1. M

    What colour morph is this hen?

    What colour morph is this Ameraucana? This precious girl was a hatchery rescue. She suddenly passed away recently and we realized that we never figured out what “colour” she was. Any idea what she’d be called?
  2. ElGoose

    Anybody else have a thin faced goose?

    I always notice this about our Polly but it’s like she has no cheeks like our other geese, her head basically just blends seamlessly into her neck. Does anybody else have a goose like this? Is it normal? She’s definitely not underweight, I wonder if it’s just a facial feature.. both her and...
  3. Big Cluck

    Question for experienced mixed aviary keepers.

    So, I am pondering building an approximately 180sq ft aviary primarily to house 4-6 ornamental ducks, ring teal, Mandarin possibly wood duck. I intend it to have several small ponds, a mulberry tree, ornamental grasses and other plants.... I (while Im hearing*not recommended*) am wondering, are...
  4. Sequoia Raven Bird Farms

    What's the best thing about Black Copper Marans?!

    🍫Hello!!! I found a really nice looking pair of Black Copper Marans hens on Kijiji today, and I'm very exited! :frow:pop:p:p🥰 They seem like a very amazing breed, and this is a great deal! So now, I'm wondering the unknown amazing things this breed has, but are mostly unspoken of by "breed...
  5. Brink

    Is this a goose egg? Or a large chicken egg?

    Hello everyone! I have two geese, one goose and one gander. My goose is a white chinese and she was hatched April 11, 2023 so that would make her just barly over 24 weeks old. I also have a variety of chickens that are the same age as her. Rhoad island reds, white and blue breasted leg horns...
  6. phoenix2077

    Need help identifying duck breed

    Hi.can someone help me identify these duck breeds/crosses? I wanted to add 1 duck to my small flock to keep my Drake busy.I found these ducks for sell(1st pic).two brown ducks in 1st pic have similar color to mallard but they are heavier than mallards and female pekins.they have dark bill. Duck...
  7. tomik261

    Silicone mat on the bottom of coop for ease of cleaning?

    Hello. I would like to ask if it would be possible to use a silicone mat at the bottom of a coop to catch all the feces and then you would simply roll it up and clean it outside? I use dry bedding so I thin this could work with it. Any opinions on this as I haven't seen any other people doing...
  8. ElGoose

    Sand as bedding???

    My mum is saying she’s seeing goose owners use sand as bedding but I’m not sure, what do you guys think?? She wants to switch to it because apparently it’s easier to clean but I didnt mind shovelling out their poop all the time 🤣
  9. C

    Hi everyone, new member here

    We just got 5 baby Sapphire Gems on Friday and got 4 Easter Eggers on Sunday from tractor supply. (They'll be the first chickens we've ever owned so joined BYC to get in contact with more experienced owners) They were all in the same bin and we couldn't resist going back to get the Easter Eggers...
  10. J

    weakness in young rooster

    symptoms appear to be as such: weakness in legs, droopy on only one wing, trips over himself and difficult to stand up, i saw it's legs shaking very quickly once for a few seconds but couldn't see it happening again, cough-like noise occasionally. it doesn't show signs of depression or lethargy...
  11. S

    Drake or female duck?

    I have a mallard who was VERY loud as a baby and I was told was likely a female. I had no doubts until today. The duck has no curled tail feather, has a brown/orange beak and feet, and brown feathers with white on the wings. Today it was playing under the heat lamp and there is a slight green...
  12. S

    Can ducks have chicken vitamin supplements?

    Hi all, I am getting a vitamin supplement for our chickens as one is starting to curl it’s toes and I’m going to try that out. It goes in the water and I don’t want to cause an issue for the ducklet. Thank you! Sorry if this is a silly question.:D
  13. J

    chicken rarely pooping

    it's been a whole day and a chicken i have is barely pooping at all. it would do the movement that chickens do when they do it, like when they raise their wings a bit and extend their neck momentarily, but then nothing would come out it sleeps in a high place so the feces fall to the ground and...
  14. Micoylf

    Chick too overzealous with the plants

    Hi! Had a quick question as this is my first time raising chicks and I don’t know wether to be concerned or not. One of my 2week old chicks got a little too excited about the herbs put in their brooder and horked down about a 6in stem of oregano (they had to yank it out of its little pot to do...
  15. D

    Please help! Why does my duck sometimes struggle to poop?

    I’ve noticed this while watching her, but sometimes she seems to have a hard time pooping. She’ll poop about half of it then stop for some seconds and poop the other half out after. Please help, any help would be greatly appreciated. Is it serious? -She’s a Pekin duck -She is a year and a half...
  16. D

    Is there undigested food in this duck poop?

    I’ve been looking at it for awhile now, but I can’t really tell. I don’t believe there is any, but there seemed to be some earlier, so I want to make sure just in case. Any help is appreciated! -She is one and a half years old -She is a Pekin duck -She’s only been eating Manna pro duck feed...
  17. A

    Can Big ducks and little ducks share space

    I have three two months old call ducks inside (too hot to transition). Outside I have an older Blue swedish, and three roughly one year olds: a magpie, a Welsh harlequin and a silver Apple Yard. I was only intending on keeping one of the call ducks however I was just informed that she will...
  18. Patiocoturnix

    Tuxedo coloration question?

    Does anyone know what type of tuxedo this would be called?
  19. J

    grabbing hen while asleep

    recently brought a new hen, it's been approximately two weeks. it so far has been sleeping only in very hidden corners, and the place it decides to sleep in is somewhat dangerous because it's nearby some electrics. it's very quick so I can't catch it while it's awake so I go and catch it when it...
  20. J

    i think my rooster had intercourse with a broom

    I bought my rooster from day one, always been friendly, that's why it was such a surprise that one day it decided to just become aggressive towards myself and everyone else. it was by itself for a long time (not anymore tho) I tried to introduce other chickens but things never really worked out...
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