scotia Canada and Ioved the idea of raising chickens for eggs at the B&B. I local fellow was building his first chicken coop and offered to build mean at the same time, great! I purchased 8 road island reds and 4 guinea fowl. I am extending the run buy...
  8. thecarmiearmy

    My Intro

    Hi guys! My name is Carmine! I'm 22 and Nonbinary (they/them pronouns please.) I got my first ever chickens this year, sometime mid-April. Back then they were still chicks. Now two of our hens lay eggs! Right now I have 3 chickens. They are all Lavendars. I used to have a fourth, she was a...
  9. RiversideChick

    Greetings! New mama of 13 chicks :)

    Hello! I am a new chicken owner and this forum has already become invaluable to me. My husband and I live on the Nisqually River in Washington State (hence the screen name). We have 13 chicks that are now 4 weeks (and some change) old. They have been living outside full time and thriving for a...
  10. C


    Hello my name is chickentwit and I am new to this group. I have been looking at postings here for about a year and decided to join. I have learned a lot from all of you in the past year when I first started with my girls. We have a flick of about 65 girls we have some what I call designer...
  11. LoribelleF

    Love my girls

    Hi, My name is Lori and I live in SW Pa. I got into chickens by accident, literally. My neighbor raises them with her boys for 4H and showed me them as babies. As they began to grow 4 of them would come into my garden. So I need them. 1 in particular would hang with me and would come when I...
  12. HeatherFeatherFlock

    Introducing myself: hello!

    1) we got our first chickens in April of 2017. (2) As of now (August 2019) we have 8 chickens and 5 ducks. (3) 1 Black Astrolorp 1 Gold Lace Wyandotte 2 Rhode Island Reds 2 Buff Orpingtons 2 Cuckoo Marans Then we have 5 Khaki Campbell’s. (4) Getting to know them with their personalities...
  13. A


    I'm Audrey and on 40 acres in North Idaho. I got my first chickens in 2017 . 1 Buff Orphington and 3 Golden Sex link. This year I introduced 2 more GSL and 2 I'm not sure what. I raise 2 pigs every year to butcher in the Fall and we had 5 turkeys we just butchered. this was our 2nd year of...
  14. Mikaela Taylor

    Introducing myself!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? We got our first 10 baby chicks on March 7th, 2019. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 14 all together. We currently have 9 hens, 2 roosters and 3 straight run chicks (3) What breeds do you have? Easter Eggers and...
  15. DuckMama9

    Quack, from Texas!

    Hello, um, er, Quack! As you might have guessed from the thread title, from my screen name and from the greeting, I raise ducks! I used to raise chickens several years ago, and was recently thinking about bringing up a new flock, but it was my love of gardening that made me consider ducks this...
  16. CptKirk

    New member, hatching quail

    Hey guys! Am a shiny new member and just wanted to say, thank you! I've been reading your stuff a lot over the last week and a half or so while incubating some quail eggs from the grocery store, and it has helped a lot. Four of them have developed and one is pipping this morning, so all of your...
  17. J

    New Member

    Greetings! We are looking into getting chickens and want to do it right. We are dancers and vegans, and want to feed our dogs the eggs instead of participating in the meat industry. We were referred by someone else to join this site. :) I'll be wanting to know: 1. What type of chickens lay the...
  18. JessMay

    Newest member! (As of right now)

    hey everyone! After seeing these forums everywhere and getting so many helpful questions answered I finally decided to join.. mostly because I needed some answers to my question about my guinea that flew into a darn tree tonight I’m new to the farm life.. living on a horse farm for almost a year...
  19. H

    New member and new to chickens

    Hi everyone, I'm brand new to chickens. I keep coming to this site to get answers to my questions so I thought it was time to officially join. I live in NJ and I'm a teacher so I'm off this summer. I have 2 children and we are all enjoying our chickens. We got a bunch of chicks from tractor...
  20. Jackjackandbernice

    Nice to join you

    Recently came into a bunch of chickens that were rescued from an abandoned coop. My sister in law and I have been rehabilitating them and kept finding ourselves on this site whenever we needed a question answered, so I finally decided to make an account so we could ask questions directly as they...
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