1. D

    Small success! Female hanging with ducklings

    Hey all! Just wanted to share a small success. I had two 16 wk drakes and one hen when I got a few more babies last week. The drakes werent letting the babies eat or drink and kept chasing them. Had the drakes processed yesterday morning and the hen has been guarding/warming the babies (5 wks-10...
  2. v4lentine_

    is strombergs legit ?

    ive been wanting to buy a pigeon for a while now , and ive been looking at strombergs sellection of pigeons , has anyone bought pigeons from strombergs ? if so is it reliable ? id like to know before commiting to buying one !
  3. katelyn19

    Showable Call duck?

    I have the chance to buy a call drake out of exhibition lines, but i didn’t know if he was more pet quality or if he was breeder/show quality and was wondering if anyone could tell me before I purchase him? I already have pet quality ducks and want to work towards show quality. Thanks
  4. K

    One of two chicks died.

    I got 2 chicks from a store on the 16th. They were both a little sick. We were going to get 3 chicks, but the mother didn’t want her to go. Unfortunately, we were informed that the 3rd had died, the mother was sick. The male chick has blue around his eyes, he doesn’t open them a lot. The female...
  5. B

    Would this design work with silkies?

    I have one rooster, and one hen. (My other hen recently died) they are both silkies. I live in north Alabama. It gets hot here and it does rain. They have a very traditional coop right now but it has become infested with flies (!!!!) and I’m moving. So new coop time. Wood ain’t cheap right now...
  6. M

    Duckling advice

    Hi, I came home and found that my mother bought 5 ducks from the local tractor supply. She brought feed (Purina Flock Raiser Crumbles Premium Poultry Feed) that the store gave her along with a Kiddie pool and pine chips for bedding. I have since done some research on how to better care for them...
  7. ninja333pirate

    feeding chicks

    So my boyfriend is looking to raise chicks to sell when they are older, but he is trying to find a way to feed the chicks so that it is worth doing that without loosing money. buying from the feed store we can get a 25lb bag of chick starter at coastal for $10.99. He thinks at that he would be...
  8. luckysamara199

    Is it normal for chicks to have green poo??

    hello, thank you for taking the time to answer and read this question. I have 3 polish chicks. They are 2 months old I noticed that their poo was a dark green today. I’m not sure if it’s normal or not and I was wondering if anyone has any advice or tips if this is normal or not? I’ve never seen...
  9. luckysamara199

    Should I give my chickens gapeworm treatment even if they don’t have symptoms of it?

    hello! First of all thank you for taking the time to read and answer this question. :) so I have 3 polish chicks they are 2 months old I noticed one of them hizzing and gasping for air and I googled it and gapeworms showed up but I’m not sure if he has it? Should I give my chickens gapeworm...
  10. J

    Help baby chick

    So a mama was broody on eggs, and a couple hatched but after the second day of the hatching she left the eggs. Once she left them, and didn’t touch them for a couple day I decided to grab the eggs and put it in the incubator, in case of any late hatches. in the end one chick hatched, this was...
  11. Gerby26

    My entire flock has wet feather?

    I have yearling muscovies and all of their oil glands just seem to not be working properly, some are partially working while two girls just are dry and have no oil at all, they have access to a full yard of grass and have fresh water to bathe in everyday. I don't know what to do about it, all I...
  12. M

    Another silkie gender thread

    8.5 week old partridge silkie chick. Guesses on boy or girl? We have an older partridge chick we are pretty sure is a boy so I'm really hoping this one is a girl! I know it's early but so far you guys have been right on the money with your guesses 😊
  13. P

    Can You Bomb-Proof Quail?

    Hi all, I work at an urban small animal farm and we are looking to introduce some new bird species, particularly game birds like pheasants and quail. We have a large diversity of animals already, and our work mostly coincides with educating the public, specifically children and those with...
  14. TheAlrightyGina

    Chick Sexing Project: To Be Continued?

    Hey everrbody! I'm sure those of you that frequent this forum ("What Breed Or Gender is This?") have noticed that stickied thread, Chick Sexing Project, started by @Direchicken, who seems to be inactive. I finally made my way through it and found that it has kinda...fallen apart. What was meant...
  15. chicken mother

    What chicken breed is this?

    She lays green eggs a few times a week. Black and brown with grey feet. I’ve had her for a few years now but never knew what breed she is!
  16. S

    Sudden muscovy and chicken deaths

    I have about 30 birds total, and throughout the winter I lost 4 to "sudden deaths". The side effects usually included wry neck, and paralysis then trouble breathing, then death. I decided that it could have been botulism toxin. I didn't lose any for about 3 months. Then suddenly today I lost a...
  17. ChickenGirl300

    Introducing a new chicken after a hawk attack

    I had five chickens until yesterday. We originally had 3, but then we got two more because we thought one was a rooster. (She wasn't) The two new girls were Plymouth Rocks, and always hung around together. They had names in the start, but once they feathered out we couldn't tell them apart very...
  18. Shancat_

    Mystery chick

    Hey everyone! Got my shipment of chicks in. I did have 2 pass away before they got to the store but I also got a mystery chick inside. I’m assuming it’s an Easter Egger chick. What do you’ll think. (Excuse the nails) Thanks!!!
  19. RosyChickens

    Guess that Chick Breed

    I hatched a few chicks and picked up a few from Tractor supply store But I have some questions about breed and gender if anyone can help. 1. From the Bantam mystery bin we have this cutie (guessing male from the waddles and comb?) but what breed? he is a very light cream (not really buff or...
  20. Y

    Introduction! and Question!

    Hello all! I am an 18-year-old male and I currently am taking care of a chicken that we randomly found roaming our neighborhood. I check this site often and took some great tips from here! Thanks! My question, however, is that recently, the chicken that we found and took care of (as a pet)...
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