1. L

    Hello BYC Family!

    We have been showing chickens for about 3 years and owning for about 6. We live on a large farm in WV. We enjoy showing for 4-H and have begun a blog to help others who want to learn more about livestock projects with kids and 4-H. We have used the forums at BYC for years to help us with our...
  2. XLoveChickensX

    How To Clean Rooster Spurs?

    Hello, I'm working on a project with my rooster's spurs. I'm making earrings, but before I do anything I'm unsure on what to use to clean them. Yes, the inside is hollow, with dry blood from when they were removed. Which, is why I need them cleaned- regardless they need cleaned. I'm curious on...
  3. ZurcherFarms

    Pink Egg Project Interest?

    I would love to selectively breed to acquire a hen who's offspring would reliably produce pink hued eggs, however realize this is a near impossible task for one person, as to do it right I'd have to hatch 1000s of eggs, then raise them till laying age, culling 98% of the birds. It could...
  4. Terri E

    Any DIY Brooder projects ideas?

    Does anyone one have any DIY Brooder projects, possibly with plans, that works great with hatchling of 10+? I know I can just build a box with an opening, top cover with hard wired. However, I'm looking to do something extra just with a more secure top and viewing. Plastic is ok for lesser...
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