Apr 9, 2019
Alberta, Canada
This is our second year with BP Brahmas, and we have a BP rooster over Gold hens and a single BP hen. Recently we hatched out a batch for a customer, and ended up with what I’m assuming is a Splash/Red Pyle for the first time! It was so much lighter than the others when it hatched that I did a triple take 😂. Our customer only wanted blue and gold partridge, so the lonely RP is staying here with me as a grow out (hoping I can find it a few friends soon, as we have no others hatches planned at the moment).

Google image searches don’t show up much, and this is the first time I’ve seen a Red Pyle, so if you have any pictures of yours, at any age, I would love to see them!


Edit: Added photos 😊
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Do you have pictures of the parents? I've never even heard of these colors for this breed

They’re not very common. I just took all of my pictures off my phone the other day, but I will try and get some new ones in the next little while to post. My hens all look awful because the rooster is very... amorous, I haven’t had any luck finding saddles that work, but I have a few younger grow out hens I can get some pictures of.
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@JacinLarkwell these are a couple of my grow out ladies, they hatched either the end of March, or the beginning of April, so they’re only... 9-10 weeks old, I think. This year has been so hectic that I’ve lost track of time lol. Type wise they’re nowhere near where I would like them to be, but that’s part of the fun of working on them.

This is a gold partridge (also referred to as just partridge).

And this is a blue partridge (the mum of the chick in the first post is this colour).

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