1. littlefowl

    raising peachick

    i just hatched out my first peachick... had to deal with a slipped tendon straight off the bat . what else should i be looking out for and do i need to know about raising one by hand by itself??
  2. F

    Peacock chicks opens mouth when breathing

    Peacock chicks breathing with open mouth and watery eyes i am giving then vitamins with tylocin power in water. Any suggestions for quick recovery
  3. C

    Selling my peacock and peahen with large aviary

    I love these birds, but we are traveling more and not able to give them as much attention as we used to. Fox island pickup. $1500 with the 15 foot, very solid aviary. I also have peachicks that just hatched. email me for pictures. [email protected]
  4. CountrySoul

    Peafowl candling - duds?

    I haven’t hatched peafowl in years. I have 4 eggs in my still air incubator. Today is day 17. I’ve candled every few days since day 7 and I haven’t seen veins at all. The eggs are very hard to see through so I wasn’t too worried. But the development seems to have stopped. I can’t find any good...
  5. NatureGirl74

    Why is my peacock sitting on eggs?

    My peahen just started laying this clutch of eggs. There are only two eggs so far. Several times I have found the peacock sitting on the eggs though. He hasn't broke any or been aggressive. Why is he sitting on the eggs though instead of her?
  6. D

    Will a scared peahen return to the nest?

    Hi, I would just really love some advice. The farm I am on has Peahens and I've accidentally scared one away from its eggs when doing my jobs, do you know if it will return to its eggs please and will they survive this? Thanks.
  7. Chicken Unboxing

    EMERGENCY! Found an egg! Suspected peafowl.

    Hey there! This is my second post, the last post has been very informative and helpful so I’ve decided this website might might help with this type of situation. We just went to a park/sanctuary and we found this egg! We believe it may be a peafowl egg as there were many females & males there...
  8. P

    Peacocks losing train feathers

    Any opinions on what would cause a few of my peacocks who had already gotten pretty far along in the re-growth of their train feathers to now be losing their train feathers? I used ivermectin pour on for worming (and kills mites/lice) about 2 months ago.
  9. T

    Adult peacock not standing and with curled toes

    My peacock is 4 years old. I had to transport him and after the trip he is not standing alright. His toes are all curled backwards and he doesn’t really stand, but instead supports himself in his elbows. Could it be riboflavin deficiency? Could it be stress from the trip? I checked and no toes...
  10. Ibrar usafzai

    Peafowl could not eat nor drink on her own.

    Good evening everybody. My peafowl of age 16 months could not eat on her own but when I put a feed roll in her mouth, she easily swallows it. It doesn't seems to have flu or any other clear symptoms. what do you guys think she is suffering from and what is the cure? her poop is milky white...
  11. M

    Opale male peacock

    I would like to know if there are any interesting crossbreadings I can do between my male opal and a female?
  12. P

    ISO Peafowl

    ISO several different colors/patterns of Peafowl both chicks & adults, if you have any available please contact me. Thank you
  13. F

    Young Peafowl Leg bent awkwardly!!! Help!! Peafowl with Dislocated or broken leg

    My peachick of 4 months old suddenly has a really bent leg. It must be dislocated or broken or something because it’s REALLY bent. Wasn’t like this yesterday; seemingly just happened this morning or overnight. It was recently moved to a wire cage. Could that have anything to do with the problem...
  14. L

    Wild Peacocks - Want to identify breed, find peahen

    Hi All, I live in Lucas Valley California and there are wild peacocks on my family's property (since before we moved in in 2004). THe last peahen had four boys and we only have two peacocks now it seems and no peahen. Can someone identify the breed ... possibly Emerald? It's not a straight up...
  15. Uwish

    Hello everyone

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for letting me join your amazing group. I was raised on a sm farm growing up so we had everything just about (all were pets) now that I’m older and basically retired and don’t tour anymore I want that awesome life back of being surrounded by animals it’s my happy...
  16. percypea

    Problem with peacock - feathers hanging low around legs

    Hello all, I have an adult peacock who has been perfectly happy and healthy. Today, whilst he was roaming around he suddenly seemed to take fright and ended up leaping in the air and flapping quite a bit. I didn't see what caused the outburst, just saw him mid-jump. However, after I'd calmed...
  17. MissTracy

    Do we have sword feathers?

    So these babies are over three months old now I think... looks like the light one is sporting some sword feathers? Or am I wishful thinking??
  18. debbiexdeby


  19. P

    My peacock flew high up a tree

    Help! I need suggestions please. One of my peacocks got out of his pen and has flown very high up in a tree. Any suggestions on how to get him to come down or what to do?
  20. Th84

    Peahen or Peacock?

    I have a new peachick, wondering if anyone could see if its male/female . Maybe still pretty early though, not sure. Thanks!
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