1. cluckmecoop7


    Finally finished! Please PM me if you have some you want me to add. Questions & Answers About Chickens < CLICK
  2. SBFChickenGirl

    Shipped eggs, Air cells, and Hatch-a-long

    I recently bought 18 eggs from a Dutch bantam breeder. I have never hatched shipped eggs before. Some of the air cells are "saddled" and others are not attached. I have read that you have to put these eggs in egg cartons on day 18. But what about beforehand? Do they need a different humidity...
  3. rosemarysugar

    Breed??! WITH VIDEO!

    What breed are these too? The Rooster I got from a local farm and have no idea what he is the hen I got off of Murry mcmurry hatcheries as a Americana but she lays Brown eggs so she's not any idea what they are? ROOSTER IS A mix Hen video
  4. TheChiggens

    We Should Make a BYC Christmas Emoji!

    As we all know its fun to add emoji to your posts. Now wouldn't it be cool to have one of our little yellow guys with a Christmas hat saying merry Christmas? Or maybe just wearing a Christmas hat? (something like that) To add to posts during the Christmas season. Anyway who would be the one to...
  5. rascal66

    Best material for drainage in the run?

    Husband and I are getting prepared to redo the run and extend our coop. Its really rainy and wet sometimes out here in WA. Sometimes the run gets so muddy and stinky, I really get concerned for the health risks it brings as well. So our goal is to also prep it for better drainage and to better...
  6. TheChiggens

    Purpose Of Comb/Wattles?

    This ive been wondering this for a while- So I know roosters have combs/wattles to show of to females. But there must be other reasons. Ive have kinda a guess that it helps realise heat during hot weather. But im not sure. What do you experts know?
  7. BDutch

    Post a new question, thread or forum discussion

    I made this thread because there are more people, besides me, who have trouble to put there questions in the right spot. How to start a new thread: 1. Go to/search a suitable forum. 2. Open this forum / category. 3. Then you see a blue button to start a new thread. If you want a good...
  8. coltgrizzz

    What breed is my pigeon?

    So i’m new to pigeons. Last Saturday we picked up this little guy from the shelter. Obviously a juvenile because of the little squeaks he makes but it’s super super super friendly. I just want to know what breed do you guys think he is? I had someone say they thought he was a street pigeon but...
  9. BrittChick15

    Narrow Coop - Roost Issues - Help!

    Hello everyone! I’m going to try this again since I’ve posted about this before and I’m still super stumped. I have a narrow coop. It’s about 3 to 4 ft. wide and about 7 to 8 ft. long. The roosts that came with the coop are terrible! I’m ripping them out this week for sure! But I need ideas...
  10. geeseareprettycool

    I'm doing a project on geese in school and I need to know stuff about owning Canadas.

    In language arts i'm doing an essay on geese and one of my paragraphs is about owning geese, specifically Canadas. I live in Ohio and when I search if its legal to own Canada geese in Ohio I don't get the answers I need. Is anyone able to tell me if its legal to own Canada geese in Ohio and if...
  11. jbean0713

    Ascites- draining issues

    Hello Everyone! I have a hen with Ascites, she has had it for over a year now. Every few months my husband and I are able to drain the new fluid buildup and she is good is good for a while. It came time for us to do our most recent drain and this time the fluid in her belly is much thicker and...
  12. christatothemax

    Old Barn into Coop?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, aside from my introduction. Thank you in advance for your help in using my old barn for a coop... maybe? Pending your thoughts and advice! I am a complete newbie at this and appreciate your patience and help. I live in NW Ohio and have a fairly decent...
  13. WallyBirdie

    Hatching Versus Purchasing

    I wasn't sure if this went with Hatching or Raising chicks, so please bear with me if this thread is wrongly placed. My turkens have never successfully hatched eggs before, so any addition to the flock was purchased as day-old chicks. My girl was broody and my roo was rather twitterpated this...
  14. O

    Breeding Silkie's head-hole off?

    Hello. I'm planning to get silkies. I absolutely love them but I'd be lying if I said the hole in their heads didn't bother me. It just seems like a way too vulnerable trait for an animal to have. My current knowledge is that ALL silkies have a hole, more or less and the crest gets fuller if...
  15. LunaMarieWolf

    Wanting to have guinea fowl in the future?? Help and advice please!

    Hello! In the future I am wanting to have Guineas to raise, breed, and sell. My parents have given me a 5 acre back pasture up the hill from their house to use and build on. So I want to have a small house there, my dad even said he would help me with building plans for my house or helping me...
  16. J&Kfeatheredfowl

    What IS THIS?!

    Hey everyone. So, the strangest thing just happened. We were down the allotments seeing to our hens and newly hatched chicks when a strange bird crashed into the fence?? At first we thought it was a chicken, but it doesn’t appear to have a comb - so we honestly have no clue what it is. It flew...
  17. Tortilla

    Muscovy Mother Duck Food

    We have a Muscovy mother duck and we dont know what is recommended for her to eat but with the help of this beautiful People we will Discover Thanks!!
  18. highpawayden

    Turkeys not eating in summer

    My turkeys haven’t been eating much if at all the past week. They seem perfectly normal but I worry about them not eating. Is this normal? Is there something I can feed them in the summer that they’ll eat?
  19. nicoleee

    Help identify this snake?

    I stepped outside in the front porch and found this little guy slithering around. I can tell it’s not venomous or bad but I just wanted to know what type of snake it is? Does it pose a threat to my chickens? I have 3 very small hens (one is about the size of a pigeon). I got a few pics of him...
  20. chickenhawkct

    Whats with the pig pile I thought i got chickens?

    My chickens live in an old converted shed. i have about twenty laying boxes and about 6foot of roosting space. That being said my mental mush chickens all pile/ roost in the door, even when closed.
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