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  1. Fordfunnyfarm

    Meat Bird Pricing

    Hi! I am looking to get a feel to what others are charging for a fully dressed bird? As well as what you charge per pound if you break down the birds and package based on cuts. I currently charge $4.99/pound for a whole bird, but I am looking at expanding my market reach with offering...
  2. BReeder!

    Preserving Your Harvest

    We have a garden that had produced very well this year. In fact, it's our best garden in 6 years and two homes. I have a real passion for growing food we can eat. It's always great to have a salad fresh picked form the garden or cook a meal with fruit and vegetables, and even meat, harvested...
  3. Jannalifeday

    Shalom! First time poster

    Hello! My name is Janna, also known as JC1776. I am a Torah Observant Hebrew Roots Christian, a wife, mother of 3 grown boys (but I'm still young!), and a Registered Nurse for a Christian nonprofit providing free Healthcare to those without insurance. My husband, KC and I are shepherds of...
  4. Bird_Lover_17

    Sustainability in the garden

    Hi! I want to be 100% self-sufficient in my garden. Does anyone have any tips? Like not going out food shopping unless it's stuff like things I can't grow (bananas, coconuts)? I want to save $, and be able to stay home more. :D (Idk if this should be in self sufficiency or gardening forums)
  5. Nheiles

    New member with some goals!

    Hello everyone. A few weeks back I put in a order with Murray McMurray Hatchry for 16 Buff Orpingtons. The week of June 29th if everything works out I'll be a proud owner of 9 roosters and 6 hens (and some random free chick). I'm not brand new to caring for chickens. Most of my youth my parents...
  6. KLIL

    My Flock Journey 2.0

    Hi everyone, I have documented My Flock Journey from the very beginning. But people stopped getting notifications from my original flock journey so I have created a new Flock Journey 2.0. I will be sharing my flock updates...
  7. A


    So I've never grown my own fodder, but been doing research. I'm wondering though...if I make my trays and then cover them with chicken wire or screen can I give them to the flock and leave them in the tray to regrow after they've eaten what grows above the screen? Also should I use soil instead...
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