1. Bamas-Chicks

    Columbus GA looking for RIReds

    I live in Columbus GA and I'm wanting to buy some Rhode Island Reds.
  2. katsalamon

    10 Rhode Island Reds in San Gabriel Valley (California)

    Hi, I have 2 friends that need to re home their flocks in the Arcadia area. One has 3 (2 year olds) and one has 7 (1 year olds). The both have coops and runs that they would sell but the chickens are free. They have all been fed organic diets only. The 7- 1 y/o's are currently laying and the 2...
  3. tweetzone86

    11 week old RIR- cockerel or pullet?

    Hello. I am new to backyard chickens and this is my first flock. I have 12 (ordered ten Tractor Supply threw in 2 extra and said I could keep them when I pointed out the error). The thing is, I can't have roos in city limits on less than 2 acres, and I need to know (I think it's something one...
  4. One Chick Two

    Lovely and FRIENDLY Good laying Hatchery RIR flock for sale in Napa

    We have been breeding our hatchery RIR for 4 years, choosing the hens with the best laying abilities, and solid bodies with the best type. Even though these are not heritage birds, for ex- hatchery birds, these are a good looking bunch of birds that lay extremely well, and have AMAZING, friendly...
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