1. MissTracy

    Do we have sword feathers?

    So these babies are over three months old now I think... looks like the light one is sporting some sword feathers? Or am I wishful thinking??
  2. K

    My peacock flew high up a tree

    Help! I need suggestions please. One of my peacocks got out of his pen and has flown very high up in a tree. Any suggestions on how to get him to come down or what to do?
  3. Th84

    Peahen or Peacock?

    I have a new peachick, wondering if anyone could see if its male/female . Maybe still pretty early though, not sure. Thanks!
  4. L

    Unhatched Unpipped Peacock Egg

    Hello my egg is on day 30 today it’s still chirping and moving but has yet to hatch. Should I intervene or continue to let it try on its own. I took it out to candle and it’s very loudly chirping but not hatched still. Any advice helps!
  5. AlbertVinny

    Peafowl and Plants?

    Hi guys! I supposedly have two 10 month old peacocks (one is white so we don’t exactly know) and their outdoor pen is pretty empty since they ate all the grass. I am wanting to put in some small plants like grass or bushes for them to interact and eat. What kind of plants can I put in there that...
  6. Max0815

    Peacock suddenly dies within 12 hours :(

    One of our juvenile peacocks suddenly died today this morning. He was completely fine yesterday, and able to fly onto his perch, but today as I went out to let my flock out he was just on the ground, dead. His head was resting on his back, he was in a resting position on the ground. No slime in...
  7. Entreparadis


    I have had peacocks (males only) for a few years now and sadly lost my youngest to a fight last week. I want to learn as much as I can about animal care, health and risks, so that I can prevent and remedy as many problems as possible. I also care for 5 Rhode island reds and 3 plymouth rocks hens...
  8. BassRoof

    Help, first time Peafowl egg incubating

    Alright , im hatching peafowl eggs for the first time, any suggestions? I am using a brinsea eco 20, and I have put them in in batches. I have 2 eggs at 16 days, 3 at 10 days, and I have already collected up 3 more, hoping for 5 before I start more. I have an eco 40 I can use as a Hatcher if...
  9. IizChicken

    Few questions! Pied peacock?

    Hi y’all! I am buying my first peafowl and I was told he is about 8 months and a pied male. I have attached a photo of him and was wondering if you guys think he is going to be a black shoulder too or if that is possible? His dad is pied and his mom is cameo. I also have some baby chickens I was...
  10. S

    Hatching Peafowl

    Hi this is my first time incubating peafowl eggs! I ordered two online (from I’m on day 7 tomorrow. I’ve been incubating with a gqf 1502 sportsman and I’ve been keeping the temp stable at about 99.5-100 and a stable humidity around 60%. I have them in peafowl specific egg trays and...
  11. J

    Questions about Spalding Peafowl

    I love peacocks! I really like the look of some Spaldings (I’m a little picky). Can someone tell me about the blood % of green and blue in the bird in the picture. I saw the bird on YouTube and I think he’s beautiful! The perfect Spalding(IMO). Also, does anyone have sound recordings of what a...
  12. F

    Please help! Peafowl Gender/Sex ID

    Hi All, Two days a go I bought three semi-wild 9mo old peafowls, India Blue I believe. The seller told me they were two females and one male, I am thinking they are three males... See attached photos. The seller will exchange or sell me more to make a desired combination. Thank you so much for...
  13. FathertoFeathers

    Curious about peacocks

    Thinking about getting some peacocks in the distant future (and I just like to learn about birds) but what all would I need for them? Can they at the same stuff as chickens? Can they live with chickens? If I got a peacock would I have to get hens as well? Can I have a flock of just males? Are...
  14. IizChicken

    Looking for a Pied Peacock in North Carolina

    Hi, I am currently looking for a Pied Peacock to buy or re-home in North Carolina. I'm near Raleigh and am willing to drive 1-2 hours. I have a small flock of about 2 hens, my others died :( but I will be getting 7-8 chicks, who free-range 6 acres. I am just looking for the one male who is...
  15. Gypsy77

    Peacocks Anyone?

    So, my aunt is rasing Peafowls (peacocks), well I decided I'd like to try. I've never really eaten one, but the eggs are great! So I have to ask, anyone else have peafowls that they sell or raise? I thought about going into that business now.
  16. E

    Looking for peacock

    Hi, I am in Caldwell Idaho and am looking for a peacock. We lost our 4yr old this morning and are feeling pretty terrible about it. We have 2 peahens and really want to find them a new guy-I'm not sure if they will, but I'm afraid they will leave if we don't! We don't care what color, age is...
  17. Max0815

    Cockroach induced death and prevention?

    I got 2 new peachick some time ago. One of the peachicks about a month old. Two days ago, I observed it eating some nymph cockroaches that ran out of a bucket I was trying to move, and 4 hours later it was struggling to hold onto life(irregular breathing via mouth, weak irregular heartbeat...
  18. percypea

    Peacock 'chattering' his beak?

    Hello, I've just got up this morning and found my previously healthy 5-year-old peacock behaving a bit unusually and wondered if any of you could give me some advice. He has hardly touched his breakfast and when he went to it he kept 'chattering' his beak, opening and closing it a little...
  19. S

    peafowls diet

    I really googled this so much but I can't find a clear answer. I just want to know how many grams or pounds of food do the average adult peafowl consumes. also how many liters of water does it drink?
  20. S

    What would you like to see inside a peacock zoo or park?

    hello, im an architecture student, and im designing a zoo or a park for peacocks, and I would love to know as a visitor what services would you like in the park of peafowls, what would you like to see, what will exist you as a visitor interacting with the peacocks and the peafowls. for example...
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