1. braxvang

    Rehoming (free) Muscovy Drake in Suffolk, VA

    I have a male Muscovy duck who is about 19 months old. He is too big for my female ducks and i'm considering rehoming him. I am in Suffolk, VA. He's pretty socialized to people, follows me around all over the place, i'm just tired of him being way too rough with my small female ducks (I have...
  2. Nikidust

    2 Serama Roosters in Kansas City, Missouri

    I've got a couple young serama cockerels needing a new flock in Kansas City. Free to a good home. Seramas are not cold hardy below 40 degrees and will need to be kept out of the cold over winter. I have them set up in my garage in a flock but I've got too many roosters for my 6 hens. These guys...
  3. C

    Silkie rooster in need of a new home (SF Bay Area)

    We recently discovered that our five month old Silkie is a rooster. We would love to find a new home for him. We are not allowed to have roosters in our area. Any help is much appreciated!
  4. blackbox

    (Simi Valley, Ventura County, CA) Urgent re-home needed, two dumped Khaki Campbell ducklings

    Looking for a permanent home!! Simi Valley, CA. These two Khaki Campbell ducklings were dumped today in the middle of a park, near a busy street. They were captured ASAP, and put in an experienced foster home. If you can provide an excellent permanent home, please reach out. They require fresh...
  5. A

    Rehoming EE Rooster in Austin, Tx

    Hi there, I am posting once more in hopes that someone has room for our Easter Egger rooster. He came from a group of chicks I got in April that were all supposed to be hens but you know how that goes! Willing to deliver him to your doorstep outside the city. I would not consider him...
  6. G

    So Cal: White Silkie Rooster

    I live in Southern California in San Bernardino county and am looking to rehome a Silkie Rooster (5 months old) as my city doesn’t allow them and we want to ensure it goes to the right place. Any thoughts for my Southern California compatriots?
  7. A

    Rehoming Easter Egger Rooster, Austin, TX

    It’s a tale as old as time…tried to get all female hens and ended up with one rooster. Unfortunately, we don’t have the space to keep him. Hoping to find him a good home! I raised him from a chick so he is very used to people and is not aggressive towards me or my boyfriend. I can pick him up...
  8. L

    Roos to a good home in Kentucky. (Barred Rock/Green Egger mix

    My hen just hatched 9 beautiful chicks. I know some will be roos and I already have three, one going to a nice home already. Their father is an absolute gentleman/gentle giant and their mother is a great layer. Mom and Dad both love 24/7 fallout radio. Message me if youre interested and I will...
  9. Ankaa

    (HOME FOUND) NC - 2 month old EE pullet and blue sapphire cockerel

    Hello, I am looking for a home around NC for an easter egger pullet named Honey and a Blue Sapphire Gem cockerel named Bluey. Both are raised to be friendly with people and originally day olds I got from tractor supply. The reason I can not keep them is because I’m a student going back to...
  10. R

    Free Ducks in Severna Park Maryland

    Hello! Sadly our neighbors have been complaining about our 4 ducks we hatched out in June. We are forced to get rid of them but we want to make sure they go to good homes. Is anyone in the Severna Park, Maryland area interested?
  11. R

    Free Ducks Available

    Hello! Sadly our neighbors have been complaining about our 4 ducks we hatched out in June. We are forced to get rid of them but we want to make sure they go to good homes. Is anyone in the Severna Park, Maryland area interested?
  12. CloneFly

    SoCal- Cuckoo Maran Roos

    Hello all! I have two, 10wk old cuckoo marans for rehoming here in SoC. I had truly hoped that they'd be female, but alas, no such luck😔 These two boys are very sweet and well behaved. They have yet to crow, but their combs are beautifully developed and their spurs are just beginning to bud. If...
  13. B

    Re-homing of two awesome ducks!

    I have a Peking(Tito) and a Khaki Campbell(Jack) in need of a new home. They are about 10 weeks old! I am located in Chesterfield County, Virginia!
  14. L

    Need to rehome 3 chickens

    Moving out of state .. need to relocate them in a week.they’re about 8 months old .. one has started laying eggs .. they are all black sex-link .. great personalities
  15. J

    5 week old 1 gold and 1 silver death layer cockerel need a new home. Houston, TX (Pasadena area)

    I got hatching eggs and 2 are most likely cockerels. They’re 5 weeks old. For those not familiar, they’re a German breed named for the amount of eggs they lay. I’ve included pictures of what they look now and of full grown roosters I found online.
  16. N

    Cockerel needs new home

    Located in Indianola Iowa. Cockerel hatched in April. Our neighbor and our pullets don’t love him.
  17. B

    Denver, CO - Five friendly, young laying chickens! Need a new home.

    Five beautiful, healthy and friendly chickens looking for a new home. We are moving and sadly can't take our girls. We have 2 grey Orpingtons, 1 black Orpington, 1 light Brahma and 1 partridge Cochin. They were all born in April of last year and are the sweetest things! They will eat from your...
  18. biscotti

    Looking for a home for 2 female ducks! A Chocolate Runner and small white duck - Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦

    Hello!! I've been lurking on here for quite a few months while I've been caring for my first ever ducks, now I've finally made an account! I recived 6 baby ducklings in the spring, and now that they're almost all grown up I've found out I have 2 girls and 4 boys 😅 I decided to keep the boys...
  19. Ashley Benningfield

    Black Australorp Rooster in East Texas

    Hi everyone! I have a lovely Black Australorp rooster that came with an order of pullets and I need to find a home for him. He is 10 weeks old, friendly, quiet, and takes good care of the girls he was raised with. I had a backup option when I purchased them in case I received a roo but they...
  20. Chicky_B

    Rehoming EE rooster in Georgia

    Hey guys, We have a gorgeous rooster that we can not keep due to our neighborhood policy. He is a 12 wk old EE splash rooster. We live in Marietta Georgia and we’re hoping someone would love to take care of him since we no longer can. I have pictures attached that were taken when he was 11 wks...
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