red pyle

  1. Phillisy

    Let’s see your Red Pyle (Splash Blue Partridge) Brahmas!

    This is our second year with BP Brahmas, and we have a BP rooster over Gold hens and a single BP hen. Recently we hatched out a batch for a customer, and ended up with what I’m assuming is a Splash/Red Pyle for the first time! It was so much lighter than the others when it hatched that I did a...
  2. Missythechickenlady

    Breed and gender bantam? Old english red plye? Sebright

    Hello, So I bought some bantams out of the bantam bin at tsc. They orignally were all white then they started getting orange almost peach feathers on the neck. So i was wondering if anyone knows what they are? They look maybe like red pyle. Also are they cockerels or pullets. They are 6 weeks...
  3. C

    ISO red pyle old English game bantam

    ISO red pyle old English game bantam hatching eggs. If anyone has any for sale please let me know. Located in Ohio. Thank you
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